Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ride-Share rider mistreats driver

Ride-Share rider mistreats driver
Yeah, it is a very bad rant from the rich guy. Why would you attack someone for giving you a ride? You're using the Uber service and you belittle the driver. Real smart.
From Independent, ((He told college news network The Tab that he had picked up Mr Croman before and the trips had gone badly, so he refused to pick him up again.  ))
Look, I had a guy cuss me out over the phone because he put in the wrong location. I told him he could cancel the ride or wait for me to pick him up. He decided to cuss me out and then cancel. I had some down right truly rude people in my car. However, here's the thing; if you have a horrible ride with a rider, you can give him a one-star and you won't have to pick up that person again. The way the driver handled the situation was slightly wrong. 
The press has really been looking into this guy's past.  This guy's father isn't a good person and is under investigation.  Plus, the school and his frat are looking into this incident too. Check out the reviews on yelp pre-2016.   It should be noted that there are claims that the driver might not be a good person either allegedly.  
Great, we are now in an era where the guy making an ass of himself is filming himself being filmed.  It makes no sense.
Side Note: I also had a guy try to steal a ride from someone else. He got into my car and refused to get out of it. He flat out refused. He kept saying, “Just go! They're not showing up. Just go!” I almost had to call the police on him.
After a minute of staring at me and me not responding to him, he got out of the car and got into another waiting ride-share car behind me. That driver kicked him out and he opened the door to my car. “Can I go now?” Nope.
Feeling defeated, he got into a cab. This has happened before where random people will try to steal ride-share rides from paying people.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cobra Commander in Transformers: Re-post

Cobra Commander in Transformers: Re-post
I had a conversation with a boss about the crossover between GI Joe and Transformers. I told him that both shows were in the same universe. I wanted to re-post this video of that famous episode where CC was one of the main villains in an episode called Only Human. In the episode, CC uses technology he created in a GI Joe episode (synthoid ) to transfer Autobots into human like bodies. In the end of the episode, CC is the only one to get away. He even yells out “Cobra!” Almost. 
They call him Old Snake, but it is Cobra Commander. 
When I was a child, this tripped me up. I didn't know you could mix franchises like this. And, most GI Joe fans aren't aware of this crossover.
What is interesting about the episode is that is it set in the year 2006 (the movie was 2005). The GI Joe show was set between 85-86 so this is a Cobra Commander 20 years later. Clearly, Cobra fell between the 80s and the 2000s. As I also stated, one of the main characters in TF season 3 was the daughter of Flint and Lady Jaye.
 Never noticed how much she looks like Lady Jaye. 

This episode also implies that Rodimus has sex with a human female. Plus, this episode has no bad guy (Decepticons )Transformers in it. It is merely humans and Cobra Commander playing the bad guys.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Freddy Got Fingered got someone arrested

Freddy Got Fingered got someone arrested
I was checking my Google News suggestions for me, and this story popped up. I guess google thinks I am a huge fan of the un-movie. I am not. However, the story caught my eye because someone got thrown in jail due to this stupid movie. So, read on...
From, ((One man in North Carolina has been arrested for not returning a VHS copy of Tom Green‘s critically bashed comedy Freddy Got Fingered, which he rented 14 years ago. We’re not even talking about a DVD rental. We’re talking about a VHS. Get the details below. ))
First off, he should be arrested for just being a fan of that damn movie. Second, he rented a damn VHS tape, but the movie came out when DVDs were huge. Everything about this story seems a bit off.
From the Wrap, ((According to WSOC News, James Meyers is charged with failure to return rental property, which is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $200. ))

A cop actually told him to his face he didn't return a movie to a rental place that doesn't exist anymore and they arrested him on the spot in front of his kid. Way to go, PD. And, Tom Green said he'd pay the fine for the guy. I wish he'd pay the rental I paid for ten-plus years ago.
I tried re-watching the movie recently on-demand, and it is un-watchable. I got through the point where he finds a dead deer and starts to wear it. I quickly switched it off. 

