Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

What is that "putting lipstick on a pig" saying again?  Or is it a pop star?
 Random Thoughts
~I'm not sure where I am going to apply next for a newspaper gig, but it looks like the school newspaper won't give me a call. And, that's okay, but a bit troubling.
~Kanye West gets into a little hot water over his Twitter remarks: Please, someone take the Twitter away from celebrities. Twitter has caused more harm than good for people. Remember, that Ashley Todd has a Twitter account, the one that scratched a “B” on her face. Kanye Made some remarks about women getting knocked up and trying to get cash for abortions. Kanye is a bit off, but not controversial. There are certainly women that use a child as a paycheck, but not for abortion money.
~Justin Bieber, can he just go away?: Why is this guy getting more fame and stories than anyone else in the world? I can't take a dump without hitting a story about this guy. Just why was he on CSI again? Why is his Ellen haircut even news via twitter?
~Cop Rock review: Before Glee, there was a show that was part cop show and part musical. I am still shocked a network decided to make the show in the first place. But, I wonder if the show would be popular today.

World’s worst Bank robbery…and cops

World’s worst Bank robbery…and cops
Yes, it took the bank robber 3-4 minutes to actually break through the bulletproof glass.  The whole of point of robbing a bank is to get in and out in a matter of minutes, and not to take your time breaking the glass window.  I also like the fact the security woman calmly stands there and calls the police right in front of him. 
This guy is not the Joker from the Dark Knight.
The police don’t appear any better in this clip too.  They try to catch him by his leg as he tries to get out of the window.  Then they shoot at him through the hole in the window.  

Growing Craps

Can you imagine the sheer power of D-baggy-ness of within this photo, I found on Amber’s blog “Nostomanic”Kirk Cameron alone can fill the room of shitty-ness, but the added power of Jeremy Miller gives it more staying power. 
So, what happened to Jeremy Miller?  He rested on his laurels from Growing Pains and sort of retired.  You know it is a sad time when he receives less work than Kirk Cameron

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Major League 3, uh I mean Major League 4...Charlie Sheen wants in

Sheen: "Hey, at least we're not in prison.  Am I right fellas?"
Bernsen:  "Being on Two and Half Men is Prison enough, Charlie.  Am I right?" 
Yes, there was a Major League 3 called Major League: Back to the Minors and it starred Scott Bakula post Quantum Leap.
Well, Sheen needs to keep his drug and pornstar train rolling and it runs on green stuff.  And, it keeps getting better.
From Screen Crave, ((According to EW, Morgan Creek “currently have a script for another sequel from David Ward, who wrote the screenplay for the original. This time around, the Indians convince Vaughn, Willie Hayes (Wesley Snipes), and Pedro Cerrano (Dennis Haysbert) to re-join the team as bench players to help salvage their season, but complications ensue when Vaughn’s long-estranged son, born out of wedlock, joins the team from the minors.” Unfortunately, Corbin Bernsen’s character Roger Dorn won’t be in the mix this time. ))
Well, Wesley Snipes is in prison and Dennis Haysbert is busy with insurance ads and being president. Corbin Bernsen is Q2 and being Corbin Bernsen. When you can't get CB to come back, you know you are in trouble because he was third and shittier version of the franchise part 3.
As I stated before, Sheen isn't exactly in the best shape for another run in the Major League franchise. I loved the first movie, but didn't really like the second one. I've never seen the third one.
Wild Thing, you make my poop sing

Kirsten Dunst, what happened?

Kirsten Dunst, what happened?
While surfing through TMZ, I cam across this picture of Dunst. And, I didn't believe it was her, until I squinted. I kind of bashed her in Spiderman 2 for not looking as good, as she did in SM1. But, this photo just looks bad. I'm hoping that this was just a bad day for her. And, I'll let you in on a secret, I thought she was really cute in Bring It On.
I really feel bad for her.  

Did you know that both Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union both starred in episodes of different Star Trek shows early in their careers?  Bring it on...


