Monday, November 30, 2015

Rick and Morty : Inter-Universe Tv shows: Real Fake Doors

Rick and Morty : Inter-Universe Tv shows
I needed a really good laugh and I finally saw the episode where Rick and Morty watch really goofy shows from different universes. I've never laughed as hard as I have in this episode because it is totally silly.
The Fake Doors commercial
“Oh my God, it's still the commercial.”
I freaking love this ad. It starts out with one silly thing, the fake doors, and goes off the rails with the camera continuing to film him going home. I freaking love Rick and Morty's reactions to this ad. And, the ad starts again after he makes a sandwich.
Side Note: The episode also addresses the fact Rick and Morty are NOT the same versions from this universe. When they totally screwed up their home Earth so badly they couldn't fix it, they jumped to this universe after this universe's Rick and Morty died in an accident. They buried their counterparts in the backyard and took over as if nothing happened. So, all the other characters are different yet the same with out only Rick and Morty being the originals from early in the season.

Well, Morty actually admits that he's not really the real brother to his sister and shows her where they buried the bodies. I thought the show would forget that technically this isn't the home planet to this pair of Rick and Morty. It's kind of f'ed up isn't it.   

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? (Part 2 of 2)

-John Peters the producer: This guy is everything wrong with Hollywood then and today. The doc does explain why he's attached to every Superman movie and WB has to have him linked to it. Peters is one of the goofiest people you will ever see. He kind of takes some jabs at Kevin Smith and talks about the tension between him and Burton. The doc also goes into Peters bringing his kids in to make judgments on drawings. He would also grab tech guys and put them in wrestling moves and headlocks.  
He not only wanted Spiders in the movie, but polar bears. The doc director even notes that there two different versions of Smith's script one with live polar bears and another later version with just statues of polar bears.
Peters even takes a phone call during the interview and it is one of the funnest things you will ever see. You can see the doc director sitting there chilling. I almost think Peters had someone call him just to make him look powerful.
Peters name was listed in the Man of Steel movie and I remember shaking my head when I saw his name.
-Nic Cage test footage: The movie was so far along that they brought in Nic Cage into a hotel room to try the Superman suit. There were photos bouncing around the Internet recently. But, the actual video footage only surfaced for this doc. It is interesting to see Nic Cage act like a child discovering a new toy. He's glowing with pure joy. Seeing him interacting with Burton was a treat. Today, Cage no longer gives a shit about his movies. While the choice of making Superman wasn't sold to me, his joy came through in this uncovered footage.
- Lex Luthor/ Brainiac merge into one being: I found this interesting because the DC Animated Universe would take this story line and make it into a major over-arching plot point from Superman TAS to Justice League Unlimited. Did they use elements from SL scripts and use this story line?
-ILM test footage: That stuff was amazing. It shows a guy in a Superman suit switching from a real person to a CGI seamlessly and this was done back in the mid 90s. I can't believe neither ILM or WB destroyed the footage. It kind of contradicts what Burton wanted with Superman's flying abilities though. Burton just wanted Superman to merely leap around, but ILM had footage of him completely flying though.
-Ninjas vs Superman: While in his prime, Superman would have taken on a bunch of human (normal) ninjas, as it was presented by the storyboards. Keep in mind the ninjas would have been quickly beaten up by Superman in a matter of seconds, but this was one the notes that WB insisted on. It seems odd today, but everyone wanted ninjas in their movies even when it doesn't make sense.
-Superman Lives Brainiac skull ship: This was one of the coolest things in the movie by far. They actually built a complete model of the Brainiac ship for the third act of the movie. And, it is a highly detailed model too! John Peters owns (IE he allegedly “took” the model once he knew the SL project was dropped) the model and has it in his office.

-Tim Burton seemed to really-really hate Kevin Smith's script, despite the fact it was the closest to a DC universe story (with Batman making a cameo). Burton didn't even want to discuss Smith's script with his new writer, despite the fact WB told them elements from Smith's script HAD to stay in the re-writes. I think its funny that he hated the Smith script so much.   

