Sunday, September 30, 2012

Those famous voice-over guys in one car…

Those famous voice-over guys in one car…
Yeah, the first guy is the one everyone hears, but I remember all those Disney DVDs with the Disney Guy’s voice. 
“It is the year 2005.”

RIP Michael O'Hare (Commander Jeffrey Sinclair from Babylon 5)

RIP Michael O'Hare (Commander Jeffrey Sinclair from Babylon 5)
Well, this was a total shock to me.
From, ((O'Hare suffered a heart attack on Sunday, after which he fell into a coma until he passed away Friday afternoon. Our condolences to O'Hare's loved ones. If you've been postponing yourBabylon 5 rewatch, this might be the weekend to start. ))
He was only 60 years old. 
 I remember watching the first TV-film on B5 and enjoying his restrained performance. He only starred in the first season of the show, and JMS replaced him with the stronger  Bruce Boxleitner, which in turn was a stronger character. Boxleitner's John Sheridan is just a better character all around. O'Hare's role in the overall mythology shouldn't be overlooked. His character on the show actually plays a huge part in the history of the B5 storyline.
O'Hare really didn't do much on the TV or movie fronts, but his impact on the sci-fi world is still important. RIP, Michael.
From Bruce Boxleitner's Twitter page, ((I didn't know Michael Ohare well ,but when I worked with him , he was a professional ,and a gentleman and no one can ask for more . RIP.))

Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
~Cutthroat Island: Man, this movie is bad. This movie ruined the careers for a whole bunch of people. Renny Herlin (Director) was put in movie jail. Geena Davis' career was completely destroyed! It also destroyed the studio Carolco Pictures. It just comes across as a stupid and expensive movie that only received 10 million.
~Kylie Minogue bares her ass for insurance(NSFW): I am not sure revealing your backside for an London insurance ad is the right message, but why should I care? She shows her ass in the ad and I can't complain. And, I get the joke about being fully covered. Yeah, I get it.
~Johnny Lewis (Half-Sack) had Scientology connections: Hmm, it looks like the former SOA actor that killed an old woman had strong ties to Scientology. His father is a member and Lewis went into their Narconon program. Yet, he was not in the program when he committed suicide and was in another program. What is interesting is Lewis' photo was on the Narconon site as a success story. After TMZ asked for some information, the photo magically disappeared. Lewis was a horrible person and it is interesting that he had deep connections to the Space Church.
~Two Bioware developers left the gaming industry because of the negative reactions to Mass Effect 3 and Stars Wars games. The fan reaction to Mass Effect 3 was pretty vicious by even Internet standards. You would think someone pooped in their Lucky Charms. Yes, there were problems with the original endings, but the petitions and mail-in harassment were a bit much. There also seems to be a view that the Star Wars game switching to “Free to Play” as a failure.  

Berries and Cream: Starburst

Berries and Cream: Starburst
A grown Dutch Boy promoting a Starburst product.  I want to know what the guy was smoking when he came up with this promotion and the first reactions from the Starburst people.  
I just discovered that there is a rap song that samples the Berries and Cream ad.  It is very strange…
And, one rapper is even wearing a Dutch Boy haircut.  WTF?  I’m speechless. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

So long, Opie

So long, Opie
Well, they killed off the “good guy” character from Sons of Anarchy.  It was shocking that they did it considering all the hell Opie went through all these years.  The man saw his wife and father killed off by members of the biker club. 
 I guess after all the shit he went through he had to die in the end.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That new Burger King ad freaks me out

That new Burger King ad freaks me out
Why are that woman’s lips so plump? 
That takes me out of the ad every time.  I always thinking a bee stung her or she had botox injected into her lips.  Why would someone think this is appealing for a food ad? And, it bothers me every time I see it too. 
Since we’re already focused in on her mouth, this just makes it worst.  I know the ad is about salad wraps, but it seems to be an ad for botox.

I thought Punching the Clown meant something else...

