Monday, February 07, 2011

Zorro and The Lone Ranger team up

 Zorro and The Lone Ranger team up
I remember as a child, being a geek, wanting to see the two classic mask riders team up together like in the Batman/Green Hornet team up in the old TV shows.  Checking Newsarama, it looks like I shall get my wish in the form of a comic book mini-series. 
For the timelines to work, Zorro has to be old and the Lone Ranger young.  It looks like Zorro dies as the title states in the mini-series. 
From Broken Frontier, (("This series is a really exciting opportunity for me," says writer Ande Parks.  "Not only do I get to write two truly legendary American heroes, but I get to write a defining moment for one of them... his death. This series isn't just about the death of Zorro, though. It's about the enormous legacy that he leaves behind. When a hero dies, he leaves behind a legion of people that have been touched by his deeds. In this case, Zorro's legacy has touched a young Lone Ranger.  Unfortunately, the bad guys that have ended Zorro's life are a small but powerful army who plan on continuing to victimize the Native Americans Zorro was trying to help. Zorro's legacy, even as embodied by The Lone Ranger, may not be enough to defeat this army of renegade Civil War bushwhackers."
Hey, I like bushwhackers!  Maybe this will wash the bas taste of the last Zorro movie from my mouth.  

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