Thursday, November 26, 2015

What are my thoughts on the Captain America Civil War trailer? I loved it. I re-watched Captain America 2 a few times recently and have honestly enjoyed it even more. I love the action the movie and it feels like a modern spy-action movie. This trailer feels like the same thing, but on a bigger scale.
-Bucky seems to be spark that rips Stark and Cap apart. Could we see the Winter Soldier become Captain America 2.0? Perhaps.
-Stark does have a point about Limitations. However, like the comic book story, things will get out of hand for his side of the conflict.
-No Spider-man appearance: Something tells me they're keeping this one under wraps until we get closer to the release date.
-War Machine hurt: We see IM hold a wounded War Machine. Damn.
-Watch the shield: There is a cool moment where Bucky throws the shield back to Cap in mid-punch and Cap catches it without missing a beat. That was cool.
-It looks like Agents of Shield's inhuman thing will tie into this storyline.  And, it will be interesting to see how Daredevil s2 ties in.  Keep in mind season one was tied to the first Avengers movie.  

Adam Sandler is actually funny...

Adam Sandler is actually funny...
I actually laughed at something he said. This update to his Chanukah song is funny. I love the jab at Jared the Subway Guy. He needs to do more stand-up and less sport-laced unfunny movies based on the 80s era.

Could this version of his song be the funniest thing he's in a long time?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? (Part 1 of 2)

The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? (Part 1 of 2)
Well, I finally watched this crowd-funded documentary and it was worth it. It has some amazing footage never ever seen before. The doc actually gives you a clear reason (reasons) into why the Superman Lives movie fell apart. Spoiler Alert, WB has a ton of losing box office returns due to poor movies and Superman Lives was costing way too much to make. (Upwards of 300 projected) So, WB pulled the plug.
It was often reported that Burton lost interest in the project and left, but that was not the case. Burton was truly into the project and seemed to be into it with a full creative drive. And, somehow he was willing to work with John Peters again despite the fact they hated each other during Batman 89. Burton seemed to be drawn to Clark Kent/Superman being an outsider than anything else. I also think he latched on to the Lex Luthor/Brainiac thing.
The movie was going on full steam ahead when WB ran into some major bombs and the budget for SL was growing bit out of hand. Plus, WB still felt the burn from Batman and Robin. So, they pulled the plug in midstream. I think of the people working on the movie got 10% of their money from working on the project. I believe Burton did.
It is a great documentary with some great interviews from Burton, Kevin Smith and John Peters. Yet, there is no new interview with Nic Cage though, but you will see a lot with him in the documentary.
The documentary also goes into detail about the casting of Nic Cage and the issues fans had with said casting. I mean the documentary covers a lot of groundwork, but some of the best comes from Burton/Peters and Smith, because they all had their own competing views on what Superman meant for the story.
Overall, this doc is truly enjoyable with some wonderful insight into where comic book movies were in the 90s and where they were heading in the 2000s. Would Superman Lives be that connections between 90s and 2000 eras of movies? I am not sure. I am very happy that I got to see this crowd-funded doc. Not as much was known about this aborted project until now. So , check it out.

Grade: A-

Monday, November 23, 2015

Jared, 15 year foot longs

Looking a little puffy there, Jared.  I guess you're not on the Subway Diet anymore.

Well, Jared the Subway Guy will be going away to prison for 15 years. And, this guy was one of the worst people in the world. I still can't believe he bragged about seeking and finding the underage girls to another person, plus this guy had a wife and kids. When he would go on these tours, he would seek out these children like a predator and he loved it.
He was cruising in middle schools...middle schools.
Plus, his child obesity charity never ever helped fight obesity and just lined his pockets with the money. What a terrible person.
His lawyers tried to blame his horrible ways on his success and losing weight.
From, ((Bradford concluded that Fogle suffers from hypersexuality, mild pedophilia and alcohol abuse and dependency. 
"One of his problems was that he had an increased sex drive," he says. "The second problem was he had some problems with attractions to teenaged girls and also to young girls."  ))
That doesn't work. He knew what he was doing.

I hope you get a lot “alone time” with some of neighbors in prison.  

