Friday, November 30, 2007

The BossHoss

Boss Hoss

When I did my ‘Word up’ search I came across these guys. I got a kick out of their style. Basically, they cover popular songs from America, but with a twist. They sing them as country music. Here’s the kicker, they’re from Berlin!

hey ya

I like this redneck version of the Outkast song. I like the video too.

Without Me cover (with the real video)

Hot in Here

Notice the Blues Brothers reference in the video.

Akon toss

Remember that Akon incident with the dude throwing a kid off stage?

((Akon is facing criminal charges after a fan said she suffered a concussion when the hip-hop star tossed a teenager off the stage and onto her in the concert crowd.))

Hey, we all enjoy tossing teenage kids off stages, but at least try not to throw them at another fan. This could very well be a new trend for stars, Fan Tossing.

For those that missed the fan tossing, here’s another look.

that Teddy bear incident in Sudan

Ammar’s post on that Teddy bear incident in Sudan

Comment: He has great post about reflecting on the incident in Sudan involving a British teacher. Ammar has a very progressive and thoughtful post. More people from all religions need to stand up to extreme views and speak up.

This is certainly a great read.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Bits

This is Kitt. I wonder what KARR will look like?

Random Bits

~Carson Daly resumes his crappy talk show. I wasn’t even aware that he still had a show. At first I was a little mad that he was going to cross the picket lines, but I realized his only audience is a bunch of 16 year girls, hoping he goes back to TRL. Daly is nothing.

~I did my power point presentation and I did extremely well! I had the entire class laughing their heads off. I mean they were laughing out loud. I would look into the audience and see them really follow my story.

They were with me the whole way, except for one guy that didn’t seem interested. People came up to me afterwards and told me how entertaining and funny my presentation was. I ended up getting 100 out of 100, a freaking A+. Knowing that people loved my performance was one of the best feelings I have ever had.

~Here are the five hot chicks we hate and the five ugly girls we love. I disagree with Cameron Diaz being on the list. She should be on any list. I’ve never found her attractive. I couldn’t agree more with number 1 on the ugliest list. She gets on my nerves.

~The news of KITT being a Shelby GT500KR is alright in my book. While I was a fan of the old show, I think this change takes the new Knight Rider show in different direction. Let’s just hope they completely forget the Team Knight Rider show back in the 90s.

Kidd Video (follow up to Mayren's post)

Check out Mayren’s post about Kidd Video

I actually remember this cartoon! If you ever wanted to write a paper on the 80s, you will have to include this cartoon show. I love the pure cheese of the theme song. Make sure you check out the music video she’s posted on her site. (They would randomly insert real music videos of 80s songs from popular singers.)

The actor that played the nerdy kid played Dr. Zee on Galactica 1980.

BTW, the chick that plays Carla is hot. Gabriele Bennett was her name. What happened to her? As others have said in the IMDB boards, everyone else on the show pretty much worked as voice actors after the show ended, but she just disappeared. Here’s a bit more info about her.

What’s up with the leg warmers? Does a fairy really need leg warmers and a workout suit? I never saw Tinker Bell wear this outfit.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Battlestar Galactica Razor (review 2 of 2)

BSG: Razor

The story mainly centers on Kendra Shaw. We she her first few moments on the ship, and we get a glimpse into her relationship with Admiral Cain. Through this character we watch as Cain becomes more and more unstable. And, that is when we witness Shaw doing the unthinkable. The character knows she has to live with this blood on her hands, and secretly tries to dull her pain through drug use.

The scene with Shaw and Starbuck where they both discover their forms of self-abuse was priceless. It was certainly a don’t ask and don’t tell moment.

Speaking of a ‘don’t ask’ moment. We also see that Cain has been getting it on with a version of Number Six. She had a private relationship with Cain. This girl certainly gets around. I loved the moment when Shaw discovers that Six/Gina is a Cylon and right away runs up to the bridge to confront her. That was a great scene.

The scene everyone is talking about is the moment when we see the old Cylon robots in all their glory. I can’t express how much this moment meant to me, as a fan of the old series. They got everything right down to the robotic voice and the line, “By your command.” I also enjoyed watching those old robots fight the modern BSG crew. That was a true fanboy moment.

The key point to the story is redemption. If a character does something so horrible, can she redeem herself? After discovering what she did, I really never felt sorry for her. If Shaw knew what she was doing was wrong, she should have stood up to Cain, even if it meant losing her own life. This is magnificently well-written and connected to Admiral William Adama's speech to his son. He states the reason he didn’t end up like Cain was because of his son. That was a great moment. It sums up the story pretty much.

