Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SiteMeter: MySpace Pop Problem

SiteMeter: MySpace Pop Problem
Sitemeter, you did a bad thing. A few weeks back, I noticed a strange pop-up apearing on my lower right-hand corner of my blog. It was a streaming music video from MySpace. It is the site that no one cares about.
“Why am I getting a pop-up for MySpace?”
I thought I had some strange embed virus on my computer. And, it puzzled me how exactly this thing got on there. Recently, I used my laptop and the pop-up showed up there too on my blog. This was starting to get annoying.
I did a Google Search and this blog came up with some detailed information on the problem. It seems SiteMeter embedded a code that displays videos into your site if you have their code written in your site or blog. So, this was the reason I kept getting those annoying MySpace ads.
Folks, this is very underhanded and down right evil. I didn't ask for pop-ups especially MySpace ads. I removed SiteMeter, which I should have done earlier because it stopped working around April anyway. While SiteMeter was on the nose on tracking referral sites within seconds, Google's own Stat counter is much better and built into your blog.
So long, SiteMeter. You were a good program I relied on for many years. After pulling this stunt, it is time to move on. F' you.

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