Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sinbad: Back in action?

Do you remember Sinbad?: Well, most people don't. He was a family friendly comedian from back in the day. I mean this guy was popular...really popular. He had a few movies and major specials. (Plus, people remember those ugly pants he had.)
I've always been interested in Sinbad because he glowed red hot in the 80s and early 90s and completely disappeared after that. No one gave a shit about Sinbad. It seemed I was the only trying to keep up with Sinbad. I remember reading that he was doing company gigs at meeting and crap.
After Jingle All The Way, he pretty much disappeared from the face of the planet. Now, he's saying he made a mistake doing Celebrity Apprentice. This is a place where actors and reality stars go to die. From Huffington Post, (("I never should have done 'Celebrity Apprentice,'" he says in the clip. "I didn't want to do it because I didn’t want Donald Trump to say, 'You're fired.'" ))
He made fun of his lost fame in a stand up comedy event called “Where You been?” And, you can watch the entire video here.
Okay, this stand up is very funny.  Damn you, Sinbad.  That was funny. 
Sinbad likes Good Burgers.  
His famous roles
The Cosby Show : He played a different character than the one he played on Different World, but DW is set in the same universe as The Cosby Show. Very strange.
A Different World : Besides his stand up shows, this is where most people remember him from. From what I read, he left the show because he couldn't get along with the showrunner.
Necessary Roughness  : Not to be confused with the TV show of the same name. This movie had Qutaum Leap starring with Sinbad. It wasn't a good movie. “Welcome, to Foot...ball.”
Coneheads : I remember him being very funny in this movie. Often, this movie is overlooked, but I really dig it a lot.
The Meteor Man  : Stay away from this movie.
The Sinbad Show: I don't remember this show. It looks like a by the numbers sitcom. Salma Hayek has a few appearances on the show. Damn she is hot.
Houseguest  : I hate to say this, but it isn't as good as people remember it. It hasn't aged well, and I used to really love the movie.
First Kid  : I hate this movie with everything that is holy. I actually saw this in the theaters too.
The Cherokee Kid : I actually liked this movie too. From what I read, this movie was supposed to come out in the theaters, but was thrown onto HBO as an original movie instead. I haven't seen it in ages so it might not hold up as well.
Good Burger  : Yes, he was in the a small part.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Aurora: By Hans Zimmer

Aurora: By Hans Zimmer
After the Aurora shootings, Hans Zimmer wrote a wonderful piece of music dedicated to victims of the incident. This was that track. It is the “The Dark Knight Theme” that has been carried over throughout the series of movies.
Here's the theme in an early form in Batman Begins.
And the Theme returns for The Dark Knight in a darker form.

Best Star Trek Ad ever…Kirk vs. Gorn Match II

 Best Star Trek Ad ever…Kirk vs. Gorn Match II
Okay, that put a smile on my face.  Having watched a lot of the TOS episodes again, I really dug this spot.  Who knew the Gorn played videogames? 
By the way, the Gorn design in the game looks more a kin to the versions used in the ST Enterprise show, which is a nice touch.  However, I am not that interested in the game, but it might be okay.  

Splash: Diving with the Stars?

Splash:  Diving with the Stars? 
Not to be confused with the 80s movie starring Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks and John Candy.  I actually would have liked if this show was related to the old 80s movie instead of this shit. 
Have we not only scraped the bottom, but no cut through the bottom?  It is rather sad to see we’ve gotten to the point where we want to see “stars” diving.  I can’t see how that’s interesting, but then again I am not into stars dancing either. 
Have we’ve given up on actually writing a script? How about developing a compelling fictional show?  Now we just skip ahead to “stars” doing things?  
Waiting on a Pizza with the Stars
Baking with the Stars
Grave Robbing with the Stars
Ghost-busting with the Stars
Sweeping with the Stars

