Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Simple Life/ Jail Life

There are times when you have to cheer someone’s misfortune and this is one of those times. The Simple Life is getting canceled. Some in TV land did something right for once.



Comment: Just match up Lindsay Lohan with Kim Kardashian and you have The Simple Life: The Next Generation

(("'...Simple Life' has been a wonderful addition to the E! schedule for two years, and we will always be grateful to Paris and Nicole for their hard work and graciousness."))

Yep, so wonderful that you canceled it. Do we have to spin a show getting canceled too?

I'm sure it had more to do with the negative stuff that's been happening with all the jail time these two have been picking up, and the bad press. Even her biggest fans can't defend that 'get out of jail' card stunt she pulled.

Top Ten things I enjoyed about Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace . Part 2

6. The Final Battle: Take out all the Jar-Jar crap, and you got a pretty good final battle. Even today, the lightsaber battle is pretty well edited and directed. The Space Battle is brief, but still enjoyable.

7. Pod Racing: Okay, it serves nearly no purpose in the main plot, but it was a good dose of FX eye candy. When Lucas is doing this kind of stuff, he’s at his best, but everything else is just bland.

8. Jar-Jar getting shocked: Too bad he didn’t die from his shock and we wouldn’t have to endure him throughout the rest of the movie.

9. Boss Nass: I love the name and he’s looks like the type of guy you’d have a beer with after work. Plus, he hated Jar-Jar. You can’t go wrong with that.

10. Yoda: Sure he looked a little strange, but it was good to see the little green guy after all these years. He was always a good character.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Here’s some more Dharma Initiative footage


Okay, what the hell just happened toward the middle of the clip? Is this time travel or cloning? Why did the other rabbit 15 show up? Could this be the reason Jacob can’t be seen by normal people?

This is why I love LOST so much.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Never Gonna Give You Up

I discovered this guy through fietsam and I am digging him a lot


His Chocolate Rain song has put him on the map, but check out some of his other videos. If I had this guy’s voice, I’d be pulling chicks left and right.

Never Gonna Give You Up


Comment: While I don’t think he’s hitting the notes correctly, I gave to give him credit for trying to cover the song.

Here’s the original song, I can’t believe a white man is singing this song. He looks like the kind of guy that would be working out at a checkout lane.


I’m never going to give you up!

Cloverfield pictures Update (I found something)

Here’s another interesting thing about those Cloverfield pictures


Comment: Did you know that you can ‘flip’ the pictures over? Take your mouse hand and take the side and flip it with a quick loop or circle motion, and the pictures should ‘flip over’. So far, two of the pictures have notes on the back. Nothing too shocking, but we do get some names.




And someone named Jamie

As I said, two of the pictures have messages. While the messages are written by people with a letter starting with the name J, we don’t know if they’re the same people. The handwriting is different and the color of the pen is different.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Crap on Film

The Hunger


This is simply one of the worst music videos ever created. I’m not making this up at all. The song is terrible, and the music video is just bad. The CGI and the acting are bad as well. Check out this guy’s rating on youtube; one star out of 700 ratings.

The woman in this video has some very manly shoulders. Why are there vampires and an Egyptian princess mixed together here? So he gets hit by a car and becomes a vampire?

You can listen to his other songs here at his myspace page. They’re all pretty bad.

Pray for The Rain: You have to listen to this one completely.

Okay, I’ll give him credit for doing the music himself and making a video, but perhaps it is time to enhance your ‘skills’.

However, I rather hear this than listen to that damn Spice Girls comeback CD.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Zilla it is not

The Cloverfield story solved?


Just might be. Then again, they could go in another direction completely. However, the post seems sound to me.

If this is true, I’m going to really look forward to this movie.

Note: They added another picture to the site


Alvin and The Chipmunks trailer


Uh, this is going to suck big time.
First the poster and now this shit. Who gave this movie the green light? I hope the movie bombs and the executive that thought this was a good idea gets himself fired. Jason Lee, how much money did they pay you to do this movie?

