Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brooke Graham Best Reporter ever

Brooke Graham Best Reporter ever
She passes out and falls on her butt and continues with the interview! Now, this is my kind of woman! I was hopping it wasn't going to be like that woman that started speaking gibberish during her report, but this one went out of her way to finish the Interview.
The person that seems to be slow at the draw is the ski-dude. He let her fall flat on her back like a tree falling in the woods. Brooke has gotten a lot of attention, and she is the one that gave the station permission to show the clip. She's a real pro.
I'm sure somewhere someone blew a dart into her neck while we weren't looking. 
When a blond falls in the woods, does she make a sound?  Yes!!!

KDOC New Year's calamity (KDOC First Night aka Last Night)

KDOC New Year's calamity (KDOC First Night aka Last Night)
They kept taking this video down and it kept coming back up. I blogged about this incident earlier in the year. Jamie Kennedy seems to be one of the worst comedians in the world. He leeches himself to some of the worst projects known to man or alien. Looking at his IMDB page is like looking at profit report for the N-Gage. It is a losing battle, yet he's been keeping very busy though.  I'd like to see Kennedy actually do something interesting or funny again. (He was good in that Will Smith movie)
Yes, I just compared Jamie to the N-Gage.  WTF? 
Last New Year's Eve special was considered one of the worst specials ever.
Kennedy, being the man that loves being encased in shit projects, claimed that it was all done on purpose in order to be the worst New Year's Eve special. And, he claimed there would be another show the upcoming year (2013-14).
Well, it looks like KDOC isn't on the same page as Kennedy, because they're not bringing back their Kennedy-filled special this year. It's like cleaning up a wound from infection. Why would you want to infect it again?
Come to discover, sponsors got very mad with the channel. And, the channel producer now let it be known that the disaster wasn't planned at all. And, one channel even pulled the special after 60 minutes, and that was a smart move on their part. Kennedy tried to cover his ass by saying, “I meant to do that”, after falling down (Pee-Wee).
Oh, and you can thank Patton Oswalt for turning this video viral. That's what the wiki page says. Yes, this calamity has a wiki page.

Sadly, we won't see history repeat itself this year, which is a shame.  Damn you, KDOC!

Jabba The Hutt Theme

Jabba The Hutt Theme
Being a former tuba player, I've always loved this theme. It is often overlooked due to the other popular themes from the Star Wars scores. The tuba just fits with the overweight slug of Jabba.  Now, you might have heard this before on the Boondocks cartoon show. It is also the theme for Uncle Ruckus.
They added the Jabba theme into Episode IV when they reinstated the deleted Jabba scene, but the true first appearance of the theme happened in Episode VI. The theme also makes a cameo appearance in Episode I when Jabba shows up.
Listen for the theme early on in Return of the Jedi.     
Here are portions of the theme from the series.  

Monday, December 30, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Uh, this show is actually funny. I didn't think I'd like it, but I enjoyed the episodes.  I watched like five episodes from the On Demand feature. The show is in the same format as 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. However, there is a bit of Community vibe thrown in there too.
~R-Kelly: This creepy guy has been in the news recently with most of it being negative. The more I read about this guy's actions, the more I think everyone needs to keep their young ladies away from him. There have been calls for a total boycott of this creepy guy, but I just don't think nothing will come of this boycott. Why does this whole thing remind me of The Boondocks episode about the Trial of R-Kelly? Other people have been bringing up the trend of attacking the accusers of these rumors by R-Kelly's hardcore fans. It is sickening, but I also have a problem with some of his accusers settling out of court too. Isn't more important keeping this guy in jail than grabbing some cash?
~2014, here it comes. No matter what, the new year is approaching fast. I am not looking forward to this New Year like a bad case of scurvy. I had a really bad 2013, so I can only imagine the shit storm I am in store for in 2014. I won't be celebrating the changing of years because it is just another year to make the same mistakes as the year before. Bah, humbug.
~I am currently listening to this track as I write this blog
Yes, I am listening to DeBarge. Kill me .
~ “Turn the beat around!”

