Friday, November 28, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII teaser

Star Wars Episode VII teaser
Well, you knew I had to talk about it!
Okay, you have me hook, line and sinker, JJ. I am really looking forward to this movie. It feels like a cross between the prequels and the sequels. There isn't much to the teaser, but it certainly gives a glimpse into the kind of movie it is going to be. The trailer clearly has the prequel vibe with the editing, but the designs look more sequel-ish.
When you see that opening desert shot, you know you're getting a Star Wars film. From what I can tell, the two main characters will be a black guy (the storm trooper) and a woman (the woman on the hover bike). 
-The Storm Trooper uniforms are a bit different and a cross between the clone troopers and the original designs.
-X-Wings flying through a planet on water: Cool shot. And we get to see the updated design of the ships.
-Familiar Sound Effects: We get the X-Wing and TIE Fighters sounds. The trailer has amazing sound effects. It might be the best sounding trailer I've seen.
-John Williams Score: Is this new material? Yep, Star Wars Twitter confirmed that this is Williams new score. I am really looking forward to Williams score. I am not sure he's finish scoring this movie though. JJ is really into getting his scores right.
-Millennium Falcon: It's been updated too a bit. Look, it's been 30 years since Return of the Jedi and the ship has taken a beating. I love this shot. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head
 Sly:  "I am Da Law."
This movie isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either.  This is based on a graphic novel, but it feels less polished than most movies based on printed material.  The movie really doesn’t have much style or good storytelling.  It comes across as being bland. The script needed a few more rewrites. 
Sylvester Stallone plays yet another hitman with rules.  (No women, no kids…again) Someone double-crosses him and his partner, which gets his partner killed.  He is now on a warpath to get the people that want him dead with the help of a police detective.
The script is simple with its lame dialogue and half-baked subplots.  It actually works as a revenge flick with a hitman and cop taking out all the people that supposedly turned on them…however the movie shifts gears in the last act.  The movie pretty much abandons it plot in the last 15 minutes and kills off most of the villains and ending the movie with a lame axe fight.  Yes, the movie ends on an axe fight between Sly and a henchman.  There really isn’t much build up into why this henchman is such a badass.  Why does he hate Sly so much?  
It almost feels like they ran out of script and time and just decided to make it a fight to the death with axes.  Lame. 
Lame is probably the best way to describe the entire movie.  It isn’t a bad movie; it just comes across as being lame and boring despite the damn action.  How does one screw that up?  Sly’s much better in his Expendable movies, so look at those instead of this.  I just found the movie lazy. 
Grade: C-
-Sly’s body:  He looks leaner and not as pumped up as his recent Rambo and Rocky movies.  He actually looks like his body type from the very first Rambo movie. 
-Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko):  He is completely wasted as the evil businessman.  Why even bother bringing him in as the main bad guy if you don’t pit him against the main heroes?  It is a complete waste. 
-Sung Kang:  That guy from the Fast and Furious series…He’s Sly’s partner…kind of. We really don’t get the buddy/enemies vibe because the movie doesn’t know what it wants to be. 
-Narration?:  Why is there a narration?  I know you’re trying to do the pulp thing, but it doesn’t work when Sly mumbles things we see conveyed on screen. 
-Nudity:  Probably the only plus in the movie.  It is a R-Rated film by the way. There is even a scene where naked women walk around a party for no good reason other than to show off TNA.  You WILL get to see Sarah Shahi partly naked and that’s a good thing.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Shockmaster: Well, that was really bad...

The Shockmaster: Well, that was really bad...
Behold, The Shockmaster incident
I only discovered this little gem today on Reddit. This character was supposed to be the total badass WCW guy. The introduction went of the rails once he fell on his ass on live TV. However, it was already doomed when he donned that goofy glittered storm trooper helmet and pimp vest thingy. Why would you even bother wearing that helmet let alone glittering it up?
Oh, how about the fact the Shockmaster also gestures when another wrestler is talking?
And, why did he sound like Dr. Claw? 
  I love reactions from the wrestlers when falls on his ass. “Oh, God.”
Fred Ottman was the guy behind the “mask” and he's done a few interviews about the infamous incident. Some people claim that was a form of sabotage.
From Pro Wrestling, ((Dusty Rhodes later revealed on an episode of WWE 24/7's Legends of Wrestling that the piece of lumber previously wasn't there during a successful practice run and it was later put there by David Crockett without informing Ottman. ))
 The Shockmaster kind of came back.