I thought Punching the Clown meant something else...
I heard of “punching out” for work, but this is crazy.
Getting punched in the face is probably the funniest thing this clown has ever done. I am against random violence like this, but I fear real clowns a lot and this made me laugh. You have to love the woman laughing after the punch. I think the guy did all of us a service today. I think he likes punching clowns on a subway.
I remember this being an actual term. So, I looked up the term “Punch the Clown” on the Urban Dictionary, ((The act of male masturbation
"I Punched the clown yesterday while thinking of you" ))
Being an single guy that is fully aware of masturbation, I don't think the act of masturbation involves any “punching”. That's the last thing you want to do to your instruments. Why is it called a clown anyway? Is it because when women look at it they can't help but to laugh?  It doesn't make a honking noise when you touch it.  Maybe it doesn't and I am doing it all wrong.  
I can see the guy telling his wife, “Honey, I punched the clown today on the subway.”
Wife says, “I thought I told you to punch it at home and not on the Subway.”
“No, I really did punch a clown.”

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words
Eddie Murphy’s character is a book agent that talks fast and really doesn’t mean what he says.  While visiting a guru, he finds himself connected to a tree that grows into his backyard.  He then discovers that every word he says means the connected tree loses a leaf.  When all the leaves are gone, Eddie’s character will die.  So, he has to make every word he says count and mean something. 
Sounds like an interesting premise.  If it weren’t shoehorned into a mainstream comedy, it probably would have worked as a drama with comedic elements.
First off, I want to make a witty remark about “You don’t need to make 1k words to review this movie”, but it has been done too many times by reviewers.  Yet, I am also forced to agree with the rest of the RT reviewers, this is one bad movie.  Is it Eddie’s worst movie to date?  Nope, but that doesn’t make it any better. 
It is certainly better than Pluto Nash and Meet Dave, but the movie feels like a by numbers “family” friendly movie, with the exception of a few high and dirty jokes.  The script is bad, but not nearly as bad as some of Eddie’s other recent movies.  This movie comes across as boring and pasted together. 
Director Brian Robbins does a horrible job shooting the movie, but he also directed Norbit and Meet Dave too. He does nothing to hold Eddie back from making some of the dumbest expressions in the movie.  Oh, and he did Ready to Rumble too. 
What’s really frustrating is that everyone in the movie acts stupid.  His wife refuses to understand his predicament.  His boss doesn’t understand why he’s stopped talking.  The Starbucks guy is a dip-shit.  Everyone simply can’t see the connection between him and his tree. 
The tone of the movie shifts so much that it makes it uneven.  Sometimes the “jokes” are kid friendly and then a very strong PG13 tone takes over.  Then, they threw in a bunch of serious scenes.  The scenes with his mother are tonally so different from the rest of the scenes that they stand out as being better than the rest of the movie. 
-CGI Leaves:  At one point, Eddie spits out CGI leaves in a dream sequence. 
-Eddie’s gardener attempts to poison the tree and this makes Eddie high. 
-Lollipop song by Lil Wayne:  This is a running gag that Eddie’s ring tone is the 2008 song, which was when the movie was filmed.  The song was popular back in 2008, but the movie was released in 2012.  They really should have changed that.  Did I mention it wasn’t funny either? 
-Clark Duke: He’s not funny, yet the movie and marketing wants us to believe he’s the breakout character.  Everything he does in the movie makes it worst. 
-One point, Eddie’s character talks through different plush toys to make a business deal.  One of them is an Austin Powers doll.  I am not making this up. 
-You really threw in a Furry joke?  Wow, this was filmed in 2008. 
-They throw in a fat man in a British red coat without a shirt. 
This movie sat on the self a few years and it shows.  The jokes aren’t funny, and the story doesn’t know if it wants to be a drama or a slapstick comedy.   Every character acts like they’re completely dumb.  Eddie mugs for the camera, but doesn’t talk.  Yet, somewhere there is a good drama/comedy hiding under all the bullshit.  And, that’s a real shame.  What we get is a bad movie that never steps up to the plate.  It isn’t that bad.  Nevertheless, it isn’t the Eddie from the 80s or even the 90s. 
Avoid this movie. 
It only took me 640 words to write this review.
Grade: D 
This vaguely reminds me of Trading Places, a better movie.  
 You heard of the Love Guru, well here is the Hate Guru.

 You don't understand how much I hate the mugging.
 Kiss your career goodbye, Eddie.

Here's what the script was written on. Enjoy. 

Green Day, you have one minute.