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Perfect Polly Robot

Perfect Polly Robot
Having owned a pair of Parakeets myself, I can tell you they're fairly easy to keep up with. You really don't need to buy a damn cyborg version of these birds. Who the hell would even bother paying 15 bucks for these stupid things? Why not buy the real thing for slightly a cheaper price than a robot?
Are people too lazy to buy the real thing?  
The rise of the machines.  This is the beginning of the end.  
Have we gotten to that Blade Runner time line where we start buying robotic animals?

I would never let this creepy thing in my house.
 The thing will eat your heart out when you sleep at night, enjoy.  The machines will fight back!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Man Drives Through Wal-Mart Store

Man Drives Through Wal-Mart Store
Uh, I don't think Wal-Mart has a drive-thru, but I guess this made his own. I also love the fact he went old school on their asses with an Oldsmobile Cutlass. And, he drove inside then backed up and straighten up and then drove in further. This pretty much supports the fact that he meant to do it.

This sort of incident is a typical day in Wal-Mart I'd say.

  Look at that face, he looks pretty friendly...to drive a car into store and attack people.  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kim Jung-un kills his Uncle

 Kim Jung-un kills his Uncle
Talk about hardcore. First, it was his former girlfriend and now his uncle.
Generally speaking, NK is a closed country, so no one knows what goes on in there. However, Kim made sure people knew about Jang Song-thaek's death that's for sure. I am thinking this was a clear warning sign to China to keep its influences out of NK, because Jang had close ties with China and their trade leaders. China's been very mum about the news.
From SCMP.com, ((Kim had ordered his 67-year-old uncle to give up control of lucrative businesses, especially seafood farms previously run by the military, but the elder refused, according to a report by The New York Times on Tuesday. ))
That's right it seems it was over shellfish. I think it was probably over diversifying the NK market in the same manner as China by not having the army control everything. Smelling the money with China, I am sure Kim's uncle wanted to change the Military First policy and go to a more open trade policy with China.
Things got heated when the military attempted to take over the fish farms and Jang's people fought back.
So, how much did Kim hate his uncle? Rumor has it they used anti-aircraft machine guns to kill off Jang. Ouch.
Kim is a dangerous person. I find it strange that Denis Rodman calls this guy a friend. Rodman , you're a dick.
And with this dreaded post, Marry Christmas!

Random Things

 Random Things
~Justin Bieber retiring: Please quit, Justin. I know that you keep saying that you're going to retire, but we know you can't give up the fame. We know you can't give up the hookers and overpriced merchandise. However, we know that this is a stunt to keep interest in his brand and nothing more. Remember when Chris Brown claim to retire? I hope this little prick retires.
~Paul Walker is in Fast 7: I am just not sure how he'll appear and disappear consider not all of his scenes were finished. With a nine month release date push, it might work, but with a ton of re-shoots. Yeah, we're getting that GI Joe sort of push back with almost a year between the old release date and the new one.  This could be a very good thing for the movie, because before they were really pushing this one.  
~The Hobbit 2: I plan on seeing the second Hobbit movie this week sometime. I was going to see it this Christmas Day, but it looks like I won't have time. I am listening to the score right now though. BTW, I finished watching the first one on HBO yesterday.

~On extreme edge: Due to working a lot, I've been really in a foul mood.   

Saturday, December 21, 2013

22 Jump Street trailer (Red Band)

22 Jump Street trailer (Red Band)
Okay, that really broke the 4th wall a few times didn't it? They even mention the “reboot” within the context of the movie and the franchise. They was pretty clever.  "No one gave a shit about your 21 reboot."
oh, and you better believe some of this trailer will not be in the final movie.  
I loved the first movie because it was so self-aware and funny.
So, they're moving the team to college.
-Coed bathrooms?: Is that really a thing? I keep seeing this in movies, but I am almost sure this doesn't happen.  Please tell me this is a thing?  
-Level of shut up: I've met people just like this in libraries. Watch Channing and Seth mouth “Shut the fuck up” together.

