Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher
Well, we knew this one was going to happen. Yet, I found myself really sad by her passing. This hit me pretty hard, because I really respected Fisher for her honesty. Fisher was the First Lady of nerd/geek culture. For many male geeks (and some female ones) she was their first love. I never found sexy in that way, but I admired her acting in the original trilogy of Star Wars movies.
She was also in one of my favorite comedies of all times...The Blues Brothers. She has one of my favorite scenes in the movie.
Not only was she an actress, but also a good writer. (Postcards from the Edge)Carrie Fisher was a script doctor for many years. Being a script doctor means you help touch up scripts that need help, but don't receive the credit for these rewrites and fix ups. She did this for many years. People never knew that she worked on the Star Wars Prequels.
From Wiki, ((She did uncredited polishes on movies in a 15-year stretch from 1991 to 2005.[34] She was hired by George Lucas to polish scripts for his 1992 TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and the dialogue for the Star Wars prequel scripts.[34] Her expertise in this area was the reason she was chosen as one of the interviewers for the screenwriting documentary Dreams on Spec in 2007. In an interview in 2004, Fisher said that she no longer did much script doctoring ))
She also worked on scripts such as The Wedding Singer and The Last Action Hero.
We have to address that George Michael and Carrie Fisher were both heavy drug users and lived life very fast. This sort of lifestyle WILL catch up to you. And, they both died of heart issues probably stemming from the heard lifestyles they had on drugs. I have a family member right now that is a raging drug abuser and alcoholic. His drug use is being fueled by government money he receives, so he is burning the candle on both ends. I know that it will be a matter of years, if not months before he hear about him dying.
It is a shame that her demons got the best of her, because she was a true talent. We lost a relented person yet again this 2016. Yes, 2016 sucks.
-She played a nun in two movies back to back Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle .
-She has that funny line about Lucas is Scream 3: It was probably the best thing about that movie other than the house exploding.
-She will be in Star Wars: Episode VIII : Not sure how they're going to handle her death. She is the leader of the Resistance. Plus, there will be issues with her when they do re-shoots.
-Rogue One: Yes, a CGI Leia (Episode IV era) makes an appearance. I will have to see it a second time to see how people react to it now that she is dead.
I wanted to share this Tweet by George Takei. ((May her soul rest in eternal peace, as we return her to the heavens, in a galaxy far, far away. ))

From one Star franchise to another.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Club Mario, Remember this crap?

Club Mario
Despite the Internet having very little on it, I actually remember this piece of crap. These were wrap-around segments for the animated Super Brothers Super Show cartoon. People remember the cartoon, but not these segments.
It was a replacement for Danny Wells and Lou Albano that played the Mario Brothers.
Instead of old men playing the Mario Brothers, we got these two “extreme” teens named Tommy Treehugger and Co MC, which I find amusing given this was the beginning of the extreme era. At the time, I liked the live Mario Brothers segments better. I think most people hated the Club Mario phase the most.
The two characters seemed out of place in a cartoon show based on two plumbers in a warped world. They seemed more like Sonic the Hedgehog fans than Mario fans to me. I find this format to be similar to the way Twitch streamers are popular today. Trying to watch these segments are brutal to get through, but you should try.
Breaking the fourth wall episode

Monday, December 26, 2016

RIP George Michael

RIP George Michael
From NY Times, ((A police statement said: “Thames Valley Police were called to a property in Goring-on-Thames shortly before 2 p.m. Christmas Day. Sadly, a 53-year-old man was confirmed deceased at the scene. At this stage the death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious.”))
I was a fan of his early work, especially his stuff in Wham!, but I didn't like his new stuff. Reading his wiki page, I can see that he was a troubled man with some dark habits mostly involving drugs. He got progressively worst in 2000s with his drug habits.
I watched Keanue recently and they did a running gag on George Michael. It was a fitting tribute to his early music. He had so many popular songs that have made it into other pop cultural events, and I loved his songs for that reason.
With Prince, Michael Jackson and George Michael gone, much of my 80s icons are gone.

