Monday, November 17, 2014

Shirtstorm/Shirtgate: I landed on a damn comet and all I got was this damn shirt.

I was really pissed off when I read the title to the website The Verge by Chris Plante and Arielle Duhaime-Ross.
((I don't care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing))
I took some time to sleep on it and let it simmer down for me. The title of the post pissed me off so much, that I knew I wouldn't be writing a good piece discussing why this is a problem.
First off, I am a huge sci-fi guy. I've watched so many hours of Star Trek/Alien/BSG/Star Wars stuff that it might be considered a sickness. Being a guy that used to be a C- student and have trouble with math, I look up to scientists and people in space exploration. They are doing something I'll never be able to do. They make the world a more interesting place with their knowledge. We as writers think things up, they think things up and build them. That's truly amazing.
Despite all the horrible things going on this planet right now, the human race did something astonishing a few days ago. They landed an active probe on a moving comet. This should be hailed a something profound and important, because the more we can learn about comets, the more we learn about the galaxy. Heck, we could actually prevent a comet from hitting Earth in a few years with this knowledge.
Yet, out of the Shirtstorm/Shirtgate incident. Some guy named Chris Plante took that achievement and threw it aside with a “click bait” title. Was I offended? Nope, but it certainly made me want to write something about it. I got angry, but not in the same manner as the people offended by Taylor's shirt.
It just made be angry because this sort of “pushing aside intelligent achievements” for political stances is something the far right-conservatives do. (Globe Warming and Evolution) It one of the reasons I can't vote for Republicans in most cases, because there is such a disdain for science and varying views. They're so set in their bible-thumping ways that the facts will never matter. This article by Plante is other side of that now. It felt like something the religious conservatives say about science. “Yeah, but that shirt was sexist.”
The left used to be open to discussion and science. And, now we're seeing it completely tear itself apart for political cache. Despite the “disturbing” shirt, this should have been an achievement that we could show the far right religious types that THIS is what science is capable of. We may disagree with certain things, but humankind did THIS.
Plante couldn't help himself and wrote that attack piece against Taylor with that boneheaded title. This just bothers me to no end. We are better than this, people. He's talking about a shirt. While I don't agree with many aspects of the new feminist movement, but I never thought I'd see them take the conservative route.
I don't care if a scientists is male or female I look up to them because they're doing something I can never accomplish...ever.
I personally didn't think the shirt was appropriate, but it is not the thing that holds women back in science. People that have a problem with women in the work environment are the problem NOT the dude wearing the wrong shirt at the wrong time. That's all. I have a problem with pushing aside of this achievement for political gain.
I also find this frustrating because the left is falling into same problems the black civil rights movement is currently in right now. We're fighting the wrong battles and just blaming “racism” for all of our problems as our neighborhoods are continuing to fall apart. We're refusing to look at our internal problems (such as education and not turning in crime elements). Yes, we have police officers killing black people, but let's also look into why black males are killing so many black males too!  
We're quick to use violence to solve problems instead of using our heads.   I'm seeing the same thing happen on a smaller level with the left movements. 
So, now I am going to think up my own click-bait title.
By the way, I knew something was wrong when I partly agree with Ana Kasparian.

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