Friday, December 20, 2013

AMY ADAMS & ISLA FISHER: Same damn thing

I was listening to Hollywood Babble-On and they mentioned this story. When you put these two ladies side by side, they bare some striking similarities that for sure. I certainly couldn't tell these two apart. If anything, I find Adams more attractive.  Maybe she is living a double life...
I guess you could chalk this up to that Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel thing. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bus Driver Kicks some butt again...

Bus Driver Kicks some butt again...
I remember the movie Get on the Bus.  I guess this is the sequel.  
“Get off the bus!” What is it with bus drivers and kicking ass? There have to be a hundred videos of bus drivers beating down someone. And, I understand that you're going to be dealing with some crazy and drunk people, but there seems to be a heightened anger involved with bus drivers.  They're ready to go to 12 on a scale of 1-10.  
For a 61 year old bus driver, this guy moves pretty fast.

The bus driver should have handled it better. And, I am not going to lie and say Iwouldn't react in the differently way if someone spat in my face, but he should have called the cops right after the guy refused to leave the bus. That would have solved a lot of your problems Now, this bus driver has lost his job and is being charged with assault. This passenger isn't worth it, brother.  

Simon The Game

Simon The Game
I actually remember the ads for this strange game. While it wasn't a board game, per say, it was under that umbrella of board games because it wasn't a video game. The game was an electronic version of the game Simon Says that you used to play in grade school. I always hated playing Simon Says almost as much as Duck Duck Goose. 
Check out this lame ad for the game.
The blinking lights and sounds would get complex and faster as you progressed into the game. What I find amusing is that dancing and singing games (Guitar Hero and other music-based games) use the same basic gaming style. You would preform the same memory skills (z) to progress in those games.
Space Channel really takes this style to heart.
It you can still get the game at around 40 bucks and lower.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Random Things (The Cat and Dog edition)

Random Things
~How and why are cats domesticated?: While I am a dog person, I do love friendly cats. I love the cats that come up to you and demand to be petted and picked up. That usually means someone gave this cat a lot of attention when they were a kitten. There were these two cats that lived near my Grandmother's house. Where as dogs became a part of the “pack” when living with humans, how did cats come to be domesticated? They say that cats came from the farmer portions of human development, where dogs came from hunters.
Ya, digging for gold up there, Chris?  
~Chris Brown still in trouble: I remember he threw a rock at his mother's car, knocking out a window, while he was in rehab for anger management. That sort of defeats the purpose of rehab when you preform the act that got you in there. That's like a member of AA drinking just outside the meeting. This guy is going to seriously hurt someone...again.
Taste the rainbow. 
~Khloe Kardashian already picking another sports star: The ink on the divorce papers is not even dry and the “ugly one” is all ready to stake her claim on another sports star. How does someone so substandard get some much sausage? Is her lady parts made out of lucky charms and rainbows? I am a substandard guy myself, so I know what I am talking about when no one wants to get with you.  You don't have chicks lining up to be with you. 
~Brian the dog returns: I knew it wasn't a long-term thing. He came back in true superhero fashion via time travel. I might just watch this episode. So, does that mean those three episodes didn't happen and were erased from the time line?  

Peter O'Toole: So Long

Peter O'Toole: So Long
If you can get that O'Toole reference, you're a good one.
Fom CBS.com, ((O'Toole, the 81-year-old star of "Lawrence of Arabia," died Saturday in London. Britain's prime minister and Ireland's president were among the many expressing condolences. ))
I knew he was old, but it still came as a shock when I read the news of his death while getting my e-mail. This guy was doing movies as early as 50s and that's saying a lot.
I remember him from Lawrence of Arabia and Supergirl. Yes, I know he was slumming when he did Supergirl, but I still loved the part...even if the movie is flawed. He also showed up in that strange movie Casino Royale for a moment. It was the 67 version which is a comedy(if you say so).
And, yeah, he was the bomb in Phantoms  yo! He has that great speech toward the end of the story.