Robert (what?)

Robert (what?)
First off, I don't think it is your job that is costing you female relationships. Something tells me it has to do with your name being bad homophobic word. It's like some guy being named the N-word for a last name. You might want to change that.
Second, yes I know his last name is from England/France. But, in North America, this doesn't go over that well for you.
From White, ((French: from Old French fagot ‘bundle of firewood’; probably a metonymic occupational name for a gatherer or seller of firewood. ))
I would love to interview this guy today. Robert, if you're reading this, I want to talk to you. 

Shia LaBeouf by Rob Cantor

Shia LaBeouf by Rob Cantor
Maybe, this is what Shia does in his off hours? Does Shia go around hunting people?
I have no idea what the hell I just watched, but I like it. Also, Shia's cameo is a reference to Orson Welles' role in Citizen Kane. After all the shit he's been through, are we at the point where we build him back up? Has he poked fun at his shit enough for us to forgive him?  I'm not sure.  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Emmanuel Lewis Interview on TV Guidance Counselor

 Here's a shout out to Ken Reid and his TV Guidance Counselor podcast interview with the 80s face of sitcoms. While I watched him on the Surreal Life a few times, I never really know how this guy behaved off screen. It appears he's a nice dude that's really open about his time on TV.
Unlike Gary Coleman, he was never bitter about his fame. If Coleman was still alive, you would never get this type of interview. I also love that Lewis is shocked by Ken's knowledge of the show. And, there was a lot of tension on the Webster show during that first season, which Lewis took to heart. But, the tension subsided and they all got along very well.
And, yes, Lewis did do that Christmas special with Mr. T.
 Lucky Bastard.  The amount of booty he got on his Webster fame alone must have been uncountable.  
 Together, these four 80s child stars form...super mega force squad.
Wasn't Mr. T on NBC and Lewis on ABC.  Usually, stars wouldn't crossover that much other than late night back then. 

Remember that Joe Boxer ad? Call back...sort of

Remember that Joe Boxer ad? Call back...sort of
So, the old one had fit men banging their balls around like bells to make music, which caused a lot of outcry. This year, Kmart goes for a slightly tamer version...kind of. I think they're playing it safe with this verison
Here's the one from last year.
I wonder what a female version of that same ad would be?
Okay, I'd take the female version over the dude one. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Terms to comment on (Urban Dictionary)

Terms to comment on (Urban Dictionary)
My Twitter account was hacked : ((English phrase intended as a blatant lie to obscure an act of poor judgment on one's part. Originated with regard to making horrible statements on Twitter, of course, but can really be used in just about any situation and be as believable. ))
Comment: I've read this one hundreds of times now. When someone really gets angry and tweets some crazy shit, they will often delete it and claim someone hacked them. I've only seen it used over the past two years though. Usually, someone will get fired over a crazy tweet or something. Can't really use this in real life. “Hey, you just got punched in the neck. That wasn't me, I was hacked. YOLO.”
Lumbersexual : ((A Metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard. ))
Comment: What? I thought the metro-sexual thing was played out now. I've seen the full beards, but the finely trimmed ones aren't around anymore. Both hipsters and nerd/geeks like the thick bears today. When I read the term, I thought it had to do with having sex with lumber products like wooden spoons.
food press : ((Another word for taking a dump ))
Comment: I've never heard of this one, but I will actually use it whenever I ever talk about pooping for now on. I love it. However, it should be Food Push or Squeeze. “Hey, I got to do a food press. See you in 10 to 20...or 30.”
Cannilingus : ((The use of the tongue to find the opening in the top of a beverage can, when it's too dark to see. ))
Comment: While I don't drink alcohol, I do this to open cans when driving at night. Nice word play there

