Monday, April 30, 2007

Grimlock's new Brain

I always liked Grimlock. I used to do his voice and speak patterns when I was little. “Me Grimlock kick butt.” “Me Grimlock not dumb, me king.”

During the third season of Transformers, there was an episode where Grimlock became intelligent, he actually became one of the most intelligent Autobots on the team. He even creates a new team of Autobots called the Technobots.

I liked this episode, despite the poor animation. I thought it was honorable thing to do when Smart Grimlock gives his intelligence to the Technobots, and Grimlock reverts back to his stupid self. (However, it would have been far more compelling if Grimlock stayed intelligent throughout the rest of the season. I think they dropped the ball on that one.)

You throw in an appearance by Unicron, and you have a pretty good third season episode, minus all the bad animation flaws. (Rodimus Prime transforms into Hot Rod’s car mode in this episode!)

Note: When did Cybertron get giant organic fish in their lakes? Because the Dinobots claim they go fishing all the time with Grimlock.

Grade B

Transformers - "Grimlock's New Brain" 1/3

Transformers - "Grimlock's New Brain" 2/3

Transformers - "Grimlock's New Brain" 3/3

After becoming an ad pimp, Rike blows up the Enterprise

Keeping on the Will Riker tip, here’s Will Riker accidentally blowing up the ship!

Comment: This one had me going. I love the sound effect.

Rule 1256, watch where you sit your ass down on the Enterprise.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Riker sells out and does a PPP

Will Riker sells out…really

Comment: I found this on a message board, and I never knew this existed. A normal nerd in an office is trying to deal with a crisis and William Riker appears on his computer screen from the future to give the Nerd a pep talk…while selling some software.

I’m guessing this extended ad was filmed during the third or fourth seasons. This is pretty low, and I’m sure Frakes wishes he never did this crap.

Note: Not nearly as bad as Worf doing an episode of Webster.

There's something in the water...

Famous people acting strange…

Comment: I generally hate Suge Knight, but I love what he had to say about K-Fed. He calls Ms. Spears a ‘homegirl’.

Watching the Drunk driving incident with Eve wasn’t the highlight, but the guy that rode with her was. He appears to be a throwback to the break dancers of the 80s, while he gets angry with the guy taking the pictures.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cut By The Studios

Cut By The Studios

There have been numerous films that have left the director’s hands and then the studio has come in and made or demanded cuts themselves. I’ve decided to point some of them out from that list.

Lawrence of Arabia: This movie has been cut so many times over the years, that an entire article needs to be written on the various cuts. The studio did some cuts, while the director himself did cuts too. Steven Spielberg has added some stuff back into this film for the DVD restoration.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Yet, another film that could have it’s own page on how many cuts there are of this film. The story goes that Spielberg wanted to release the film again in the early 80’s and finish up some things that he wanted to complete or change. The studio agreed to his terms, but on one condition; Spielberg was told to add footage of the inside of the aliens’ ship, which wasn’t in the original release.

Smokey and the Bandit Part 3: There was a part 3? I didn’t know that. Burt Reynolds makes a cameo.

Dune: Not the sci-fi one, but the one filmed in the 80s with Patrick Stewart. The studio decided to make TV version with David Lynch’s permission, re-cutting the film to a longer run time. I remember seeing this version being shown over two nights. I need to get my hands on this version.

Legend: Don’t get me started with this one. There’s so much wrong with the American cut…

Dances with Wolves: There are some added subplots in the longer cut, but some of the added footage is useless.

Mission: Impossible II: This movie had problems from day one. Moore and Braga wrote a script, but another writer was brought in rewrote much of the original material. The film was in danger of being shelved, but Stuart Baird was brought in and re-cut the film. Somehow, this movie became a hit and Baird was seen as its savior. Paramount owed him a movie and forced Rick Berman to take Baird on as the director of Star Trek’s biggest flop Star Trek Nemesis.

