Thursday, October 31, 2019

Deez Nuts

Being a black man, I am going to let you in on a secret.  White people, when a brother starts a sentence with Deez”, never follow it up.  They are setting you up for failure. 
The black dude in the video can’t even believe that the white dude set him up for the finisher.   

You know you are old when...

You know you’re old when the MilF pornstar is completely age-appropriate for you to date.  
I  asked google about random pornstar’s birthdays.  I asked good the age of everyone’s favorite MiLF pornstar Bandi Love.  She is 46.  I am closer to her age and probably have more in common with her than any of these adult actresses in the 20s.   So, the woman that has always played the MiLF lady her whole career is a proper date for me.  I always viewed her as older, strange.  
BTW, she’s three years older than I.   
If you're ever in town, Brandi, hit me up.  I'll take you to White Castles or Red Lobster.  

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Old people are funny...

Old people are funny...I'll just leave this here.
Side note: Check out the old dude in the back and the old lady that nearly laughs.
She literally interrupts a council meeting and talks about her shitty life. I love it. She doesn't like the Internet or Facebook. This has been out for a while, but I discovered this gem of a lady on Reddit.
So, what happened to her. Did she ever get her password back? Does she like the Internet? Is she still barging into council meetings?

Monday, October 28, 2019

Battlefield Earth Screenwriter talks about how it happened

If you have read this blog long enough, you know that I love to hate Battlefield Earth.  It is one of the worst movies ever created.  It is a mixture of a kooky religion and a misguided star believing that could make a hit out of Scientology founder’s book.  
Spoiler Alert:  You can make sense of a book written by one of the craziest men in the world.  It won’t make sense.  From what Corey says, some Scientologist wrote the first draft.  Given that those members aren’t allowed to change the word of L. Ron Hubbard, I guess the first writer tried to adopt the story straight from the novel.  The Church of Stupidity decided to bring in Corey Mandell to fix the script.   
J. D. Shapiro is the other writer listed as the other writer on this masterclass.  Was Shapiro the writer that rewrote it back to its more book roots, as Corey claims?  Shapiro claims responsibility for the movie.  He always has for years now.   
Keep in mind that the main villain has the power to shoot off the legs of cows. 

Anyway, I hate this movie “with endless options for renewal”.  

The Deuce: Lori Madison

Given I’ve watched The Wire, this show gave me one of the most Gut punching scenes ever.  It happened the Sunday before.  Lori Madison was a character we’ve seen on the show for three seasons.  We watched her go from being a hooker on the streets to one of the biggest pornstars.  In the end, she was getting tired of the sex game and decided to blow her brains out after picking up a John for the last time.  When you rewatch that episode, you can see when she decides to kill herself.   
I love how The Deuce shows all sides of the sex trade.  And, they really showed what happens to many of these big-time pornstars.  Some of them will end up dead.  Emily Meade did an amazing job with the character.  Anyway, check out the interview with the actress playing Lori and the producer.   
For every Ginger Lynn, there are at least 5-7 pornstars that end up either killing themselves or die from an overdose.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Adria Richards: Looking back at Donglegate

Before Gamergate, Comicsgate, or turdgate, the proto cultural battle was Donglegate. And, can we agree that “dongles” is a stupid tech term. Anything with “dong” in the name should be changed.
From Know Your Meme, ((While attending the 2013 Python programming language convention PyCon on March 17th, 2013, developer evangelist Adria Richards tweeted a photo of a group of developers seated behind her during a plenary session, stating that they had been making crude jokes about “forking” and “‘big’ dongles. ))
Looking beyond the two Dongles, look at the sea of people that don't get much sunlight.  And, the skinny arms and bad hair.  I am certain it smells like Dongles and burnt Moutain Dew...sweat.
There were two proper ways to have handled the situation. One, you should have turned around told them to stop making jokes because you wanted to listen to the presenter. Two, You should have gotten up talked to the security and told of the issue. However, throwing it to Twitter and posting it public is not the professional thing to do.  Twitter is never the way to solve issues it just makes them worse. 
People, including myself, took sides and sharpened our blades to do battle. In the end, it was a minor battle in a bigger culture war. Due to overconfidence and misguided statements, two people lost their jobs. Adria and one dude had to find new jobs. Unlike Zoe Quinn or Anita, the tech press sort of forgot about Adria and moved on to white knight for other people. I hope that was an eye-opening thing for Adria. It shows that neither the left or the right really cares about people of color.  Look at how they treat Quinn over Richards.  
Now, in 2013, Adria Richards has taken a few steps back from being an SJW or even having much of a digital footprint anymore. Her blog where she posted the story that caused the firestorm is gone. She hasn't posted on Twitter since 2016 and she's made some interesting statements before departing. She hasn't updated her own YouTube channel in four years. So, what is she doing now?
I would really like to know what she meant by this tweet.
Do I hate Adria Richards now? Nope, I actually identify with her after reading some of her more honest tweets and not the SJW crap she was spouting out at the time. Somewhere in her mind, it became more important to be the symbol of diversity and speaking on it instead of letting your job and presence BE the diversity. She was a black woman in tech, so let that be your message. What she did was wrong, but we can learn to change and become better people. I am hopping that is what she is doing with her life. Clearly, her passion wasmore into talking about tech stuff and less about the SJW stuff. Look at how happy she is in the video from 2011.