“Yeah, Alvin and The Chipmunks will look wonderful with the rest of my body of work,” Jason Lee says.

Hollywood, if you’re going to make a remake, do a better job than this. Well, at least we know they won't be rappers now...I think

Reno 911!: Miami

Reno 911!: Miami (Unrated Cut)

Well, I can’t say I can recommend this movie to anyone. As an Internet reviewer, I really can’t. Yet, I found myself laughing at certain parts and being ashamed of myself later. Based on the show Reno 911!, the story takes place in Miami. When a bio-terrorist attack puts the entire Miami police force out of commission, Reno’s police force takes over.

The movie really has no redeeming value, but I still found myself liking certain parts of the movie. I thought the incident where the police have to get rid of a dead whale on a topless beach was hilarious. And, you see, like the show, there are a collection of random set pieces that really have no connection to the central plot other than they all take place in Miami. People may find this style of storytelling uneven and troubling.

There really isn’t a reason to see this, unless you’re a fan of the show. And, I think Super Troopers did this type of story better. While I can’t fully recommend this movie, I wasn’t bored with it. And it was better than the Police Academy movies from 4-Mission to Moscow.

Grade: C-

Note: I thought the cameo by The Rock was also funny.

Gridiron Gang

Gridiron Gang

I went into this film wanting to hate it, but again I found myself actually liking this movie. Starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Xzibit (No Pimped Rides Here), the movie is about a group of kids in a juvenile detention center. The Rock decides that he will take some of the worst kids and put them through the football system.

The Rock is very good in this role. I thought he handled himself very well in the emotional portions of the film. I thought the subplot with his mother was touching and showed a softer side to his character. You could also see that this guy really does care for these troubled kids. This may come as a complete surprise, but Xzibit does a respectable job as The Rock’s partner.

While there are some problems with the structure of the actual plot, there are a lot of things to like about this film, namely the positive message. Maybe, these kids do need a second chance, and they just need a positive role model in their lives.

So, I found the movie to be enjoyable, and it had a good message.

Grade: C+

After being defeated, The Scorpion King took up teaching Football to a bunch of troubled teens.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

FFXII in real life

This is a funny FFXII joke


Remember when you had to go around telling people about a certain captain to spread the rumors about the resistance? Someone dressed as the main character and went randomly around talking to people but only in FFXII speak.

There’s one bald guy with his children, and he nearly beats the living crap out of the guy…in front of his own children. Yep, that teaches children morals there…not.


Here’s a Shenmue joke


I like that the people start treating him like he’s special. Note: His speech patterns.


Update: Here’s a RE4 version that’s pretty funny.


This time, they get the cops called on them!

“What are ye buyin?”

Lost but coming back

Looks like someone might be returning to LOST this forth season.


Don’t click on the link if you don’t want to know.

Let’s just hope Locke doesn’t throw a knife this character’s back.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

FF7 Summons

Final Fantasy 7 Summons Part 2 video

FF7 Summons Part 1

When FF7 came on to the game scene, I was blown away by the amazing Summoning sequences. BTW, Listen to the bad Midi reproduction from the PC version in this clip.

Note: I know about the Choco/Mog one, but I would randomly get the Fat Chocobo summons too. Anyone remember this?

My favorites

Hades: This one was just cool.

Bahamut Zero: I love how this one goes into deep space and Zero appears in orbit around the planet and rains down a laser beam on the bad guys.

Typhoon: I have never seen this summons ever, and I've played FF7 for ages. How do you get this guy? I like this guy's attack.

Knights of the Round Table: Total kick ass-ness

Odin: Probably one of my favorites period. He just has a kick ass intro with the moon in the background. You have to see Odin in part one. (What's up with all the moon shots in FF7?)

Note: I had forgotten how big Tifa's boobs were. Forget Tomb Raider.

