Friday, March 30, 2012

Braid: The Video game

Braid: an interesting video game

I am playing this on Steam via PC, but I know that this game will play much better on console than a keyboard.  What makes this game so entertaining is the Time Bending stuff.  You can speed, slow and stop time in the game play.  You will never truly die because you can reset your mistakes.  So it gives platform gaming a completely different take because you have to see patterns in a completely different way. 
I had to play this for a class, but I am happy that I did. 
It has tributes to other platform games such as Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong.  You have to really look for those.  Plus there are hidden things in the backgrounds of the levels that are interesting to look at.  It is but isn't a regular platform game.  
The gameplay can be taxing at times. 
The game is pretty look at and the music is lovely.  But, I don’t like the true meaning behind the game.  It is a far stretch for me.  I won’t give it away, but that’s the only problem I had.  I also liked the twist ending too.  
Yes, they went there with that funny Mario Brothers joke. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

That's My Boy Trailer (Another Adam Sandler joint)

That's My Boy Trailer (Another Adam Sandler joint)
Yes, that is a real movie. You actually witnessed that. Doesn't it seem like Jack and Jill 2? I've come to the conclusion that Sandler doesn't care anymore. After the track record of Grown Ups and Jack and Jill, he is just in it to make more money without quality.
-Why is Adam doing that stupid voice? It isn't funny.
-Who thought it was a good idea to bring Andy Samberg and Sandler together?
-What is Vanilla Ice doing in the movie? IMDB has him listed in the credits.
-Is it going too far with the Teacher/Student baby thing?
-Did they really need to have literal spit-take in the trailer?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some faves from the 80s Transformers movie.

The Samurai Frog mentioned his favorite track from the old Transformers movie, I wanted to add my faves as well.
Yes all the tracks are pure 80s hair band stuff, but that's part of the charm.
This is the Alt Transformers Main Title
I actually like this version better than the actual one used in the film. This has the Vince DiCola action cues thrown in.
Instruments Of Destruction
This track was used when the Decepticons killed off some of my favorite characters from season one of the show. When they blew away what was left of Ironhide with the line , “Such Heroic nonsense.”  I was like, wow they went there.  

Nothing is going to stand in our way...not tonight.

Chet Haze: You can only fail upwards...I guess (Tom Hanks' son)

Chet Haze: You can only fail upwards...I guess (Tom Hanks son)
Yes, that is considered music today.
Did you know that Tom Hanks has a rapper/singer son? While Colin Hanks is a very good actor that's done his homework, his other song Chet (Chester) Hanks decided to make a rap album. I guess because of his talented father and half brother, no one has the guts to tell him that he's not very good.
Plus, I am amazed how full of himself he is considering what songs he's put forward. He's like that “bro” at the party that thinks he's the shit. But, he's the “shit” in another manner. Don't take my word for it, read the book I mean listen to his music.
He tried his hand at rapping then switched to singing kind of.
Does your ears bleed now?
He's like the bro that doesn't know that he's a complete joke. It's people like that I truly hate...posers. By the way, Chet, why not call yourself Chester Haze? Not street enough? I am always bothered by these rich people that want to act like they're street when they grew up rich. Enough with this shit.
You have zero talent unlike you other brother.

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
~Snakes on the Plane: The reviewer has some good points about the movie. I remember all the Internet people hyping this movie up like crazy. Early memes went everywhere with this “Motherfing Snakes”. Just because it is supposed to be campy doesn't mean it is good. Why would you throw a dog at a snake? I love the disappointment people had after watching the movie.
~The Evolution of the Beverly Hills Cop Franchise. The Agony Booth guys went over the franchise of the BHC. I agree that Axle is a character we can root for because he makes mistakes and things happened to him over the movie. (Like getting thrown through a window and arrested...) BHC II is an action film with Eddie riffing on it. The only thing that is not good is Brigitte Nielsen. Maybe I just hate her because of her recent reality show things. BHC III is where the big problem is.
~Al-Assad E-mail hacked. I love that these revealing e-mails came out about this guy. As he was killing his own people, he joked with his wife through e-mails. And, even got sent a few Love e-mails from a completely different woman. Who was this woman that sent him pictures of herself nearly naked? Al-Assad likes Chris Brown. That makes prefect sense.
~I have a friend that's starting to watch TNG all the way through on Netflix. I think it would be interesting to see a non-fan watch the show. I'm trying my best to get him into DS9, because that is a rewarding show to watch as it builds on the history of TNG.
~Lindsay Lohan is going to be on Glee. Uh, why? This is such a poorly conceived stunt casting that I hope it fails. What little talent she had is now gone. Did I mention that she's 25 years old, but looks 40?   

