Thursday, December 12, 2013

Godzilla (2014) Trailer

 Godzilla (2014) Trailer
Everyone has been asking me about the trailer for the new Zilla movie, but I only now got around to watching it.
Oh, There he is!
Okay, I actually like the passing shots of destruction and mayhem on display here. I am not too sure about the soldier aspect of the story though, because we had enough side stuff with the Transformers movies. Did we need the extended halo jump scene in the trailer?
However, I loved the trailer overall. We only get a glimpse of the big guy, and I like it.  
-I didn't like the hole in the building bit, because it reminded me of the Godzilla movie from the 90s.  
-I did like the updated Godzilla roar at the end. 
-Is Godzilla really the villain or is the trailer just trying to trick us into believing that? A lot of early production photos show Zilla fighting other monsters. Are we going to get that kind of movie here?  

The CGI model looks pretty impressive. By the way, this version of Godzilla is much, much larger than the other versions and his design is a bit different from the original, but the new design still holds true to its roots.

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