Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cobra Commander in Transformers: Re-post

Cobra Commander in Transformers: Re-post
I had a conversation with a boss about the crossover between GI Joe and Transformers. I told him that both shows were in the same universe. I wanted to re-post this video of that famous episode where CC was one of the main villains in an episode called Only Human. In the episode, CC uses technology he created in a GI Joe episode (synthoid ) to transfer Autobots into human like bodies. In the end of the episode, CC is the only one to get away. He even yells out “Cobra!” Almost. 
They call him Old Snake, but it is Cobra Commander. 
When I was a child, this tripped me up. I didn't know you could mix franchises like this. And, most GI Joe fans aren't aware of this crossover.
What is interesting about the episode is that is it set in the year 2006 (the movie was 2005). The GI Joe show was set between 85-86 so this is a Cobra Commander 20 years later. Clearly, Cobra fell between the 80s and the 2000s. As I also stated, one of the main characters in TF season 3 was the daughter of Flint and Lady Jaye.
 Never noticed how much she looks like Lady Jaye. 

This episode also implies that Rodimus has sex with a human female. Plus, this episode has no bad guy (Decepticons )Transformers in it. It is merely humans and Cobra Commander playing the bad guys.

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