Green Day: I agree with you...
You know I agree with him. I would have liked to have seen the chaos off stage after this. From, (("I've been around since fucking 198-fucking-8. And you're gonna give me one fucking minute? You've gotta be fucking kidding me! You're fucking kidding me. What the fuck! I'm not fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers." He then proceeded to smash his guitar. ))
I don't know much about Green Day, but I am glad someone threw Bieber under the bus. Things have certainly changed over the years. Back in 90s, a Bieber act would have been laughed off stage. You don't see too many good meltdowns like this anymore.
Of course, Billie Joe Armstrong is going into rehab after this meltdown. From USA Today, ((His rep tells USA TODAY's Edna Gundersen that the Green Day rocker is "seeking treatment for substance abuse." ))
Maybe, the eyeliner is getting to him or maybe his frosted tips. 
I agree with his rant, and then they're saying he will appear on the show “The Voice”. Oh, well.
And, you don't want to piss off Clear Channel, GD.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Paris Hilton: Desperate for attention?

Paris Hilton: Desperate for attention? 
After years of people ignoring her and her attempting to become a DJ, Paris Hilton is in the news again.  Except, now it is for bashing gay men.  I find it odd given that the people that are in her demo are the gay men.  You would think she’d understand the community a little more. 
From CNN, ((Paris Hilton continued to do damage control Thursday, apologizing for saying gay men were "disgusting" and "probably had AIDS.”))
My problem is this; why does this outrage people? She's a stupid rich girl with little to no talent. She can barely communicate let alone have anything intelligent to say. She doesn't deserve this attention because it will only help with her 15 minutes of fame.
Before this incident, she was barely in the news, with exception of her fake DJ-ing.
Sure, she has no room to talk given that she probably has a couple of STDs (Gotta catch them all). But, don't give her the attention. We were finally rid of her.
She’s not hot, she can’t sing and she’s stupid. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sega Master System memories

Sega Master System memories
Man, this video brings back memories, fond memories. 
My brother and I would play the hell out of the Sega Master System.  And, we got this system way before NES.  I also remember the “hidden” snail-maze game embedded into the system. 
Catchy tune, right?
The reviewer brought up the card-slot games that I had totally forgot about.  Sega had these thin cards that you slipped into the front of the system that had simpler games that were more throwbacks to the old games.  But they were fun.  Sega called them Sega Cards. From the Sega Wiki, ((Overall, Sega published only a dozen games in the format (in 1986–1987) before moving to using solely game cartridges. The revised model of the Sega Master System, Sega Master System II had no Sega Card support.[2] reflecting Sega's move away from the format. ))
What is interesting about this that Sega would use a super-version of this format with the VMU cards in a manner of speaking. I loved the VMUs.

Fraggle Rock and Ben Folds Five

Fraggle Rock and Ben Folds Five
Man, I remember the Fraggle guys.  It was actually a very good show.  We will see enough interests in this franchise to bring it back?  Probably not.  But, it is fun to see them come back for this music video.  There were talks of making a Fraggle movie back in 2005, but its been in development hell for years now. 
By the way, I used to get these guys mixed up with The Littles for some reason. 
Down in Fraggle Rock

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Max Rice makes Fried Rice with Fox News

Max Rice makes Fried Rice with Fox News
It isn't the best prank ever, but it embarrasses FOX News. It is such a sad state of affairs over at FOX when they will try at nothing to make Obama look bad that they don’t even do a background check into someone.  I can see it now, “Find anyone 20 something that can bash Obama, quickly.” 
Fox probably should have known something was up when he said, “S’up”. 
From Politico, ((I said I was a huge fan of your show, which was probably my biggest lie,” Rice said. “They never called to ask me how old I was, they never called the University of Texas, they never asked to see my driver’s license because I’m 20 years old – how could I have possibly voted?” ))
In this day and age, it is really easy to look up if this guy was lying or not. But, FOX had its marching orders and needed to find something negative to say about the President.
Not to mention the guy has a permit smirk on his face the whole time.
Max Rice has this to say about the interview
From Hollywood Reporter, ((They had 10 days to ask for my driver’s license,” Rice said of the show’s producers. “They saw my [high school] commencement speech video, but they’re too stupid to realize that if I graduated in 2010, I wouldn’t graduate college until 2014. That’s why I was so awkward in the interview. I wasn’t going to lie.” ))
And, the best part is Rice is spilling the beans on how FOX News handled the situation. Somebody might be losing their job over this.
Best parts...
~“I met him in 3rd grade.”
~“It's a honor”
~“Miss Universe in my book, in my book.”
~Gretchen Carlson laughs!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Brand New Apple product...nothing