Friday, November 21, 2014

Random Things: Somber Version

Random Things
New Coke and Old Cosby: Two losing products
~Bill Cosby: I hate the fact there is more and more evidence out there that he has raped many women out there. As a black kid growing up in the suburbs, I looked up to Cosby and his sitcom from the 80s. It showed that a black family didn't have to be from the hood or talk in slang terms. It was a show about educated black people and that meant a lot to me. Now, we're finding out that he's a terrible person, allegedly. I've agreed with him politically in the past about his stance on the black community, but now I have to distance myself from him. He's an asshole. Heck, I share a birthday with this guy. Stop going on tour and go hide away from a while, dude

 ~AC/DC drummer: I was listening to AC/DC on Howard Stern and Stern mentioned that their drummer was caught up in a murder scandal thingy. Phil Rudd supposedly hired someone to kill two people in New Zealand and ended up getting arrested for it. I have to give AC/DC credit for mentioning it and talking about it. They actually found out about his arrest through the news. 

 I've become this...Get off my Internet. 
~Bitter and grumpy: I've gotten more bitter and grumpy over the years and especially over the months. I've found that I don't care about anything anymore and just can't find the energy to care. I kind of miss being that young 19 year old atheist that was political and almost looked at the world with hope. All that is gone. No matter how much you care and how much you put into something you believe, it will turn to complete shit, and you're just better off not giving a shit. Stop trying to change the world and just make the world better for yourself, because it will get worst in the long run. I've watched some of my extended family members start to loose their minds literally, and it has just bummed me out because I can't do anything about it.
I have one uncle that lost the use of his legs and we've watched him become more and more mean spirited and shut in. I have another uncle that has completely let his alcoholism take over his life. Because he gets a free check from the government every month, he doesn't have to clean up to maintain a job. So, he spends our tax money on getting drunk everyday. He even showed up to a treatment meeting drunk! And, he got kicked out.
I have a grandmother that has dementia, she is the mother of these two. She was a proud black woman that ran her own businesses and owned property. Now, she can barely put together two sentences without losing her place. 
I work with a lot of young people.  I see these young people with their bright eyes and hope in everything and I am jealous.  I've completely lost that part of me.  They actually see a future out there for them, and it takes everything in me not to break their spirits.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

That Star Trek V Press Conference

That Star Trek V Press Conference
Yes, that was awkward wasn't it? The people over at R Cringe are talking about the fact that Shatner might have truly forgotten his co-star's name, but I think he did it on purpose. However, I don't know the names of most of my co-workers, but I do know the ones I've worked with for a long time.
I think this was during the height of Shatner's ego. Keep in mind that this was around the time when he belittled a 15 year old Wil Wheaton. And, sent Wheaton crying off the STV set defeated. Shatner is known for really belittling his co-stars.
Walter Koenig is pissed. I love that he doesn't miss a beat reminding Shatner his name.
-James Doohan : I think James simmered down with his hatred of Shatner at this point in his life.
-George Takei : I know things have gotten very bad between these two lately. I heard Takei thought about sitting this movie out. However, he got a call from Shatner trying to convince him to come on board.
-I love the early start of the music. And, the look of anger by Harve Bennett .
-Harve Bennett : This would be his last ST movie since starting with STII. Bennett, from what Nichelle Nichols says, wasn't well liked by most of the ST cast. And, Leonard Nimoy and Bennett butted heads so much, that Nimoy basically banned Bennett from the set (Allegedly). Bannett would try to “reboot” the franchise with a new series of films set in the Academy days called Star Trek Starfleet Academy. The cast and fans rallied against it with the help from Gene. Bennett left the franchise feeling a little battered after that.
Side note: Bennett is now 84 years old.
-Shatner went through hell making this film: While I think the movie has some major problems, the studio really screwed over the production by slashing the budget. And, Shatner had labor/writer's strikes and other production problems on the set.
-ILM, George Lucas' company, didn't do the FX. You can tell too, because these are the weakest FX in all of the Trek movies. The “A” team that usually did the Trek films were busy with Indiana Jones 3's FX and STV would be forced to work with a secondary ILM team. Looking at the final product, they should have worked with ILM regardless.