Zoolander bit

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Carrie Fisher: Get Well

Carrie Fisher: Get Well
From LA Times, ((Carrie Fisher of “Star Wars” fame was in critical condition Friday after suffering a “cardiac episode” during a flight from London to Los Angeles, according to airline and emergency officials. ))
It is sort of strange that this happened around the time of Rogue One's release and a certain character shows up in the movie. All of her co-stars sent her well wishes. But, even Shatner, a rival franchise member, did something nice. He posted this picture.
With this tweet, ((All I want for, Bill )) You've read my blog long enough, you know I shit on Shanter a lot, but sometimes Bill can be nice. Shanter and Fisher have known each other for a long time.  

MTV, you're doing it wrong. (Cloning Buzzfeed)

MTV, you're doing it wrong. (Cloning Buzzfeed)
Oh, boy, this is a train wreck. I am left center and even I started to see that MTV has changed over the last couple of years. While I think MTV was at its worst in the 2000s with its horrid reality shows, it seems like they've gone in another direction. The show I really have a problem with is Decoded. That show really upsets with its undying support of BLM.
Though I still haven't forgiven you for Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.  And, that Pauly Shore show on the network.  
Before it gets deleted, here is a mirror.
The best part is what happened after the video was posted and MTV's reaction to their reaction.
Before the video was completely taken down by MTV, they kept taken it down and bringing it back up repeatily in order to reset the dislikes. Really? Just do the “Turn off comments” and “Turn off like/Dislike buttons”.
From The Blaze, ((“Let’s see how many dislikes we can keep giving this piece of s**t video by MTV to see how many times they delete it and repost it to clear out the dislikes!” one commenter wrote. “Any bets?!” ))

Rogue One and the two Imperial March themes

I saw Rogue One today, but I haven't wrote review for it yet. I wanted to point this out about the music.
I heard this track in the movie and totally had a geek moment hearing the score. The Imperial March from episodes 5,6, 1,2,3 was never heard in Episode 4. John Williams wrote a completely different Imperial March for A New Hope. He switched over to the famous theme starting in Empire Strikes Back.
Michael Giacchino mixed the two Imperial Themes together for Rogue One. This has never been done before. And, I even thought they wouldn't even have the popular march in the movie just keep with consistent with the Episode 4.
BTW, I don't think the Death Star theme from EP4 makes an appearance here despite the Death Star having a huge part in Rogue One. Can someone confirm this?
Also, Giacchino wrote a new theme for the Imperial March for just this film, which I find interesting.
Take a listen.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Batman v. Superman (Part 2 of 3)

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is a breath of fresh air in this otherwise drab movie. I felt like she was the wrong choice to play the third main DC character in their universe. I was wrong about my misgivings about her casting. She is one of the few things to sit through and enjoy. Everything about her in this movie works and is a lot of fun. Gadot is impressive as the Amazon warrior. She does the character service. Somehow, WB didn't screw this character up and let Gadot encompass the character.
Even the director airs a bit of mystery behind her appearance and enjoys shooting her scenes. Plus, she has good chemistry with Ben Affleck.
Wonder Woman's outfit is spot on too. It is a cross between the New 52 and the Kingdom Come outfits. It is believable in this world.
In a movie that has heroes not wanting to be heroes, it is refreshing to see someone that wants to make a difference. She is a superhero in a Snyder movie. When Doomsday attacks her, she gets back up with a smile on her face. She is loving every minute of it, and it shows she is a true warrior.
Okay, DC, I am looking forward to seeing her solo movie now. You got me.

Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight is fine.
While I find it kind of odd that DC decided to make Bruce Wayne an older Batman. He's been doing this for 20 years whereas Superman is about three years into being a superhero. I am fully aware that they're taking this older Batman from the Dark Knight Returns, but why not match a new Superman with a younger Batman so that way you can take the Bats franchise further?
Ben is good as both Wayne and Batman, but there are limits to the character due to the really atrocious writing. I think Batman is written fairly well when he is either paired with Alford or Wonder Woman. The scenes between Diana (WW) and Bats are interesting because we never seen a live action pairing between WW and Bats.
The relationship between Bruce and Alfred is a different take and I really dig it. Jeremy Irons is great as the more edgy butler. He is more of an equal to Bruce than a servant. Their relationship feels like there is a 20 year price tag to it.
Why is Wayne Manor burned down? Was this a reference to the Nolan Batman movies. That was an interesting take.
One of my biggest issues with this Batman is he is a straight up killer. He kills more people than probably the Batman 89 version. Not even the Dark Knight Returns version kills. That version uses rubble bullets. In this movie, Batman even uses cars to crush other people in cars and doesn't bat an eye doing it. This troubles me, because the character has taken a regressive step backwards to the Tim Burton days of the Batman.

Superman/Clark is sort of lost in his own sequel movie. Henry Cavill does what he can, but I feel there is a lot of stuff cut out and Superman's motivations are some of those things. From the final cut, I just know that he really hates Batman. He views his tatics as being extreme, but Superman did kill Zod in the last movie. And, what about the crashing through all those building in the third act of the first movie? You and Batman are the same in that aspect. Yet, the writers can't band-aid that problem.
Unlike the version we see on Supergirl, this Superman is a dick...a super dick. I was hoping they weren't heading to the dickish version of the man of steel from the New 52 universe, but they kind of are with this guy feels more burdened with saving lives than feeling good about making a difference .
Are we supposed to cheer for him?

Now, I haven't touch upon the far more terrible things in this bloated movie. (Lex Luther and Doomsday) Oh, boy.   

Monday, December 19, 2016

Russian Ambassador assassinated on live TV.

Russian Ambassador assassinated on live TV.
I am not going to post the video here, but here is the video depicting it happening. It is not for the faint of heart. It almost seems like something on a TV show or a movie. This is pretty nuts. The killer stood right behind him before shooting him. And, you can see the killer in the background of some of the photos waiting for his chance.
Knowing how the Russians react to these things, this assassin has made it worse for the people of Syria. And, this could really make things diffcult for Turkey and Russian relationship.  
Things are about to turn far worse than it was before
From NY Times, ((While the Russian and Turkish governments back different sides in the Syria conflict, they had been collaborating in recent days in efforts to evacuate civilians from Aleppo. ))

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump's Bump

Trump's Bump
This truly is pretty crazy how they all got it wrong. And, now we got this “fake news” bump from the same group of media people. Even NPR is pushing this narrative.
I've been staying away from talking about Trump due to the anger and hated surrounding his election win. I have always hated Trump and I think it is shameful that he used hatred and racism scare tactics to get where he is and he is now turning away from some of those early remarks. And, now the GOP is having second thoughts about some of the decisions he made before becoming president. I think the GOP will shut down many of his anti-globalization issues.
I hated Clinton and Trump so much that I almost didn't vote this year. And, I probably won't vote in the next election. However, this election seemed different.  You have Trump voters acting like complete dicks and Clinton supporters saying some really outlandish things.  I have never seen people take politics so seriously.  
I don't want him to fail, but I just get the feeling both the Dems and the GOP will set him up for failure. I don't like him, but if he fails, we all fail.
However, he did win the election.

Arby's Fresh Prince

 Arby's Fresh Prince

Congrats, Arby's, you made my day with this throwback to the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It it kind of relates to the meme with people throwing in some lyrics into conversations when calling people. Anyway, this is brilliant.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Soul For Real: Every Little Thing I Do (You're on my mind)

Soul For Real:  Every Little Thing I Do
I remember this song now. I had totally forgotten about this little gem. It is a smooth little track with some nice harmonies mixed in the hook. You throw in a bit of Heavy D and a bit of the beat from Outstanding and you got a smooth jam. Heavy D produced this song and you can hear his influences in breakdown parts.
It is simply a cool song and makes me wish for the better jams from the 90s.
It should be noted that X3 director Brett Ratner directed this pretty good music video. Back in the 90s, there were a few R&B music videos on roller skating rink.
And, they're still performing this song on the road. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Surge (Rant)

Surge (Rant)
Un-Trigger Warning: A person at work told me one of my readers is a huge Surge fan, so this isn't an attack against you or other normal Surge fans, but...