Brand New Apple product...nothing
Apple brings you...nothing. I only wished the real Apple would pull this type of stunt. I generally hate that they announce another version of the iPad and iPhone every few months so the Apple Zombies are forced to buy another one. There is the type of hipster vibe to they're buying habits and you can't fault Apple for digging into that stupid trend. Could you imagine if game consoles followed the Apple iPhone business model? The only thing that's closest to this are sports games that come out every year.
I admire Steve Jobs for changing his company into a winning team after they fired him from his own company years ago. However, he started becoming a bad version of Microsoft. Check this video out to get the bigger picture.
I've always hated the old iMac models because they reminded of the stupid Scion designs from the 2000s.  Boxy and ugly...

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
~Friend from the past: I was thinking about some of my closest friends from my teenage years. I had about three really close friends. They were Henry, Joey and Michael. When I look back at it all, we were all complete outsiders from all the groups during that time. Joey was the super nerd that spent more time playing videogames than going outside. Henry was a black guy that loved rock music and people considered him a sellout. Michael was just a wild man that did crazy things.  We weren't popular and no girl wanted to look our way.  It was brutal not being a popular kid because no girl wanted to talk to you.  That's probably why we were so tight because we shared in our inability to get laid.  
It is kind of interesting that we all started to fade from each other as the years passed on. Then again, nothing lasts forever.
You have to love pre-show promotional photos that have nothing to do with the premise of the show.  They're not astronauts like presented in the early promotions.  They're more like Han Solo.   
~Homeboys in Outer Space video review: Man, UPN had a lot of bad TV shows. This one was one of the worst ones. I remember seeing this show way back in the day. And, I remember they brought in James Doohan as a character named Pippen, but the Star Trek people forced them to remove Scotty from the show. Man, this came out in 1996 when UPN was really trying to get the black crowds.
~Sons of Anarchy is back: How do they introduce Jimmy Smits into the show? By showing his naked ass, brilliant! I have to say I am drawn to this season of the show, but not because of Jimmy Smits' ass. While they are carrying over all kinds of elements from the last season, they're adding new characters like Nero and Damon Pope. Pope is played by Harold Perrineau. Yeah, he was the guy that kept saying, “Walt!” for one fully season on Lost.  Kim Coates has a heart-breaking moment in the opening episode. I didn't think they were going to go there, but they did.

"There is a game I want to teach you.  It is called Duck Hunt." 
~Hell on Wheels: Another show that has grown into its own is Hell on Wheels. Colm Meaney is great as the evil businessman that runs the railroad company. I liked him way back in the 80s when he first played O'Brien on TNG. Here, he's so different that it is shocking.  I like O'Brien because he's a blue collar guy.  And, the character he plays on the show is completely against the working man.  They literally put the characters through Hell on this show. In a lot of ways, this shows feels like Deadwood reborn. Except, they don't have all the male and female nudity. Anson Mount is just great as the 'kind of' hero of the show, but he really isn't.  
~Eddy Gordo wins!

heckler and comedian

Nerdy Comedian has a nice comeback with a heckler...
The woman comes in with her remark perfectly, but he comes back with the power. I love this clip. I bet she thought she had him, but that comeback was way better.
Tens points for Gryffindor!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tom Rothman leaving FOX