Grade B

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random News Bits

Random News Bits

Could Maggie Q be co-starring in the new Wolverine movie? Man, I hope so, her fight scene in Die Hard 4 was fun. Plus, she's not too hard on the eyes.

Sean Taylor dies from a gunshot to the leg: There going to be more to this story, you better believe it.

So long Sen. Trent Lott: I hope I never see you again. Using his own words, the country will be off without you around.

Shrek the Halls: Do we really need a holiday special? Wasn't that done by the late 80s? Can you really beat that Charlie Brown Special? And, yes, there will be a Shrek 4. I still haven't got around to watching the third movie. After all the over promotional crap and bad word of mouth, I am not certain I want to see it.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cameo. more stuff

(I wrote this post first and the Cameo post below came out of this one)

Cameo Back and Forth

Here’s another Cameo video with another hit they had back in the 80s. What’s interesting about this song is that many people have used the same style that this song has. The back and forward chant in this song has been used in countless hip-hop and R&B songs. Check out the extreme hairstyles in this one!

Single Life

I completely forgot about this song! Any song that has the lead singer dressed in a wedding dress is all right in my book. I really dig those sunglasses. “Single guys clap your hands!” This is pure 80s cheese and I love it. (BTW, look for a familiar actor in this video.)

She’s Strange

Yes, Cameo raps in this song. I had completely forgot about this one too. I used to love this song. Certain parts of this song have been sampled too.

Attack me with your Love, Baby

Okay, what the heck is wrong with their dance moves in this one. I never really liked this song.

Random Bits

~Holy crap, what is this? This is some type of promotional video for the Singapore's Media Development Authority (MDA). Yes, this is in English, but most of the verses don't rhyme. I want to see the FCC do something like this. (I love the MDA cgi flaming van) ILM better watch out because there are some amazing FX work in the vid. All this video needed was transforming robots and pirates

~Jem is her name! She truly is outrageous. Here's the first episode: Why is the opening song different than the one I posted earlier? Notice all the voices from GI Joe and Transformers in this clip?

~You have wonder if Hulk Hogan's wife will get the royalties from this 10-10-220 ad with Alf. Once you co-star with Alf, you can only go with a reality show next

~Someone discovered Monica Lewinsky going through the New York airport. She's like Hulk Hogan, she hasn't changed her appearance since she was famous. So, what has she done since the scandal? She showed up on a few SNL skits and made handbags for a while. Now, she has a freaking master's degree in social Psychology. (I'm trying to fight the urge to make a nasty joke about her.)

Battlestar Galactica Razor (review 1 of 2)

Battlestar Galactica Razor

I have to say this; I have only seen a handful of episodes from the actual series and all of the miniseries episodes. I would say I’m not the strongest fan of the show, but I like it. However, I respect Ron Moore a great deal, and I think he’s doing a good job with the show. So, I came into this movie with an open mind, because I trust Mr. Moore.

I found Razor to be a pretty good story overall. With some editing, it could have very well been released in a limited fashion in theaters. The story is deeply rooted in the history and lore of the essence of Battlestar Galactica. In fact, the story digs so deep that causal viewers will be completely lost. You see, this story is for the fans; the ones that like the new show and the ones that enjoy the 70s show.

The story is incredibly dense with multiple flashbacks within flashbacks. Think of this movie as LOST on speed. However, for the most part, it works well. And, when you see the ending you’ll understand why. Could the show be moving into time travel soon? There are hints of it in this movie, if you watch carefully. So, I commend Moore for trying to put some hardcore sci-fi elements into his show.

This is probably my biggest beef with Razor. I think this story needed to be expanded to at least 4-6 hours, turning it into a miniseries. While I enjoyed the complex plot, the character and plot points needed to be fleshed out more. This is a story that very well could have worked on a grand scale.

End of part I

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Probably not what he had in mind for an 'interesting day'

The definition of an idiot, a guy driving off a cliff on a motorcycle…

A RV is traveling down a mountain and two bikers attempt to pass him. Keep in mind this is a curvy road with solid double lines in the middle, which means you’re not supposed to pass. Well, one of the passing bikers loses control and goes off the edge. I am not going to say what happened next; let’s just say the RV people are freaked out.