Hulking up

Jeff has some photos of his work at FOX. Who does get a picture of? Hulk Hogan!

I grew up watching this guy back in the day. Before Stone Cold and The Rock, or even The Ultimate Warrior, there was Hulk Hogan.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blame it on Mario

Nice Shirts, guys

Super Mario Brothers meet Milli Vanilli

Comment: You know a show has 'jumped the shark' when they include a special musical guest. But when your guest is Milli Vanilli, it goes beyond jumping the shark (jumping the King Koopa?). For some reason, the creators of this cartoon show thought it would be 'hip' to include everyone's favorite lip syncing group.

What does Milli Vanilli have to do with Super Mario Brothers? Nothing, but that didn't stop them from devoting an entire episode to them.

Here's another video from the same episode.

Back to the Future II (Part 2 of 3)


I have to commend the producers and writers for making this form of the future appear fun and interesting. We have flying cars and hoverboards everywhere. There is a pretty exciting hoverboard chase that resembles the skateboard chase in the first film, made even funnier when old Biff states this fact.

When we get to Mc Fly’s future house, its here the story foreshadows some plotlines that won’t be paid off until part III. I enjoyed seeing what the future home would look like, or at least before Microsoft takes over and nothing works. I thought it was a daring move to not pay off plot points until the third film.

Another nice little touch was Mc Fly nearly noticing the Time Machine returning after Biff took it for a spin. So, we close out the 2015 visit with Marty and Doc Brown returning to the present, except it isn’t their present time period.

1985 A (Alt-timeline)

I just loved this alt-1985. Empty houses and buildings with burning cars in the streets reminds me of some of the more crime infested cities of today. (Note: A deleted scene with Marty discovering his old high school was burned down is worth mentioning.) Seeing Mr. Strickland become a shotgun-carrying nut that has to defend his house from drive-by shooting was a funny joke. Thomas F. Wilson take on this Biff is worth watching too. He’s much more sinister than the 1955 one or isn’t broken down like the 2015.

I also liked that a simple idea has created this twisted version of 1985, thus showing how dangerous time travel can be if put in the wrong hands. The first movie dealt with only Marty’s existence, but this movie displays what can happen when we monkey around with time on a grand scale.

No joke, I actually had these walkie-talkies, and they don't have the range that ones in the movie have.
Marty is trying to figure out why an older version of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is staring back at him.
Here’s Marty thinking about that certain scene from Doc Hollywood with Julie Warner coming out of the lake…(Why was that movie PG-13?)
Tom Wilson is mad because in the future he will be in such ‘great’ films as Zoom, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, and Turner & Hooch.

How to make a cult

How to start a cult

I saw this over at Passing Judgment and loved it. Watch this funny 'instructional' video and you'll want to start your own little cult.

This video is really knocking Scientology. (remember there are Alien spirits inside you.) Did Katie Holmes have to go through some of these steps?

Now, I'm thinking about starting my own Cult.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I never noticed...

The universe has many unanswered questions.

Why are Doritos chips so addicting?

Why Bush got reelected?

Why don't AppleJacks taste more like Apples?

However, I never thought about this one...

Why asian guys can't get white girls?

Trust me, you will love this independent youtube movie.

It’s funny without being offensive to any race. The jokes are about stereotypes and shows that racial jokes can be told in a manner completely different from Don Imus' bullshit. I loved this movie. It goes to show you that a group of college kids can come up with a funny little movie and not have 50+ budget and still be entertaining.

Best parts…

His white roommate

The Indian guy with the Yoda-like gift of giving good advice…with a twist.

The ending!