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silent Hill 3 “You’re not here” (Heather)

Silent Hill 3 “You’re not here”
The woman that sings this creepy song is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. She’s actually a long-time videogame voice actress. She sings a lot of the erriy songs in the SH franchise.
The point of the video was to show off the voice/mouth matching software, which was just starting to get off the ground. (It was kind of used for MGS2 and extensively in MGS3)
-There is a shot of Heather, the main character, sitting in the wheelchair. The game has tons of shots of wheelchairs throughout the story, but there are no shots of Heather being in a wheelchair. Some believe this was deleted footage. It should be noted that the Wheelchair theme was also in SH1 too. And SH1 and SH3 are directly connected.
-The heather character looks into the camera a lot in the music video, which is creepy moments, because there are only a couple moments in the game when she does that.
-This video also shows off the weary designs of Heather. Note the discoloration of the skin around the eyes. It has always been hinted that all the heroes in the game are already dead and are going through judgment in purgatory. However, the game never fully comes out and says that.
-As I said before, this video was meant to show off the technology and enhanced models that were used in Silent Hill 2 to Silent Hill 3. They added more detail to them in Silent Hill 3. It is interesting to note that many of the locations from Silent Hill 2 are reused for SH3.
I always felt Heather was one of better written characters in horror genre.   

Dwayne McDuffie 1962-2011

Dwayne McDuffie 1962-2011
Mr. McDuffie was a writer I looked up to because he was a black comic book and animation writer.  McDuffie was one of the people responsible for the minority-based comic book line called Milestone with a few other writers.  McDuffie was also very important to the DCAU with his strong involvement with Static Stock and Justice League Unlimited.  He was one of the people that were responsible for deep continuity storylines based on comic book stories. 
For me, I fondly remember working in retail and spending hours on my breaks and lunch breaks in book area reading Milestone Comics and DC Comics.  I still have my Superman/Milestone crossover comic book series and pull them out to read from time to time.  Plus, you can actually see some of his Milestone influences with the main DC universe now, because most of the Milestone characters are in the DC universe now. 
He also wrote for Marvel too. 
I think McDuffie was important to all minority writers out there, because he was responsible for making stronger black comic book characters.  And, before the 90s, there weren’t that many good superhero role models out there. 
He died on February 21, 2011 from complications from heart surgery. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen from Ferris Bueller's Day Off...and today

 Charlie Sheen from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
MC brought up the fact that a heshed up Charlie Sheen has pretty much screwed himself out of a 2 million per episode gig by calling his boss some bad words. After all the hookers, booze and pornstars, I started thinking about his role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off as the stoned guy at the police station. It is the scene where he meets the lovely Jennifer Grey.
If we look at Charlie Sheen today, he looks more like Gollum than that muscle guy from the Hot Shots movies, he is playing that “boy in the police station” 24 years later. It is very meta isn't it? It is very crazy how much he mirrors that role today by spending more time in jail and bars than on stage.
Boy in Police Station: Drugs? 
Jeannie: Thank you, no. I'm straight. 
Boy in Police Station: I meant, are you in here for drugs? 
Jeannie: Why are you here? 
Boy in Police Station: Drugs. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Uh, Extreme gamers: 16-year-old kills his mom because she banned him from playing PS3

I've wrote in the past that there seems to be this extreme section of hardcore fanboys and gamers out there that seem to push a little bit too hard. It seems everyone from even the cool kids are turning into trolls and fanboys. Certain kids go crazy over getting banned or grounded from games.
Kendall Anderson and his mother got into a heated argument about something.  And, his mother grounded him from playing his PS3.  That was when he plotted to murder her, the woman that gave birth to him. 
((For the next three hours, Kendall paced the floor in his room in their Philadelphia home, plotting revenge against his mom for this egregious act of forced gaming withdrawal. When she finally went to sleep, he snuck into her room, then bashed her 20 times with a hammer. ))
How about going outside and meeting people?  How about taking a walk or something?  Bashing in the head of your mother that birthed you and kept a roof over your sorry head deserved better.  The last image she saw in the world was of her son attacking her with a hammer. 
Oh, it gets worst much worst.  From True Crime Report,
((As you might expect, he isn't the brightest kid. He then dragged her body to the kitchen, where he hoped to cremate her in the oven. He apparently thought it would be as easy as overcooking a pizza.