The Grape Lady Remixed

The Grape Lady Remixed


This is kind of a catchy tune, and I can see myself in a nightclub dancing to this. I personally want to know what happened to the Grape Lady after this incident. Is she aware of the fame she’s gotten from this? Does she have ‘grape lady’ merchandise for sell?

Tim Donaghy

Tim Donaghy, bet on this…


Comment: While I’m not a sports fan, this scandal has really got me interested in illegal betting.

((As Tim Donaghy continued to cooperate with a federal probe of possible point-shaving in the NBA, a court document obtained Monday signaled that an organized crime-related guilty plea could be coming out of the same prosecutor's office that is investigating the former referee.))

Man, this is getting to be really nasty, and it already puts another bad mark on the NBA.

This could very well mean that later on the Mob will probably put a hit out on this guy after all this media heat dies down.

Betting on games is one thing, but betting and changing the outcome of the games that you’re officiating is just terrible. I’m sorry, but this guy is an asshole.

News Story


Here some strange calls he did in one game.


Comment: This is a good example.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LL in da news

Newscaster refuses to talk about the Lindsay Lohan story


I generally hate the Mass News Media as a whole, but this guy is cool for refusing to read the story. Let the blogs like mine discuss these type of things and you all discuss the important news.

Top Ten things I enjoyed about Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace . Part 1

Top Ten things I enjoyed about Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace . Part 1

Okay, I enjoyed doing the Return of the Jedi list, so I decided to write up another one. This time, I’m taking on Episode 1 with Ten things I liked.

1. Qui-Gon Jinn: Given that Liam Neeson had to act against a stupid CGI Jar-Jar and a kid that couldn’t act, I think he did a great job (Jorrrb). This showed that Lucas kind of knew what he was doing with some of the casting in this movie. Only Neeson could put character into Lucas’ wooden script. Hell, I want to be like Mr. Jinn.

2. Trade Federation: While many didn’t like these guys and their robotic empire, I thought it was a bold move to go with a capitalistic government than someone group that was pure evil. Okay, the Neimoidians are bit too racist and giving in to stereotyping Asians.

3. Captain Panaka: This guy was a total badass and you can’t go wrong with name like that. Watch the movie, and you will notice that he’s the most negative guy in the entire movie. He rains on everyone’s parade. (I heard the actor didn’t get along with Lucas. Is this true?)

4. Darth Maul: Okay, he’s has to be on the damn list because he might kill me. Plus, he’s standing over my shoulder.

5. Supreme Chancellor Valorum: He’s like the George W. Bush of Space. He is weak and simple-minded and lets the people around him control his actions. Don’t forget that Terence ‘kneel before Zod’ Stamp played this guy.

Transformers (Part 3 of 3)


You don’t go into a Robot movie thinking it will be the smartest movie ever made. However, there are a few Bay moments I could have done without. I didn’t care for the XBOX moment, and I still feel like this movie could be seen as a Go Army movie a little bit. The plot is beyond paper thin and there are a few annoying characters toward the end of the movie.

To my surprise, Steve Jablonsky score worked for me. I’m amazed Bay used a more old school score and considering Bay loves using blaring rock songs in his movies more than actual music. While I would have liked to have heard a score reminding me of the old show’s score (or the movie), I have to give Jablonsky a passable grade on the music. It worked when it needed to, but most of it did stand out for me. I enjoyed his main Autobot theme when we see the Autobots come flying to Earth.

However, I loved the final battle between the good guys and the bad guys. This is what Bay does best, and he’s at the top of his game here in this movie. Bay knows how to use the amazing CGI with the live action. And this is what people had a problem with in the movie. Because the CGI was so amazing, people wanted to see more of the character interaction between the robots, and we didn’t get enough of that. However, we have to remember that Bay doesn’t do character development very well.