And, this is funny because this is second reality involving stars diving into water.  Stars in Danger: The High Dive was the failed FOX version of the show. 
It’s crrrap!
So, who are the “Stars” for this reality show? 
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:  The basketball player.  I know him more for his role in Airplane!  I guess you can still call him a “star”. 
Louie Anderson:  Does anyone want to see this guy sopping wet or plunging into a large body of water?  I guess there are some beached whale jokes to be made, but you won’t hear them from me.  I just think anyone wants to see Life With Louie take the dive. 
Drake Bell:  This guy is a rather famous voice actor.  He’s the voice of Spiderman in the latest Spiderman cartoon series.  Why even bother showing up for this show?  You’re making a good living with the voice acting. 
Rory Bushfield:  I know next to nothing about this guy.  He’s a skater of some sort. 
Nicole Eggert:  I believe she is a Baywatch girl.  There really isn’t worth noting her IMDB page
Katherine Webb:  Miss Alabama, okay thank you. 
Kendra Wilkinson:  Reality star and playboy model.  I generally hate the types that Playboy tells us are the “hot” women anyway, so I don’t find her that appealing. 
Chuy Bravo:  He’s that short guy on Chelsea Lately.  He’s no longer on the show. 
Keshia Knight Pulliam:  Rudy Huxtable, come on.  You are better than this.  You were on the same stage as Cosby’s Sweater. 
Ndamukong Suh:  I football player.  Is he really a “star”? 
Brandi Chastain:  A Soccer player.  Okay. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Donglegate: The Adria Richards Saga Part 1

Donglegate:  The Adria Richards Saga
I don’t know if you've heard the story of Adria Richards and her incident at PyCon.  Basically, seated behind her two developers started making sexual comments using tech talk.  They said something about Forking and a term Big Dongle. 
Richards was pissed and decided to dish out some Internet Justice.  She turned around, smiled and took the pictures of the two developers.  She then proceeds to post it on her powerful Twitter page. 
 From Her twitter page, ((Not cool. Jokes about forking repo's in a sexual way and "big" dongles. Right behind me ))

From there, things went terribly south.  The skinny guy on the left, not looking at the camera, got fired from his company due to the controversy. The guy has a family and was fired for making a dumb joke that she happened to hear.  It was the action of smiling, a false pretense, and taking the picture that bothered me and gave me a sense that she had an agenda.  
What is wrong with her? 
This was where I think she wanted to make a crusade out of these two men.  If you look and read everything she involved in, you will come across with the notion that she is a technology feminist.  Like others, she feels that technology field is lacking women, and she’s right, but shaming two guys for making an inside joke comes across as being an extremist.  It does more harm than good to her cause.  Extremist actions have a way of giving people an excuse to shut the door on your cause.  
Paragon Interrupt?
How about turning around and telling them that you were offended by their comment?  Or at least tell them to lower their voices so you could hear the speakers on stage.  Instead she decided to take the Renegade Interrupt, and post it on Twitter. 
When will people understand that Twitter is evil?  Stop tweeting shit, because it will get you fired. 
The Internet was divided.  Many women in the technology field and a few "white knights" came to her defense claiming that she had every right to do what she did.  Other came down strongly against her after her actions cause the firing of one of the developers.  
That was when Anonymous took action and hacked the company site that she worked for.  This in turn forced them to fire her from her job.  So, one poor judgment ended up with two people losing their jobs.  I am torn on this.  I didn't like the harmful things said to her via death threats and anti-female responses.  There is no place for these comments anywhere.  But, this crusader attitude is also troubling.  Given my long period of time being on the Internet, via my blog, I can be accused of doing the same thing (such as my infamous Cheerleader blog and a few others I've deleted recently), so I can see where she's coming from.  But, someone actually lost their job over this, and that changes everything.  
Did she deserve to lose her job? Probably not.  But, some people do believe this was just karma.  While I don't think anyone deserved to lose their jobs over this, the company that she worked for did give a sound enough reason.  Just have a talk with either employee and say, "Don't do that again."  
End of Part 1