Beowulf (3D version)

Beowulf (3D version)

To put it simply, this movie is not only entertaining but also a good character piece as well. I felt like this was what 300 should have been. Loosely based on the old English epic poem of the same name, Beowulf is a remarkable journey. This version of the story makes some changes to the actual storyline of the old poem. The story is more interested in showing us the power of seduction and the hunger for power. The story also ties the three major sections of the poem together in a tighter way, which is something I really enjoyed.

Movie fans will enjoy the not so heroic journey Beowulf goes through in the story. They’re very subtle with the notion that Beowulf believes his own hype. There are hints that he’s a theft as well. Then, there’s his love of the ladies, which will get him in a lot of trouble later on in the story. I really enjoyed seeing this flawed character make some bad choices and try to redeem himself.

The use of motion capture is truly amazing, and it is certainly better in 3D. (BTW, I’m keeping my 3D glasses.) The action scenes do jump out at you. There were a few times when I jumped as tree limbs and rocks flew toward me on the screen. I felt like a tool. The characters seemed very human most of the time, and look just like their live counterparts. There is still the problem with the dull human eyes that they haven’t completely dealt with to my satisfaction.

I have to mention Angelina Jolie’s part in this movie. She plays Grendel's Mother. Her first true intro scene is extremely sexy and wonderfully directed. I loved every second she’s on screen. Yes, CGI nudity is an amazing thing. BTW, yes, she is naked in the movie; you just have to look closely. They pretty much motion captured her entire body; I really mean her entire body. Even though she’s not on screen much, she plays a key role in the overall plot of the film.

Robert Zemeckis made a good film here. Alan Silvestri composed a great score with some very good themes. The FX and 3D tricks were a nice bonus as well. Sure it dragged a bit in the middle, but the ending kicked butt. I loved last few minutes of this story too. This is a very violent PG13 movie, so keep that in mind. Thank goodness there are CGI films aimed toward adults now. I’ll take more of these stories than CGI movies about Bees or Sharks.

Grade: B+

This is Angelina Jolie when she wasn’t too skinny, back when she was still sexy. Think of how hot she was in Foxfire or Gia.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Teeth (trailer)

Teeth (trailer)

What the hell? I’m guessing this isn’t for children. I’m not even going to mention what this movie is about. I’m just shocked and a little frightened by this concept. This might hurt.

I’ll wait for the DVD…

Here's the IMDB page...

Ghostbusters II (part 2 of 2)

The movie felt a little short and unfulfilling in many places. There is a reason for this story structural problem. Remember when Dan Aykroyd starts to leer into the picture? Well, there was an entire subplot where Vigo controls Aykroyd, and he attempts to kill the rest of the Ghostbusters. This could have added some tension to the story, which otherwise had too many lighthearted scenes. Instead, we get a scene where Aykroyd is taken over by Vigo: The Master of Evil at the end without much build up to it.

The other problem I have with the movie is Bill Murray’s acting. He was freaking great in the first film, but here he’s sleepwalking through the entire movie. I do remember that he wasn’t exactly thrilled about doing a sequel in the first place. The gang talked him into doing it with a large bag of money. It just shows on his face. He’s bored, and there wasn’t much for him to do anyway. His acting with the child was just painful.

Then, there is the unnecessary cameo scene with Bobby Brown as the ‘Mayor’s Doorman’. I guess Bobby kept a clear head enough for him to say those stupid lines. Okay, he wanted to be in the movie, but at least make the scene do something.

The movie is greatly flawed and too cute for its own good. The first film felt like a good mix of comedy and creepiness, but this movie goes too far in the humorous direction. I also hated the overall message of being nice and getting rid of hate. Plus, I hated that stupid Ghostbusters portrait at the end. I still like the movie, but there are too many painful moments in it to call it a 80s masterpiece like the first film.

Movie Grade: C

That damn Bobby Brown song to the movie Grade: D+


Short Rant: Okay, this part II logo always bugs me. Okay, use it in the promotional stuff, but do they have to use this logo in the actual movie. Why would they change every logo they have to this? Not even the biggest company changes all their logos right away. (UPS still has planes using the old logo design).

How do you explain this in the plot?

Why is the ghost happy in this one? He’s upset for being busted in the first logo.

______________________________________________I read in the IMDB boards that this picture is inside the ILM HQ. I'll give them this; it is a good picture.