Given the mess we’ve seen with some other movies (Spiderman III) this summer, this loud and dumb Robot movie was enjoyable and took me back to period in my childhood that I enjoyed living through. So, don’t take this movie seriously and sit back and enjoy the ride with cool cars that transform into robots.

Grade B

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Semaj You!

Way back in my early days of blogging, I did a search on my screen name on the Urban Dictionary site, and I had a pretty bad entry. Basically, someone connected gay with Semaj and they even gave an example. To say the least, I wasn’t happy about that entry. (For the record, I’m not gay. And, that entry wasn’t about me…I hope)

A few years later, someone has changed the entry again. I don’t think it is for the better either.



Australian urban slang substitute for "fuck". Used as a profanity when fuck has been hackneyed or is simply too cliche.))

You know what, this is worst. You have to wonder who made this entry up. Perhaps, the friends of that Cheerleader or that murderer in Jail that I know wrote it. Hmm…


Maz Jobrani


This guy is funny. If you ever get a chance, watch some of those The Knights of Prosperity episodes. He’s very funny in them right along with the rest of the cast. I love how he can switch from Redneck to Indian accents at a drop of a hat. He’s able make fun of stereotypes in a very entertaining and hilarious way.

This one is great


Comment: He’s little laid back here. I loved his Bush bashing toward end.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Worf Moment

Another Great Worf moment,

Gilbert and Sullivan and Worf


Comment: Yeah, it is a goofy moment, but I love Worf’s reaction when Picard tells him to sing. I also like that Worf actually does join in the song. (Remember Worf can sing…Klingon Songs)

Grim Reaper out of a job

Someone is leaving...
Grim Reaper Mandy Patinkin is out from “Criminal Minds

((Patinkin, 54, asked to be released from his role as FBI profiler Jason Gideon last week, CBS Paramount Network Television and series producer ABC Studios said Monday in a statement.))

I like Patinkin as an actor. Heck, he’s a good actor. He was great in Dead Like Me.

((In a separate statement, Patinkin said his departure was the result of “creative differences” but didn’t elaborate.))

I really hate when these spin-docs use ‘creative differences’ when they should just say, “There was a lot of shouting and punching.” Or, “we hate each other.”

At least he’s not chasing a hurt TMZ guy down the street with his buddies or making some crazy anti-gay remarks over and over again.

Somewhere, Isaiah Washington is thinking, “Finally there’s someone to hate more than me. Thank you, Gary Dourdan.”

Patinkin could always hang out with Washington.

Laces out

Shoelaces suck!


Comment: I was walking into school today, and I noticed my left shoe felt loose. I looked down and noticed my show came untied. I had to break my stride and tie my damn laces. I have to agree with the Nintendo Nerd, because shoelaces are a pain in the ass. Like the video said, I too had some Velcro shoes when I was a child. Hell, I’d wear them today if I had a chance, because I don’t care what people say.

I’d take it a step further; let’s bring back the Buckled Shoes from the Quaker days. I’d certainly sport some of those shoes right now. I’d even go for a Quaker outfit right about now. Strangely enough, this is a man's buckled shoe


We can surf the internet on our phones, but we still don't have these. I'm waiting on the I-Shoe.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


If there ever was a WTF, this Pokemon clip is it.


I’m guessing this is from the first Pokemon movie. Why was this clip in the movie?

Gary Dourdan is pissed


I was never really a fan of Gary Dourdan, and I never watched a single episode of CSI. But man Gary is one crazy bastard. He not only beats down a TMZ photog, but then leaves and brings back his posse to give the nerdy a second beating. Being the wimpy guy that he is, he runs away from the Dourdan wrecking crew…on foot.

Uh, you already kicked his ass the first time, so now you get your homeboys to join in on the fun? Not a smooth move, Gary.