House of Cards

House of Cards
This is my first watching of a Netflix series.  I am into the 4th episode.  I am really impressed with the high quality of the series.  House of Cards (HC) is a series based on a BBC miniseries.  In a lot ways, this series has a miniseries feel to it.  The story clearly has a set end to it with all the elements being set up early in the series.  Some people are going to get hurt. 
Think of this show as a realist version of the West Wing.  The West Wing, another show I am watching on Netflix, is a hopeful series that brings the best out of politics.  It is almost naive for it too.  HC is more of a mean-spirited version of the West Wing.  Actually, Spacey’s character would be a major villain in that series if they crossed paths. 
There are things that bother me with The West Wing, where as HC does a better job with modern US politics. So far, The West Wing has some growing pains, and I think it has different (brighter) view on American politics.  Would The West Wing be different on a cable channel or an Internet site?  Probably.  
HC feels like an early HBO Sopranos season or a current Showtime drama series.  There is nudity and swearing in the show, but not excessively like Deadwood.   You can also see the heavy influences of the producers David Fincher and Kevin Spacey in the show.  It also has a Fincher-movie feel to it as well, but Beau Willimon developed the series for the US. 
-Kevin Spacey is outstanding as the U.S. Representative.  He is mean and evil one minute and nice another minute.  However, it is all to set up a game of revenge.  He has an endgame and he’ll use whomever he has to make that happen.  Spacey has the intimidating role down pat, but it just enough to make us want to watch him, but not hate him.  (I am looking at you, Girls) Is he an anti-hero?  I am not sure yet.
- Robin Wright:  She is great as the side-controlling wife of Spacey’s character.  She isn’t outright controlling, but she does certain passive actions to her husband to control him.  She is a character that wrestles with her morality more so than Spacey’s character does. 
-Newsroom Stuff:  On the flipside, the other main plot deals with a young female reporter trying to get the scoop inside politics in the US Congress.  Kate Mara plays her wonderfully by the way.  Mara is very cute. 
-House of Lies and House of Cards:  Yes, there are a lot of similarities to the House of Lies series.  You have lead character that has questionable morals and does horrible things to people to get ahead.  Each character stops mid-scene and talks directly to the camera revealing the truth. Both shows have a powerful actor leading the role.  I like both shows for similar reasons too.  Is this like 30 Rock/Studio 60?  

I can’t wait to finish this up.   

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BioShock Infinite first impressions

The visuals are amazing so far. Robotic Horses and a street full of people walking around doing their own things. Columbia is different than Rapture because it is so full of life. The music is really good.
~God Only Knows: Did you just catch that the barbershop group sung a modern song? Was that a time displacement? It is a Beach Boy song from the 1960s.
~Heads or Tails: Was that mind control?
~We get another version of a “Big Daddy”.
~It gets very bloody real quick.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bill Cosby hates you liking his sweaters

Bill Cosby hates you liking his sweaters
I guess he's been eating tainted pudding pops or that New Coke has been going to his head. I got a good kick out of this story because a guy named his site and all hell broke loose when Cosby's lawyers sent the owners a cease and desist letter over the name Cosby Sweaters. They had to change the name of their website, and now it is called Next Impulse Sports. I liked the other name better.
From the site Next Impulse Sports about the threat to sue, (( In addition, as you know, the multi-colored, multi-patterned sweaters that Mr. Cosby wore on “The Cosby Show,” an iconic television program that aired from 1984 through 1992 and has continued in broadcast as reruns and in syndication both domestically and internationally through the present, are strongly associated with Cosby. The term “Cosby Sweater” instantly evokes Mr. Cosby and The Cosby Show.  ))
Somehow those ugly sweaters are now a part of what Cosby is? Okay. That means Leonard Part 6 is also a part of his legacy too. I also love that it took Cosby two years to get around to threatening them with a lawsuit.
I agree with Cosby on a lot of things and political issues, but I think he's wrong in this matter. It seems like sour grapes on his part and it is just him being an old fart. (Not being in on the joke). Given that he made Ghost Dad, you would think differently.