Sunday, December 11, 2016

YouTube Poop at its best...Just watch.

YouTube Poop at its best...Just watch.
I had to explain to someone what YouTube Poop was and I had a hard trying to put it in layman terms. I love YTP videos like this one that tell a complete story.
I showed this one below to someone that has never seen a YTP video before.

Victoria's Secret: Here's a secret...get out!

Victoria's Secret: Here's a secret...get out!
Side Note: Can we STOP using “axing” instead of “asking”? Please, stop.
From, ((Kimberly Houzah says she and another black woman were told to leave the store by someone she thought was a manager. The lingerie giant said the employee is no longer with the company. ))
Here's the kicker; Kimberly didn't know the other black woman that was kicked out with her. After catching a black female shoplifter, (underwear really?) a manager went full crazy and threw out the other black shoppers. Yeah, there is no other way to spin this. This is racist to the extreme.
Here's thing, I had many encounters where I was seen as being a “Bad Person” due to the fact I am a big black guy. I will have multiple people ask me for help or following me around thinking I will steal something. It really does. However, you have to be strong and not let racism get you down and destroy you.
Why are you spending so much money on underwear? Why are you spending that shitty company? I hate these mall stores with their overpriced stuff, but female underwear is just as confusing as women getting their nails done. Why? I am more interesting what is underneath the underwear and not the undergarments themselves. Why spend the green on the extra shit most people aren't going to see?
F' fashion.
I see Victoria's Secret as the Nike for women. You don't need to spend that much for name brands. Then again, I am single and maybe I can't understand the importance of female undergarments. I know very little about fashion, because literally 99% of my clothing comes from Wal-Mart. And, I am not making that up at all.
Every time I walk pass a VS, I just roll my eyes.
The good news is the person that went racist is longer working for VS. From CNN via VS Facebook page, (("What happened at our store should not have happened and does not represent who we are or what we stand for. The store associate involved in this matter is no longer employed with the company. Victoria's Secret is adamant that all customers regardless of race be treated with dignity and respect at all times." ))

Friday, December 09, 2016

Yoda Tonberries: FFXV

Yoda Tonberries: FFXV
If you have played Final Fantasy games, you are aware of the dick-ish Tonberry monsters. They are slow moving creatures in hoods that have a lot of HP. Plus, they carry around a butchers knife and a lantern. Creepy. While Malboro monsters are worst, these are my second worst monsters to encounter. 

From the FF wiki, ((In battle, Tonberries advance towards the player party and when close use their signature Chef's Knife attack, which either does massive damage or instantly kills a party member. If attacked, they Counter with Karma or Everyone's Grudge, doing damage to the attacker based on how many enemies they have slain. Compounding their offensive strength is their high HP. ))
They also had the ability “Everyone's Grudge”, which usually spelled trouble for your group.
Well, now FFXV has updated the Tonberries to Jedi status. They're faster and carry lightsabers/knifes. And, one player makes fun of the cooking knife.
A mod for FFT added them to that game. And, they are horrible in that game too.

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming
Damn, Marvel, you got it right again. The smartest thing Sony did was keep the rights, but let Marvel take the leading role creatively. (I also think Sony now shares the merchandising rights with Marvel.) We got to see a sneak peak into the new Spider-Man character in Civil War and I loved it. Here he gets his first movie set in the Marvel universe (will there be shout-outs to Luke Cage and DD?). The trailer seems to carry over the troll-ish behavior of the Amazing Spider-Man and the humor of the first two Spider-Man movies. Will there be a mixture of Ultimate Spider-Man in there too? 
Good stuff, Marvel.  DC, get your act together.  
Yeah, the trailer made me smile.
-Space Age technology from the robbers: Hmm, I am guessing this will play a bigger role in the plot of the movie. These aren't your normal thieves, except with their Avengers masks, which is very amusing.
-Nerd Awkwardness: This seems so real to me. Yes, I was that awkward nerd/geek that would stare at the girl of my dreams...from a distance in high school. That clip seems like a teen comedy doesn't it?
-Tony Stark being a father-figure and a dick: Pure, Robert Downey Jr. I love it. He's the connection to the overall Marvel universe. Plus, Jon Favreau is Happy again. I am really looking forward to this relationship. Plus, we get Iron-Man in a suit with Spider-Man. Great team-up awaits us.
-Michael Keaton as the Bad guy: We're getting dark Keaton. He seems to be channeling a blue collar type villain. I like that Batman is now a bad guy. Remember, Keaton was very much a comedic actor early in his career. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Steven Seagal is World of Warships