This didn't work so well. So to make sure she was dead, he took a chair leg and repeatedly bashed her in the head. When he was certain she was gone, he dragged her into the back yard and covered her body with debris. ))
He then reported his mother missing to the PD, and they naturally discovered her in the backyard.  This guy is an animal, I’m sorry.  While videogames shouldn’t be to blame for this, the culture of not having any human interaction or life outside VG needs to be looked into.  I think parents need to find a balance between gaming and actually making your kids have social lives.  Adults have the ability to choose how much gaming they need to play, but kids don’t. I've watched personally as one guy ruin his life over videogames. He doesn't do anything else but play videogames. (he's gained about 40 pounds too)
But, still this is an extreme case. 
I may have arguments and problems with my mother, but I'd never consider doing that. Here's hoping he lives with that terrible decision for the rest of his life in prison.

Captain Picard encounters “burtation”

Captain Picard encounters “burtation”
The set up was brilliant and Picard’s reaction is priceless.  What was Starfleet smoking if it sent this message? 

Big Mammas: Like Father, Like Son has a wide range from critics to audiences

Big Mammas: Like Father, Like Son has a wide range from critics to audiences
Looking at Rotten Tomatoes, this goes to show you the great divide between moviegoers and critics. Critics have a combine total of 9%, which is probably the reason the studio didn't even bother to screen it for critics. But, 70% of audiences liked the movie.
However, this movie only made like 19 million on its opening weekend. However, it should be noted that Big Momma II made 20 million its opening weekend and proceeded to make 138 million worldwide. And, the box office take was almost equal between North America and Foreign markets. So, this movie will probably become a hit.
And, to show you the studio had little faith in the movie, they released the first film (Big Momma’s House) on June 2, 2000.  That was right in the middle of the summer, meaning they were betting on a big box office take.  While the second movie was set in January, a known dumping ground, it was a hit. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another reason you can't say anything bad about someone anymore...

As you know, I kind of have a non-feud with a certain VJ from the 90s.  I noticed that my blog was listed on his official site under "recent news".  I got a laugh out of that because I've bashed guy over the months and now I have a listing on his official site.  Now, that's just funny.  

I remember a time when you could bash and make fun of someone “famous” and not have him or her come out and track you down via their official site.  

Fox vs. "mob"

Fox News and Black People aren't a good mix. Plus, you can throw in a story involving IHOP too.
Second camera angle
Okay, the story behind this incident is the people in the parking lot were mourning the death of a young man that had a fight with another person inside and outside the IHOP. What is with pancakes and people causing violence. I will probably never go to another IHOP again.
The news crew came onto the scene and started asking question. Some of the mourners didn't want the crew there to ask questions. So, they got angry. Somehow, the news sites are reporting it as being an “mob”. Ten-eight people doesn't really make up a mob.
What is interesting about the video is the very tall female camerawoman gets her hair pulled by another woman, but it is actually the reporter that knocked her down. The part I really disagree with is the guy in white kicking her while she is on the ground. That's pretty crappy.
For me, I would have told the mourners to simply ignore the new crew and went about their business. And, after the third non-answer, I would have moved on if I were the news crew. If I were the news guy, I would have went over to the mourners and asked if they wanted to talk while on camera.   