And it appears Cosby really hates people parodying him, because he tried to remove the online animated show House of Cosbys. And, other people have noted that he doesn't go after shows like Boondocks or Family Guy, maybe because they have deep pockets and fight most C&D letters.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Samsung likes women

Let the Offense begin: Samsung has to apologize for its own dancers?
Samsung had a bunch of women dancing around some of their products in South Africa. This time around a photo guy named Axel Buhrmann took a picture of said event. From Huff Post, ((The event, which featured young women in swimsuits dancing in front of a new line of refrigerators and washing machines, was called "tawdry marketing" by South African tech news site GirlGuides and excoriated in an open letter from South African tech journalist Samantha Perry. ))
So, they're dancing around a damn washing machine. While I don't think of sexy babes when I want to wash my clothes, I do think it is a bit of an overreaction. Is it stupid to have half-naked women dancing around household products? Yes, but then you have to go after every tech show that hires a booth babe. I'm not even if it was even sex they were selling.
Okay, on second thought...hmm nice.  What a messa saying?  Delete delete.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Enlightened Cancelled

Enlightened Cancelled
From E-Online, ((It was a very difficult decision," a rep for HBO said in a statement. "We've decided not to continue Enlightened for a third season. We're proud of the show and we look forward to working with Mike White and Laura Dern in the future."))
Because I just read the story last night, I decided to watch the first episode of the second season On Demand on the HBO.  And, I have to say I actually liked what I saw.  The episode was filmed in a very feature film fashion.  Laura Dern is amazing in the loopy role of the main character.  And, she looks amazing too. 
It is too bad I and others didn't get into the show.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sim City 5 launch was a mess...sound familiar?

Sim City 5 launch was a mess...sound familiar?

Error 37 Part II?
Why do you have to connect to the internet given that you're playing solo? If you're going to force people to play online, have the severs work. The kicker is when the sever drops the game, you might lose your data. And, I am not shocked EA is involved in this bullshit. And, I find it strange that they would pay for all these severs given that it will cost more money to keep them up and running.
Once again, the game is receiving great reviews for its content, but negative reviews for its service. I know you're worried about pirated copies, but this is at the cost of your loyal customers. From Wiki, ((These issues included network outages, problems with saving progress and difficulty connecting to the game's servers. As a result, some reviewers were unable to review the game, labeling the launch as a "disaster" and the game as "unplayably broken", urging players to avoid purchasing the game until the issues were resolved. ))
From BBC, ((The always-online requirement won criticism from many players who said it was unnecessary and was more about preventing piracy than improving gameplay. ))
I do think it is a slap in the face of the super fans that love the Sim products. I find it funny that someone hacked into the game and was able to play it offline with little or no problems. And, I love that EA and Maxis refuse to even consider having the game have an offline play.
From CVG, (("I can't reveal numbers but I can say that we experienced a significant increase in demand in the days leading up to the launch and it caught us off guard. It was our fault that we underestimated our fans and to that end, we should have known better," Bradshaw said. ))
Damn right you should have known better. Instead of mistrusting your user base by forcing them to play online, how about making the product the best it could be? By making a good brand, you actually earn brand loyalty and people will come back for more of your product.
So, they took the Offline element off late in the game.  