Watch the videos. One thing worth noting is that pretty much no one even helps him out when the Dourdan Crew chases him down the street in their car. He begs and cries for the Gas Station guy to let him in, but he doesn’t. He begs some ladies to let him in their car. And they say, “Serves you right!”. Finally a very confused Taxi drive lets him in. And they still chase him all the way to the police station!

I’m torn on which side of this incident I’m on.

They should make this into an episode of CSI. I’d watch.

Mallrats Strikes Backs, while Chasing Amy

The Samurai Frog has an interesting list going on over at his blog.


One movie that really stood out on the list was Kevin Smith’s movie Mallrats. Mallrats was Kevin’s second movie after the smaller film Clerks. Given that Clerks was such a hit done with a very small budget that the studios took notice and wanted to make Smith an offer he couldn’t refuse. With a bigger budget and more interference from a big studio, Smith made Mallrats. While not the ideal experience he wanted, I think he made a pretty good movie.

It wasn’t a hit that studio people had envisioned, but that doesn’t matter because it has been a bigger hit on DVD. However, I really liked the movie, probably more so than most Kevin Smith fans. I generally think the movie is raunchier than Clerks, and the movie is better than Chasing Amy, but I hated Chasing Amy. You throw in some nudity and a lot of cuss words and you have throwback movie to all those 80’s teen movies.

I found the characters to little more enjoyable to watch than Chasing Amy. This probably has something to with the fact that I grew up around these types of people. Hell, I still work with people like this.

Besides, I learned how to do the stink palm. What can be better than that?

Grade B

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kelly Rowland drops out...no really

Say my name say my name…


Youtube never fails me; someone got a hold of Kelly Rowland collapsing during her concert in Lagos, Nigeria. At first I thought she was the only one to perform at this concert, but other performers were there too. I’ve seen many people pass out like that. Yet, I’ve never seen that many people rush to the stage before.

I think her career has been hurt by the break up of her group, and it is sort of a shame that her records don’t sell as well as BeyoncĂ© Knowles’ stuff sells. I think they should have stayed together as a group, but a certain someone in the group had a bigger ego than the rest.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inside the Power Rangers movie


Coming off the Power Rangers tip, here’s site detailing the problems the crew had in making the first Power Rangers movie. I found it to be an interesting read from a person that was actually there for the trouble development of the movie.

There was a lot re-shooting going on for a production that was supposed to be done really quickly.

The movie is nearly out of continuity with the TV show. Ninja Quest was a retelling of the movie without the better FX or the hot lady giving them their Ninja Powers. Was this always the plan to have the show and the movie completely set in different universes?

Check out the behind the scenes pictures as well.

The troubled production went over so long that the American portions of the TV show had to move to Sydney, Australia for a few episodes as they attempted to finish the movie.

Second page http://tromberg.dyndns.org/~paul/Zordmaker/zordreal3.html

The Waffle Crapper

Waffle Crapper

So what is a waffle crapper? Listen here.


Way back in the glory days of Loveline, Adam Carolla created this term to show how hot a girl is. If a hot girl takes a dump on your plate of waffles and you’re okay with it, she’s really hot.

From, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=waffle+crapper

((A girl that is so hot she could crap on a plate of your waffles, and you would forgive her -- you might even get turned on by it. The term is also meant to show contempt for waffle crappers who use their waffle-crapper-ness to take advantage of guys.))

What’s funny is that someone called into his new talk show and mentioned the Waffle Crapper term, and Adam had totally forgot about it.

Note: there are some major Waffle Crappers in my summer class.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dance Power Rangers


Here’s a strange Power Rangers video with the crew of the first season dancing for no reason. Once you get through the Baywatch song, it’s pretty good.

Who knew Bulk and Skull could dance.

Transformers (Part 2of 3)

Probably one of the best sequences in the movie has to be when the rest of the Autobots arrive to Earth. I just liked the way the entire sequence was handled. It felt more like a Steven Spielberg moment than Bay’s stuff. I really enjoyed watching as each Autobot finds a car to scan and change into.