Tom Rothman leaving FOX

From, ((Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chairman and CEO Tom Rothman will step down from his posts at the end of this year, announced Fox on Friday. ))
I say good riddance. I've never liked this guy. Rothman seemed to actively try to run the FOX studio in the ground with poor decisions. (Like rushing X-Men 3 into production without Bryan Singer) And, you don't leave a company with another year and a half on your contract unless you pissed someone off.
I remember hearing rumors of Bryan Singer being escorted off of FOX studio when he took the job for Superman Returns. And Hit Fix brings up a good point about the X-Men Franchise, (( Even so, it's always been a matter of friction between his vision of the franchise and the vision of the filmmakers in charge of things.  In a perfect world, Fox would be five or six films into a strong unified franchise, taking full advantage of the story opportunities that exist in decades worth of "X-Men" storytelling.  Instead, a personality clash with Bryan Singer hobbled the series at a crucial moment, and until last year's "X-Men: First Class," it looked like the entire series was going to end up dented and ruined, a waste of an amazing asset.  In general, Marvel comic movies have not fared well at the studio, and Rothman's personal feelings about the material got in the way of what should have been fairly simple adaptations. ))
And, if you heard about some of the story elements that Singer wanted to bring after X2, you'd be pissed they never succeed in bringing them to light. And, what we got was an uneven X3 movie instead directed by one of the worst hacks in the business.
Sadly, Tom Rothman will find another studio to screw up.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP)

Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP)
This actually makes me very sad. He was really a very good actor and important to pop culture folks like me because he's been in so many movies and voice-over works. I know he was having major heart problems, but I didn't think it would have killed him. I mean he was at the age of 54.
Duncan was a very good actor that rose above his size to make some impressive roles over the years. Here are a few I'd like to discuss. Early on, he worked in smaller roles on WB sitcoms before going to major movies. He also played bodyguards and bouncers. He also showed up in a few many animated shows.
Armageddon:  This was the movie I remember him in first.  He was the wacky big guy.  He was really good in the movie, but the movie hasn’t held up as well as his character.  So, yeah the movie is a mess, today. 
A Night at the Roxbury:  I remember his bit part as a doorman at the Roxbury.  It was kind of strange seeing him in a tiny part after watching him in Armageddon.  I guess this one was filmed before Armageddon. 
The Green Mile: This was his breakout role that everyone noticed.
The Whole Nine Yards: He's kind of a bad guy in this movie, sort of.
Planet of the Apes: Man, this movie hasn’t held up well either.  Damn you, Tim Burton. But, Duncan's work here is very good.
The Scorpion King : I actually liked this movie a lot. MCD has a minor role in the movie. He works well with The Rock. “Him I'll kill for free.”
Daredevil : I think MCD did a great job with the Kingpin character and it is an interesting take to make him black instead of white. I think his character got the short end of the stick in the theatrical version of the movie. The fight between Daredevil and Kingpin was supposed to be much more brutal. He's a better defined character in the director's cut. MCD would reprise his role in the short-lived animated Spider-man series on MTV.
Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins : Okay, this one isn't that good.
Delgo : Yes, he voiced a character in one of the worst CGI movies ever.
Kung Fu Panda : His part is minor, but his voice stands out.
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li : Okay, I'll say this: He was one the better things about the movie and he fits with the Balrog / Bison character.
Anyway, I always liked MCD. And, I would get angry when people would get him screwed up with Ving Rhames. They're not the same, even though they play similar roles in movies.  

There are two of them, shit.   

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alison Pill and her topless tweet...

Alison Pill and her topless tweet...
“We are sex bob-omb! One, two, three, four!”
You have to love when someone “accidentally” tweets naked pictures of themselves. Didn't that congressman do the same damn thing. I'd much rather see a cute girl do it than someone old dude's dong, which seems to be the trend.  While I truly loathe Twitter, I will give it credit for creating new forms of drama.  
I kind of like Alison Pill because she has that nerdy girl look that makes you think you have a chance dating her.  I liked her in Scott Pilgrim and thought she was cute in the role.  
Part of me wants to buy it that she sent the photo out there by mistake, but there have been too many accidents like this to call it an accident.  
However, it makes her cute that she owned up to the accident. From her twitter page, ((Yep. That picture happened. Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet... Apologies. ))
You showed your boobs. Why are you apologizing for that? Remember Rule 34 and 35, this is the Internet. Showing your boobs is rather tame. Plus, it is more of a scandal if an ugly a-hole like me went topless and tweeted it.
And, I find it amusing this is probably the most we've talked about Alison Pill ever...
Side Note: I love The Newsroom, despite its preachy nature sometimes, but I am not a fan of her character though. I just hope they make her a stronger character next season.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gangnam Style: Mom Version

Probably one of the strangest Gangnam Style dance versions I've seen...
This old lady has some moves.   