Random Things

Random Things
~Paparazzi Steve gets slammed and arrested: “I can't take this.” Well, you shouldn't have confronted the cop. The best is there was a woman that asked, “Is this part of the show?” Supposedly, this guy walked onto the set of the Smash in NY. I guess this incident will give the poorly rated show a little bit of a boost, because right now that show is in the crapper as far as ratings go. This guy has been known as a jerk even to other paparazzi guys. Check out the video. Okay, maybe he's even more of a tool...
~RIP Paul Bearer: I remember seeing this creepy guy follow around the Undertaker for a few years. He really sold the gimmick of The Undertaker to the mass audiences. He was basically The Undertaker's sidekick. I totally forget he was also the manager for Kane as well. This guy started in the WWE back in 1990, wow that's a long time. I had no idea this was where origin of Kane came from.
~Jesus Airlines? Is this real?
Please tell me this crap came out in the 90s. With all the bad CGI and dance movies, the video just feels like 90s. I kind of like this for the sheer crappy nature.
~50 Cent and Parappa the Rapper: Robot chicken had the ultimate team up with 50 Cent and Parappa.
Kick punch Kick punch. And, yes that's 50 Cent.   

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thoughts on Soda and Palin: Soda on Palin?

Thoughts on Soda and Palin
I generally don't get into politics, but...

This is probably one of the dumbest photos I've seen in a long time.
At first, I was like “That doesn't look like Sarah Palin”. My second thought was “she looks really goofy with that Big Gulp”. And, yes that Soda ban in New York is a stupid idea and we don't need our governments acting like mothers. We need to teach people to drink and eat in portions instead of large amounts, but forcing the government get involved isn't answer. Mainly, because the government usually screws these things up. We can agree America is getting fatter, but education is the key, and not more laws on the books. A smarter and well informed population can make better decisions than clamping them on from above with laws.  
What I don't like is conservative jumping on this bandwagon. Side note: If Palin is what the right has to offer, they're in more trouble than I thought. And Palin is one of the reasons the left and right can't work together anymore. I have many right-leaning views, but they're so pig-headed that the left seems more reasonable. And, I love the fact that Obama has become more “center-right”, but they're not even willing to work with him.

You better believe she didn't come up with this soda gag.  And, it only annoys me every time she pulls one of these visual stunts.  Do you remember the blacked out McCain hat?  

Star Wars Detours: Delayed Trailer

Star Wars Detours: Delayed Trailer
You won't be seeing this anytime soon, because Disney is postponing this parody movie. Lucjust asfilm set the release date for March 11, and that has come and gone. It should also be noted that Disney hasn't set an alt-date either. Something tells me that they'll just drop it.
Seth (Joker) Green was involved with this project, and probably because of his Robot Chicken involvement. While it seems to be set during the post Prequel universe, it is one of causalities of the Disney restructuring of the SW expanded universe.
I actually like some of the stuff in this trailer. I love some of the Prequel bashing in the trailer. The kicker is that Lucasfilm has made all the Detours videos private on their channel, as if they want nothing to do with it anymore. has a great story on the “shoving aside” all the prequel material of late.
Yes, the Prequels were trouble, but the side portions that sprung from those movies have been rather good. It is a shame to see them abandoning it.  Did I mention they were planning another season of Clone Wars before they got the ax?
Don't get me wrong.  I love some of the things Disney has done over the years.  They gave Marvel focus on unifying their movie universe and they let Square do some amazing things with Kingdom Hearts.  But, I'd reconsider some of the decisions with SW of late.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lil Kim, You've changed...

Lil Kim: What happened to your face...
Holy crap, that's a lot of surgery. I hate say this, but someone close should have stopped her before this around of surgeries. You can't even recognize her anymore. I have no idea why certain women fear getting old so much. And, they fear it so much that they're willing to destroy their faces in the process.
I mean look at these pictures. She is slowly turning into a cat person. Why, Kim, why? There was a time when you were either in Foxy Brown or Kim's camp. They both had some amazing rap flows. While I found Brown sexier, Kim was a better rapper. I always say this but, what would 90s Kim say about Lil Kim 2.0?
She is blaming blogs for ruining her image, and she is trying blame it on photo shopping.  Am I also in that group now?  
Also, Nicki, you better watch those surgeries too.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rude Theater Goers

Rude Theater Goers

I love these stories.  I had some bad experiences in the theater, but nothing like these stories.   Maybe because I go at earlier times, I don’t get the bad experiences that I used to when I went to late showings.  I still get annoyed with the chomping of popcorn and the big gulp drinks.  The cell phones are annoying too. 
I have no idea why security/management doesn’t throw people out. 
It reminds me of this video.  