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Trump out Trumps himself sort of

First off, I need to note that I truly-truly dislike the Black Lives Matter movement, due to the fact they constantly ignore one of the major problems in the black community, black people killing black people. It bothers me that this powerful movement will not even bother addressing the far worst crime of black people destroying their own communities due to thug behavior. And, why attack far left leaning people that could be on your side by interrupting their speeches? I would take the leaders aside and let them tour east downtown or West Louisville to see who is causing all the damage to the communities.
However, the thing that is really bothering me today is the anti-race and religion vibe I am getting from the people supporting Trump. It started out as a joke, but now it seems to have turn a certain portion of the GOP into stark-raving mad racist. And, I cringed before at his statement about creating a Muslim database. He then doubles down on stupid statement by asking for surveillance certain Muslims. The man is anti-humanity and intelligence. Yet, not even the rich and powerful GOP folks can get their GOP candidates even close to him.
Then, you get this video of a Black Lives Matter dude getting beat up by Trump's people.
Of course, Trump being a stupid guy, again doubles down on what happened. From Yahoo, (("The man that was — I don't know, you say 'roughed up' — he was so obnoxious and so loud. He was screaming. I had 10,000 people in the room yesterday — 10,000 people. And this guy started screaming by himself," Trump recalled. )) (("At least a half-dozen attendees shoved and tackled the protester, a black man, to the ground as he refused to leave the event. At least one man punched the protester and a woman kicked him while he was on the ground," the network reported. ))
Here's the problem, Trump. This is something the far left has forgotten about too. You don't shutdown opposition by using muscle, you can destroy them by merely picking apart their ideas and beliefs. The Black Lives Matter movement has many issues, such as the one I addressed earlier to bring them down, but “roughing” someone that doesn't agree with you is just dirty and wrong. Just when it seemed the left were the only ones doing this sort of thing, Trump's people go on to prove there is real racism.
A good leader would have distanced himself from this shit and make a stance against. But, not Trump. While the Left is self destructing over PC issues and safe places, there is this mean vibe growing out of the right that I am really not liking.  It is interesting to see how flipped things have become. 
It always looks like Trump is squeezing out the most nastiest farts out of his bunghole.  And, each fart is followed by a demon being released onto the world.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Update II

Update II
Well, I've been discharged from the hospital. I am not at 100%. but I hope to get answers from my doctor after I visit him. It was a bit disheartening to know that the professionals were puzzled my condition too. They figured out a virus had gotten into my body and weakened my heart. Now, I have to rebuild what I had before, but it can be healed.
Being under the drugs while they looked for problems was an interesting experience to say the least.
Anyway, I am back to blogging barring getting sick again, which could very well happen. But, only time will tell. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Sorry about the lack of updates.  I have had to check myself into a hospital due to my health getting bad.  I am doing better these pass two days.  I hope to come home soon.  I'll keep you updated.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Powers Boothe on Agents of Shield.

I'm watching one of the episodes of Agents of Shield, and a familiar voice and then a face pops up on the show. It is the character-actor Powers Boothe. Here's the thing; Powers was in the first Avengers movie. Powers played a member of World Security Council in The Avengers. However, Powers wasn't there for Captain America II, which is a good thing for him because most of the Council was killed off.
So, is Powers playing the same character from Avengers? Was his character a member of HYDRA and this is just him now being a bad guy? Many side actors from the movies have reprises their roles, what about Powers?
Have they address this yet? 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (huh?) (Still Greeking)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (huh?) (Still Greeking)

Like Paul Blart 2, was anyone really asking for another dose of Big Fat? Going back to the first movie, have tried watching that movie today? I have and I couldn't get through it. Yet, I kind of liked it back in the day.
Actually, I'd be interested in watching a movie about the behind the scenes drama that happened on the spin-off TV show. I find it funny, because not much is mentioned about the drama bts on her wiki page. Plus, the show is set in its own (Earth 2) universe it seems. And, I just didn't see how you could translate the movie to a sitcom format.

Things got so bad that even Nia begged the network to cancel her show. Wow. Now, I guess enough time has gone by for her do another movie. I just have to wonder if the same people are willing to see this type of movie again.   

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mother uses donation money to buy a car...