Then there’s the moment we see Optimus Prime in all his glory and he speaks. Peter Cullen brings so much power and wisdom to the role that I think another actor would not be able to fit in as well. Prime was our hero during the 80s and hearing his voice brought me back to that time. I also liked Jazz’s little handstand/spin movie when he transforms. This goes back to the old show when Jazz would leap whenever he transformed. Ironhide felt like the same character from the old show, but this time Cullen didn’t do the voice for this new version.

As for the Decepticons, this was where the film faltered for me. There is very little character development or interaction between the main bad guys. On the cartoon show, we learned just as much about the good guys as we did about the bad guys. Let this be known, I loved the way the Decepticons transformed of behaved throughout the movie. They acted very animal like.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Forbidden Coffee Shop

There must be doughnuts inside.

In other Chinese News that will get me banned forever, Starbucks is forbidden in the Forbidden City.

((The cafe was closed Friday under a reorganisation of private businesses operating in the grounds of the ancient palace which was the former residence of the Ming and Qing emperors ))

I can see their point in this matter. If I came all the way to China to visit the historical city of the Forbidden City, the last thing I'd want to see is a stupid Starbucks shop. I hate these stores in American, so I'd be a little pissed if I saw them everywhere else.

Yet, my hatred of these stores runs even deeper. I can't see why people spend butt-loads (is that a measurement) cash on coffee they can make themselves, for a cheaper price. Every time I go to the shop, I get confused as to which cup is small and which is the large. Why can't they say Small, Medium, and Large?

When people discover there's one open in the mall, people flock to it like moths to open flames, but instead of killing them with the heat, it just burns the cash from their pockets. Trust me, it's not just here in the US, people around the world LOVE Starbucks.

((Starbucks to leave the Forbidden City, saying that the cafe undermined the "solemnity of the Forbidden City and (trampled on) Chinese culture". ))

It trampled on my culture and I have no culture.

Note: The only way I'd buy coffee from that place again was if Katee Sackhoff served me the drinks.

Side Note: You want to know how much I hate Starbucks, check out this post for the cheesy marketing campaign they tried.

Only in the twisted world of Starbucks can a small be a tall and Medium be a grande. My head just hurts thinking about this.

a slusho sounds good right about now

Yet, there is more Cloverfield goodness


It would appear that the slusho site is a part of the viral marketing. Now what does the ‘You Can’t Drink Just Six’ really mean, because it is all over the site. I’ve gone to the History page and tried to understand exactly how this connects to the trailer. Hover over the horse in the history page and oven mitt appears, the fish at the bottom has cheese.

This site has more info into the site


I’m sure there will be more stuff added, as we get closer to the release date.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mr. Rogers was Evil? That crazy FOX News

FOX News attacks Mr. Rogers?

Mr. Rogers is under attack from FOX News and this is bullshit.

Wow, just wow. Yeah, I'll admit that I used to watch Mr. Rogers when I was young. But, now he's getting blamed for the way kids of yesterday are turning up today. How do these FOX News people even keep a straight face when they make a lame connection between his 'You're special just the way you are' and entitlement. Just watch the video.

This is beyond stupid. I can't believe FOX would even attack Mr. Rogers…a dead man.

1. Mr. Rogers taught an entire generation to be nice to each other. What is wrong with that?

2. His “you're special just the way you are” gave kids empowerment. It meant that each of us is different and unique and we shouldn't change the way we are. Be yourself. Now where does entitlement come into play?

3. He taught us to change our shoes when we got inside the house.

4. Those puppets are real.

5. That it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

F’ you FOX News! You can go after Clinton all you want, but attacking my homeboy Mr. Rogers, thems fightin words.

Bush: “You look different in person.”

Mr. Rogers: “How so, Mr. President?”

Bush: “You look more like a big fluffy yellow bird on TV.”

Mr. Rogers: “That was a completely different show, sir.”