D&D movie

D&D fans

Back in high school, I remember seeing these guys sitting around a table with a game board and dice, with zero ladies around. They were in a different class of Nerds than other Nerds. They were concerned with Magic points and HP than getting laid. I wasn't a nerd or a geek during those years, so I didn't get the whole catch behind D&D. I remembered getting into Phantasy Star on the Sega Master system, never realizing that Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy were strongly based on D&D games. However, the kids in school that played D&D weren’t able to conceal their total geek-dom like I was, a videogame RPG player. Back then; it wasn’t hip to announce that you were a level 73 Warrior, subbing a Monk class. (I am a recovering Final Fantasy XI online freak). WOW and FF changed that perception, since even the star football player has a RPG character online.

There’s always been a stigma to being an RPG player or a D&D player, and the ladies aren’t generally falling over themselves to get the best D&D player in the state. So, I found this movie to be fairly funny.

I like how they got all little things right in the movie. The big guy is wearing a Dragon shirt that I’ve so many of these D&D guys wear all the time. (Note: Strangely enough, I saw a few of them in the audience in the 300 theater).

Best moments…

One of the guys asks the pizza delivery lady out on a date, but he has to close the door to do it.

The other D&D guy says his D&D prayers at the dinner table as the Christian family members attempt to say their prayers.

The Batman teams up with the Superman

Looks like the series ‘The Batman’ will finally have a team up with Superman.

((Season 5, a parade of superheroes will guest-star. "Martian Manhunter is starting the Justice League," executive producer Alan Burnett says, "and he would like nothing better than to have Batman on the team." Also on the guest list: the Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Superman. And though the Dark Knight Detective and the Man of Steel are the ultimate good guys, don't expect them to be instant friends.))

I’ve heard that this show has gotten better over the years, but I’m still a Bruce Timm Batman fan, and a fan of Timm’s DC universe. But, these are interesting developments. Could this pave the way for a completely different Justice League spin off?

Michelle Rodriguez is ready for war

I just wanted to drop in ask this question.

What in the hell is wrong with Michelle Rodriguez?

I mean, I think she’s cute and she a girl gamer and all, but walking around in that junk is almost as creepy as seeing Anna Nicole wearing clown makeup.

Btw, here’s a link to a few pictures of her. One with her swimming topless. (trust me you don’t see much).

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Michael J. Fox’s Pepsi ads

Michael J. Fox’s Pepsi ads

As I was doing research into Back to the Future II, I remember that someone asked Robert Zemeckis about Fox leaving the shoot of Part III to do Pepsi ads. Zemeckis wasn’t happy that his lead star left shooting for three days to do ads. I was trying to figure out which ads were done during this time, when I came across these vintage MJF ads. I actually remember these too!

Fox will do anything for a hot chick

Comment: A hot lady enters his apartment, asking for a diet Pepsi. He’s out, so he goes to great lengths to get her a can. This one was pretty funny, especially the ending. Bad 80’s music. Grade B

The Power of Suggestion

Comment: Mc Fly is in a library and finds himself thirsty. He has no change for the Pepsi machine so he creates a drink out of paper and drinks it. I’m not making this one up. I actually like this one the best. Grade B+

Robot Fox

Comment: Michael makes a robot clone of himself, messing around in Dr. Brown’s lab I guess. His girlfriend confuses the clone for the real Fox. We can only guess what happens after this… This one isn’t very good. Grade D

Kuato on SNL

Kuato Lives?

Comment: I’m not sure if this SNL skit is funny or just strange. Scarlett Johansson plays a female version of Kuato from Total Recall. I sort of dug this, but it’s like most SNL today, good set up, but no payoff.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sequels for non-sequel movies

Mariah Carey going for the Mars Blackman look…

You know, there are certain movies that will never get sequels. It’s either because the first movies sucked or no one has any interest in making another movie. I decided to come up with three concepts for sequels for movies that will never have sequels. Enjoy.

Over the Top 2: The Ocean Blue: Lincoln Hawk (or Hawks, depending on scene in the first movie) has given up Arm Wrestling and has opened an Arm Wrestling themed Restaurant. His son won’t have anything to do with him. The current Arm Wrestling Champion challenges Hawks (Hawk) to a battle. He must get himself into shape to face this one last challenge. Wait a minute; this was the plot to the new Rocky film. On second thought, just forget it.