Steven Seagal is World of Warships
And, like a wet fart, another legend begins...
I was watching a West World video and someone had a World of Warship banner on a website. My attention went the banner. Is that Steven Seagal? I quickly went to the YouTube search and discovered the golden ticket that is World of Warships and shit-maker Steven Seagal. I like following Seagal's career or lack of one because he was/is a proto-Nic Cage in a way mixed with a bit of Shaq. He has done so many shitty things, yet still manages to work.
I guess between his trips to Russia and making his own energy drinks, Seagal decided to attach himself to one of those “free to play” games. I am guessing he needed some money to get more cheese burgers.
Plus, they added his bored voice to the came as a Captain (?). He is phoning it in, but that's is part of the charm of current Seagal. He doesn't give a shit and just hangs out with his friend Putin on the weekends.
It actually makes sense to have him attached the game. He was in the Under Siege movie which was based on a decommissioning Warship/Battleship.
And, do you want a good laugh? Check out the “story” covering Seagal's involvement in the damn game. It is rather amusing to read.
So, when you're out for justice, marked for death, and under siege, go out and play World of Warships...I suppose. I feel worst for wear for even writing that.
When Steven calls you, he's ordering pizza.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Westworld Finale thoughts

Westworld Finale thoughts

Wow, they really pulled out the best pay offs for the last episode. There are a few dangling threads here and there that many people have already talk about. How are they going to open the second season with the way it ended?
There will be spoilers. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Wonder Woman vs. Stevie Wonder: ERB

Wonder Woman vs. Stevie Wonder
Once again the ERB guys made another good video. Both artists are extremely good in their rapping. And, whoever plays WW is really good and holds her own.
-Stealing from Ray Charles: Ouch. I remember people asking which one of them was better? Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder?
-Amazon Prime: That is a nice twist on words.
-Broke the mold: Yep, in many continuities, Wonder Woman is born from clay. Yes, you read that right.
-Batman Mention: Yep, in many universes Batman and WW have had a relationship. At one point, Bruce was dating WW and Catwoman at the same time.
-DC being a whole step down: Ouch, that is a jab at DC with Marvel movies being better.
-WW TV show mention: This might be a jab at both WW the old show and the WW un-aired pilot.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Chris Chan and the Angry Medallion

Chris Chan and the Angry Medallion
I love watching train wrecks like Chris Chan mistreat his fans. I found out about a story where Chris Chan was selling his Sonichu Medallions. One customer (Mr. Smith) was mad at Chris and disputed his payment on PayPal.
He and Chris Chan had it out through messages. Chris sort of relented and sent him a Sonichu Medallion, but with a huge difference from the rest. He sent Mr. Smith a medallion with an angry-faced Sonichu with orange eyes...just to be a dick.
Here's what an good Sonichu looks like.

Most of the medallions have a happier expression. He sent this one out JUST to get back at Mr. Smith.  I love that Chris took the time to make a completely different one just to get back at Mr. Smith. 
From the Chris Chan Wiki, ((I did not send you the wrong medallion, I PURPOSELY molded, Drew and colored it to BE ANGRY at YOU, for your constant stubborn attitude and Bullying. And you certainly are bucking up to be worthy of my own anger as well. Accurate Item; MADE CUSTOM JUST FOR YOU, [omitted]! Hmmpf! ))
I am a man-child myself and even I have to say this is beyond childish. It should also be noted that Chris Chan also doxed Mr. Smith too.
To settle the issue, Smith requested a drawing. This is what he got back with a normal Sonichu. 
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