This is probably the best ad ever

This is probably the best ad ever
I'd almost want to be a member of their banking company. Heck they have a sense of humor. Since when has banking and humor mixed. Also, note the permanent smile on the woman “actor” typing and the fact the screen doesn't change.
From what I can tell, the company seems real.

Chief Police office does speaks the truth

Chief Police office does speaks the truth
I am sure I would disagree with most of his stances, but I completely agree with him on this issue. At work, I told a left-leaning person my view on the problems in the black community and I pretty stated what this guy said in this video without watching the video. There is WAY too much violence in black communities and it is mostly directed at other black people. You're not going to find another group that hates itself so much like some of the areas I've scene.
We come together for police related shooting and call out racism, which is good. However, where are the black leaders denouncing the crime on black on black crime? Where are they when discussing the large amount of guns on the streets? Where are they in the discussions about the large amounts of fatherless children? This pisses me off so much.
End of line...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cinemorgue Wiki: A very dark wiki

Everyone dies...more than once. 
There are wikis for everything out there from pornstars to GTA games and I read a lot of them. I stumbled across this one looking up some actors on Too Many Cooks and this site came up. The catch for this site is listing actors' character deaths from various media outlets.
I think it is a very neat site, because I can't always keep track of every character that dies.
Michelle Rodriguez dies a lot in her career. At this point, she should really know how to do a death scene. She is the female Sean Bean. She dies at least three-four times in the Resident Evil movies. Remember, she dies at one point and comes back as a zombie and dies again. Then, there is that sequel . She kind of dies in Fast and Furious franchise and then gets retconned into living.
Then there is that great Lost Death.
True Blood has a high amount of deaths: And, I am sure that's not including the ones where vampires have killed off large groups of people.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Mormon Jesus Song...word

The Mormon Jesus Song...word

This song actually works. I was watching a couple of atheists deconstruct the that strange anti-Mormon video, and I remember that someone remixed the it into a song. I had forget how much space and galaxy stuff is in the actual faith...kind of reminds me of another space-based religion.  
BTW, these are all fixed gear bikes.  Usually, hipsters ride around on these things.  I usually see Mormons ride on mountain bikes like myself.  Some hipsters will use road bikes, but never mountain bikes.  And, you don't usually see Mormons use road bikes.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Farts: Now I know and knowing is all the battle

Farts: Now I know and knowing is all the battle
Actually, I don't like the smell of my own farts. As I've written before, I think my farts smell worst now than they did 20 years ago. Plus, they're longer and more powerful in sound. Everything else seems to get weaker on our bodies, but the farts keep getting stronger.

BTW, I love how old people will cut a fart and not give a total shit (literally?) about it. I was behind an old man in a Kroger store and he just kept ripping farts as he walked down the aisle. It was as if the farts were a propulsion system for him.     

Shirtstorm/Shirtgate: I landed on a damn comet and all I got was this damn shirt.

