Monday, February 28, 2005

Bad luck

Great! I just broke my pepper grinder/salt shaker. All the pepper seeds spilled all over my chicken. Now I have to buy another one.

Good Movie of the week

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Sky Captain is a wonderful movie that pays homage to the old style of film making in the 30s and 40s. The best way to describe the style is retro art deco. The FX shots are long and sweeping.

The Plot

Set in 1939, scientists from around the world start to disappear without warning. Also, the cities across the world are being attacked by Giant Robots. While this is happening, a lone female reporter is on the case to discover the connection to between the attacks and the missing scientists.

Due to the growing threat of the Axis powers, the world governments decide to place Sky Captain on the case. Sky Captain, with the help of the pretty female reporter, must uncover the clues to the mystery.

Short review

I remember seeing the trailers for this movie everywhere. Yet, I felt somewhat apprehensive about the it. For one, I felt the nearly green screen movie would look too fake. Second, the delay in the release date from June to September did not boost my confidence in the movie.

Boy, was I wrong, because this movie is fun to watch. It is filmed with an old school feel. Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow are great together. The FX shots are the best you’ll ever come across. The acting is good, as well. The music is very 40ish as well, being loud and bright. It sounds like John Williams did the score. (He didn’t.)

A lot of credit must go to Kerry Conran. This is his vision. He directed, and wrote the movie. I only wish I could create a world as interesting as his. Someday…

This movie pretty much bombed at the theaters, but don’t let that stop you. The younger “hip” moviegoers don’t like retro things (dumb teenagers). Please give this movie a try. Don’t take my word for it, WATCH THE MOVIE.

Some things to look for

~ Gwyneth has never looked better. She is truly stunning in this movie.

~ The first Robot attack on New York is truly a highlight of the movie. I just love those big robots looming over the city.

~ The second robot attack is sweet too.

~ The opening scene is another highlight. Great Visuals.

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"No, I am da LAW!" Posted by Hello

She's only in this movie for 20-30 mins tops. Posted by Hello

"See what happens when you say I look like Doc Ock!" Posted by Hello

One of the cooler parts in the movie. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Yeah, I rule da school

After spending years on writing this book, I found the right Prologue to start the book. Can't wait till I get some feedback from my writing group! Happy dayz, or happy hours.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Short terms for Geeks and Nerds
Part one

LOL= laughing out load, usually at a joke or something funny.
AFK= away from keyboard. (Usually in chat)
AFKTD= away from keyboard taking a dump.
Wb= welcome back
WB= Warner bros, or the WB network.
UPN= sucky network. United Poop Network.
WoW= world of warcraft.
SFICIMP= So Funny I crapped in My Pants.
M8= mate
W8= wait
MK= Mortal Kombat
ST= star trek
SW= star wars
UPS= I… uh, I forgot. My head hurts…
Woot= a shout of joy.
PvP= player vs player.
STFU= Shut the **** up. (I like this one.)
YM= your momma or yo momma

Friday, February 25, 2005

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

I found out a few months ago that there would be a Dragon Ball Z live movie. Man, I hope they do the show justice.

Btw, I wasn’t a huge fan of the show way back in the day. I was aware that the show came on Cartoon Network, but never got into it. (I liked Gundam Wing better.)

However, a guy at work, being a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, offered me his Entire collection to borrow on the weekend. How did this historic exchange happen? Well, here you go…

Guy: Hey, do you want to borrow my whole collection of Dragon Ball Z tapes?

Me: (I give it much thought.) I don’t have anything else better to do this weekend or any weekend. Okay. Why not?


So, I watched the tapes of this cartoon show for the whole weekend, but I had to keep the them longer and watched the rest of the it. With all its strangeness, I actually started to take a liking to the show.

If you get a chance, try the show out.

Key things to know.

~ There are two versions of the show, Uncut and cut. The Uncut has more blood, fighting, sexual jokes, and all the good stuff.

~ Most of the time, the English voice acting is way over the top. But, that’s the whole charm behind the show.

~ The fights are really long. I mean they will span over several 30 min episodes. One single fight is about 10 episodes long, no kidding!

~ The coolest thing about the show is most of the heroes used to be villains of the main Character at some point.

~ There are three main shows Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon ball GT.

~ Most of the movies DO NOT fit into the TV show universe. Trust me they don’t. Besides, only one new character crossed over from the movies, and he was cute little dragon. (Strange that they never explained his appearance on the show.)

"Unlike the Simpsons, we have eight fingers. I only need one to flip you off, Homer." Posted by Hello

Piccolo is mad!  Posted by Hello

"The power is yours!!!" Captain Planet... Not on the show. Posted by Hello

Babe all grown up.  Posted by Hello

Only 50 % annoying Posted by Hello

I hate this woman. She's the most Annoying character on the show. Posted by Hello

Vegeta is one of the coolest ppl on the show. This pic makes him look like he's taking a dump. Posted by Hello

Whatever you do, dont look at his third eye when you talk to him.  Posted by Hello

this is Hercule. Or Mr. Satan. I'm not kidding. It depends on which tape you buy. He always looks like this too.  Posted by Hello

Everything is going well, but...