I really liked the darker uniforms, and I thought they should have been used more in the movie.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cameo’s song Word Up

Different versions of Cameo’s song Word Up

The original

Sill the best…

Korn’s cover of ‘Word Up”

Creepy human dog and a pretty good rock version of the song.


The Boss Hoss cover of ‘Word Up’ A redneck country version of Cameo's song, and I love it!

Uh, Mel B does a version

I don’t like it at all.

Another version
Not bad, I don’t like the video.

Cadbury's Gorilla vs Cameo

I have nothing to say, but I like it.

Two balding white guys sing the song
I love it! They are good. They are feeling it. You have to see this one!

A marching band does a cover of the song


Ghostbusters II Part 1 of 2

That's not legal

Ghostbusters II (Part 1 of 2)

We all know that they’re too cold to hold and too hot to handle, but I not sure how necessary this sequel really was. Nearly five years from the original classic, someone thought it was a good idea to make another movie about the Ghostbusters. I not 100% sure that was good idea myself. Ghostbusters II is little more lighthearted and goofier than the first film. It almost feels like the studio got involved too much and wanted a family film instead of making a good film.

As far as sequels goes, this movie isn’t that bad. While the story isn’t exactly that great, there are some interesting scenes and creepy sights. I really enjoyed seeing the scene of the Ghostbusters walking under New York and getting spooked. The ghost train bit was really funny. I also loved the ghost runner joke.

Yet, there are certain things just on my nerves. Again, the mayor hires another jerk that hates the Ghostbusters for no real reason and comes across too cartoon-like. Then there is the problem with the baby. Why do we spend so much time with this stupid baby? Whenever you spend that much time with a baby, it’s going to get annoying. Plus, this is one of the ugliest babies I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of ugly, Vigo is just a mess. Plus, he isn’t even close to being as menacing as the villain in the first movie. I liked the naked girl with flat-top in the first movie. (“Are you a god?” “Uh, no.”)

Then again, there were a lot of subplots cut out of the movie.

Not a bad set and scene.


William Mapother (Ethan Rom)

Did you know that William Mapother is related to Tom Cruise? He’s Tom’s cousin, and I didn’t know that. He is also from Louisville KY. I've never run into the guy while strolling through the city. I wondered if he is creepy in real life.

Here’s what I found interesting. His Wiki page states he was involved with Scientology in some way. I guess Tom talked him into it. I always thought The Others were very Scientology like in their methods.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Boondocks: Attack of the Killer Kung Fu Wolf B*tch

The Boondocks: Attack of the Killer Kung Fu Wolf Bitch

This episode is pretty funny. The opening deals with Granddad’s failed attempts at Internet Dating. I thought it was funny when he kept getting ugly women, whose profile pictures were more attractive than their actual physical appearances. That has always been my fear about Internet Dating. Hell, people can say that about the ‘fixed up’ dating too.

The story shifts focus to a single lady who appears normal and extremely attractive on the surface. Her name is Luna. Agreeing to spend a weekend with her, they have dinner with her. I liked that it was at this point that she started to become unstable and show how crazy she really was. I also got a good chuckle out of the Mortal Kombat references.

Listening to her hateful female friend, Luna goes completely crazy and takes the entire family hostage. The episode tries to enlighten us to look into the mind of the lonely best friend that gives Luna bad advice. It also jokes about how bitter this lonely friend is and always wants to live their lives through their more dateable best friend. This ends horrible for Luna.

A very funny episode, but doesn’t dig deep into the social commentary of the Black Community like many of the other episodes. However, still enjoyable.

Grade: B

Note: They also use the Jabba the Hutt theme from Return of the Jedi in this episode. I thought that was a nice touch.

LOST Missing Pieces

LOST Missing Pieces

There seems to be a new group of viral marking videos from the creators of Lost. These appear to be short clips that are not deleted scenes, but new clips added the continuity of the overall show. There's going to be around 13 of these short web-episodes. I don't think they'll any major impacts on the overall nature of the show, but just character moments.

I think they jump around the timeline of show. I know for certain the one with Hurley is set during the second season. He was trying to get into Libby's pants.

Here's the trailer for The Missing Pieces.

It looks like episode 3 will be an interesting one involving Ben from the Others.

A few movies

A few movies,

Mr. T in a WOW ad: This kicks so much butt. Mr. T is the coolest spokesmen.

William Shatner does a WOW ad too!: Only Shatner could pull this off.

Forklifts suck: Don't lift things that your forklift can't handle.