G4 will be GQ? Really?

G4: will be no more: and gets a D-bag face-lift
I kind of figured it was coming, because my local cable company makes people pay for the channel now instead of having it as part of your normal package.  But it almost seems like a bad April Fool’s joke.  But, TNN (The Nashville Network) did morph into Spike TV (which had to pay Spike Lee a lot of money to keep the name).   Channels do go through format changes.  Remember what FX was before The Shield?  It was a completely different channel.  Actually, the early FX was closer to what G4 is today.  
I hate cell phones, but I wish I was one now.  Is that an app?  
From, ((NBCU, the station's owners, are reportedly looking at turning it into a TV version of GQ, ditching the nerd focus in favour of something more "modern male". ))
And, there you go. The channel that started out as a videogame-based channel, and combined with TechTV, will now morph into something for trendy people. How the hell can they do that? Why do I see the channel becoming more like the modern MTV instead?
While I didn't care much for the channel, I did like the leftover elements from TechTV. However, turning it into a stupid trendy “cool” channel is the wrong direction.  I personally think the channel needed to be more geek related in all forms of geek culture instead. We already have MTV for that sort of “modern” bullshit.
So, long G4, and I probably won't be watching GQ as a channel. But, if you want me as freelance writer for your mag, I am in.  Yet, I just think this is a bad move. 
Well, you did give me Olivia Munn, G4. And for that I am greatly thankful.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Things

Random Things
~That is a massive catfish. I have never seen a fish this big before. Holy crap. What do you do for bait? A small child?

~Miley Cyrus: Does this woman even sing anymore? I've read more stories about her getting engaged, having a stalker and being accused of fighting. Does she do anything else anymore than walk around showing her ass in public. We get, Miley. You don't want to be know for those kiddy shows anymore. But, how about doing something worthwhile then? What is up with that stupid haircut too? Are you just itching for negative press?
~Jessica Simpson, STFU and do something: I am sick of hearing about Simpson and her baby and her baby fat. Why is getting fat and then getting skinny her current career? She tried her hand at pop music and that failed. She tried being a reality star and that failed. She tried being a movie star and that blew up in her face with some really bad movies. She tried country music and was booed. Yet, every story is about her losing or gaining weight and not about her “art form”. I guess “getting back to your roots” with country music didn't help your career too much. She has no talent.
~The Online Gamer: I love this series and it proves that many of these gamers from FPS are assholes and dicks. There were gamers from online RPGs that have a different attitude than the FPS guys. I love the latest video because the guy goes to a video game store while it gets robbed.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

D-bags on the WWW

Sadly, I have a few friends on my Facebook list just like this.  They speak in this d-bag language and take pictures in the mirror with their shirts off. 
I’m probably like “A Dose of Buckley” than anyone else in the world. 
Anyway, sometimes self-pictures work on a superficial way.  If they are dude photos, they don’t.  And, is a clear sign of D-bag-ery.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Back To The Future I vs II intro and endings (Claudia Wells and Elisabeth Shue)

Technically, they re-shot this ending/beginning scene two times and re-dubbed it two times. First, it was shot for theatrical cut, which we presented here. Second, they re-dubbed it for TV replacing the lines “We've become assholes” to “jerks” in both versions. Third, they re-shot it with Elisabeth Shue and added a reaction shot with Doc Brown.
They did a great job recreating the scene.
-The house on the side is a different color between both versions. I guess the people next door changed colors between the years. Even the plants are slightly different. The yard is well kept in part 2, while in part 1 it is uneven.
-The car gray is shinier in part one.
-The Asshole reaction is completely different with an added reaction from Doc. Very nice addition.
-Shue has a bigger reaction than Wells. This was something I noticed when as a child, but I didn't know they were different actresses at the time.
Claudia Wells and Elisabeth Shue
Now, I've heard completely different stories as to the reasons why Wells was replaced for the sequels. And, I find it amusing that Wells was the original version of Jennifer to be considered, but second to be hired after leaving the project the first time around. However, Wells claims that she was the original choice and she was cast after Stoltz. Yes, it gets confusing, but here you go. From Wiki, (( According to Wells, in an interview with online entertainment series "The Yo Show," she had been cast, but a pilot she had done for ABC had been picked up, and she was contractually forced to drop out of "BTTF." During that time, Eric Stoltz had been shooting for 8 weeks with another actress in the role of Jennifer, but the producers halted filming and replaced Stoltz with Fox. By then, Wells' pilot had been finished and she was recast as Jennifer, now shooting alongside Fox, never having filmed a frame with Stoltz. ))
Now, I also heard that the other actress was too tall for MJF, so they got Wells for the part. Now, I did some digging and found out the other actress that played Jennifer was Melora Hardin and there are some pictures of her as the character floating around. She never got to film her scenes.
However, it appears the real reason for Wells' departure was a family reason. From Wiki, ((However, after her mother had been diagnosed with cancer while BTTF was filming, Wells said family took precedence at the time, and told the studio she would not be available to reprise the role for the two sequels; actress Elisabeth Shue replaced her. ))
Having to help nurse my own mother back to health because of cancer wasn't easy.  So, I understand.  
I think Wells did a great job, but people know I've had a huge crush on Shue for a very long time.  