Well, I've been writing my story for two hours now, and it seems to be going very smoothly. There are times when everything falls into place. This is one of those times! However, I’m starting to get really sleepy. Must keep eyes open… ZZZ



Random thoughts Part 2

~ Why do people think Paris Hilton is so hot? I have never found her to be attractive. She’s just skin and bones. She reminds me of those undead pirates in Pirates Of The Caribbean. Yikes.

~ I just hate all those loud Cell phone tunes. It’s almost as bad as the loud bass thumping cars. (More on this later)

~ Why do people pull out in front of you in a car and then precede to go really slow? These people are jerks. This happens every time I drive to work.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I found this quote on Trekday. I just love it!
DS9 is set in the 24th Centenary, so humans dont know a great deal about things in our time.
bashir: what are you eating?
o'brien: i'm not eating, i'm chewing.
bashir: chewing what?
o'brien: gum. it's traditional. i had the replicator create me some.
bashir: they just chewed it?
o'brien: no, they infused the gum with flavor.
bashir: what did you infuse it with?
o'brien: scotch.
I just love that show!

Yikes, Ben Affleck is the next superman, well sort of...

I found this on about Ben-lo being cast as George Reeves.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Site of the week
This is a cartoon site. It's very funny and clean. Hope you enjoy it. Please tell me what you think.

Quiz time

Well it's time for a chemistry quiz today. I'm not looking forward to this. The good news is Ithe quiz will be short. However, this quiz is very important. I have to pass it with a 75%.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

%#^*ed up!

Man, did I ever mess up.

Well, I studied my butt off for a Chemistry test. I worked hard to get a good grade. The “T” day came, and I took the test. I came out of the class feeling good. I just knew I did well! The next school day come, and I got my test back. I looked at the score, 58 points. I couldn’t believe it. Where did I go wrong? I looked at the bottom of the test, and saw that I left like five answers blank. Quickly, I flipped through the test questions. I realized there was another page of questions on the back that I forgot were there. Oh, well.

just trying things out, this will be gone soon.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Good Movie

Good Movie of the Week

The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers are“on a mission from God”. They attempt to bring their old band back together for a good cause. They cross paths with a bazooka carrying ex-girlfriend, Illinois Nazis, Good old boys, and millions of cops.

This movie is on my personal favorites list. It’s very difficult to put this movie into one category. Is it a road trip movie? Is it a musical, a comedy? Moreover, let me talk about the music for a minute. It has some of the best music you’ll hear in a movie. Trust me, you will be singing at least one tune from the movie. The music is a mixture of Blues/Rock/Soul. (Added bonus, you must get the Collectors DVD to hear the longer cuts of the music, especially the wonderful song by Cab Calloway!)

It wouldn’t be right if I did not at least mention the wonderful cast in this movie. The two leading stars are Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi. Dan Aykroyd plays the straight man, while John plays the off the wall brother. Let’s not forget the rests of the cast, John Candy, James Brown, Ray Charles, Carrie Fisher, and Aretha Franklin. There is so much more.

A few short points of interest…

~ Given that this movie was filmed before the Age of MTV, it is fairly long, even longer in the Collectors cut. Some younger ppl will find the movie boring.

~ Look for cameos from Frank Oz, Steven Spielberg, and Paul “Pee Herman” Reubens.

~ The car chases are ten times better than most of the ones in The Dukes of Hazzard.

~ Rent or buy the Collectors Ed. It’s so much better.


Each week, I’m going to give two recommendations on movies to watch. One will be under a Good Movie, while the other will go under Crap Movie. This way you can rent two movies and see the difference in quality. I will also give you a site to check out each week. Crap vs. Good, who will win the battle?


Crap of the week


Catwoman is a bad movie, no a really bad movie. They could have filmed crap, and it would have been better than this stuff. Maybe, I should name this movie Crapwoman. I remember reading all the bad buzz from the various sites, but nothing compared to the actual viewing of this mess. It took all the power in me not to turn it off.

Key stuff to look for

~ Watch as Halle Berry and Sharon Stone battle over make-up supplies. (I’m not joking either.)

~ Watch for Benjamin Bratt wishing he was still on Law & Order after making this crap. And get this, he plays a cop in this movie. Way to flex those acting muscles Bratt! (Didn’t he play the same type of character in Miss Congeniality? The dumb adorable type.)

~ CGI cats, CGI Halle Barry, nuff said.

~ Halle Barry has the worst lines in superhero movies, first it was “Do you know what happens to a toad in a storm?” Now, “Oh, my bad.”

~ The director is named Pitof (Whatever that means.) Pitof=Joel Schumacher!

~ The movie strays so far from the Catwoman back-story, they’re barely related.

~ Good job, Catwoman. You joined the bad Superhero movie list with the likes of Batman and Robin, Superman IV, Hulk, and Daredevil!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tell them the truth

Random Thoughts

Don’t you wish you could really tell people how you’re really doing, when they ask? I bet they don’t ask again.

Whatever happened to Arsenio Hall? Has the man been abducted by UFOs? Did MC
Hammer kidnap him?

I’m beginning to think there’s going to be a network that simply shows nothing but reality shows 24 hrs a day. Oh, wait there is one, its call MTV.

When did MTV start to suck?

I really do want some wooden nickels.

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