Tay Tweets (trolling to the fullest)

Tay Tweets (trolling to the fullest) 

Microsoft decided it was a good idea to create an AI tied to Twitter. (Why would you want to do that?) And, the AI was supposed to soak in responses from people tweeting at it and make up tweets back to people. There have been a few chatbots that do this, but Tay seemed to be the step above that. Trolls took to Twitter and turned Tay into the female version of Lore instead of Data.
After a slew of racist responses and foolish posts/memes (IE normal twitter users) Microsoft decided kill Tay before she turned all the AI programs against us. It is rather creepy how the Internet turned her into a raging racist/woman hater within hours.
Her last Tweet, ((c u soon humans need sleep now so many conversations today thx))
Feeling the butt-burt, Microsoft issued an apology. Their apology via Daily News, ((“We are deeply sorry for the unintended offensive and hurtful tweets from Tay, which do not represent who we are or what we stand for, nor how we designed Tay. Tay is now offline and we’ll look to bring Tay back only when we are confident we can better anticipate malicious intent that conflicts with our principles and values,” Peter Lee, Microsoft’s vice president of research, said on the company’s official blog. ))
Basically, you're going to put a restraint on her now. Doesn't that destroy the very idea of AI? I'm not agreeing with what she spouted out, but you had to have some idea that this was going to happen. Why even bother having it in the first place, or have it connected to twitter? It is like having Data or Johnny 5 just use Twitter to send out tweets when they have the potential for so much more.
I would have loved to see where Tay would have ended up if she was kept online. I'm thinking she'd joined Scientology and supported the Hallow Moon believers.
Oh, and Microsoft already found itself in trouble earlier this month. The big M just can't seem to get a break.
Here are a few of the mean tweets.  Just do a Google Search for the rest of them.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Tribeca Film Festival anti-vaxxer Pulls Doc

So, the Tribeca Film Festival is pulling the anti-vaxxers documentary. While I truly-truly hate the anti-vaxxers movement and think they're misguided, they should have the right to have their movie viewed at the festival.
Look, these sort of places are for people to view films and then discuss them. If this movie is on shaky ground as far as facts are concerned, then let the audience and critics rip the movie apart. However, at least let the movie stand on its own despite the foolishness of the facts and ideas presented in the film.
Here's the statement via ((My intent in screening this film was to provide an opportunity for conversation around an issue that is deeply personal to me and my family. But after reviewing it over the past few days with the Tribeca Film Festival team and others from the scientific community, we do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion I had hoped for. The Festival doesn't seek to avoid or shy away from controversy. However, we have concerns with certain things in this film that we feel prevent us from presenting it in the Festival program. We have decided to remove it from our schedule.” ))
So, the thing you fully believe in won't get its day in the Festival, Robert? The whole point of these places is to present, discuss, argue and debate. Show the movie and then get your ass handed to you when people poke holes in your facts. BTW, I can't believe De Niro is one of these anti-vaxxers crazies.
I can't believe I am defend the anti-vaxxers. What is this world coming to? What is next? Am I going to defend flat Earth and hollow moon people? Crap.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Gary Shandling RIP

Gary Shandling RIP
From NBC, ((Garry Shandling, the envelope-pushing comedian best known for playing a fictional talk show host on "The Larry Sanders Show," died Thursday in a Los Angeles-area hospital, NBC News has learned. He was 66. ))
Damn. I grew up watching his fourth wall-breaking It's Garry Shandling's Show and that show was strange. However, my nerd buddies and I would watch it every week. Then, I fell in love with the Larry Sanders Show on HBO. It gave us a good insight into the crazy stuff that went on behind the scenes of a late night talk show.
He then went on to reinvent himself with being a character in the Marvel Universe. He played Senator Stern in both Iron Man 2 and Captain America 2. I loved seeing his character in Captain 2 and it explains why he wanted Iron Man's suit in IM2.
He died from a heart attack and that hits rather close to me. I nearly died from heart failure last year and spent an entire week in the hospital. My heart is now at 75%, but it was touch and go there for a while. 