Mother uses donation money to buy a car...
I've been critical of my own community for a long time, but even this story shocks me because of the sheer balls on this woman.
It is a horrible thing for a parent to lose a child. I've seen it happen a number of times in my life time. It leaves a hole in your life that's for sure. And, I can feel for this mother.
From NY Daily News, ((Tyshawn Lee, who was walking to his grandmother’s house Monday afternoon, was “lured” into an alley and executed in what McCarthy called “probably the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable crime that I’ve witnessed in 35 years of policing.” ))
From Ny Daily News, ((The boy’s mother, Karla Lee, has admitted using the money donated through GoFundMe to buy the car but insisted it was what her son would have wanted to keep her safe.
Big-hearted friends and strangers had donated more than $17,000 to a GoFundMe page headlined “Help me lay my baby to rest.” ))
Yes, she took the 17,000 that was meant for her son's burial and bought a brand new 2015 Chrysler 200 . She took the money and used it on herself. How callous do you have to be? Basically, she lied to the online public about the costs, because she never had to pay for them. Then, she took the money and spent it on herself. And, people don't see there is a major problem in the black community that goes beyond what Black Lives Matter?
We are fighting a culture within the community that thinks black lives don't matter. If you would have really cared about your son, you would have taken the donations toward a reward into finding her son's murderer, but something tells me that is considered snitching.
We focus on the curpt cops, which is right, but ignore the terrible violence being caused by our own people against our own people. Yet, the hash-tag movement tends to ignore this stuff. Instead of giving donations to these people, make up funding groups to bring more books and learning tools into inter-city schools, let's create funds to find the killers. 
We have to find and fix the problem from the ground up.   

Monday, November 09, 2015

Porkins Returns: Awakens

Porkins Returns
I love that the Internet makes some amusing parodies of certain things. Kevin Smith mentioned this poster on one of his podcasts. And, I always find Porkins humor funny. Basically, the sandwich poster is a parody of the Force Awakens posters of the name design.
BTW, would you want a Porkins action figure?
You know you would have been pissed at your parents for getting this guy. 

Here are the character posters for the movie.   

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Jem and the Holograms: Failed

Jem and the Holograms: Failed
From Huffington Post, ((None of the weekend's flops will garner as much attention as "Jem and the Holograms," though, which opened to $1.3 million to become one of the worst debuts of all time for a major studio movie opening in over 2,000 locations. Based on the 1980s animated series, the film opened on 2,413 screens, averaging $545 per screen, to take 15th place. ))
Well, this movie just shat all over the cartoon franchise. This movie was also crowd-funded too, but it seems not even the fans of the cartoon series even bothered to watch the movie. Part of me really takes comfort that no one supported this movies because it seems they took out all the magic and tech stuff and just made a shitty teen/pop movie despite the fact Jem is more of superhero/hero type of person.
Why take away all that and make a band movie?
Now here's the thing, the movie only took 5 million to make so they might make it back, but I doubt it at this point. With such a small budget, they still couldn't break even. And, I think the first trailer really hurt the movie. Plus, it only has 20% on RT.
I guess we'll get another reboot in another 10 years.

And, they didn't even bother to bring the theme song back. Really?   

Harlem Nights: thoughts (Part 2 of 2)

Harlem Nights: thoughts (Part 2 of 2)

-Danny Aiello: He's great as the highly corrupt police detective that works for the mob. Danny almost steals the show in every scene he's in. He seems to be having a lot of fun being the total asshole-villain. And, the way they leave him in a closed bank is pretty amusing too. I think they just left him in the bank vault and he died. However, they do say they would call someone to let him out. I like that he hates the fact the black people are living the life and he's lives in a shitty apartment.
-Redd Foxx: It is good to see him back in his r-rated element. Foxx is a dirty comedian that went to the PG side of things with a his sitcom. White people knew him as the junk man, but the black community listened to his dirty comedy albums. I love the glasses scene. He's not in the movie much, but it is great to see him.
-Jasmine Guy is an interesting choice: I remember watching her on A Different World. She played a younger college student, but in this movie she played a more mature woman. Her character has an interesting relationship with the main villain (mob boss). She seems to be part prostitute and part assassin. Plus, there are strong hints at cuckolding. And, technically she is the love interest for Eddie's character, but not really.
-Lela Rochon is Sunshine: Every time I see Lela I think of her role in this movie and I just call her sunshine. Maybe Lela's “stuff” is that good. BTW, I had the biggest crush on her. She was also in Boomerang with Eddie later.
-The Alleyway Fight: This famous fight between Della Reese and Murphy is one of the funniest things put to screen. Quick basically fights an older woman and gets his ass kicked. He throws a trashcan and shots her. This is the kind of humor you can't do today. And, this goes into the thing that Quick isn't really a good guy and more of an anti-hero.
Della is brilliant in this scene. Also, make sure to listen for the James Brown “hey/scream”.
-Quick shoots another woman and straight kills her. Despite removing her bullets, Quick still kills her.
It is a bold move to color this character such as dark light and this is supposed to be our hero.
-Arsenio Hall's cameo: It is sort of an extended cameo, but a nice callback to Coming to America. “Don't shoot that little shit.”

