Saturday, November 08, 2014

Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks

This might very be the video that makes my day. I hated all those opening credits with the cheesy songs and the characters smiling for the camera. And, yes they also did a GI Joe parody too! Then you start to notice a killer appearing in the intros! And he starts killing people.
Then it turns rather dark.
-The Roseanne one was great too with the table pan being super long.
-I love the permanent topless woman. Hey, I am a guy.
-GI Joe one was sweet.
-Dallas intro reference? Or was it that other oil family show?
-Wonder Woman!: I love this one because she keeps spinning.
-Knight Rider theme parody: Did you catch that?
I want to see this sitcom on the air now!

BTW, here's an interview with the creator of the show. Basically Adult Swim has been making these fake infomercials and sticking them in around the time of the real infomercials, and confusing people. This was part of the grouping. He's says this was based on the Small Wonder opening and that's what I thought when I watched it. The first opening is clearly from Small Wonder. It expanded from there. Also check out their Reddit thingy.

I hate all the Family Matters intros

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