Angry German Kid vs. Star Wars Trumpeter: What happens when you combine two really bad performances into one video? You get this mess.

When you see little kids doing the Soulja Boy, it's time to stop.

So, the Simpsons videogame is pretty good

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random Bits

Just another day at work for Mr. Gibson.

Gibson: “You know I directed Braveheart, right?”

Random Bits

~Wow, people really hate Mel Gibson. I never really liked the guy after he started to lose his mind. However his last movie kicked major ass, and I wanted to hate it. Sure, he's a jerk, but man you don't have to boo him. Check out Apocalypto

~So, Avril Lavigne has an anti-Perez Hilton web site. I really don't know what to make of this. On one hand, I don't like Avril's music (it is damn catchy though). On the other hand, I hate Perez Hilton too, not as much as Rosie or Bill O'. Could they be working together for this beef?

~WTF? You would never see this ad here in the states. Then again would you want to? It has a bunch of CGI furries dancing and doing other disturbing things. I'll take those lovable Coke polar bears over those drunk and sexed up CGI furries. Definition of furries

~A very strange Michael Jackson mashup with his own songs. Somehow, it works. He remixes the Youtube videos into the mix too. Pretty good video. BTW, I am still looking for that extended cut of the 'Beat It' video.

The Marine

The Marine

Like Ghost Rider, this movie sucks from the ground up. Nothing can prepare you for the bad acting and poor writing. It should be noted that this is a WWE film with a WWE star as the main lead. So, it certainly isn’t aimed toward the thinking man’s action films. I’ll give them this; it feels like a WWE film. That’s not a good thing.

The Marine is the You Got Served of action films. It’s stupid and tries to be funny way too much. Even the cold blooded killers joke around too much (The pop-rocks joke was beyond stupid). John Cena’s acting is a joke. He seems to have the same facial expression when he’s making love or blowing crap up. He doesn’t even try to act.

John Triton, his character, is a former Marine drummed out of the service. He and his very attractive lady friend from Nip/Tuck get caught up with some crazy bank robbers. And, that’s pretty much the plot. The only saving grace in this film is Robert Patrick (T2). He seems to be really having fun acting like an over the top villain. He’s the only reason to watch this piece of crap.

With the poor action directing and bad stunts, not even the so called eye candy can save this mess. Save your time and avoid this movie. What a freaking mess!

I didn’t even know that Cena was a wrestler, and he’s certainly not an actor.

Grade: F-


Cena knows how to light his own farts, but it always ruins the parties he goes to…


It is the year 2007, and the deadly T2 takes down another Decepticon robot.

Watch out, he might melt back into his normal liquid form!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mr. Whipple (Dick Wilson) is dead

Mr. Whipple is dead

I had no idea Mr. Whipple was even alive before this news. I thought he died years ago.

((Actor Dick Wilson, who earned an enduring place in U.S. pop culture for his TV commercial role as Mr. Whipple, the nervous grocer who warned customers "Please, don't squeeze the Charmin" in toilet-paper ads, has died at age 91. ))

Yeah, he was famous for his Mr. Whipple character. The guy would get pissed when people would squeeze the Charmin toiletpaper. He did this character for years. I remember going into the grocery store and wanting to squeeze the toilet paper. So, one day I squeezed the Charmin, but Mr. Whipple never showed up to chew me out. By the way, that is some soft toilet paper.

((He played the role in more than 500 Charmin spots, running from 1964 through 1985, turning the Mr. Whipple character into an advertising icon among the likes of the Maytag repairman and Rosie the waitress of Procter & Gamble's Bounty paper towels.))

From 64 to 85, that's a long time worrying about people squeezing toilet paper.

Here are a few videos

Mr. Whipple has an assistant help him out: Got to love the sitcom acting in this one.

Robby the Robot shows up: Nothing like cross promotion...

Here are a couple ads: That crazy Whipple.

His plan is foiled again: He's like the Coyote in those roadrunner cartoons.

RIP Mr. Whipple

What store clerk dresses like that?

I look like a creepy guy...

Damn it, Boobs!

I do a lot of checking on my blogging friends during the school hours. That means I am in a public place and I have to be careful what I have placed on my screen…like nudity.

Well, I clicked on The Samurai frog’s blog and I scrolled down and encountered boobs. My screen was filled with boobs, which usually isn’t a problem on my computer at home. However, at a public place, it is not a good idea, especially with a few attractive women around. Quickly, I scrolled down and encountered more bare boobs. I started to get nervous that someone would oversee my screen full of breasts. I had to react quickly and reduce my firefox, so I wouldn’t look like a total pervert.