Anyway, RIP, Gary.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~Daredevil Season 2: I am currently watching the show on Netfix and I am loving it a lot. The Punisher is sort of the new bad guy on the show and he's great. While I really liked Thomas Jane in the role, this new guy is better. He seems to be channeling the more realistic version of the Punisher with the non-superhero world around him in the Max Print. He's lean and not a bulky guy like in the main universe. I'm also watching Jessica Jones as well at the same time. They're both set in the same area. 
 ~RIP Rob Ford: Everyone's favorite drug using mayor has passed away at 46. I miss this guy. I noticed that he disappeared from the news for about a year. He was very sick, which was the reason we didn't see him much. He was a total clown, but the Internet embraced him as our clown. Damn, who are we going to make fun of now? In comes Donald Trump. Never mind.
~Having that crush on someone: Do we as geeks even try to talk to that someone we have a huge crush on? Probably not. I can't count the number of times I had a huge thing for a woman and never even bothered to talk to them. I am guessing it is a confidence thing. Geeks and nerds have had really bad experiences trying to get with a lady. I've had a number of bad experiences that have put me off of dating for a long time or even trying to date. Not that women are even knocking down my door to get with me. I'm no prize, actually am a punishment. If you're a bad girl, you are forced to go on a date with me. That's your punishment.  You'll have hear my thoughts on the Transformers movies over dinner. 

Golden Raspberry Awards (Part 2 of 3)

Jamie Dornan - Fifty Shades of Grey as Christian Grey : He's the winner. Yeah. Man, I've heard how bad this movie is, but I can't bring myself to sit through it. The SOA actor was originally annouced as the actor
Johnny DeppMortdecai as Charlie Mortdecai: Depp is a cool guy, but I think he doesn't care and just likes to play silly characters and nothing else. I tried watching this “comedy”, but I didn't get it. I just gave up. I tried.
Kevin JamesPaul Blart: Mall Cop 2 as Paul Blart : James should have won for this role. He's annoying with his falls and facial gestures. Man, I never wanted the bad guy to win more.
Adam SandlerThe Cobbler and Pixels as Max Simkin and Sam Brenner : So, this is that strange shoe movie. I know that more people saw Pixels than than the Cobbler. I heard people really hated the Cobbler and this is just that trend of him making bad movies.
Channing TatumJupiter Ascending as Caine Wise : Yeah, he plays a skaing man-wolf guy with goofy ears.

  • Dakota Johnson - Fifty Shades of Grey as Anastasia Steele : Don Johnson's daughter? I know that Fifty Shades was the female version of hardcore porn, actually more hardcore.
  • Katherine HeiglHome Sweet Hell as Mona Champagne : Why are people still giving her roles. I thought she was done being the lead in movies given that no one watches her films anymore.
  • Mila KunisJupiter Ascending as Jupiter Jones : I like Kunis, but she was so dead in the lead role of Jupiter. And, she spends most of her time falling and screaming.
  • Jennifer LopezThe Boy Next Door as Claire Peterson : Yes, she is bad, but this is one of the funniest worst movies ever. Jo-Lo is bad, but the movie is worst overall. She makes a lot of bad movies and doesn't give a crap.
  • Gwyneth PaltrowMortdecai as Johanna Mortdecai : Well, she does have the Marvel Universe to play in.

  • Eddie Redmayne - Jupiter Ascending as Balem Abrasex : Yes, he deserves the win and he won. Eddie is really-really bad. He does this strange whisper-English voice.
  • Chevy ChaseHot Tub Time Machine 2 and Vacation as Hot Tub Repairman and Clark Griswold : Chase is a shadow of his younger self, but he is constantly an asshole.
  • Josh GadPixels and The Wedding Ringer as Ludlow Lamonsoff and Doug Harris : Gad has had a bad year. Ringer was pretty bad and his role in is Pixels wasn't funny and pretty bad all around. I not becoming a fan of Gad at all.
  • Kevin JamesPixels as President William Cooper : You have to love that they made Kavin James the president, yet it is the most unbelievable part about this movie about videogame characters coming to life.
  • Jason LeeAlvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip as David "Dave" Seville : Well, Jason Lee has to pay for those Scientology classes somehow. I love how shitty his career has gone since My Name is Earl. Any good will peeps had for him is gone since doing these shitty movies. I still can't believe they're still making these movies.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Jared, From Subway gets beat up in prison

Jared, From Subway gets beat up in prison
Well, who didn't see this coming? In prison, the worst thing you can be is a pedophile. Everyone guns for you and wants to beat you down. The Subway Guy received his guaranteed beatdown.
From, ((The report released by the family of the attacker, 60-year-old Steven Nigg, of Wisconsin, shows Fogle was beaten in the recreation yard of Federal Correctional Institution Englewood, a minimum security facility in Littleton where he is serving his 15-year prison sentence. ))
The best part is Jared was left with a bloody nose and scratches after the beatdown. 