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Studio 60: From MC's post: Some added thoughts

Some added thoughts
I wanted to give a shout out to MC on a pretty good post on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. 
I remember watching the entire season in a matter of days on Hulu a while back and really loved it.  While the Gulf War II stuff was ham-fisted into the show, the behind the scenes politics with the producers and network were some of its better points. 
Plus, having Amanda Peet on the show didn’t hurt either.  (Still remembering that scene in The Whole Nine Yards…)
I pretty much hate everything about Friends, but the show almost made Matthew Perry watchable. 
I’ve been watching a lot of the Larry Sanders Show and noting how much Studio 60 owed its style to that show.   (Plus, 30 Rock)
Hmm, 30 Rock and Studio 60 had similar concepts.  30 + 30= 60, and they both have numbers in their titles.  Hmm…

Facebook Breakup Notifier

You tell me if this Facebook Breakup Notifier isn’t creepy
So, this app tells you if the woman or dude you’ve been stalking is now single.  That’s just creepy.  If you’re friends with them, you’ll get a note that their relationship status has changed anyway.  So, this app helps you to become a better stalker.  That doesn’t help the stalk-ie. 
So, if you want to know when that girl you’ve been stalking is on the market, there’s an app for that. 
I can guarantee no one will be using that app on me.  I have yet had a true stalker other than fans of Jesse Camp. 
Things you’ll never see on Facebook:  James is now in a relationship…I don’t think Facebook would let me change my status to “in a relationship” because it has been stuck on “single” forever.  And, I’ve gotten use to the damn “single” ads on my profile. 
Speaking of the fine art of stalking, I could never be a stalker because it takes a lot of effort, money or time.  Three things I don’t have.  Think about the amount of gas money you’ll have to spend following them around.  I’m just too lazy about that. 

It’s not Jackie Chan

It’s not Jackie Chan
What in the hell?  I laughed when he held onto the buzzer.  It is so random that it makes it funny.  I love the look his wife gives him at that point.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Naked Wizard (What the heck?)

Dude, you reeeaaalllly need to put on some damn clothes. (Not safe for work or anything place else)
I will not show the video here, but there seems to be a guy that went around the Coachella festival buck-naked...with a very small honker.
Why is it that the people that shouldn't get naked are always the ones that do get naked in public?
Supposedly, this 'tiny' man is called the Naked Wizard around the inter-tubes.
Who is this guy?
Did he use a disrobing spell on himself?
Why would you get naked if you hat that equipment?
I really feel bad for those cops because they had to touch him...a naked dude.
Here's his proud mugshot.  

Star Trek TNG “Cause and Effect”

Star Trek TNG “Cause and Effect”
Think of this as TNG’s version of Groundhog Day. 
Cause and Effect is one of those Trek episodes that breaks out of the TNG format and completely goes with the concept all the to end.  And, I have to give the episode credit for that.  Before Brannon Braga ruined Star Trek, he was merely a writer on TNG that produced some interesting concepts with freaky science fiction. 
Basically, the Enterprise is stuck in a time loop.  In this loop, the ship ends up colliding with another displaced Starfleet vessel and repeats the loop over and over again.  Each time they go through the loop the crew vaguely remembers things from the other loops. 
The writing is very tight and it is a surprise given that this is Braga episode.  He layers the script with indications that the each loop has changed certain things.
I also dig the mystery aspects of the crew actively trying to figure out how to get out of the loop.  Plus, this is also a good episode for Dr. Crusher because she is the one that begins to figure out the loops.  She is the one that gets the ball running.   Braga has never been good at character development.  Give him a freaky concept and, he’ll run with it. 
Jonathan Frakes does a great job with the directing of this episode.  He shoots each repeat through the time loop differently. 
All in all, this is one of those interesting Braga concepts that worked.  It was just too bad Braga felt he could push it further with all the kooky episodes from VOY.  I highly recommend you watch this episode. 
Grade: B+
-I love the repeated Captain’s Log.  It was a brave move to keep repeating through the episode.  Basically, the episode is actually repeating itself too. 
-You actually can see Dr. Crusher get déjà vu during the first act during the poker game.  She actually knows that Riker is bluffing.  The twist is next time through the loop Riker will know that she will call his bluff. 
-Troi says “We need to get out of here.”  Thank you for stating the obvious, Deanna.  In each loop, that moment and Picard’s reactions are pretty much the same throughout the episode.  I bet Picard wanted to say, “Thanks for the non-information.”
-Braga throws in the broken wine glass that will always be broken no matter how much Crusher tries to avoid it.  That was a brilliant touch. 
-I love the ending with the displaced crew from the USS Bozeman.  It was nice to see Kelsey Grammar as the captain of the Bozeman.  Kirstie Alley was meant to reprise her role as Saavik in this episode as the Vulcan on the bridge.  I guess Alley was too busy with her Xenu studies.  (Plus, it would have been a nice little Cheers touch with the two actors.)
-Going missing for 80 years has to mess with your head.  This missing Starfleet vessel is a nice call back to Yesterday’s Enterprise.  This time around, the crew is forced to stay in the 24th century.  The Bozeman will be mentioned in the final episode of TNG and two of its movies.   