God bless, The Samurai Frog for providing those pictures though. He’s doing a community service for all single men out there

On Notice

Let it be known.

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~I have a career power point presentation due in the coming weeks. I think I am ready for it. I think I’ve gotten the hang of this power point thingy, even though I hate it.

~We’ll I signed up for three classes next semester, but I need another social science at the 300 level for full time. There’s not much to choose from. Plus, most of the good COM classes are already filled up.

~ Remember the Archie Comics? Was Jughead really Jughead's real name? What the hell was up with that crown? Did he hail from royalty?

~ Low mileage pit wolfies: Ever since the ending of the first season of Star Trek TNG, I always wondered what a pit wolfie meant? Why don't you come back later on, and you and me can find a couple of low-mileage pit woffies and help them build a memory.

What in the blue blazes does that quote even mean?

Does he mean picking up some young ladies and having a party?

~Any video that has a snowboarder taking down a model is okay in my book. Man, she goes down hard. Listen to the crowd. I wonder if the snowboarder did it on purpose to get her phone number, or myspace page.

~Can we please take away Britney Spears' car before she kills someone? She can't even park at a gar station. I do have a question. Why is she going to the gas station herself? Can't she have one of her people fill up the gas tank before she goes out? Let's for forget her blowing through a red light and parking her car in a handicap space. (Actually, as you already know, I enjoy going through red lights and getting caught by university police.) She also clips a photog too. It's Britney, b'tch.

~ It's already been a year since Michael Richards went off on his racial rant on stage. I can't believe it. Well, he's certainly in good company now with Dog the Bounty Hunter and Mr. Imus. Maybe he can befriend Michael Vick. They both need friends at the moment. Let’s make a reality show around these two.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fidel Castro hats are not hot.

Maddox has a point…

I have never understood why girls wear these Fidel Castro hats. I saw a girl walk into one of my classes donning one of these hats. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Girl, with that hat on, you remind me of that dictator in Cuba.”

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t want a hot chick to have me recall a barely living old guy with a Santa beard. I don't need that picture in my head while I'm looking at you.

I guess communists aren't the only one using these hats.

I hate this hipster crap
See, he should have been using his hat. It gives him balance.
I actually think the hat was alway controlling him from the beginning. It's alive I tell you.

Last Of The Mohicans: Clannad-I Will Find You

I will find you

This impressive song was in fact in the theater version of The Last of the Mohicans. I thought it worked really well in the context of the film. Plus, the actual main theme from the score is present within the main notes of this song. (Like what the older Bond films used to do.)

Clannad does a wonderful job mixing Native American chants within the song and using some Cherokee words as well.

When Michael Mann created his Director’s cut of the film, he removed the song from the movie. He even went as far as re-editing the sequence that the song was included in. I always wonder if Mann was forced to put the song in the film, or did he simply change his mind about the song? (I freaked out when I noticed the song was removed from the DVD version.)

You can still see the theater version with the Clannad song on cable, but not in the DVD release.

Here are the lyrics to the song with some of the Cherokee words.

For some reason the 2000 re-release didn't include this song either.

Was it a legal issue? Did Michael Mann just hate the song?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Justice League (why?)

Some casting has taken place for the new Justice League movie

Common as Green Lantern: Really, you couldn’t have gotten a black actor with a bit more experience under his belt. If they follow the animated Justice League series, John Stewart is sort of the General of the group. Can Common carry this off? I’ll wait and see…

Adam Brody as the Flash: Sorry you’ve made a big mistake here.

Scott Porter as Superman: No Brandon Routh?

Wouldn’t you want to merge the continuity of the Superman films with the Batman Begins universe without stepping on any franchises toes by having Bale and Routh reprising their roles? This movie could have bridged many of the fragmented DC movie franchises into a collective universe.

This movie just feels so wrong. It feels like they’re going for the Myspace crowd for this one. However, I’ll wait and see until more details come forward.

Are they going to cast Ice Cube as Hawkgirl?

First Sunday

First Sunday (another Ice Cube movie)

Comment: I'm not sure why the promotional people needed to relate this film to the Friday series. As far as I know, this has nothing to do with the Friday series. This movie just smells of crap. I still like Ice Cube, but this is not a step up from XXX2.