I was really pissed off when I read the title to the website The Verge by Chris Plante and Arielle Duhaime-Ross.
((I don't care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing))
I took some time to sleep on it and let it simmer down for me. The title of the post pissed me off so much, that I knew I wouldn't be writing a good piece discussing why this is a problem.
First off, I am a huge sci-fi guy. I've watched so many hours of Star Trek/Alien/BSG/Star Wars stuff that it might be considered a sickness. Being a guy that used to be a C- student and have trouble with math, I look up to scientists and people in space exploration. They are doing something I'll never be able to do. They make the world a more interesting place with their knowledge. We as writers think things up, they think things up and build them. That's truly amazing.
Despite all the horrible things going on this planet right now, the human race did something astonishing a few days ago. They landed an active probe on a moving comet. This should be hailed a something profound and important, because the more we can learn about comets, the more we learn about the galaxy. Heck, we could actually prevent a comet from hitting Earth in a few years with this knowledge.
Yet, out of the Shirtstorm/Shirtgate incident. Some guy named Chris Plante took that achievement and threw it aside with a “click bait” title. Was I offended? Nope, but it certainly made me want to write something about it. I got angry, but not in the same manner as the people offended by Taylor's shirt.
It just made be angry because this sort of “pushing aside intelligent achievements” for political stances is something the far right-conservatives do. (Globe Warming and Evolution) It one of the reasons I can't vote for Republicans in most cases, because there is such a disdain for science and varying views. They're so set in their bible-thumping ways that the facts will never matter. This article by Plante is other side of that now. It felt like something the religious conservatives say about science. “Yeah, but that shirt was sexist.”
The left used to be open to discussion and science. And, now we're seeing it completely tear itself apart for political cache. Despite the “disturbing” shirt, this should have been an achievement that we could show the far right religious types that THIS is what science is capable of. We may disagree with certain things, but humankind did THIS.
Plante couldn't help himself and wrote that attack piece against Taylor with that boneheaded title. This just bothers me to no end. We are better than this, people. He's talking about a shirt. While I don't agree with many aspects of the new feminist movement, but I never thought I'd see them take the conservative route.
I don't care if a scientists is male or female I look up to them because they're doing something I can never accomplish...ever.
I personally didn't think the shirt was appropriate, but it is not the thing that holds women back in science. People that have a problem with women in the work environment are the problem NOT the dude wearing the wrong shirt at the wrong time. That's all. I have a problem with pushing aside of this achievement for political gain.
I also find this frustrating because the left is falling into same problems the black civil rights movement is currently in right now. We're fighting the wrong battles and just blaming “racism” for all of our problems as our neighborhoods are continuing to fall apart. We're refusing to look at our internal problems (such as education and not turning in crime elements). Yes, we have police officers killing black people, but let's also look into why black males are killing so many black males too!  
We're quick to use violence to solve problems instead of using our heads.   I'm seeing the same thing happen on a smaller level with the left movements. 
So, now I am going to think up my own click-bait title.
By the way, I knew something was wrong when I partly agree with Ana Kasparian.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Glen A Larson RIP

Glen A Larson RIP
From The Hollywood Reporter, ((Glen A. Larson, the wildly successful television writer-producer whose enviable track record includes Quincy M.E., Magnum, P.I., Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider and The Fall Guy, has died. He was 77. ))
I was in shock when this came up in the Google News section.  It is kind of strange that Too Many Cooks parodies the era that Larson was a powerhouse TV producer. Larson probably shaped my TV habits for years.  I would watch his sci-fi based shows on reruns on Saturdays. 
It feels strange to know all my TV icon writers/producers/creators/actors are dying off. 
His stuff wasn’t always great, but it was fun to watch when I was a little kid.  (Knight Rider and BSG)  He seemed to have the idea of having really cool cars and machines around a good-looking lead male actor.  And, then top it off with a kick ass theme song.   I still love his shows today and fondly sit down watching them.  
Larson, you made a huge pop cultural impact.  

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie

Holy cow, this is a pretty entertaining movie with a good message. I totally overlooked this little gem of a movie when it came out, because I wasn't interested in the Lego franchise (movies or video games). However, this movie works on a kid and adult level. It was a lot of fun, and that should be the focal point of these type of movies.
Emmet Brickowski is the hero of the movie AKA the chosen one. I mean he is literally the chosen one. He's just a mundane character that goes out of his way to fit in his world. However, no one really notices him. Emmet also has the ability to make foolish inventions that make no sense. We get to see him go on his adventure with the female ninja Wyldstyle.
Like the Roger Rabbit and the Toy Story franchises, the movie presents a world where other licensed characters show up in cameo appearances. One huge cameo had me really smiling especially with its relationship with Batman. I don't want to give it away, but that was a neat little cameo from a huge franchise that I didn't see coming. (Oh, and we get a lot of DC characters thrown in for good measure.)
Speaking of Batman, he plays a rather big part in the movie, which I wasn't predicting. I thought he'd have a small part and disappear from the movie, but he's right along with the other band of heroes. He's a nice foil for the main hero, and the story goes in one direction with Batman that I didn't see coming. I thought he'd be the jerk, but he really isn't. It is a great use of a licensed character.
The writers and producers successfully weave a moral into the adventure in a clever way in the same manner as Toy Story. Imagination is important, and that's what The Lego Movie is all about. And, the final act fully explores this. Sometimes, the message is little bit too heavy-handed, but hey this is still a kid's movie.
Also, the voice acting is top-notch all around. Every voice fits the character. And, some actors reprise their “franchise” characters. Plus, the CGI models actually look like real Lego toys and sets. When water is shown, it is Lego water! Well done, WB animation.
The Lego Movie is a total surprise. The movie seems to speak to me, because I was one of those kids that probably spent more time playing with action figures and using my imagination more than going outside and meeting people. Imagination was god to me, and this movie focus in on that notion. And, I love the movie for that. While I wished the message wasn't as heavy-handed and I wished the movie showed more worlds the Lego universe, I have to give this movie props.
Grade B+  