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Career of Eddie Murpy: from good to bad Part 4

The Nutty Professor:  Now, this is where people say Eddie switched to a more family centered mode of acting.  However, if you go back and watch it again, Eddie’s “Buddy Love’s character says some mean and dirty things throughout the movie.  It pushes the limits of PG13.  Jada Pinkett Smith has never looked as cute as she does in this movie.  She’s pretty good and works well with Eddie in both personalities.  While I don’t think someone as cute as Smith would even bother dating someone like Klump, I do like the simple message of what inside is what counts.  This is a good movie from Eddie, but it gets worst from here on.  And, Dave Chappelle is great as the rude comedian.
Eddie:  "Whoa, don't blame me for this shitty movie."
Metro:  Completely forgettable and bland.  It isn’t really a comedy, except the ads made it seem like a standard action comedy.  It is not a comedy or even an action movie with comedy thrown in.  It is merely a boring movie.  I am guessing Eddie did this one for the money.  

Mulan:  A pretty film and one of my favorite Disney movies.  Eddie plays the comedic sidekick ™ and has fun with the role as the stunted little dragon.  Clearly, this character and his Donkey character are basically the same type.  And, that’s probably the joke in the Shrek movies.  Plus, he has one of the funniest lines in the film, Mushu: Did you see those Huns? They popped out of the snow, like daisies!
Did I mention Mushu actually kills the real spirit dragon by accident?  
 Eddie:  "Hey, didn't they copy the recent Zookeeper off of this?"
Doctor Dolittle:  Another remake movie from an old film. They took the hit formula of the Nutty Professor and kid-friendly it up 50% and this is what we got.  I didn’t like this at all.  I thought it was very bland and didn’t have the edge that NP had.  It made a lot of money, so there you go.  This movie spawned a few DVD sequels too.  (Dolittle 3)
Holy Man:  "Someday, you will be the defender of Earth from space aliens, using a Mac.  And, you will be married to a guy in a religion that believes in aliens.  Enjoy."
Holy Man:  I always get this movie mixed up with Bowfinger.  I really hated this movie a lot. A holy man is thrown into an OVC type of show.  I don’t know why Eddie signed up for this thing.  BTW, this GCI face thing is not funny. Avoid this movie. 
 In a few years, these two will hang on their careers by dressing up as fat women.
Life:  This is a somewhat serious movie combined with some comedic touches.  It also reunites Eddie with Martin Lawrence.  The movie is often overlooked when people talk about Eddie’s career, and it does help that Lawrence is good in the story too.  I actually like it, despite the somewhat sad ending.  They don’t get out of prison until late in their lives.  I kind of wished he would have stayed with making these types of films.  Remember the pretty good K-Ci and Jo-Jo song based on the movie?

Side Note: Someone else did a really good post about Eddie's career here too. Check it out.  We kind of hit on the same things.    (good blog too)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Borat theme and Kazakhstan National Anthem

Kuwait plays the Borat theme instead of the real Kazakhstan National Anthem

From BBC, ((Footage of Thursday's original ceremony posted on YouTube shows gold medallist Maria Dmitrienko listening to the anthem without emotion and finally smiling as it ends.))

Yes, it rather amusing and funny, but people in Kazakhstan are pissed about it.  Think of it this way, you would be pissed too if they played “America F’ Yeah”.  Okay, maybe not, because that song is cool. 

Anyway, can you even make a mishake like that? 

