Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jii Lighter: What the F' did I just watch?

 Jii Lighter: What the F' did I just watch?
Came across this strange ad on Reddit and I am still confused by it. Could you imagine Coke products being sold in such a manner? I'm in.
From the video and Google, I get that the lighter is USB rechargeable and it comes in various “fun” colors. I understand things are a bit different there and you can show cigarettes in ads. Plus, I don't think they're vilified as much as they are here in North America.  Keep in mind I hate cigs.  
-Mad Scientist invents Jii: I almost wanted him to say, “Gentlemen, I present to you Jii Lighter.”
-So, it is safe for the environment. Thanks.
-Jii is a bit horny: He has SEX with an older lighter. What in the hell?  I guess he's into the Cougars and MILFs.  More power to you, Jii-Jii. 
-Jii-Jii's USB port is in his ass. Nice.
I've never been excited about a lighter, but I'll give the company props for being excited for their USB lighter.
There is a sequel...

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