Glitter 2, In the Gutter: Since the first dreadful film was loosely based on her early singing career, I feel a follow up movie based on her loopy experiences after becoming famous would be interesting. Mariah Carey er, I mean Billie Frank becomes a big time singer with many hits under her belt. She lets it all get to her head, growing her ego the size of William Shatner’s ego. She starts having a relationship with a white rapper, which ends with him not returning her strange voice mail calls. She begins to loose it by appearing on a lame MTV show, nearly taking off her clothes in the process. She gets into a deal to make a movie about herself. The movie will bomb and she will have a nervous breakdown. (Note: I think I just created a paradox or something.)

Commando 2: The Road to the Governorship: After saving his daughter from some really bad guys, John Matrix (Arnold) marries Rae Dawn Chong and becomes a stay at home Commando. Not finding much to do at home, John Matrix decides he wants to run for Governor, despite not having any experience in that field. He soon discovers that the cutthroat acts of politics are far more difficult than actually cutting throats.Look at Da Brat’s expression on the left, priceless.

Commando 2

First he takes back his daughter, now he takes back his state!

You better Vote, or Die.


Hawks or Hawk? Characters call him by both names in the movie. Who wrote this script? BTW, the guy on the Poster looks like Goldberg.

Back to the Future II (Part 1 of 3)

Back to the Future II (Part 1 of 3)

The original BTTF movie is truly a classic. Something about the way the talent and creative people behind the scenes created this movie made people around the world fall in love with it even today. So what do you do when you are asked to make a sequel?

You turn the whole concept of the first story on its head. BTTF2 is one of those sequels that would turn everything that the fans of the first one expected in a completely different direction. The second film takes the whole concept of Time Travel and Paradoxes and expands it. While the story doesn’t have the same charm and wit as the first movie, I enjoyed this movie almost as much for different reasons. This film has a quicker pace than part one and that might have turned off some people. This film unlike the first movie is dependant on part III to finish its storylines.

Most of the familiar faces from part one come back for this movie, with the exception of Crispin Glover.

Due to all the jumping around in the story, I decided to review each time period by itself.


I thought it was clever that Robert Zemeckis recreated the entire ending scene from part one for this movie, adding a few extra shots here and there. Because Claudia Wells went missing, the producers had to replace her with Elisabeth Shue. Shue makes the character slightly more annoying than Wells does, but Shue isn’t the focal point of the plot.

They also added a few shots of Biff running out of the house and seeing the DeLorean flying. With camera panning in on Biff before we see the opening credits, we now know that Biff will be central plot point this movie.

There’s not much more to talk about here, moving on…


It is the year 2015; the Autobots have won their first victory over the evil…sorry wrong movie.

With a flash, we’re thrown into the future, future clouds that is. I found Alan Silvestri’s Main Theme for part two to be very enjoyable. This has to do with the fact that Alan changes the tempo of the theme. Its action tone fits with this movie.

End of part 1

Doc:“In this alt-timeline, Family Ties never existed.”
Marty: “Hmm, no more Alex P. Keaton, maybe we should let this timeline stay in place, Doc.”
Nike, I'm still waiting for my pair of self-sealing sneakers. It's 2007 now, I only have to wait till 2015.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hollaback Girl done Backwards!

Hey, girl, Hollaback.

Hollaback Girl done Backwards!

Comment: Nothing can prepare you for the total coolness of hearing Gwen Stefani’s song backwards, but watching the video as it is normally runs. Here’s the kicker, the backwards speak is actually the words backwards but not the timing.

Note: I loved hearing “My shit is bananas” backwards as well as “It’s my shit.”

