Monday, February 14, 2011

Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr “Got Milk” ad

Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr “Got Milk” ad
The video above is the long version of one of the funniest ads ever.  Pretty much everyone should remember this ad.  It was the first ad in the long running “Got Milk” ad campaign. 
Here’s the kicker, Michael Bay (The Rock and Transformers) directed the ad.  That’s right The Michael Bay.  If you look at the quick cuts and zooming shots, you can clearly see Bay’s influence.
Sean Whalen is the unlucky guy in the ad.  He’s become a character actor of sorts.  You might remember him receiving a fire-arrow in the chest in a season of Lost as the character Frogurt. 
I remember Sean Whalen saying that people thought his character owned all the Burr-Hamilton Duel stuff, but actually there was deleted footage that clearly showed that he worked in a museum.   And the shorter version of this ad doesn’t make it clear at all.  Most people think it is his apartment, but it is not. 
Wasn’t there a follow up ad to this one? 
Short version

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