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Glen A Larson RIP

Glen A Larson RIP
From The Hollywood Reporter, ((Glen A. Larson, the wildly successful television writer-producer whose enviable track record includes Quincy M.E., Magnum, P.I., Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider and The Fall Guy, has died. He was 77. ))
I was in shock when this came up in the Google News section.  It is kind of strange that Too Many Cooks parodies the era that Larson was a powerhouse TV producer. Larson probably shaped my TV habits for years.  I would watch his sci-fi based shows on reruns on Saturdays. 
It feels strange to know all my TV icon writers/producers/creators/actors are dying off. 
His stuff wasn’t always great, but it was fun to watch when I was a little kid.  (Knight Rider and BSG)  He seemed to have the idea of having really cool cars and machines around a good-looking lead male actor.  And, then top it off with a kick ass theme song.   I still love his shows today and fondly sit down watching them.  
Larson, you made a huge pop cultural impact.  

Let’s look at this man’s work a bit. 
Battlestar Galactica : I used to watch this show all the time in reruns. I loved this show a lot, and still watch it from time to time. I probably liked this show more than the remake. Despite its budget problems, I was really into this show. It should be noted that an episode about a talking spaceship gave Larson the idea to make Knight Rider. I am not making this up.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century  : He tried his hand at sci-fi again with Buck Rogers. It was little more silly and corny, but I would watch this back to back with BSG on Saturdays. Some of the same sets would show up on both shows. The show would later turn into a BSG clone in its second season!
Galactica 1980: The less I say about this thing the better.
B.J. and the Bear : This was basically a copy of Every Which Way But Loose. It was the same damn thing.
Automan : I remember liking the Tron-like car.
Knight Rider  : Come one, I loved this show. Side Note: Did you know that KITT was rebuilt by people in the ghetto into a better and faster car in the later seasons? I am not making this up at all. They had to rebuilt KITT with the help of “street people” in the hood.
The Fall Guy : I loved the theme song.
Magnum, P.I. : This has aged pretty well. I loved the theme music. Plus, there was that famous Murder She Wrote/Magnum crossover. It's true.
Team Knight Rider  : I wasn't a fan.

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