Mass Effect 3 vs. the fanboys

Mass Effect 3 vs. the fanboys
MC has a thoughtful and damning post on the foolishness from some of the Mass Effect fans about the disappointing ending. I am one of the first people that has been really pissed how certain shows were ended by the writers. I am in agreement with MC on this.
Remember, I hated the ending to The Sopranos. If you want an ending that means nothing to anyone, watch that shitty ending. A blank screen? What about the shitty ending to Star Trek Enterprise? Braga let another producer run the fourth season up until the last episode and took over the ending because of his ego. The last episode is considered one of the worst endings on TV. That was the way you end the franchise, Braga? Again, that pissed me off to no end. What about that stupid Heaven ending to Lost? Really?
This is hard for me because I am a critic of sorts and bitching about bad endings and complaining about writers is sort of my job. But, some of these fans are taking it too far.
That doesn't mean I have the right to demand a new ending from any of these franchises. I will bash these shitty endings as long as I breath, but I have no right to demand something different.
And, I actually laughed out loud when MC mentioned a fanboy filing a complaint over ME3 with the Federal Trade Commission. Signing websites over your anger is one thing, but getting the government involved is just stupid.
From PC Mag via Gamepur(("After reading through the list of promises about the ending of the game they made in their advertising campaign and PR interviews, it was clear that the product we got did not live up to any of those claims," You know, I'm willing to overlook the ones that were made back in, say, April 2011, because things might have changed in development over time. But the ones that came out this year? No, unacceptable, and yes, these ARE outright lies because they knew that what they said went completely against what they had planned," BrotherFluffy chimed in. ))
Let me be the first to tell you to calm down. And, this is the reason geeks are still not taken serious because of this nonsense. There is an air of entitlement that is inside the current geek culture. I have to wonder if it because gamers now play more and more hours on games than ever before. They feel it is their game.
Keep in mind I've had other endings that have been disappointing too. Uh, what about Deadwood. The show just ended with little fanfare. I can see your point given all the hours into the game you've given to all three games. All the choices should have mattered. However, like MC stated. ((Honestly, if the ending of a game or a movie can so irrevocably change your life for the negative, then perhaps fiction isn't for you. ))
And, instead of going to the government, how about making a protest with your wallet? In you feel cheated, don't buy another game by them.
So, should the company change the ending of the game because of the fanboy outrage? Probably not. However, it doesn't matter because BioWare is giving in and changing the ending. From NY Daily News, ((It’s incredibly painful to receive feedback from our core fans that the game’s endings were not up to their expectations,” Bioware co-founder and general manager Ray Muzyka said. “Our first instinct is to defend our work and point to the high ratings offered by critics — but out of respect for our fans, we need to accept the criticism and feedback with humility.”

Read more: ))
Well, there you go. Are we going to see more of this?
However, there are some interesting developments involving the ending of the game. It seems there is strong support for the ending being an indoctrination from the Reapers. Perhaps the company was planning on extending the ending due these developments below...

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Money Pit Bathtub scene (From Hollywood Babble-On)

The Money Pit Bathtub scene (From Hollywood Babble-On)
They talked about this being a horrible acted scene on the podcast, but I still laugh at it every time. I would have probably reacted the same exact way. I remember laughing at the scene when I was a kid and still laughing at it now. Hanks is great in this moment, and it is purely old school Hanks.   

Michael Jackson: Don't Stop Til You get enough...Sega Remix

Michael Jackson: Don't Stop Til You get enough...Sega Remix
Wow, this is a good remix by DJ Yuzoboy.
The original version of this song is often overlooked.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Career of Eddie Murpy: from good to bad Part 3

Another 48 Hrs.: Reggie Hammond is back. I’ve stated before that I liked this movie a lot. And, the ending is pretty funny. Eddie looks a little heavier, and he’s come out said so. Some say Eddie looks bored here, but I don’t see it. The bus attack is very well done, but the strange techno cowboy bar is a little strange. There are some good moments too. Plus, it was cool that they made the main villain one of the minor characters from the first movie. I think it is a good follow up to the first movie.

Boomerang: I really enjoyed this one too. Halle Berry looks cute and Robin Givens is stunning. Murphy had a lot to do with the production. He has a story credit. The supporting cast is great too. Martin Lawrence and David Alan Grier are great as his friends. Grace Jones and Chris Rock are wonderful too. How about that crazy Grace Jones ad?

Eddie:  "I want the knife...please."
The Distinguished Gentleman: I don’t think this turned out the way Eddie wanted it to. It is pretty mediocre and not that funny. I think this was when Eddie’s work started to waver bit. He seems to be sleepwalking through the movie. This movie comes on TV a lot, but I usually flip pass it.

Yes, that is that guy fromPerfect Strangers

Beverly Hills Cop III: Oh, no. This was the one that everyone knew was total shit. When you have George Lucas in for a cameo, you are in deep trouble. Then, there is a stupid Disney World stand-in called Wonder World. Who thought this was a good basis for a movie? Disney security guards are the main bad guys? Murphy is trying to make the best out of a shitty script, and it isn’t enough. They even killed off a franchise character for no good reason. Why would they kill off the police chief for no good reason? There is nothing good about the movie. F’ this movie.