Of Course My Humps sound just creepy

Comment: I was too busy checking out her ‘Humps’ to listen to the video, so I had to watch it again, and again…

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Superman II Footage

A bunch of really cool Superman Footage

Superman II The Richard Lesnner Cut Part 1: This very skillful woman decided to re-edit Superman II with Donner and Lester’s footage to make a completely different cut from the Lester, Donner and International cuts of this film.

~She uses the Alt opening with a pan across Krypton’s surface that was restored to Donner’s cut. I always loved this take because it is a close pan across the surface of the planet instead of a pan down like in the first film. Great use of John Williams’ Krypton theme here, considering he didn’t write music for part II.

~The film then blends this cut into Lester’s opening with Zod and his two buddies killing a guard and Zod breaking a red crystal. What was this crystal used for and why did he break it? Marlon Brando is restored to the trial of the three Super Villains. Brando is completely removed from Lester’s cut.

~The Krypton guard is wearing a modified version of the uniform that the security guards in the deleted footage from Superman I wear. In that deleted footage, the council orders Jor-El’s death and a guard is dispatched to kill him. The guard is killed during the destruction of the planet before he is able to murder Jor-El. (Note: Great transition from the Dome to the Guard’s helmet here.)

~There is no explosion at the beginning that frees the three Villains in this cut. I liked Donner’s take on how the Villains got free better.

Superman II The Richard Lesnner Cut Part 2: The opening credits have the original John Williams Main Theme and not the poorly done Ken Thorne version.

The clip below gives us some more info into the Donner cut…

Comment: This was pretty neat.

Which Super Villain are you?

Since I saw this cool survey over at Blayde’s Blog, I knew I had to take it too. It was pretty fun. I ended up with the same results as Blayde as my main Villain! Apocalypse. I sort of wished I was The Joker or Two-face, even Venom.

Your results
You are Apocalypse

You believe in survival of the fittest and you believe that you are the fittest.
Dr. Doom
Lex Luthor
Mr. Freeze
The Joker
Dark Phoenix
Poison Ivy
Green Goblin

Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...

Dirty (2005)

Dirty (2005)

Think of this movie as a cross between Training Day and Crash. As the title states, this movie is about an entire police Special Crime Unit that’s just as dirty as the criminals they put away. The movie has some dark images and scenes that might disturb people, but I think most people can handle it. The plot is a little rickety and runs out of gas toward the end of the movie, but the performances are pretty good from most of the cast.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is the reason rent this movie. He plays a really dirty cop that goes around harassing and beating gang members without a care in the world. (Note: A white couple gets lost in the ghetto and he scares them shitless. He also feels up the guy’s wife, who happens to be Gates McFadden, which makes me see Dr. Crusher in a different light.) I’m sure Cuba needed to find a role this gritty, because of the stupid roles he’s taken over the years. Boat Trip anyone? You can tell Cuba is having some fun with this character.

The story centers around two anti-gang detectives that spend all day getting deeper and deeper into a conspiracy with various gang members out to kill them. I enjoyed the watching the two main characters, but there are not enough redeeming qualities about them to make me feel for their plight. However, for a free rental I liked it a lot, and it is better than most of the PG-13 crap we see today. So, go out to see Cuba Gooding like you’ve never seen him.

Grade C

Cuba showing his pissed off face.
Yes, that's Robert LaSardo on the left, the same actor that plays drug lords, gang member leaders in nearly every movie he’s in.

Cuba: “Say you didn’t like Rat Race and Boat Trip again. I double dare you!”

Wyclef Jean sits, thinking about why he’s even in the movie at all.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts


Comment: The Angry Nintendo Nerd has his review of the New TMNT movie up. I completely agree with everything he says here.

~After the shootings at Virginia Tech, I've noticed that the security at U of L has increased a great deal. We had a bomb threat on Thursday, but nothing came of it.

~I had no idea there was a serial killer in GTA: SA, but there he is.

~Cops always think they're smart...

~This guy does 500 impression in two minutes. This one is funny.

~Why are there balding people wearing Dreadlocks? When you start loosing your hair, it's time to stop wearing dreadlocks.

