Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Random Things

 Random Things
~Justin Bieber retiring: Please quit, Justin. I know that you keep saying that you're going to retire, but we know you can't give up the fame. We know you can't give up the hookers and overpriced merchandise. However, we know that this is a stunt to keep interest in his brand and nothing more. Remember when Chris Brown claim to retire? I hope this little prick retires.
~Paul Walker is in Fast 7: I am just not sure how he'll appear and disappear consider not all of his scenes were finished. With a nine month release date push, it might work, but with a ton of re-shoots. Yeah, we're getting that GI Joe sort of push back with almost a year between the old release date and the new one.  This could be a very good thing for the movie, because before they were really pushing this one.  
~The Hobbit 2: I plan on seeing the second Hobbit movie this week sometime. I was going to see it this Christmas Day, but it looks like I won't have time. I am listening to the score right now though. BTW, I finished watching the first one on HBO yesterday.

~On extreme edge: Due to working a lot, I've been really in a foul mood.   

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