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jonathan Koppenhaver, you're even worst than before.

Jonathan Koppenhaver, you're even worst than before.
When I read the headline to this link, anger arouse inside me. Allegedly, Daily Mail reported that War Machine started to smirk. I guess his hearing is going on right now. Christy Mack took the witness stand and WM started to laugh at her testimony.
From, ((KLAS-TV reports that Jonathan Koppenhaver (also known as War Machine) started laughing shortly after the prosecutor asked Christy Mack, “Was there sexual violence?” and she responded with a “yes.”))
Regardless of the time line, we know that you did in fact beat the living crap out of her. Not some threats on twitter or harassing e-mails, but you physically beat the living crap out of her. There is physical evidence. I think sometimes overlook the actual physical abusers. Yet, you sit there and laugh. You think this is a joke?  You laugh about beating someone you supposedly loved in their own home.  That's just evil.  
I hate these pricks.
F' you, WM.
I hope you spend a long time in prison and getting to know all the locals in the cell block.  

Friday, November 14, 2014

ahhh, get ready: Space Harrier favorite themes

Space Harrier favorite themes
I used to pay the hell out of this game on my Sega Master System. I always loved the tracks because they were a bit jazzy.
I fondly remember the main track that played at different times during your run though the game.

aahhh, get ready.

Shirt-Gate, shit-gate? Poop Gate?

Shirt-Gate, shit-gate?
Watch the other people stare at him with total confusion. That wasn't the question she asked you, man. Is that guy smiling right next to him?
Are we now at the point when everything is offensive? 
 Oh, boy. Here we go again. It seems Dr. Matt Taylor from the Rosetta Project made more headlines than the damn project he was working on...with his choice of shirts. The shirt, which probably was a poor choice, had drawings of women in “sexy” gear and other outfits. Now, the tumblr world is flipping their shit.
I'd have a problem with this outcry if MRAs got pissed if a women wore a shirt depicting men in bondage gear. Calm down, it is just a nerd picking the wrong shirt. Maybe, he should have picked out that annoying dragon shirt instead.
Here's the best part. The person that asked him to wear the shirt was a woman. She designed and made the shirt for him for his birthday. If a nice lady made me a shirt...for free depicting steaming turds, I'd wear it. Then again, I like steaming turds. She says she does these shirts as a hobby, right now she should really consider making these things more now and make some serious cash while the Shirt-Gate thing is still hot. She seems to be taking the thing rather well.
Is the shirt proper for work or even this interview? Nope. But, I also don't think it holds people back or oppresses people. People who forcible keep a section of people out a field are to be attacked, not some scientist wearing a shirt a female friend told him to wear. My stance on these types of things has changed over the years. I think it should be noted and even discussed, but some of the venom is an overreaction.
Given Taylor's annoying tattoos, I almost thought he was walking around shirt-less and he just has bondage girls tattooed on his body. 

Should the science fields be inclusive? Yes, but you're fighting the wrong battle if you go after a guy wearing a damn shirt. I find it a bit offensive that we're talking more about his damn shirt than the Rosetta Project in the media. The spacecraft not only orbits a comet, but lands on it too. Given what I read from its wiki page.
Calm down, people.
Okay, I am done with my soapbox.