~Are these photos of Heath Ledger as the Joker real? Are they currently filming Batman: The Dark Knight?

More IJ4 stuff

Indiana Jones 4 was a waste of time for Darabont.

Becca mentioned this in one of my comments, as well as MC reporting about it months ago. It was about Lucas and the rejected Frank Darabont IJ4 script. Little is known about the script other than many people seemed to be pleased with it, including Spielberg. I decided to look into it a little bit and added some links for reading for those that would like to know more about this.

Darabont might just be a bitter guy, and he's just venting, or he's completely right. Lucas has time and time again proved that he's forgotten how to write and produce good fiction.

Here's an interesting take on the whole situation

The Wicker Man clip

The Wicker Man

I was reading the Agony booth's reviews on the Golden Raspberry awards for 2006. The writer mentioned that there was a clip of The Wicker Man on youtube that was really strange, but funny. It's a collection of random scenes in the movie, such as Nicolas Cage punching and kicking women throughout the film.

Paul mentioned a while back that he saw the movie and that it was pretty bad. At the time, I was delighted that I missed it. Now, after watching this clip, I want to see it. It has to be really bad. Someone at the studio had to step in say, “Uh, this isn't turning out the way we intended.”

Nicolas Cage: “Okay, next question.”

Kid 1: “Will there ever be another Con Air movie?”

Nicolas Cage: “No.”

Kid 2: “Face Off 2, The Rock 2?”

Nicolas Cage: “I’m leaving.”

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Strange stuff

Strange moments on YouTube

Pee Wee doing a Japanese ad!

Comment: Hearing Pee Wee speak Japanese and promote a brokerage firm. What does Pee Wee have to do with a brokerage firm? I don’t know, but I like it.

NBC 85-86 Sales Presentation

Nothing can prepare you for a bunch of actors from various NBC shows during the 80’s singing NBC, Let’s all be there. Look out for a very happy David Hasselhoff. You add Hasselhoff with Mr. T and you have total badassness.

I’m sure most of these actors were forced into doing these lame promos.

Hmm, what ever happened to Louie the Lightning Bug?

Electricity safety

Comment: He could kick Smokey’s ass any day of the week. Louie was the man…I mean bug. Hopefully, most children know not to stick their fingers into plug sockets.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Comment: I remember this ad. Why would someone bring a full jar of Peanut butter into a movie theater?

DuckTales Opening Theme (Japanese)

Comment: We’ve all heard the Ducktales theme, but never in Japanese!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Galactus is a storm cloud?

Fantastic Four’s main villain is a cloud?

Comment: Please tell me this isn’t true…

((And now... well, now Fox has finally locked down the look of Galactus in the film that is, I’m now hearing from people on the picture, “a heartbreaker.” And not in the good way. More in the “hates superheroes and plays more like a parody than a real film” way.

Are you ready for this?

Wanted to let you know what Galactus is going to look like / be represented as in the FF2 sequel:

A storm cloud.


That's it. That's the solution from the creatives.

(clears throat).....pretty lame.

Think Superman/Silver Surfer flying through clouds with Galactus / Jorel VO.

My source is in the eye of the storm.

I've written reviews for your site as MegaSwarm (Fountain, Tenacious D, Scanner Darkly)))

Galactus is a storm cloud? I’m hoping this story isn’t true. Galactus is one big mo’fo that eats planets, kind of like Unicron. But instead, we get another form of V’ger.

I found the CGI character of the Silver Surfer to be pretty good, but I’m just hoping this new info is just a fanboy making up stuff.

I'm hoping for this

Ron Moore interview

Ron Moore interview

Interview: Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore

I’ve always been a huge fan of Ron Moore since his early days on Star Trek: TNG. He seemed to really grow into his own with DS9, and took a misstep with Voyager, but he’s found his calling with BSG.