Bush: “You're not Big Bird?”

Mr. Rogers: “Never mind, sir..."

Random Videos

Random Videos

Hit and Kind of run away: I love how the motorcycle explodes into pieces and the two riders are flipped off the bike, yet one runs away quickly. But, the other one limps away.

Bicycle Drifting: Okay, I thought it was neat, but people don't make this into a movie series.

Perez Hilton has some interesting hair: Why is he getting his own TV show? Elizabeth is pretty bitchy in this clip and she was ready to attack. Whoopi seems to have a somewhat level head. I'm glad someone mentioned his notion of outing people. Why does he feel the need to do that?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cloverfield update

New Cloverfield update


They added a new picture. This one has people covering their mouths and noses in a cloud of white smoke or dust. Is there anything hidden in this new picture?

What the hell does this third picture mean?

All right, the third picture has the time as 12:48A, which is set after the other two pictures. There are at least four people in the picture.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Transformers (Part 1 of 3)

Transformers (Part 1 of 3)

Being like every other kid growing up in the 90s, there were a few things defined our generation, and one of them being The Transformers from the 80s. I remember running home from the school bus after school and trying to get inside so I could watch GI Joe and Transformers back to back. I would get the toys and play for hours on hours. Transformers meant a lot to a boy. I mean come on; who wouldn’t want a car that was able to transform into a robot. With all these fond memories of the show and after hearing about Michael Bay doing a live action movie, I was more than a little uneasy about the movie and how it would end up. I can safely say I was wrong. Somehow, Bay was able to use his Music Video skills to give us a big, loud and enjoyable action summer movie. It was a movie about big freaking robots beating each other up.

I found the relationship between Bumble Bee and Sam Witwicky to be very enjoyable. I really liked their friendship despite the fact they couldn’t talk to each other. That first 40 minutes dealing with their relationship is simply funny and cute.

Also enjoyed the opening attack on the military base in Qatar. Blackout attack was very impressive CGI work. Plus, I think it was neat that he carries Scorponok on his body and activates him when he wants to track down the surviving soldiers. The CGI work when Scorponok attacks the soldiers is also something worth mentioning. This entire sequence is just amazing to watch. You have to love Bay’s use of slow motion shots of the pilots getting into their planes. He loves using these shots in all his movies.

The comedic aspects work for the most part in the film. Almost all the Bumble Bee comedy bits actually are very funny. At first, I didn’t think the talking radio bits weren’t going to work, but it did and it wasn’t overused. I loved when Bumble Bee tried to set Sam up with Megan Fox. Man, I wish I had a car like that.

The Witwicky family was also fun to watch interact and I think we’ve all had those strange family moments, except for the giant robots in the backyard.

Get Smart trailer

I really like the new Get Smart trailer


Get Smart was one of those old TV show my friends and I would watch every night on Nick at Night. I was a big fan of this show and hell, I even liked the often-panned first Get Smart movie The Nude Bomb.

Get Smart was so popular that they created Inspector Gadget as a sort of near spin off with Don Adams filling the lead role in that show.

Here’s the old Get Smart intro


Bad crash

A car crash that isn’t for the for everyone to see…


Comment: Found this on Digg, and I was deeply disturb by the crash. (No blood shown in the video, but man it’s not easy to watch) Was this real? Did this happen?

Move along, nothing to see here

Miss New Jersey releases the photos


Uh, there’s nothing wrong with these photos. I can’t believe the pageant officials are even considering anything with these lame photos. For one, there is no nudity, and two There are way more racy photos of young ladies out there made public. Trust me, I know.

I want to know whom did she piss off so much they wanted to blackmail her?

