Monday, December 30, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Uh, this show is actually funny. I didn't think I'd like it, but I enjoyed the episodes.  I watched like five episodes from the On Demand feature. The show is in the same format as 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. However, there is a bit of Community vibe thrown in there too.
~R-Kelly: This creepy guy has been in the news recently with most of it being negative. The more I read about this guy's actions, the more I think everyone needs to keep their young ladies away from him. There have been calls for a total boycott of this creepy guy, but I just don't think nothing will come of this boycott. Why does this whole thing remind me of The Boondocks episode about the Trial of R-Kelly? Other people have been bringing up the trend of attacking the accusers of these rumors by R-Kelly's hardcore fans. It is sickening, but I also have a problem with some of his accusers settling out of court too. Isn't more important keeping this guy in jail than grabbing some cash?
~2014, here it comes. No matter what, the new year is approaching fast. I am not looking forward to this New Year like a bad case of scurvy. I had a really bad 2013, so I can only imagine the shit storm I am in store for in 2014. I won't be celebrating the changing of years because it is just another year to make the same mistakes as the year before. Bah, humbug.
~I am currently listening to this track as I write this blog
Yes, I am listening to DeBarge. Kill me .
~ “Turn the beat around!”


MC said...

Brooklyn Nine Nine is my favorite show this season. I watch it when it airs and then watch Agents of Shield on DVR.

The cast came together almost immediately... like they all knew exactly what the dynamics were going to be from the pilot onward.

Semaj said...

This show and Agents and Community will probably be the only things I'll watch from network channels.
B99 seems to know where it wants to go from the get go, where as 30 Rock needed to find its footing.

You're right the cast is great and it sort of reminds me of Barney Miller even with the groovy theme.

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