Scary Movie 5 Trailer 2 (not funny)

Scary Movie 5 Trailer 2

Wow, that was unfunny.  The Scary Movies haven’t been that funny since the first movie.  The second movie was okay, but the 3rd and 4th movies were not funny.  The Wayans brothers made the first two and the Zucker Brothers were involved with the last three.  David Zucker is only producing this one and isn’t directing.  However, this one actually looks worst than the last one. 
You might remember that there was another movie with a similar concept.  It was called A Haunted House  with Marlon Wayans as one of the writers and stars.  Like the Scary Movie that is coming out soon, it parodied the found-footage/haunting movies that Hollywood likes to release today.  I actually got confused and thought that A Haunted House was this movie and that they just changed the name.
At this point, do we really need another Scary Movie? 
-Lindsay Lohan:  Did she really need to be cast in the movie?  What does she bring to table? 
-Charlie Sheen:  I’ve had enough of this asshole too.  Wasn’t Charlie Sheen a character in the last two movies and not playing a version of himself?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Then again the entire cast from the first film died and came back for the second movie. 
-Katt Williams:  Wow, you really brought out the worst of Hollywood with these three stars. 
-A lady pooping?  Wow, that’s just plain bad. 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Domino's Pizza is very different in Japan...

Domino's Pizza is very different in Japan...
Uh, this very strange. First off, why is the Japan CEO doing the ads? He's no Dave Thomas.  He comes across as that creepy old man on the subway that smells like burnt shoe polish and carries a oily brown paper bag.  
Second, what's up with the extreme closeups?
Who the f' is Hatsune Miku? Does she delivery pizza?
And, some of the other Japan Domino's ads are strange too...It is as if someone wanted to spoof how Americans viewed Japanese pop culture, but failed at it.

YouTube Comment Spamming Robots?

YouTube Comment Spamming Robots?
Yep, you're supposed to take this song as being legit. It's bad, but with over 900 “likes”. Something doesn't add up here.  BTW, why is this guy trying to be Lil Wayne?  
While digging through The Daily Dot's story on a “self-made” pop star, I read through the reddit story that talked about the allegedly huge use of Spambots on his music videos. Given the “quality” of his songs, there was no way he was getting that many positive comments and votes.
I've notice that there are a few comment-er guys that have the same exact “Likes” in each channel. Check it out.
I mean it is like they're not even trying to hide the fact these are robots. I also like the fact that the sing has continued to let these spammers comment on his work after the uproar from the people on Reddit. Someone also noted that most of spammers listed Pakistan as their country...nearly every single one of them.
Why would you even bother paying for “likes and comments”?  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ends after five seasons

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ends after five seasons
From USA Today, ((Lucasfilm said it's no longer producing new episodes of Clone Wars for Cartoon Network, and the show recently ended its fifth season with youngster Ahsoka Tano walking away from the Jedi order ))
This is real shame because I really liked this show...more so than the prequels in the Star Wars universe. The show really fleshed out the character more than Lucas could even imagine or care to. The show seemed to be character and plot based, which I think is the focus the prequels needed to go.  The people behind the show really showed what the universe was capable of given that Lucas wasn't involved. There was a maturity level with the show you didn't see with other shows on the Cartoon Network.  People actually died and not in a so nice way too.  
I am also sure having a show on Cartoon Network doesn't help Disney with the profits because they would have to share with CN. This is probably a bit of re-branding going on with the new SW movies coming out. For a while, Lucas shoved the original trilogy merchandising in the background and forced the prequel stuff to foreground. I am guessing we're going to see more of the original trilogy and the new stuff to be placed in the front. I get the feeling Disney wants to push the prequels to the background, given the bad taste it left in people's mouths. It should also be noted that they've postponed the other 3D versions of the prequels too. They are clearly shifting away from that era.
Sadly, The Clone Wars is one of those causalities.
I wasn't an every week fan, but I loved what I saw on the show. With Young Justice and this being canceled there isn't much in the way of cartoon shows to watch these days.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nude Asian Woman goes completely crazy on bus/train (not safe for work)