While I think Katt Williams does a great job on the Boondocks, I'm not a fan of his stand up and not looking forward to his role here. Ice Cube can be a good actor when he wants to be, but he needs to stop making bad comedies. Look, I know they pay well, but this can't be good in the long run.

He's had some good movies too, Friday, Higher Learning, Three Kings, Barbershop, and Boyz n the Hood. However, he's had some bad movies too, All About the Benjamins, Torque and so on. Actually, Torque is so bad that it is funny.

Anyway, the trailer looks really bad, but I'll probably watch it on DVD or cable.

From the IMDB page, ((Durell (Ice Cube) and LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan) are best friends and bumbling petty criminals. When told they have one week to pay a $17,000 debt or Durell will lose his son, they come up with a desperate scheme to rob their neighborhood church. Instead, they end up spending the night in the presence of the Lord and are forced to deal with much more than they bargained for.))

Friday, November 16, 2007

dolphins like Heroes too: Hello, and thanks for the help.

A follow up post to Mayren’s post…

After reading Mayren’s post about Hayden Panettiere saving dolphins, I remembered I bookmarked this news about a dude getting saved by a group of dolphins after he was attacked by a shark. You’ll be amazed how intelligent these creatures really are.

((Surfer Todd Endris needed a miracle. The shark — a monster great white that came out of nowhere — had hit him three times, peeling the skin off his back and mauling his right leg to the bone.

That’s when a pod of bottlenose dolphins intervened, forming a protective ring around Endris, allowing him to get to shore, where quick first aid provided by a friend saved his life.))

That’s right, the dolphins came to his rescue and protected until he got to shore. I’ve heard other stories where dolphins came to the ad of people lost in the water.

This protective ring seems to be a defense they use for wounded creatures attacked by sharks.

((A year ago in New Zealand, the group reports, four lifeguards were saved from sharks in the same way Endris was — by dolphins forming a protective ring.))

Maybe Douglas Adams was onto something with those intelligent dolphins in his stories. And, let’s not forget that talking dolphin on Seaquest.

This story just goes to show us that these creatures may have a bigger amount of intelligence than people thought, and they’re worth saving. Beside, if all the activists looked like that Hayden Panettiere, sign me up right now!I'd take a talking (and singing) dolphin over that stupid talking ape from Congo.

Prison Break Season 2 (Part 2 of 2)

Prison Break Season 2 (Part 2 of 2)

As I stated before, there were bigger character moments for the show in the second season. Special Agent Paul Kellerman, whom was the major villain in the first season, ends up being a strange anti-hero later on the second season. I enjoyed finally getting some insight into his character’s history. Paul Adelstein just kicks ass as this character, and he really seems to be enjoying himself. So, what is the fate of the character toward the end of the season? Hmm, I don’t think he’s dead. (Yet, Adelstein is currently on another show at the moment.)

Since they broke out of the prison, each character has gone through hell and back. So, we get to see what these people are made of. Sure, there are some missteps on the way, but the character development is spot on.

With all its twist and turns, Prison Break seemed to really find its vibe in the second season. This is an amazing feat when you consider that most shows have very weak second seasons. So, make sure you rent the first season before you watch the second season.

I had a lot of fun watching this entire season on DVD.

(Note: I’m not sure I like the direction they may be going for the third season. But, it certainly was a heck of a way to end a great season.)

Grade B+

(Now, onto season one of Heroes)

________________________________________You'll love to hate this guy. And, I forgive him for being in Intolerable Cruelty.


They really do look like brothers.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rachael Ray is cooking up some beatdowns

Listen, I’m not saying the guy is evil, but he just looks evil.

Rachael Ray is heated, with olive oil, over the tabloids.

((Since getting married in 2005, negative rumors about Cusimano's past and current habits have dogged the couple. Various reports have said that the couple's marriage is on the rocks.))

If she ever divorces him, I’ll be more than happy to move in. For some reason, I’m attracted to Rachael Ray. Maybe it is because she can make a dish up in 30 minutes and cheap, and I don’t have to pay the dinner bill. (Always date a female chef or cook. You’ll save a fortune on eating at home.)

Forbidden Kingdom Trailer

Forbidden Kingdom Trailer

Okay, I really like what I am seeing in this trailer. It looks amazing, and it has that Hero vibe. Isn’t this the movie Jackie Chan sort of bashed after he filmed it? Maybe, I’m wrong.