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kanye West “All of the Lights”

Kanye West “All of the Lights”
All of Kanye’s music videos are interesting to watch and this one isn’t any different.  I like the violin solo at the beginning and the music behind the song. 
But the most important thing in the video is watching Rihanna in that skimpy outfit.  She looks amazingly hot in that outfit.  How about that side view?  I’ve always said that she has an amazing body. I think I am in love.  

Digable Planets: Cool like That

Digable Planets: Cool like That
Ah, do you remember when rap music had a positive vibe without all the auto-tuning? During the early 90s to 1999, there was a smart hip-hop culture that was counter to the Gangsta Rap that was popular at the time. People called this smarter movement Alternative Hip-Hop. When I hear tracks like this one, it makes me point my anger at the Black Eye Peas, because they spawned out of this Alternative Hip-Hop. Somewhere, they got twisted into this trance auto-tuned mess we're in today.
Alternative Rap kind of spoke to more intellectual groups than gangsta rap. Both were reactive to establishment in completely different ways. Alternative Rap kind of explained the problems in the black community and tried to give a positive spin. Gangsta Rap was the outcome of those said problems. At a certain point, both of them morphed into the pop music jumbled mess we hear on the radio.
This song is smooth and has a nice vibe to it. The music video is very stylish. The editing is wonderful and it fits into music seamlessly.
Did I mention I still have a crush on Ladybug Mecca?  

Tila Tequila vs. Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila has a sex tape?  I thought that was pretty much her entire career.  And, Tila pretty much has shown every part of her body to the public over the years anyway.  Did we forget her drunken U-Stream video?
So, is she faked outrage over the so-called tape?  Please tell me she’s not trying to claim that it was just a personal tape for herself and her lovers…who happened to be pornstars.  Say what you want about Bieber or Gaga, but at least they actually do something.  Tila is merely a fame whore and this is just another one of those “Hey, look at me moments.”   
Her little, paper-thin world will come crashing down around her when people start to lose interest in her.  Hopefully, this sex tape will be the final blow (pun intended) I think one of those Juggalos hit her in the head a bit too hard.  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Superman Lives Suit testing video

Superman Lives Suit testing video
Why does the Superman suit remind me of the Mr. Freeze suit from Batman and Robin?  They were planning on using this suit in the failed reboot movie Superman Lives.  The producer of the film never wanted Superman in the red and blue suit, so this Iron Man like suit was put in its place.  It just seems so wrong. 
Then, there is that casting of Nicolas Cage...
I really need to sit down and read the Kevin Smith script.  I just have to find the time to read it. 
You can find out more about the doom and expensive project here.
 Has this been confirmed as being a real photo of Nic Cage as Superman? 

Justin Bieber is killed off on CSI...wait what?