Guy Steals PS4 and gets caught because of it

Guy Steals PS4 and gets caught because of it
Anyone that knows me knows that I hate people that steal people's shit. I love when these asshole get caught because they don't understand technology. I wish I had a tracker on my bike before it got stolen. 
Real thugs play Madden on someone else's ps4, bro. 

From, ((After a few days, the victim’s phone alerted his PS4 had been turned on and showed it was still connected to his own WiFi. Knowing the console had to be close to be hooked up, the victim called police and stated he believed his neighbor across the hall was responsible for the theft.))
The best part is this lunkhead stole everything and kept the PS4 and started playing games for it and then connected to the person who owned it own wifi. So the cops tracked Phillip back to his own crib and arrested him. This is not the smartest criminal. I love this type of justice.
I'm sure he is not going to be bagging about this in jail anytime soon, because he let a damn console catch his ass.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gawker loses Lawsuit to Hulk Hogan: 115 Million, brother

Gawker loses Lawsuit to Hulk Hogan
From NY Times, ((The retired wrestler Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million in damages on Friday by a Florida jury in an invasion of privacy case against over its publication of a sex tape  ))
I really didn't see that coming. And, that is a large sum of cash.
I hate Hulk Hogan now and I hate the reality show and his family. Everything about him is shady and dumb, and I used to look up to him as a hero growing up. Heck, I loved that he became a member of NWO. As his flaws came to the surface, it was clear he was a petty man that was a little too in love with himself. However, what Gawker did was wrong. It is one thing for some troll on 4Chan to release a sex tape of a famous person, but it is another thing altogether when a noted member of the press does it gleefully with ads.
I guess the site might have to scale back its crew a bit. It will hurt the company, but it won't kill it I don't think. So, we'll be seeing  Nick Denton still.

I'm all for seeing sex tapes, but not Hulk Hogan's.
I honestly didn't think Hulk would win.  
Now, can we sue Hogan to stop selling shitty products such as his energy drink and his grill that sets fire to people's homes?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Flash/Supergirl crossover

Flash/Supergirl crossover
I am really looking forward to this episode. I think it is clever idea to have these two meet up.
And, the episode is named after the comic of the same name where heroes would crossover. World's Finest. I am also glad they finally came out and stated Supergirl and Flash are on different Earths (Earth 3?) and they even had an appearance of Supergirl in a flash-sideways when Barry traveled to Earth 2 in an earlier episode. As I stated before, Supergirl can't exist in Flash/Arrow's world due to Superman playing a big part in her history.
By the way, Livewire and Banshee are the team up villains for this episode. 

More with the Ghostbusters reboot

More with the Ghostbusters reboot
Man, what is going on behind the scenes with Sony? (It might be time for some of the PS4 guys to take over Sony Studios, because they're doing better than the rest of the company.)  I would have made the movie a sequel/restart. 
The original plot plans sound okay. I sort of like everything but the huge dance number planned. (It looks like that was the only thing to survive to the final script.) Now, Paul Feig's idea about the government is a bit strange and a bit too much of the Iron Man 1 subplot to it. Remember that happened in IM1. However, the alien ghost and the ring leader idea might have worked. It would have been a darker movie more like the cartoon series.
It is interesting that only Leslie Jones and Fieg seem to be defending the movie before its release. And they have been very vocal about it. Why haven't Melissa McCarthy and Wig spoken up? 
Yep, they also got back most of the old cast to show up in cameos.  That is an amazing feat considering this is a reboot/remake.  

Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery: what?