Saturday, September 08, 2012

46th Anniversary of the Star Trek franchise (Google Style)

Really Cool Google thingy with Star Trek
It is the 46th Anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. Not bad for a show that got canceled in three seasons. Here's an interview with the guy behind this new Doodle. Speaking of Star Trek, there is a really cool Trek Podcast on The Nerdist network that I've gotten into.
It seems to be different things you can touch with a bunch of trek references.
-You can have Kirk beam down with a “red shirt” and fight the Gorn.
-For me, it was fun playing around with the “Google Doodle” .
-And, I love the red shirt jokes. At one point on the show, pretty much every unknown character was killed off in an episode. “The Apple”  

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wife Auditions: Fail (for Tom)

Tom Cruise and his real Wife Auditions!
I remember talking about the skit someone did online about Tom Cruise have wife auditions to replace Katie Holmes. It is funny, but it turns out it might just be true.
From Examiner, ((When Cruise's marriage to actress Nicole Kidman dissolved, Scientology patriarch David Micaviage and wife Shelly allegedly spearheaded an intense auditioning process for Cruise's next wife in 2004.  ))
Now, why would an organization set up auditions for a good-looking guy that could get all kinds of women? Makes you wonder. While I won't say Cruise is gay, mainly because he goes viciously after any print company that says he is, but this alleged auditioning for girlfriends doesn't help his case.
From US Magazine, ((According to Orth's sources, the organization began by seeking out actresses who were already Scientology members. The women were called in, told they were auditioning for a new movie, and then asked a series of questions including: "What do you think of Tom Cruise?"

So, the Church of Space looked in their membership for suitable wives. That's a little creepy. So, the lovely Nazanin Boniadi was the chosen one. They even moved into together, but things started to turn sour and Boniadi was out and Non-member Katie was in. Of course the people of Xenu have denied the entire incident.
Another former member seems to confirm the news about Nazanin and Tom. The former member is Paul Haggis. From National Post, ((Naz was embarrassed by her unwitting involvement in this incident and never wanted it to come out, so I kept silent,” Haggis wrote in the email published Sunday. “I was deeply disturbed by how the highest ranking members of a church could so easily justify using one of their members; how they so callously punished her and then so effectively silenced her when it was done.” ))
She has to be embarrassed about this. I would be.
My favorite rebuttal is from Cruise's lawyer. From E-Online, ((Additionally, Cruise's attorney, Bert Fields spoke out about the article. "Vanity Fair's story is essentially a rehash of tired old lies previously run in the supermarket tabloids, quoting the same bogus 'sources,'" Fields said in a statement released today. "It's long, boring and false." ))
It's long, boring and false” Kind of like watching Battlefield Earth. Right, Fields? And, I am still waiting for my refund for renting that piece of crap movie from Blockbusters, Space Church.
Bad Guy:  "We won't give your money back.  In fact, we want your gold.  Gold, gold, gold!" 
Again, so I won't get sued. None of this has been fully confirmed yet, and I am sure neither Naz or Tome will talk about it.
Again, it is very amusing how close the skit got to what is being reported
Here's the skit...

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