NPC's ruin Assassin's Creed Scene

NPC's ruin Assassin's Creed Scene
I guess this is the price you pay for using in-game character models. Sometimes NPCs will wonder into a scene. I have to say the character models do look great and the voice acting is good, but I could not keep track of that since the NPC characters steal the show.
Yep, the NPC cops actually start firing at the two characters during their scene! Man, I literally laughed out loud.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


While I liked the Family Guy Simpsons crossover better, this is still a fun little episode. I only wished the stakes were a little higher and that episode was a hour long like the Family Guy crossover. However, it is good to see the Future cast again, despite it being very limiting.
I also enjoy how Bender and Homer bond over the first half of the episode. The second half deals with the future. I think second half is the weaker portion of the script, but not by much. It is still fun. I just think the show should have been a hour long so we spent the first half hour with the major characters in the present and then the second in the future.
Now, don't get me started if this episode is in continuity with either Futurama or The Simpsons. That would take up more time than I feel I need to write here.
Overall, I loved the episode, despite the fact I felt it was a little rushed and short changed. This will probably be the last time we see the Futurama crew.
Grade: B-

-Some of the Futurama side characters die in this crossover: I guess if you're not going to make anymore episodes of Futurama, then you can do that sort of thing.
-Bender now sleeps in Homer's basement: Was that a TNG reference? There was an episode where Data's head stays underground for hundreds of years and is reattached to his current body. Bender sleeps up until the Futurama time period.
-The similarities between Bender and Homer aren't just their attitudes. Bart actually notes that Bender and Homer look exactly alike.
-Fry's dog makes a cameo appearance. What's he doing in Springfield? This episode its referencing always makes me cry. Damn you, Futurama. Fry's dog notices something before going back to waiting. We also know the dog did have a happy life end the end.
-Maggie is on the take: Maggie is always considered much smarter than she portrays herself to be. Bender's scenes with her are cute.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jii Lighter: What the F' did I just watch?

 Jii Lighter: What the F' did I just watch?
Came across this strange ad on Reddit and I am still confused by it. Could you imagine Coke products being sold in such a manner? I'm in.
From the video and Google, I get that the lighter is USB rechargeable and it comes in various “fun” colors. I understand things are a bit different there and you can show cigarettes in ads. Plus, I don't think they're vilified as much as they are here in North America.  Keep in mind I hate cigs.  
-Mad Scientist invents Jii: I almost wanted him to say, “Gentlemen, I present to you Jii Lighter.”
-So, it is safe for the environment. Thanks.
-Jii is a bit horny: He has SEX with an older lighter. What in the hell?  I guess he's into the Cougars and MILFs.  More power to you, Jii-Jii. 
-Jii-Jii's USB port is in his ass. Nice.
I've never been excited about a lighter, but I'll give the company props for being excited for their USB lighter.
There is a sequel...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Subway Fight

 The Subway Fight
Someone ordered a slap-chop
Yes, that was the slap heard around the world. I mean that slap was loud...almost cartoon like.
First off, I have no idea what the hell that one girl is talking about. We as black people really need to speak clearly. Every time I heard a young black man or woman speak like this, I cringe.
Second, yes, the 8-Ball jacket is played out, but maybe he's a retro-hipster type.
Third, they attack the camera guy when he jokes on them. It's okay to joke on the 8-Ball guy, but you get violent when someone jokes on you.
I also like how all the white people quickly travel to the other side of the subway car, while the black people get closer to the fight. Note to all people, when a black woman and a black man start throwing punches, leave the area like these people did. You are never going to find two groups of people that hate each as much as black men and women. For me, I'd leave the area because you know cops will just randomly start locking black people up and you don't want to get caught in the mix.
I'm against a man hitting a woman, but don't attack anybody unless you're willing to defend yourself. You didn't even know this guy and you attack him? Is that smart?
Black people, what is wrong with us today?  Both black men and women are quick to throw punches nowadays that it almost guaranteed that if you see two of us yelling there will be punches.  Not everything needs to end with a punch or a slap.  How about walking away and NOT having the last word?  It either ends with someone getting knocked out, shot or stabbed, or arrested. 

Anyway, four people got arrested for this fight. The woman that slapped 8-Ball, 8-Ball, her friend, and some dude.
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