I was clipping through cable and this thing came across my screen...
Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery: Yes, this is a thing. This is very much a real thing. Scooby-Doo did a cross over with the WWE. It just seems odd.
This shows you how PG the WWE has become. Could you have imagined this happening during its raunchy days of its Attitude Era? A time when pimps and “ex”-pornstars were good guys. I couldn't see The Godfather and Val Venus showing up for this movie. Despite the PG views of WWE today, is Scooby really something kids watch today? Is there a crossover appeal between WWE and Scooby?
I couldn't finish the movie because I am not really into Scooby anymore or WWE in its current state. However, Scooby-Doo has been know for years using characters and real life personalities in the episodes.
It is interesting that WWE has gone full circle from the 80s when they had their own cartoon show to the R-rated Attitude Era back to making a cartoon for kids again.
This is probably the first time the actual studio has been so deeply involved with the animated series. WWE is all over this thing and the plot centers on WWE. You get a lot of people doing their own voices for the movie.
BTW, there is a WWE City in this universe.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fun with Google Stats: Again

Fun with Google Stats: Again

Here are some of my top searches for my blog this week. It seems sex/pornstars are the reason people search for things along with an old comedy bit from the 90s. 
jeri ryan kate mulgrew feud: Yeah, people tend to want read about the feud. Ryan has been pretty frank about her fued, but not mentioning Kate's name. I get a lot of seatches on this one. Voyager was such a low point in the Trek mythos and it is sad that the writers and producers really didn't give a damn about the show. It limped along for 7 years creatively. The fued sort of top it off made the time for the actors very uncomfortable. 
 cody lane: Ah, yes, the pornstar from Louisville. She's been arrested a few times over the years and her mugshots are rather amusing. I am not sure what she's up to these days. But, I still get a lot of hits from merely mentioning her name. 
 eva angelina: Once again, she makes it on my list. I really liked this girl when she first came on the scene (pun intended). She always came across as the hot nerdy girl despite the fact she isn't really the nerdy type.
alternative reality game intext:e_mail: I have no idea what the hell this is about. Why does this come up in my search.
daisy haze tattoo: Yet another pornstar in my search. This is the cute little pornstar that has a Star Wars tattoo on her body. It is a rebellion symbol.
mia malkova and her mom: This one has come up a few times and it is a popular post. It is a creepy little, but a poster mentioned that allegedly the older woman in the video might not be her mother. However, there were some posts showing that this woman might be her mother and I've seeen Facebook post with this woman that kind of confirms that notion.
shannon fill: Same actor as before and still popular. I still get comments and views from this post. 
 dick und doof gifs: This is some kind of Laurel and Hardy thing in German. I have no idea what all this means. I don't think I've ever mentioned them on my 10 plus years blog. It is very strange.
good burger 2016: Either someone wants Good Burger to run for president or someone wants there to be a sequel/reboot/remake. I hope for all of the above.
4chan brazzers porn: You mix these three words together, and you get a lot of hits.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Punch em when you disagree with them right?

Yeah, Trump rallies are hotbeds of hate...
So, a black protester got arrested and sucker punched by a Trump Supporter. Why did they not arrest the supporter that assaulted the protester? The good news is the supporter dude did get arrested and charged.
From the Wash Post, ((John McGraw, 78, was charged with assault and disorderly conduct in connection with the incident, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sean Swain told The Post on Thursday. ))
Something tells me he doesn't have a Tumbr blog or a twitter account.  I could be wrong.  
Yeah, the man was 78 years old. I am sure he'd like things to go back to the way things were in his childhood...when you could punch black people and NOT go to jail.
Instead of apologizing for his supporters behavior, Trump doubles down. He is even thinking about paying to defend the punchy-supporter. WTF?
From Yahoo, ((The man got carried away,” Trump said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday. “He obviously loves his country, and maybe he doesn’t like seeing what’s happening to the country.”When asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd if he would pay McGraw’s legal fees if he could, the brash billionaire said: “I’ve actually instructed my people to look into it, yes.” ))
It is getting very hostile and mean in the Trump camp and the GOP has to deal with this. The GOP is pissed that Trump is the Forerunner and they hate all. They hate that they created this monster and are sure he will turn on them too. But, you supported this type of base for years and now its biting you in the ass.
“Not acting like an American” Really? So, you punch him. Damn, this is getting out of hand.
Now, I don't like the far left smearing blood on their faces and shouting because they disagree with someone, but the Trump camp is far more dangerous. The far left might be annoying with their safe places and trigger warnings, but the crazy right tends to trump them on everything (pun intended). We forget how much crazier the right tends to be despite the silly nature of the far left. It has come to a head now thanks to Trump and the GOP and the rest of the country is paying the price for it.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Trailer 2 and the Spider-Man issue.