Bieber: Wreck em, damn near killed them.  Oh, they did kill him, never mind.  
Man, is CSI slumming it. I've only seen two and a half episodes of this show and that was enough for me. I've never understood the appeal of the show. With outstanding shows like the Wire, the Shield and Southland, I see CSI and its spin-off to come across as bland and sometime silly. But, having the teen singing idol Justin Bieber on your show just smells of stunt casting.
Then again, you can't pass this scene up without a bit of a chuckle.
Regardless of the crap, that last moment was the “bomb”.
Please, CSI, don't get Gaga on the show.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)
After watching the amusing review by Todd in the Shadows on the BEP song The Time, I had to watch the video for myself. My first thought is, “What were they thinking when they laid down the track?” Who created that strange thumping beat behind the robotic auto-tuning? You can mash this trance beat with the remake to the Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes song “Time of My Life”. It is like sticking an orange and can of chicken noodle soup into a blender. It doesn't work.
I mean the first minute isn't that bad for real, but then it turns into a bunch of robots attempting to sing a song. Can someone dance to this tin-can sounding mess? I know that music has taken a nosedive of late, but this is re-goshdarn-diculous.
So, what about the video? Well, it is okay. It does remind me of that Strong Bad E-mail with the virus attacking his computer. The video also reminds me of the Matrix except with a virus. I also half wanted Blade to show up and kick some ass.
I'm not sure how they did it, but they reached a new low with this song.
-Fergie once again looks completely different.  Okay, Fergie, you had enough facelifts to remove the “butter-face” moniker, but you might be heading into the Meg Ryan territory. 
-I will give the video credit for the degraded film visuals.  It reminds me of Silent Hill for some reason. The distorted videogame like blocks were cleverly used too.
-I hated the mini-cartoon versions of the band. 
-“We ain’t messing with no maggots” What does that even mean? 

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
~Re-watching DS9 “Emissary”: I'm currently going through the first episode and I am amazed on how much the show was good within the first episode. They seemed to get a handle on the characters from the start. While Rick Berman tried his best to downplay the darkness of the show, the first episode is very dark. The opening space battle with the Borg was impressive at the time and still holds up today. I still love the awkward meeting between Picard and Sisko. These are two different officers that probably would not have gotten along under normal circumstances.

~Automan review by Brad Jones: Holy crap, I actually remember this short-lived show. I remember loving the Automan car that zipped sideways between traffic. Glen Larson knew that this show was a direct response to Tron, so even brought in some of the Tron people to work on FX in order to keep from getting a lawsuit from Disney. But, I don't Disney really care about Tron at that point. Disney seemed to renew its interest in the product around the time of Kingdom Hearts II.
~Back to the Future score: I still enjoy listening to this amazing score by Alan Silvestri. I have to say it will be in my top ten favorite scores of all time.
~Why am I so excited about getting a new bicycle seat for tomorrow? It clearly shows I have no life if I am getting hyped about a newer seat to help me ride longer with less pain. That's right I’m talking about my ass again.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't You Want me By Atomic Tom

Don't You Want me By Atomic Tom
Yeah, this was promoted on Reddit, and they want you to name all 39 80s movie references. But, I want you to only notice one. In the Terminator one, look for Michael Biehn dressed in his Kyle Reese outfit. I know that he's in the movie Take Me Home Tonight, which is this a promotion for, but it was cool to see an actual actor from that era to spoof himself.   

60 degrees in February

60 degrees in February
Today, it will be 60*.  This pleases me a lot.  I can’t stand the cold and hate the winter.  So, I will be taking the bicycle out for a short two-hour spin around Louisville today.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Gaga Egg

Yet again, I am amazed how many stunts Lady Gaga can pull and still have fans.  I know that I am beating a dead horse.  (Why would someone want to beat a dead horse anyway?)  But, why come to the Grammys encased in a giant egg with some milky substance?  Okay, I didn’t like the meat dress she wore a couple of months back, but this is downright stupid.  She showed up in a damn Cadbury egg. (as Adam Carolla said on his podcast.)
I have to repeat this again.  She can actually sing, but chooses to do these goofy stunts then claim that she is merely expressing herself (not Madonna).  It’s called marketing yourself on the most basic level.  Instead of showing off actual skill, distract them with fireworks and shiny things. 
Look, I know many artists have tried to pull these media stunts before, but not on the sheer goofy scope as Gaga.   And, she’s not the worst as far as crass.  I remember a certain Tiger Woods mistress calling the tabloids and waiting for the paparazzi to show up.  That’s lower than showing up in a giant egg with strange stuff inside. 