This is what happens to you when you do a lot of seasons of A Different World. 

Vampire in Brooklyn: This is the movie where both a cat and a dog die. Wes Craven directed this somewhat serious vampire movie where Eddie Murphy is the bad guy. Eddie says that he did the film so that the studio would release the rights to the Nutty Professor. And, it seems Eddie didn’t take well to Wes Craven’s direction and ignored him. It does have some dark humor moments that I really like, but this might be considered the slide downward.

Vince Offer...offers his Schtichy. Put that thing away

 Vince Offer...offers his Schtichy
“Problem with that shedding pussy?” I can't believe he got away with that one. And, then he makes fun of his time in jail. We all know what happened there. Are we sure he isn't talking about his little Slap Chop in this ad?
I haven't seen an new ad by this Shamwow guy in ages. If he's going to fight Scientology, he needs to make more ads. (honestly, check out the info about him and the Space Church)
I am almost sure he made this ad so people could remix it and make it dirty.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Donut Express: Do I really need to make donuts at home?

The Donut Express:  Do I really need to make donuts at home?
I kind of like that I have to go somewhere to get some donuts, and not have the ability to make them at home. 

Shaq Fu II? Tiger Woods vs. Shaq Fu: (Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 - Duel of the Masters ) Mortal Tiger Woods Kombat

 Tiger Woods:  "Your soul is mine!"
Shaq Fu II?  Tiger Woods vs. Shaq Fu
I liked this preview of sorts, but I had one thing on my mind the whole time.   Shaq-Fu.  Didn’t EA produce that game too?  Please tell me EA is aware of the unwanted fame Shaq Fu has received from gamers over the years. 
Anyway, the ad is pretty amusing. 
Please have a Shaq-Fu code, EA…
Tiger Woods:  "We have both had some shitty years."
Shaq:  "Hye! Divorce seems to be popular with both our clans."

Tiger Woods:  "I have come to stop you from making more movies.  I  have watched both Kazaam and Steel, you have dishonored me." 
Tiger Woods:  "Hye, I learned this move from ducking swings from my ex-wife.  I call it Crouching Tiger, Hidden Sexting."
Shaq:  "Can we rock? What's up, Doc?  No one can block the power of Shaq-Fu.  Hye!"

Prometheus trailer 2

Prometheus trailer 2

“Big Things have small beginnings.”
That trailer kicked ass. 
There is no doubt about it.  This Prometheus movie is clearly a prequel to Alien.  The “Space Jockey” is alive in this trailer.  You actually see him getting stripped into the seat.   
Also, This movie looks totally badass.  While it isn’t a direct prequel, it clearly sets things up for the Alien franchise. 
-We a shot of a space ship looming over a waterfall:  I believe this is a flashback to the beginning of our race being genetically changed, because there is a shot of a “human” with shit going through his veins. 
-There is a really cool shot of the deep sleep beds from the Alien franchise. 
-Film school rejects points out one huge foreshadowing bit; Ridley Scott did say “Alien DNA” was in the film.  Notice the sticky stuff?  Hmm.  From Wiki, ((Scott released a statement: "While Alien was indeed the jumping-off point for this project, out of the creative process evolved a new, grand mythology and universe in which this original story takes place. The keen fan will recognize strands of Alien's DNA, so to speak, but the ideas tackled in this film are unique, large and provocative."))
-Did the aliens leave bread crumbs for the human race to track them?  The trailer gives you two answers. 
-Are the evil Aliens mutations from the ones in this movie?  I believe so. 
-Now, we know that the Weyland Company was fully aware of the planet and someone from the company sent that message.  And, The Company programmed Ash to protect the Alien.  We now know why The Company knows about the Aliens and has tried to get a hold of them for nearly 200 plus years.  Remember, they placed a colony on the same planet years later.  (LV-426)
-Michael Fassbender is clearly an android.  Look at his plastic skin tone and hair…his fake grin at the end of the trailer. 
-Looking through the viral stuff connected to the upcoming movie, terraforming seems to be a huge element to the movie’s background.  Keep in mind terraforming was also an element in Aliens.
-Idris Elba is in the movie too as the captain of the ship.   
I can't wait for this movie now!

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