 Nude Asian Woman goes completely crazy on bus/train (not safe for work)
When you read Naked Asian Woman on bus, it is usually a porn video. This seems to be real.  What happened before this?  Why did she get naked?  What happened after this?  
~She yells the “I will n-word your ass.”: I had no idea you could turn the N-word into a verb. What does that even mean? Thank you, crazy naked woman.
~She follows up her insightful remark with, “I want rice, not beans.” That's good to know.
~Look at all the men on the bus. They're very happy.  You don't see that everyday.
~I can't find nothing on this video other than the posting.

Justin Bieber grows some balls?: nope

 Justin Bieber grows some balls?
The wheels are starting to come off the Bieber train. Everyday there are more and more stories of this guy losing it. We're starting to see the end of this guy. Too much money and too much fame and very little talent will destroy you. However, this time around, I have side with Bieber. He had every right to lash out. (I can't believe I am defending Justin.)
1 Butt-hurt Paparazzi:Uh, clearly Justin just brushed up against you trying to get in the van. It looks like you were looking for a reaction from him and you got it. Paparazzi set these type of things up all the time.  They something demeaning and this is the reaction they want.  
2 “Back to America”: Wrong country, bro. He's from Canada. It would be nice if the bloody Paparazzi got their facts straight. I don't think any country wants to claim him now, so call him country-less.
3 We all know that Justin couldn't beat anyone up let alone a fat paparazzi guy. This guy would have kicked his ass.   

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat

Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat
Well, this is certainly racist...Found this little racist gem via Reddit and it is pretty bad.
-Red Lips and dark skin are in full effect here: Actually, it might even more offensive because missing teeth and sheer laziness.
-Lazy Town: Yes, this town is called Lazy Town, just like the one with the little girl that tries get people to workout . This one is full of racist characters while her town is full of puppets.
-The Light-Skinned Woman: This is probably where I need to explain something a little bit more. The way they draw and animate her is completely different from the rest of the characters in the short film. They draw her with a real figure and pretty features. Sure she's a black person, but she has white features, which makes her better than the rest of the people in town, or that's what they're trying to imply.
High-Yellow (light-skin women) were seen as being a higher value to black men than dark skinned women back in the day. It was a sort of status symbol in a way. My grandmother was so light that she could almost pass for a white woman. I know that my grandfather married her for her light-skin. These are the same issues we have with black people saying, “You got 'good hair'”. Meaning it is straighter than usual(thus white).
Let me say it in a better manner with this quote from Weird Wild, ((I doubt anyone thought about it when designing this beauty, but among the traits they selected was the fact that she's a "yaller gal," only a half-shade short of passing for white, derived from the standard racist assumption that white people are prettier than black people. And to make sure this lie is believable, every truly dark character in this cartoon is designed to be ugly. ))
And, the fact she is the one that “teaches” them how to be productive and fun is a little crazy too. A light-skinned city girl comes into a backwater town and teaches them the proper way of boogie-ing. Even today, lighter toned black women are viewed differently than darker ones.
-We also get the big girl with the crossed eyes and the watermelon eating guy: Oh, boy.

-Should these cartoons be banned?: Nope, I think they need to be watched and discussed because they are a product of that time period (1940s). We need to compare these toons to the ones we have today. And the animation did pave to way for even better animation.
I would say we've come a long way, but I remembered the character of Mr. Popo...

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