Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Republican Congressman Christopher Lee brought down by a Series of Tubes

Republican Congressman Christopher Lee (Not the actor) decided that marriage with his wife wasn't good enough, so he sought out a woman “looking for men that didn't look like toads” on Craigslist. He started talking to her via e-mail and even sent her a photo of himself shirtless.
Now, he has resigned over the incident. To be fair, they would come after him with pitchforks and fire if he came out as gay instead.
Here is the best part, he lied to her and claimed to be a divorced lobbyist. It is one thing to have the intention of cheating on your spouse, but another thing when you claim you are not married to her. Something tells me there's going to be things thrown and a lot yelling when he gets home.
While I am not gay, I have to say the guy does look really fit for a dude his age. He doesn't fit the fat guy Republican stereotype.
How stupid do you have to be to think the chick wouldn't put two and two together?


Anonymous said...

He said he was 39 years old also. Why must guys go through their mid life crisis so shamefully.

Semaj said...

You would think he of all people know that anything can become public. Yeah, some men can "grow old gracefully"

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