He’s always been open with the fans. I still remember reading his DS9 posts on AOL back in the day. While I’ve only seen a handful of episodes, I like how he’s able to balance the show between political and social issues and character issues.

One of the things that stood out in the interview was this…

((AVC: Were you surprised when some of the things you've done lately—say, when the heroes condoned suicide bombings—didn't provoke more backlash?

RM: We saw a fair amount of heat for it. If the show was on a broadcast network and had a much bigger audience, we probably would have taken a much bigger hit. The fact that we're on cable and we have a smaller audience, I think, went a long way toward shielding us from a major media backlash.

And also just the fact that it's science fiction. We get a pass on a lot of things because it's science fiction. The religious stuff on the show, the political stuff on the show—a lot of people just don't want to take it seriously, because it's people in spaceships and robots running around. So a lot of the mainstream media just isn't going to really take anything in the show seriously. Which gives us a lot of freedom to do what we want.))

But, I have to ask this: What is up with hippie/outdoorsman look he’s been sporting for the past three years?

He looks like a guy that 's smokes weed, but probably fights bears with his hands in his spare time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No Sallah in IJ4? Come on Lucas...

No Sallah in Indiana Jones 4?

Okay, this got me a little upset when I read it. I always liked this character and he's one of Indiana's best friends and loyal allies in two of the movies. The reason behind him getting written out: According to the site, Rhys-Davies was asked about his appearance in the film at a recent Sci-Fi convention in New Zealand. He answered that, through a third party, he was told his character was written out of the script in favor of "a younger cast."

As the writer of the link above stated, was he ever written into the script? However, it is a little troubling that Mr. John Rhys-Davies doesn't have a part in the new movie. At least a cameo, come on Lucas, you included Jar-Jar in Episode III, but he served no purpose in that plot. But, you can't include Rhys-Davies in this movie? Then again were talking about a guy that produced Howard the Duck...

BTW, aiming for a younger crowd isn't the way to go, Indiana Jones has a built in audience and don't go pandering to a younger group. They'll come anyway.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Quentin Tarantino is the man

Nice hat...

Lame ‘film critic’ gets pissed with Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill

Found this on and I thought it was interesting. Some lady by the name of Jan Wahl interviews Tarantino. It starts out friendly and then switches to them nearly yelling at each other. Tarantino flat out says, “I didn’t make the movie for you!” And, he’s right; middle-aged people like her wouldn’t understand Kill Bill.

She then cuts him off and makes sure she has the last word “It’s soulless.”

Soulless? It’s about a woman getting revenge on people leaving her dead. How much soul is supposed to be in a revenge movie? People like this Wahl piss me off.

I also didn’t like that the News studio people cut Tarantino off without giving him a second chance to defend himself.

All the world's a Blog

Here’s what my big final 7 page Research paper is about in my Lit class…

Writing about Shakespeare’s use of the French Army in King Lear, and I have to use as many researching results as I can in the paper. You just don’t know how bored I am right now.

I actually enjoyed King Lear over the other Shakespeare play I’ve read, As You Like. It probably has something to do with my dreary Personality

Red Street

When someone says, “We’ll paint the streets red with blood…”, I don’t think they meant this.

This is truly nuts.

((Lowell Massachusetts is in the north central part of the state, miles removed from the bogs of the Cape. The orange hue that coated route 495's northbound lane did make for a colorful nighttime drive, however messy it ended up being. A tractor trailer carrying dye intended for mulch deposited some of its cargo on the highway after the load shifted.))

The only story I have close to this was on 71 to Ohio, an old dump truck partly had its rear wagon door open and spilled metal shavings all over the highway. The driver didn't know it and continued to drive as more metal fell out of his truck. The metal nearly popped everyone’s tires behind him; basically every car behind him was pulled to side and had more than one flat tire. I was heading to school and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. (BTW, the dump truck guy got arrested.)

Anyway, some of the comments below the picture seem to confirm that this was real.