Friday, November 06, 2015

Harlem Nights: thoughts (Part 1 of 2)

Harlem Nights: thoughts (Part 1 of 2)
Back in 1989, Eddie Murphy released a movie that he wrote/produced and directed. He was at his height of his career as Hollywood's comedic leading man. The movie co-starred two other generations of black comedians Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx.
The movie came out on the heels of Coming to America and it showed confidence that Murphy had in himself and his other actor. Sadly, Murphy became sort of disenchanted with movies and started just doing them just for the money and distanced himself from the material. I think the critical and monetary rubbing this movie received from non-black people sort of hurt him. Around the 90s he started do the really mundane movies followed by the bad movies of the 2000s.
And, here's the thing; black people really loved and supported this movie. It had to do with the fact there were SO MANY black comedians and actors in this movie that we loved and to see them all together was our form of The Avengers.
Besides Pryor and Foxx. Robin Harris Charlie Murphy Thomas Mikal Ford and many others in side roles. I have to wonder if this was Eddie's answer to Spike Lee attacking him in the press. Murphy goes out of his way to cast as many black comedians and actors in this movie. And, it is the biggest black cast in a Murphy movie. Murphy does a really good job as a director and he clearly cares about the movie. You won't see that type of commitment from Murphy today.
What is interesting is Pryor felt he didn't get along with Murphy during this movie. Pryor: I was shocked to discover that Richard wasn't too happy about Eddie's humor. Murphy has always stated that Richard was his main influence. I like Pryor's role and I think it might be Pryor's best movie role since Car Wash. It is restrained and he plays a good father figure to Quick.
From the IMDB page, ((In the autobiography, "Pryor Convictions and Other Life Sentences (1997)", Richard Pryor states that he " . . . never connected with Eddie [Murphy]. People talked about how my work had influenced Eddie, and perhaps it did. But I always thought Eddie's comedy was mean. I used to say, "Eddie, be a little nice" and that would piss him off . . . I finished [Harlem Nights (1989)] thinking that Eddie didn't like me". ))

I think Pryor and Murphy are great together. Pryor's speech about dying at an old age is a great fatherly speech. The movie partly centers around these two, but the mobster plot is the main story though.  

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Battle over Goodfellas

Battle over Goodfellas
I've been listening to a bunch of podcasts over at WolfPop, and I came across the movie podcast The Canon. In that podcast Devin Faraci and Amy Nichoison discuss the 'canon' of movies that are considered the best.
Goodfellas came across their plate, and I consider it one of my favorite movies. And, I think it is way better than the Godfather movies, yeah I said it.
Devin and Amy get into a heated discussion about the movie (in their first episode). I almost turned the podcast off when Amy called the movie sexist. (Uh, it's a mob movie about guys that are narrowed minded fools that think crime is a 9-5 job. Of course they're sexist. Mobsters aren't going to be the leaders of SJW causes.)
Amy takes the side of hating the movie and Devin has to defend it. And, I am at a total shock in the fact Devin defends this movie hard. He doesn't wimp out. She comes in swinging and he takes her to task. I generally don't agree with many of his stances on movies, but I don't think I could defend this movie better than he did. I will be listening to more of this podcast.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Rebel Wilson is now my hero

Rebel Wilson is now my hero
I've always liked Wilson and she always seemed down to Earth. She seems to have a good sense of humor about things doesn't take herself too serious. (like Lena Dunham)
But, her bashing Kardashians just makes me like her more. It seems MTV wanted Wilson to co-present an award with two of the members from that shitty clan.
From US Magazine, ((I was asked to present at the latest VMAs with Kendall and Kylie and said no,” she told radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O. “They’re famous for no talent. I said I’d do it myself. What they stand for is totally against what I stand for.”))
Good for her. I hope it does bother people in the arts, because they worked all their lives for their craft and these family members are more famous than them. While I think Kim K is a pretty woman, what does she have to offer to ascertainment? Have you seen her movies she's starred in?
Yet, I can't really bash all reality shows either. I do like the ones that present a job or skill-level on screen like Project Greenlight or Hell's Kitchen. I love seeing how certain people got to where they are via their set of skills, yet you also get shitty shows like the Paris Hilton thing or that Kardashians show.
Side note: I've gotten into the show “The Chair” too, just need to finish it. 