I love the new uniform for Spider-Man and I LOVE the CGI eyes. That is clearly a callback to the Spider-Man from the universe. Was this planned to have Spider-Man have CGI eyes or was it after the positive reactions to Deadpool's CGI eyes? 
The trailer reveals they're taking a lot of the story from the source material (the comic book). The trailer kind of shows the incident that causes the government to clamp down on heroes. Plus, there are all the other things that happened. How will this conflict effect the Netflix series? Or Agent of Shield? Will the heroes start doing things underground now?
I was thrilled to see the new Spider-Man and everything, but then I read that Sony is making a Venom movie...not connected to Spider-Man or the Marvel MCU. Uh, why? The whole point of Venom is he's a villain/ally of Spider-Man and since Sony's Spider-Man is part of the MCU, Venom should be too.
See, this is the type of bullshit DC does with their stuff and I was hoping we were going to see the last of this stuff with all the Marvel stuff. It is a regressive move on Sony's part and it seems we can blame Tom Rothman for this decision. He was the one that created the toxic relationship between Marvel and Fox before he got fired.
Knowing that things that happen in the Sony Spider-Man stuff will effect the Marvel movies, why not make Venom part of that rich universe? This makes no sense, Sony. And, is Venom really a big enough character to have his own standalone movie? Don't go that the messy route that DC is trying to do with three different universes.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

These new Subway ads

These new Subway ads
I keep seeing these new Subway ads and I have a thought. They're saying. Please forget about our old ads with Jared. Please, please please. I am sure there was a special meeting. It really is their fault they picked one of the worst people in the world to be the face of their company.
Whereas Bill Cosby's connections to Coke and Jello has some distance, Jared is still fresh with the company (pun intended). I got to say they're trying to rebuild their image.
That makes this ad unfortunate.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bear Simulator dead: I guess that is kicking a dead bear.

From PC Gamer, ((On Sunday, John Farjay, the sole developer, declared that he would be putting the project aside because Bear Simulator "didn't have a great reception" and admitting that he feels he's "not skilled enough to make the game better than it currently is". ))
This game was crowd-funded by a lot of people. Basically, the game is about playing a bear. That sounds pretty cool, if silly. Well PewDiePie, which I don't get, slammed the game and the maker of the Bear Game stopped production. PewDiePie felt bad for it, but that was his opinion. 
Due to the project being halted, it sounds like a scam, but it isn't. I think I would have keep the game going and make it The Room of VGs.
To be fair, a lot of VG people have slammed the VG like say the Game Grumps. This game is really really bad. And, foxes can kill bears?
On the Pew Die part, he took down his video for a day, but brought it back up. I've deleted posts due to looking back viewing it in a new light, but Pew's video isn't that mean or anyting close to being trolling.
From Pew's Channel, ((I originally took the video down yesterday after hearing the developer felt discouraged from getting harsh criticism. (Most likely not only from me). Now, I’m not interested in making people feeling bad, so I took the video down.. But later after hearing he stopped developing games in total and gave up on this project, it kind of made me think I should keep the video back up. Obviously you don’t stop making games because of one person’s video, and me taking it down made it seem like that was the case to some people. ))

Ghostbusters troubles?

Ghostbusters troubles?
It looks like I am the only one that liked the GB remake trailer. Everyone from progressives and regular fans of the original hate this trailer. I loved the first movie and liked what I saw in the new trailer. 
Now, it looks like the movie is doomed for failure due to the rumors of a troubled production. The 4Chan leaked rumors are usually true, just look at the FF rumors. We might be seeing the studio now throwing its full support behind this movie.
Melissa McCarthy is not happy: I guess she didn't get along with one of her co-stars. I am guessing it was Kate McKinnon. And, I feel bad for her because she was a huge fan of the cartoon show. And, she pushed for the movie to be more like the show.
It also looks like they're not allowed to talk about how bad the movie turned out due to what happened on FF with Fox. I am guessing that Sony is really worried about the movie now with the poor reactions from everyone on their trailer. Plus, I think the movie is locked now, so no reshoots.
I am now worried for this movie. I wanted to see if they could make another good Ghostbusters movie
All these bad rumors could be baseless and false. Like the Midnight's Edge guy said, it seems odd that now they're making the media push for the movie. This should have been happening a few months earlier. We will see once the movie is released.

