Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chief Police office does speaks the truth

Chief Police office does speaks the truth
I am sure I would disagree with most of his stances, but I completely agree with him on this issue. At work, I told a left-leaning person my view on the problems in the black community and I pretty stated what this guy said in this video without watching the video. There is WAY too much violence in black communities and it is mostly directed at other black people. You're not going to find another group that hates itself so much like some of the areas I've scene.
We come together for police related shooting and call out racism, which is good. However, where are the black leaders denouncing the crime on black on black crime? Where are they when discussing the large amount of guns on the streets? Where are they in the discussions about the large amounts of fatherless children? This pisses me off so much.
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