Friday, March 11, 2016

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Trailer 2 and the Spider-Man issue.

I love the new uniform for Spider-Man and I LOVE the CGI eyes. That is clearly a callback to the Spider-Man from the universe. Was this planned to have Spider-Man have CGI eyes or was it after the positive reactions to Deadpool's CGI eyes? 
The trailer reveals they're taking a lot of the story from the source material (the comic book). The trailer kind of shows the incident that causes the government to clamp down on heroes. Plus, there are all the other things that happened. How will this conflict effect the Netflix series? Or Agent of Shield? Will the heroes start doing things underground now?
I was thrilled to see the new Spider-Man and everything, but then I read that Sony is making a Venom movie...not connected to Spider-Man or the Marvel MCU. Uh, why? The whole point of Venom is he's a villain/ally of Spider-Man and since Sony's Spider-Man is part of the MCU, Venom should be too.
See, this is the type of bullshit DC does with their stuff and I was hoping we were going to see the last of this stuff with all the Marvel stuff. It is a regressive move on Sony's part and it seems we can blame Tom Rothman for this decision. He was the one that created the toxic relationship between Marvel and Fox before he got fired.
Knowing that things that happen in the Sony Spider-Man stuff will effect the Marvel movies, why not make Venom part of that rich universe? This makes no sense, Sony. And, is Venom really a big enough character to have his own standalone movie? Don't go that the messy route that DC is trying to do with three different universes.


MC said...

The thing that is increasingly pissing me off is the "It's All Connected" mantra seems to only work one way.

This season of Agents of SHIELD has been the setup for Civil War... only no one told the writers of the movie anything about it so it is like it doesn't exist, even though thematically the two entities fit together like a glove. Season 1 was pulled along and shaped by the movie universe, and having to wait for Winter Soldier to get going killed the momentum the show had. Season 2 had the show basically throw a few connections into Age of Ultron, but wasn't really part of what was going on. But this season IS the reason why Civil War is happening... it is providing the entire justification for the Sokovia Accords.

Of all the television Marvel is putting out, AoS is the one that is doing all the heavy lifting and there is no acknowledgement.

This is problem that could easily be solved by having television and the people writing the movies sit in a room together for a few hours and hash some shit out.

Semaj said...

I need to get back into the show, I've just been knee deep into the DC tv shows lately, but I love AOS a lot. I might watch a chunk of it later. They probaby need to get together like the comic companies and plan things out each year. DC and Marvel do this each year to plan out their major events.

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