He was a great actor that wasn't afraid of speaking his mind(Troy). He will be missed

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kmart, who knew they were so hip and funny?

 Kmart, who knew they were so hip and funny?
 "Ball Busting" funny? 
I remember viewing K-Mart as being sort of lame (for really old people) with their creepy Blue Light Special. But, lately they've been stepping up.
For some time now, K-Mart has really stepped up their advertising brand with interesting and strange ads. Like the one above, they've really pushed what can be seen as “good taste”. I kind of like the “ball ringing” ad with the Joe Boxer thing.
Then, I have to give them credit for the strange remix of their ship my pants with Charles Dickens.

If I am not careful, I'll ship my own pants.   

Tila Tequila Update (?): She's a Nazi?

 Tila Tequila Update (?)
Tila, it's not cute anymore. Now, it is down right pathetic and dangerous. She is basically going around the Internet posting pictures of her donning a Nazi outfit. Her desperate need for attention has taken her down a stupid and dark road that I think she doesn't even understand.

Like the porn video, which she commissioned, this is just another foolish attempt to stay relevant, even though no one cares about her. This is what happens to reality stars once their fame has faded. Like a bad cast of warts, she just won't go away.
Wearing that Nazi outfit not only disrespects every minority, but even herself. She's too stupid to realize this. Her ethnic background is Singaporean and she doesn't realize under Nazi/Imperial Japanese rule, she would be subjected to harsh conditions. In you want to know what would be in store for Non-Japanese/German people in Singapore just look up the Sook Ching massacre.
That's like me dressing up in a KKK outfit and claiming that KKK was right along.

Luckily, the Internet has enough of her and is lashing back at her. Heck, she's been banned from Facebook for 30 days. I'm all about free speech, but this is clearly a marketing stunt on her part to get back in the limelight due to her lack of talent. I just hope they all ignore her next time she tries to pull another stunt.   
However, I'll keep you updated because I've been following this loon for years on my blog.  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Random Things

 Random Things
~Sons of Anarchy Season End: Wow, they've killed off a lot of main characters this season. And, this closing episode for this season was no different. They killed off Maggie Siff's character after all these season. She receives a bloody ending just like Clay did earlier in the season. At this point, Jax has turned into Clay given all the backhanded side deals and murders. Did I mention how great Jimmy Smits' character is on the show?
~Been very busy with double shifts at work, so working on the blog might be spotty for a few weeks. While I hate my job, it helps me from turning inward onto negative and depressing thoughts. Basically, it keeps me busy.
~Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom are splitting up: Did anyone not see this coming? Once you stop making money, a Kardashian will stop dating or be married to you. Instead of hanging in there in addiction state and recovery, she is calling it quits. She basically cashing in her chips and taking him for a large sum of money. You have to love the phoney nature of that family. Mr. West, you better watch your back. I've always wrote that you shouldn't get married if you are rich man or woman. I guess two ugly people were meant for each other...
~Ron Jones Composer: I've been listening to Jones' albums (TNG scores) on Spotify and I've been loving going down memory lane with his music. I love his score to “Who Watches the Watchers?”. It is a wonderful score. You might see his name listed as the main composer on Family Guy and American Dad. Make sure to check out his website for more music.   