Here’s more info,

Gives painting the town red a whole new meaning…sorry

fake trailers from Grindhouse

Here are the fake trailers from Grindhouse

Comment: I love these trailers! It makes me want to go out and see Grindhouse now. I really like the first one with the Mexican hero. Good stuff, Danny Trejo plays the hero in this trailer. You’ve seen him in countless movies. (BTW, I just saw him in GTA Vice City Stories, the character model looks just like him too!)

The Thanksgiving one is also funny, makes me not want to eat turkey again.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thug Life

The infidelguy speaks his mind.

Comment: I completely agree with EVERYTHING he has to say in this clip. I’m a black guy that speaks properly and rarely speaks slang (I do speak it sometimes). My mother would have chewed me out if I’d spoke in an ignorant manner. She taught me it was sign of disrespect. With other black people, I took a lot of flack for speaking properly.

I’ve had to go through this even today. I’ve had people say, “You talk white, James.” I then say, “So, broken English is talking black?” What is being black?

Here’s his reply to many comments he received,

“Yo, who you be with Dogg.”

Friday, April 13, 2007

Total Recall

Total Recall

Total Recall was one of those movies that people either hate or really love. I personally love the film. Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 80s and 90s knew how to pick interesting sci-fi scripts; he was much better at it than Sly. Recall was one of those interesting scripts. Helmed by Paul Verhoeven, we get a violent and cynical future where people use VR machines to implant stories into their minds. Once we get Arnold into the Recall center, the movie moves along at a break-neck speed. We get countless sight gags and some thoughtful takes on what is real and what is fake.

Verhoeven brings his insanely violent scenes to life with every scene, as well as bringing nudity and bad jokes to life. When going into a Verhoeven movie, you are fully aware what you’re going to get. Jerry Goldsmith’s score is top quality. The main theme is a very unconventional take on a hero theme. While Arnold was at the top of his game in the movie, other better actors brought this movie up to a higher standard. You can’t go wrong with Ronny Cox and Michael Ironside, some of the best Sci-fi villain actors in Hollywood. I found Sharon Stone’s performance in this movie more convincing and fun than many of her other roles during this time period. Plus, she was way sexier in this movie than Basic Instinct.

For the sheer camp-ness of the flick, I’m giving it a…

Grade B+

Here are a few other things I enjoyed…

Johnnycab: Voiced by Robert Picardo, you have to wonder if the cab got pissed with Arnold after he ripped it out of the driver’s seat. The JohnnyCab actually goes after Arnold once he says, “Sue me, dickhead.” Or did he just malfunction?

Three Breasts are better than two: You know, the woman that played this part pretty much disappeared from Hollywood altogether. I guess there wasn’t much work out there for three-breasted women in Hollywood. She’s finally showed up on an episode of Without a Trace this year after disappearing in 91. Lycia Naff: I have a big crush on her, but because of her role on Star Trek: TNG.

Arnold’s Nose Picking: Only Arnold could pick the worlds biggest chunk out of his nose.

Arnold’s One-liners: He picks up a two-handed drill and says, “Benny, screw YOU!”

Lori: No wonder you're having nightmares, you're always watching the news: If I was forced to watch FOX News all the time, I’d have nightmares too.

Using Holo-technology in a gunfight: That was just neat.

Ripping someone’s arms off, and throwing them away: Poor Richter…

Ever notice all the actors that ended up on episodes of various Star Trek show are from this movie?: Ronny Cox, Robert Picardo, Marc Alaimo, Robert Costanzo, Roy Brocksmith and Lycia Naff.

“Hey, Kuato, you got a little bit of snot/blood under your nose…uh, never mind.”

The Govenator shows her that he’s Fully Functional. Rise of the Machines indeed.
Nice, makes me almost forget Basic Instinct 2
Hmmm…Twoooo Wwweeeeekkkkkss
“Open your mminddddd!”

This little creepy, deformed, mutant, telepathic baby always freaked me out.

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