Friday, October 25, 2019

WWE 2K20: You want glitches, we got em

WWE 2K20: You want glitches, we got em
I've been following the shit-show that is the latest game in the WWE series by 2K. The glitches are so terrible that they even break the game for you. I've watched a bunch of clips of the things going on during the gameplay. I wish the current real WWE would have this happens. It would make WWE interesting again. Things are so bad with the game that Sony will refund the game no questions asked.
What I enjoy about this story is that 2K seems to give zero shits. Instead of improving the graphics, they degraded them down to their basic levels. How does a newer game look worse than the last installment?
I mean this is not even trying. I love it when a major company just produces a bad product doesn't care enough to make a statement about it to its buying fan base.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Our Man Kent

It looks like our man Kent has tried the fruits of a weed brownie and discovers the joys of strip clubs.  Kent looks better and is behaving almost like a human being.  The problem is he is still too trusting of folk.  He ate a brownie that some dipshit gave him.  Wrong move, Kent.  He also doesn’t still understand the concept of tipping.  You’re supposed to tip the girls on stage, Kent.   

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Mary Beth Haglin: And another one

Mary Beth Haglin: And another one
This story popped (plopped) up in my YouTube feed because I've been following true crime and TCAP stuff. It was too juicy to pass up. From Fulbright scholarship to Tonight's Girlfriend.
Hot female teacher decides to teach more than what is in the school books and hooks up with one of the students. At this point, this is a cliché. What makes this story even stranger is that she went from being a teacher to stripper to pornstar. When an attractive woman goes after a student, it shows that there is something wrong with them. You're hot you can have any man. Why bother with a student in high school?
Like all these  student/teacher stories, Mary-Beth got caught and fired. She was charged with various things in a court of law. The strange part is she claimed to be the victim in the incident. On the down-low, she became a stripper. So, she went from teacher to stripper. From there, she went into porn. With a sexual predator case hanging over your head, being a sex worker won't help your case. Plus, she even discussed the case on one of her porn shoots!
Despite the fact she is doing a legal-legit porn movie, I have no desire to watch the movie over at Pornhub. She is no different than those predators on To Catch a Predator. And, she is making it worse by pretending to hate the teenage victim, but secretly meet him at her place of work. I am all for sex workers, but keep in mind she is a sexual predator in a role of power.
Luckily, Mary Beth will be serving 90 days in jail in a separate group of days. I am guessing she will be released and she can do a couple of Bangbros or Blacked scenes between the jail terms. She will be on the RSO list for ten years, just like all those TCAP men.
Did I mention the two liked to travel to Beaver Park and park to have sex? You can't make this up.

May the soy be with you...always.

My soy-filled heart grew three sizes after watching this...
I am not sure the universe can contain the amount of soy coming from this triple-powered video. It is like the Death Star. You have to aim that soy beam at something.
I am not hating the game.  You do you, homie. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer

The Last Jedi left a bad taste in my mouth and I am glad that didn’t watch that movie in the theater.  It looks like many of the leaks are true.  The Emperor is back and the remains of the Death Star play a big role.  As far as my view of the coming movie, I am looking forward to it.  I loved The Force Awakens and I have faith in JJ.  However, TLJ did hurt his overall plan for the sequel storyline.  I am sure there will be a lot of course correction.   

-Star Destroyers:  These appear to be old school SD from the original movies.  The ships have the retro look of the old ones and not the First Order.  Will the First Order team up with the Empire?   

-3PO erased?  It looks like the leaks about 3PO getting his memory erased.  Then again, they may change the ending with the re-shoots.   There was a shot of a red-eyed 3PO from the first trailer.  
-The Resistance rebuilt:  While TLJ completely destroyed the resistance, it looks like they have rebuilt their ranks.   

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Coach stops would be school shooter...

As you know, I am a cynical asshole blogger that has a low opinion of human beings, but this story got to me.   
From CBS News, ((Earlier this year, a high school coach in Oregon was celebrated as a hero for stopping an armed student before he could hurt anyone. Now, new surveillance footage reveals the coach brought the student into an embrace after disarming him.)) 
These school shooters seem to always follow a pattern.  You get a dejected/rejected angry dude with a long duster coat and a gun.  He wants to destroy everything in his sights.  Except for this time a coach showed up took the gun away and hugged the would-be shooter.  Sometimes when things are crumbling around us, an embrace and support can change someone’s life.   
Coach Keanon Lowe stepped up and took control of the incident.  The angry 18-year-old that wanted to be the newest school shooter has reached a plea deal.   
Awkward kid with strange hair...fits the stereotype.  

Enough with this mushy stuff, back to shittig on people.  

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