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Godzilla (2014) Trailer

 Godzilla (2014) Trailer
Everyone has been asking me about the trailer for the new Zilla movie, but I only now got around to watching it.
Oh, There he is!
Okay, I actually like the passing shots of destruction and mayhem on display here. I am not too sure about the soldier aspect of the story though, because we had enough side stuff with the Transformers movies. Did we need the extended halo jump scene in the trailer?
However, I loved the trailer overall. We only get a glimpse of the big guy, and I like it.  
-I didn't like the hole in the building bit, because it reminded me of the Godzilla movie from the 90s.  
-I did like the updated Godzilla roar at the end. 
-Is Godzilla really the villain or is the trailer just trying to trick us into believing that? A lot of early production photos show Zilla fighting other monsters. Are we going to get that kind of movie here?  

The CGI model looks pretty impressive. By the way, this version of Godzilla is much, much larger than the other versions and his design is a bit different from the original, but the new design still holds true to its roots.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Angry Joe puts down some suggestions for the next VGX

Angry Joe puts down some suggestions for the next VGX
He makes some good points, but I now believe they actually wanted Joe McHale to act the way he did. They knew what they were getting into, I hope, when they hired Joe McHale. However, it puts the entire gaming community down.

Each system should have its category plus a “game of the year”.  I still stand by the notion that game players should demand a better show that doesn't really preview games, but reward games that have already been released.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SiteMeter: MySpace Pop Problem

SiteMeter: MySpace Pop Problem
Sitemeter, you did a bad thing. A few weeks back, I noticed a strange pop-up apearing on my lower right-hand corner of my blog. It was a streaming music video from MySpace. It is the site that no one cares about.
“Why am I getting a pop-up for MySpace?”
I thought I had some strange embed virus on my computer. And, it puzzled me how exactly this thing got on there. Recently, I used my laptop and the pop-up showed up there too on my blog. This was starting to get annoying.
I did a Google Search and this blog came up with some detailed information on the problem. It seems SiteMeter embedded a code that displays videos into your site if you have their code written in your site or blog. So, this was the reason I kept getting those annoying MySpace ads.
Folks, this is very underhanded and down right evil. I didn't ask for pop-ups especially MySpace ads. I removed SiteMeter, which I should have done earlier because it stopped working around April anyway. While SiteMeter was on the nose on tracking referral sites within seconds, Google's own Stat counter is much better and built into your blog.
So long, SiteMeter. You were a good program I relied on for many years. After pulling this stunt, it is time to move on. F' you.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

VGX: Joel McHale, God Bless you

VGX: Joel McHale, God Bless you
So, this passes as entertainment in video game awards? I love that Joel didn't give a total f' and just took the piss out of the entire thing. Given his interviews about things like Chevy Chase, he clearly has the same attitude as he does when discussing Chase. McHale and the other host are clearly not getting along. 
 Spike still doesn't get it. So, they changed the shitty VGAs into the VGX because putting an X or a Z behind something makes it “extreme”. What does VGX mean? Nothing from what I can tell. What is this the 90s again? Instead of being the Oscars of VG, VGAs were more like the MTV Movie Awards, except shittier.
It seemed like the awards show was more like a cheaper version of G4 TV than anything else, and clearly McHale didn't want to be there. And, I did some digging and discovered that the other host is nicknamed Doritos Pope because he shills for Doritos and Mountain Dew. 
 Anyway, check out the very funny rundown from Gaming Blend (Cinema Blend).
Does McHale even play video games? When I think of video games, I don't think the star from community. Why not someone like Seth Green? He knows a thing or two about VG. And, you guys couldn't at least hired some of the guys from G4 to show you how to produce a show given you stole their sets?
They've tried these type of award shows for VG since the 90s, and they never work ...ever.
Gamers should demand better than this shit.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Sisqo: Thong Song Remix (Foxy Brown)