1. Was it somebody she f’d over in the past?

2. Or a person (fat 40 year old lady with no life, but wants to monitor everything) that feels like it’s their right to ‘out’ this woman who was just having fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random Thoughts: The Next Generation

Random Thoughts: The Next Generation

~It seems like everyone is in on the hooking up conspiracy. Everywhere I go, I see couples making out or holding hands. Hey, thanks for showing off your love to a lonely single guy. You want bad, I had someone asked me this, “You're eating alone, and a nice guy like you doesn't have a lady?”

Yeah, that makes me feel so much better.

~A friend of mine Joe has posted a few comments here on the blog, and I have to admit that I've started to movie toward his Anti-establishment stance myself.

~Because I am still a little kid at heart, I now want to make my own pinwheel. Remember when this was the only thing you needed to keep you entertained.

~Even though my blog is officially banned from China, I have to say that they have some balls there. They freaking executed their former Supervisor of Food and Drug Safety. I know this is mean, but you have to wonder if Zheng Xiaoyu ate a tainted last supper. Does this execution have more to do with keeping North American and European trade partners happy? (Asking questions like this is the reason I'm banned in China).

~I like you, Sen. John McCain, but it might be time for you to drop out of the race.

~Nick Lachey maybe dumber than a box of rocks, but he appears have to Jedi powers. He uses them to knock the feed off a local FOX News channel. To bad he can't knock out all FOX News channels.

Here's an question; what had Lachey even done recently to even have people interview him?

~How do you improve bad techno music songs, by adding closeups of very hot women shaking their rears or bouncing around.

Girls in a marching band: This song is really bad, but the girls are hot. Did notice any flute players.

Satisfaction with power tools: Have a bad song? Just add sweaty woman holding power tools and bouncing.

~It would appear I’ve been going about this dating thing all wrong. This blog seems to have some sound advice. Printing web page

~Here is more of that Michael Moore vs. Wolf Blitzer interview. Man, we need to do something about this Medical system.


Remember that strange trailer with no title during Transformers at the beginning? Well Film Threat has compiled some info it. What is Cloverfield? And why is JJ Abrams name attached to it?

Are these sites/blogs made up by the studio or by some fanboys? Ethan Haas was Wrong or Ethan Haas was Right

If you go to the http://www.1-18-08.com/ site, look closely at the picture of the two women right between them. There is a type of demon hiding in the background. You can see his pointy chin and gray eyes. The other picture of the party has one of the women from the Demon picture in the far right corner, looking directly at us.

Here's the trailer, don't know if they'll remove it.

And this guy proves that my theory is wrong about the demon picture.

More info.

This movie could be very interesting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mash this up

CB Shaw is a very skillful DJ. I found his mixes to be really enjoyable to listen to. Check out this video Mashup with various songs from the 80-00s.

This is one of the better Mash Up remixes out there.

This one is pretty good as well.

Moore VS. Wolf

Michael Moore is pissed and he doesn't want to take it anymore.

I'm generally not a Moore fan, but I do like that his movies do make people talk. He dares to take on some powerful people. Wolf Blitzer gets owned.

I will check his new movie when it shows up on DVD.

Something needs to be done about our health care system and it needs to be done now.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Man, this movie stunk up my DVD player. Going ahead and renting the movie, I was fully aware of the bad buzz this movie received from the moviegoers and critics. I heard first hand from a young lady how bad this movie really was. However, being that I am a movie nut, I forced myself into renting it. I really regret my decision.

This movie is bad, really bad. The line readings are bland and the acting all around is just bad, seriously horrific. I mean no one even tries to act in this movie not even Nicolas Cage. Cage just sleepwalks through the entire movie. Eva Mendes is beyond terrible in this movie; she looks like she’d rather be in coffee shop, listening to poetry than doing this movie. There are some mildly entertaining moments with Sam Elliott as the caretaker.

The story plays itself too safe. It has some of the worst villains since The Covenant. I really mean that these lame villains appeared to have walked right out of that movie and into Ghost Rider. The CGI is badly done with some of the worst music to a movie I’ve ever heard. I want to know why this movie was even made?

Grade D-

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