Friday, February 04, 2011

Scumbag Steve (meme)

I have never heard of this meme before, but I actually know exactly the type of person the meme is describing.  When I am at a party, (if ever) these types of guys come into the party rather late and they do in fact bring in more beer and sometimes not so hot women.  They behave like the chick they’re with is the bomb, but that’s far from the truth.  They always smell like weed and Axe body spray and sit on the couch ruining everyone’s vibe with their loud mouth remarks. 
I did some digging, meaning I was lazy and just looked it up on Know Your Meme, and discovered where this photo originated.  Boston Blake is the guy’s name in the picture.  He’s some kind of rapper and has nothing to do with James Henry Blake (Boston).  It looks like Blake Boston is non-too-pleased with his new found first.

And, make sure to check out his twitter page for some funny tweets.  At first, he seemed pissed off by it, but now has embraced it. 

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