Sisqo: Thong Song Remix (Foxy Brown)
Whoa, the remix has 40% more thong than the actual original music video. There is a lot more sexual content in this version than the original too. I'm certain this one didn't see much daytime viewing. The only difference in this version of the song is the added rap by Foxy Brown.
Sisqo: "Yes, ladies, that is what they call a 'rib cage'." 
The makers of The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps tied this version of the song to their soundtrack. When I think of thongs and half naked women, I think of Eddie Murphy in different makeup get-ups. Smooth move there, studio (not).  And,Klumps II was aimed more toward the entire family than the first film, so I find this added song puzzling.  
I do remember a version of this video with some of the Klumps taking stage, but I can't find that version anywhere.
~Remember when Foxy Brown was the sexy one out of the two famous female rappers at the time? While Brown is a bit heavier today, she's fared much better than Lil Kim has. Kim has turned into a cat creature with all the face lifts .
~Wedding-dress-underwear combo: I really like the outfit that white girl is wearing.
~Half School Girl skirt: Yes, there is a lady literally wearing a half school girl skirt. I am impressed.  I like it a lot.

~The Big Show!: Yeah, the large wrestler The Big Show makes a cameo appearance.   WWE and WCW were at their height of popularity at this point in time.  So, added a wrestler to anything gave you a boost.   

Sisqo: Thong Song

Sisqo: Thong Song
Because of all this stupid Twerking and bull crap, I decided to look back at the song that infected the rest of the music videos we have today with The Thong Song...
Hmm, I wonder what happened to Sisqo? People often forget that he was a member of a R&B group Dru Hill before breaking out on his own...with people forgetting the other members in his group. He really hit it off with this tribute to thongs. I literally remember everyone singing this song.  It was hot for a minute. 
In many ways, this was the restart of the “booty shaking” music videos, because we get a lot of shots of female rear ends in the video. He released (unleashed) this song on us around 1999.  Many songs followed it with more graphic booty videos. 
Okay, the classical strings in the song are very cool and put to good use, but the lyrics are very generic and sometime laughable. The strings come from the cover song Eleanor Rigby by Wes Montgomery. And, that song is extremely good so take a listen.
“She had dumps like a truck.” Yeah, that sounds just as sexy as “lovely lady lumps”.
Like I wrote, the strings are pretty good and even the computer beeping beat is a nice touch. Most people will find this song and video tame by today's standards, considering the camera would be all “up in that shit” with close ups.
Sisqo, where are you?
~Thongs?: Where are the actual thongs in the video, Sisqo? For a song about ass-floss there is little of the real product in the video. I am sure they did this to keep the video from getting pushed to late-night on MTV, back when they showed videos. Given all the ass-shaking (quaking) in today's videos, this is rather tame by comparison. (By the way, there are women wearing thongs way in the background if you look closely, and I did.)
~Was the opening scene with his “daughter” necessary or even funny? It just comes across as being creepy. By the way, is that the little girl's mother in bed with Sisqo? Perhaps, it was just some random whore he bedded...with his daughter in the other room (WTF?).
~Hot Dog Imagery: That's very subtle
~The Dru Hill guys do have appearances in the video.
~LL Cool J has a cameo too.

~Sisqo has super powers: He not only can stomp really hard, but he's able to leap over 20 half naked women in a single bound.   

Friday, December 06, 2013

Star Wars Rebels Behind the Scenes

Star Wars Rebels Behind the Scenes
So, the new animated TV show will be set between episode 3 and 4, which is a good thing. While I liked Clone Wars, this era is more fascinating to me than the Prequel Time Line. With Lucas out of the picture, I think we could really see some amazing things from this show that ties both the Prequels and Original movies together.
They seemed to have hired the right guy to give this show a creative direction. 
I am so looking forward to this show.  

Update on that Waitress story

Update on that Waitress story
It appears things are really starting to unravel in Dayna's saga.
From Daily Mail UK, ((Dayna Morales, 22, seems to finally be doing the decent thing in returning the cash she took from unsuspecting supporters after her claims made national headlines.))

And, that's a good thing because she could be opening herself up to many lawsuits. People have reported that they're getting their money back. Now, she's hired a lawyer and that means we might see a confession from Dayna.   
Now, we haven't heard much about that Red Lobster waitress lately.  

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