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~ “I remember you”. It is very strange that I had an encounter with a woman that remembered me from grade school (elementary school). Somehow, she remembered me from nearly 30 years. It was an awkward moment because I can barely remember people from high school. What am I supposed to say to someone from grade school? Because I wasn't treated fondly, I can on;y remember moments and not people. Why do people want to remind you of a time way past? I was really-really young.
~Another Halloween done: I am kind of glad this one passed. I've never been a fan of the holiday even as a child. I saw one pizza guy dresses as Freddy, but he didn't have his claw or f'ed up face. So, he was the lame Freddy. Maybe he was Freddy the janitor before his fiery end? Jason is a better outfit because you just need shredded clothes and a hockey mask. (Un-Jason X)
~Leah Remini writes a book about Scientology: I guess they really pissed her off and went after her because many former members don't write “tell-all” books. I had no idea this book was coming out. It seems the Space Church can't have a normal breakup with its former members and some of them spill the beans. I love that she's found a normal religion to get down with instead of the Space Church. From the book, I hate the fact that I have the same issues with chipped cups just like Tom Cruise. Also from the book, it seems these famous people would “report” other people to the higher ups at the church.
~The Rock re-watch: I watched this early Michael Bay movie again. There are some really bad Nic cage lines that almost ruin the movie for me. However, the movie still holds up compared to some of Bay's recent movies. There was a time when Bay wasn't tied down to one franchise. Cage is really the only weak link in this movie, but he's not as bad as he's going to be. There are some strange stereotypes that are annoying, but not as bad Bay's other movies will become.   

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Supergirl First Thoughts

Supergirl First Thoughts
You know I really liked this show a lot. I really enjoyed the first episode. Plus, there are tons of nods to the greater DC Comics lore. I wanted to give some thoughts on the first episode. Like other DC TV shows, the writing is very strong.  
-Superman Lives: He's in the pilot, but plays such a side role that I like it. I love that he's already established in the world. He shouldn't show up that much anyway.
-Dean Cain makes a cameo: Blink and you'll miss him in the montage of flashbacks in the first few minutes. Basically, he will become Kara's stepfather. Will he show up in more episodes? Right now, he's only listed for one episode. BTW, DC loves bringing back pass actors to play different parts.
-Helen Slater also shows up in the same cameo scene: She was the original Supergirl way back in the day. Nice touch, DC.
-Melissa Benoist is prefect as Kara/Supergirl: I like they've gone more of the bright chipper Supergirl than the brooding one. She actually enjoys being a superhero just like Flash. She's a very good actress and is very cute. And, she knows how to wear that Supergirl outfit, damn.
-Mehcad Brooks is Jimmy Olsen: Yes, this isn't the pale, skinny, redhead Jimmy Olsen. This Olsen is a black man and he's super fit. Plus, Kara has a major crush on him. Also, Jimmy (James) knows who is Superman and the identity of Kara's alter-ego .
- Hank Henshaw is the DC version of Marvel's movie Nick Fury. He's in charge of this government group that fights off alien attacks. It seems the show is going to pair up Supergirl with on certain missions. Plus, Henshaw doesn't like aliens or Supergirl. Also, Henshaw in the comics becomes a major super villain that turns into Superman Cyborg/Cyborg. He is also the guy that completely destroys Coast City aka GL's home. I am guessing they're going to turn him into a bad guy on the show too.
-Calista Flockhart is great: Other than banning Han Solo, she really hasn't in much of anything. However, she's great as a bitchy media CEO. She seems to be like Peter Parker's newspaper boss, but a little edgier and more power. She almost fires Kara in the first episode and I am really digging this character. I can't wait to see where they go with this character.

-Supergirl the name: I love that Kara didn't name herself that and even nods to feminism with “girl” name. It is the media (namely Flockhart's character) that forces the name on her. She hates it, but the name sticks.   
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