Yep, Gaga has own look and never copies off of Madonna.  Note: Madonna has kept quiet about the "Born This Way" "Express Yourself" story, but her brother has been bashing Gaga left and right.  Madonna did update her YouTube site with a concert of Express Yourself.  So, she's kind of mad about it, but I don't think she wants to have the younger fans of Gaga to attack her.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr “Got Milk” ad

Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr “Got Milk” ad
The video above is the long version of one of the funniest ads ever.  Pretty much everyone should remember this ad.  It was the first ad in the long running “Got Milk” ad campaign. 
Here’s the kicker, Michael Bay (The Rock and Transformers) directed the ad.  That’s right The Michael Bay.  If you look at the quick cuts and zooming shots, you can clearly see Bay’s influence.
Sean Whalen is the unlucky guy in the ad.  He’s become a character actor of sorts.  You might remember him receiving a fire-arrow in the chest in a season of Lost as the character Frogurt. 
I remember Sean Whalen saying that people thought his character owned all the Burr-Hamilton Duel stuff, but actually there was deleted footage that clearly showed that he worked in a museum.   And the shorter version of this ad doesn’t make it clear at all.  Most people think it is his apartment, but it is not. 
Wasn’t there a follow up ad to this one? 
Short version

The Camp of Jesse: I call for a treaty

The Camp of Jesse:  I call for a treaty
“Just when I thought I was out, his fans pull me back in…”
Over the last few months, there has been a running gag or non-feud with the MTV personality Jesse Camp.  I’m not sure if Mr. Camp is even aware of this running “non-feud”.  Somehow, after posting one negative blog post about him last year, it has spawned a back and forward with some of his fans and his extended family.  I get a kick out of all the negative comments about a guy from MTV circa 1990s.
So, flash-forward to today when I get another bloody comment.
Here’s the comment from an anonymous commenter, ((Anonymous said...
The fact that you are trying to diss anybody about there job is pathetic! I think it's cool that he had a job. Especially in this economy now. Get over your self.))
Hey, Anon, the guy has probably done better for himself than both of us, you the bagger at a grocery store and I the stupid blogger.  I know that you think it is cool that he had a job. 
I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Everyone is supposed to have jobs…with the exception of Jon Gosselin.  The fact you think that’s cool makes me feel an a little uneasy about your state of mind.  Then again, I’m a blogger that enjoys bashing 90s VJs for no apparent reason.  So, I guess it’s the pot calling the kettle black. 
Then you use the “In this economy” excuse.  This has been used far too long for my taste.  He had a gig in the 90s when the “economy” was booming, and MTV wasn’t a network full of trashy Jersey Shore people and Teenage Parents.  Hell, I miss the days of Camp muttering aimlessly to the camera.  Can we bring back Camp and Pauly Shore to MTV?
As far as “getting over myself”, I will take note of that and will attempt to “over” myself repeatedly this weekend.  Did I just type that out?  Crap…where’s the override, the override?
Anyway, I’m willing to sign a peace treaty with Mr. Camp and his camp by watching his two starring roles in movies. 
Crossroads : I can’t wait to sit down and watch Britney Spears’ masterpiece and waiting to watch for his part.
Skin Walker : Words can not express my desire to watch any movie with the words Skin and Walker in it.  Is this a sequel to the Chuck Norris movie Firewalker (1986)?

Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar

What a lovely couple..., but do you want to smell like them?

Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar
I heard this on the Kevin Smith podcast and could believe this was real, but it is. 
Khloe and Lamar combine their powerful smells to form a new fragrance called Unbreakable.  Don’t take my word for it…
Lamar, what are you doing?  First, you marry the unattractive version of the Cardassians, uh Kardashian.  Then, you show up in this unmanly unisex fragrance for good measure.  Do I want to smell like Khloe and Lamar? 
When I think of sexy, I don’t think of Khloe and Lamar. 
Why is Khloe dry humping Lamar in the ad?  Does the fragrance remove your clothes for you?
By the way, the name Unbreakable will be funny if these two ever get divorced.  I’m thinking this marriage will last another year or so.

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