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Young Justice (First 3 episodes)

Young Justice (First 3 episodes)
Based on the comic book series of the same, Young Justice is a very entertaining animated show.  It will please long time DCAU and younger fans alike.  The show is fast-paced and the animation is great. 
The story behind the first two episodes barrow heavily from Cadmus storyline from the Superboy comic books and the Death of Superman, which the organization is involved in cloning and secret projects. 
The voice acting is always top-notch for most DC based animated shows anyway.  So, there isn’t a surprise there. 
Robin:  This character is based closer to the Teen Titans version than DCAU version.  This Robin also has computer skills just like Tim Drake (Robin 3) from the comic continuity.  He’s very upbeat.  Unlike the Teen Titans version, he is not the leader of the group.  I really like this version of Robin. 
Superboy:  He is a complete departure from the Superboy from the 90s in tone and altitude.  Here, he is pissed off all the time and goes into a fight without much thought.  
Aqualad:  He is the unofficial leader of the group.  He seems older than the rest of them and more levelheaded.  I really like this character.  His power seems to be technology and water based, which I really dug. 
Kid Flash:  At the moment, Kid Flash is my least favorite out of the group.  But, I might actually grow to like him. 
Miss Martian:  I like her.  Her character is still learning social interactions and other things.  She doesn’t have the same powers as her uncle.
There are some rough edges that still need to be ironed out, but I think the show is off to a great start.  I really dig the relation ship the team has to the already established Justice League.  I always had a problem with the Teen Titans show never really mentioning the older heroes in the DC universe.  This show has the Justice League as a backdrop for the Young Justice team. 
Grade: B+
Note:  There seems to be a strong Star Trek connection to the show because Rene Auberjonois, John de Lancie and Marina Sirtis are listed in the credits in guest roles. 
The Flaming C is NOT a member of the JLA.

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