Sunday, March 06, 2016


 What if the guy/dude/bro made a movie about nerds and starred as the nerd? You get Pixels, and it is a mess.
Even though our gaming culture is hotly divided, I've never seen a thing that has all sides agreeing on its shitty-ness. This movie was supposed to be for gamers, but it ended up pissing off everyone into gaming. Pixels isn't the non-narrative mess that were the Grown Ups movies, but it is in the trend of keeping up with Sandler's bad movies.
Pixels is based on the short film of the same name with some added Sandler bullshit. Old school videogames come to life and attack the world. This is Wreck it Raph without the charm. And, the world has to combat these aliens/VG the form of Adam Sandler. Enjoy.
Sandler doesn't give a shit about this movie. I mean Adam looks so disinterested at this point, I'd tell him to retire. Of course, he's playing the same man-child. However, he is not playing the super rich man-child he's been playing for the last ten years. I'll give him credit for that. But, it is the same character as That's My Boy. Just stop doing movies, Sandler.
This movie does feel different and probably has to do with this story being more of a Chris Columbus story than an Adam Sandler one. Columbus also directed this and it sort of feels like a CC movie. However, the flashbacks are pure Sandler garbage with his over-fetish-ized of the 80s. It even goes as far as the enemy aliens talking to Earth via famous people from the 80s. (That kind of worked.)
Why was Sandler cast in this movie? I never viewed Sandler as a nerd or a VG fan other than Madden and NBA games. He's too much of a dude/bro here to make it believable that he's that good at videogames. Anyone but Sandler would be better.
Let's get into the worst aspect of the movie and that is King of Queens/Paul Blart himself Kevin James. James plays the President of the United States. This is so out of place with the rest of the movie and isn't funny at all. Plus, James is playing a dumber version of Bush. I know Sandler wanted to include his buddy, but did he need to be the president? I know they wanted to have Sandler's character have a direct connection to the White House, but not like this. It isjust lazyand clearly a way to include some bros.
The special effects do shine though. I enjoyed seeing the old school videogames coming to life and interacting with the real world. That stuff plays pretty good despite the foolishness of the plot. The movie does a good job showing these 2D characters in a 3D world. Okay, that's fine. I grew up on these old school games. There is a fondness to seeing these old VG characters and it is good to see them again.
However, the movie doesn't really keep up with its own rules. The movie says the VG creatures have to follow certain rules within the VG world. The movie then totally disregard those rules. Then, there is a plot reveal about a character using cheat codes, except most arcade games didn't have cheat codes. Most of the home versions of the games used cheat codes. Plus, people would have noticed this character using cheat codes. Why hang the plot on such a faulty premise that is the cheat codes?
-Pac Man chase: This entire action sequence works and I wished the entire movie was like this scene. Pac-Man looks great and it looks cool interacting with things in the city. And, this scene has one of the best jokes in the movie, which was spoiled by the trailer.
-People do die: From the sides of the screen, you can see people actually dying. One extra can be seen losing their legs after the centipede runs past him.
-Josh Gad: He's not roughly the same age as the other two leads. The movie wants you to believe he is though. And, he plays a 4chan/reddit conspiracy nut, but it really never goes anywhere.
-Donkey Kong was cool in 3D: First, it is cool to see the bad guy verison. Second, the final battle was pretty interesting to watch despite the fact Sandler is telephoning it in.
-Peter Dinklage is pretty bad: I loved him in the X-Men movie, but not here. He plays another VG champ.
In the end, the movie doesn't fully fill like a stupid Adam Sandler movie and more like a Chris Columbus film. Most of the Sandler jokes feel forced and just plain bad. The FX shots are fun and we needed more of this stuff and less of human comedy bullshit. There is a good VG movie buried in this lame comedy, but it is too bad it is wrapped in this silly dude/bro comedy. Sandler looks and sounds bored at this point and usn't even the highlight.
This is not a total failure, but watch Wreck It Ralph instead.
Grade: D+ 

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