I’ve grown to like these types of movies. So I'm looking forward to seeing this. The plot seems more fantasy than actual historical events. I am fine with that too.

Taken from the rotten tomatoes: ((The film will loosely follow the Chinese Journey to the West tale, adapted with a Western twist -- an American teenager (Michael Angarano) is transported to ancient China, where he encounters the Monkey King (Jet Li), who transforms into the Silent Monk (also Jet Li), and a martial arts master named Lu Yan (Jackie Chan). See Jet Li's earlier blog posting about The Forbidden Kingdom production here.))

Natalie Portman dances

Natalie Portman gets major props for her Soulja Boy Dance

Natalie gets some respect for doing 50% of the Soulja Boy dance. I love the fact she doesn’t act like she’s too good to do it on camera.

Side note: What is wrong the young crowd on TRL? I haven’t heard this much fake cheering since Double Dare.

Now, I want to see George Lucas do the Soulja Boy Dance next. Make it happen MTV.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Blogger Burnout

Head over to MC’s Blog and read his post about Blogger Burnout. I think generally many bloggers come to that point in their blogging career. Sadly, I’ve watched many very good blogs die over the two-three years I’ve been blogging with Many of them being good friends of mine. With good writers, I always hate to see a blog die.

I believe sometimes we put too much into our writing, and there are times when you need a break. I’ve watched my humble blog transform into a humble blog that pisses people off with a few more readers. (Cheerleaders and the Chinese government, and Dr. Moody all hate me). I don’t have the readership the other bloggers have, but I’d like to say thank you to the few folks that read my mindless ramblings from time to time.

I do believe every blog out there has a ‘Big Moment’, and that is when the Internet takes notice of something you’ve written. It is usually during that moment that your blog becomes more than a personal sounding board, and it sparks discussion or controversy. Good or bad, it becomes part of the collective community of the WWW.

Yes, I agree with MC that when you first start out writing a blog, it’s more personal and not as well crafted. But, damn, it was fun and you could say whatever you wanted in those early days. Sure they are embarrassing now, but remember the charge you got from publishing, and that first comment from someone on a post. As MC stated in his post, you can never have that beginner’s blog experience back. (When only the Googlebot used to visit your page, now you just shrugged with the multiple hits from google.)

Words of wisdom from me…

1. Don’t delete your blog: Why destroy something you worked so hard for? Like it or not, it is a part of you.

2. Feel a burnout? Take a week or two off to get your mojo back

3. Write about what interest you, (for me that includes making fun of Southwest, scientology, Rosie, and crazy bounty hunters.) Find the fun again, even if that means making fun of someone.

4. Fondly look back on your beginnings, but move forward and improve. Take what you have and look to the future.

5. Remember, you’re supposed to piss people off.

So, where do I fit on the chart? Whole Hog and Piglet.

I can’t believe I’m still writing for this blog.

Why do I have the Ninja Rap dance here? I have no idea.

Prison Break (Season 2) Part 1 of 2

In a nutshell, season 2 is more focused and moves along with a brisk and compelling pace.

Prison Break (Season 2)

After the conclusion of season one, I didn’t know what to expect in season two. I found myself wonderfully surprised the direction they took the show. There were major shake ups even from the first episode in S2. They killed off a major character that had an important sub-plot in the first season, and the writers killed off this person ruthlessly too. I also have to say I liked that they started the season exactly where the first season left off.

The entire season has the group of prisoners finally out of prison and on the run. They not only have the police after them, but also ‘The Company’. However, more importantly, a FBI agent Alexander Mahone, played wonderfully by William Fichtner, is on their trail. This guy alone is the reason to rent season 2. I can’t even begin to tell you how intelligent, yet unstable this character is. Plus, he is the guy leading the hunt to track down the prisoners. He's has a twisted way of looking at things that keeps him sometimes ahead of Michael Scofield. I don’t want to give away anything, but I will say that he’s one of the best characters on the show by far. You'll be shocked how far he'll go too.

Each character gets a bigger part this season, even some of them get to redeem themselves from their actions last season. C-Note has by far some of the most emotional moments in the season. There is one scene that has him breaking down and crying because he doesn’t know what to do.

Once loose, T-Bag goes on a killing spree throughout the country and no one is safe. Robert Knepper is just great as this predator. There is a moment when you almost feel for him. You’ll hate T-bag, but you’ll want to see what he’ll do next.

Then there is a huge twist when a certain villain has an awaking of sorts and changes…

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