Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Enthiran: (Robot) Indian Terminator

Indian Terminator: Probably the best thing since Chuck Norris
I dare you to get through this ten-minute clip without being amazed at the sheer coolness.
Best parts
-The Indian Terminator body surfs a guy on the street. (killing him?)
-The strange Techno music at the beginning is funny.
-He jumps back into the car that he jumped out of while it is still rolling.
-He and his brothers kill nearly a million cops and soldiers. I guess recruiting was up after the battle.
-He and his twin brothers turn into a dragon ball and spin around killing cops and soldiers.
-The dragon ball turns into a freaking tube and rolls over the soldiers.
-They turn into a freaking snake with hissing noise included. Did I mention the machine gun tongue? The Robot snake then proceeds to eat cars and people. (WTF?)
-How about the giant Robot that double flips off the camera?
By the way, the movie is called Enthiran (Based on the book by The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford). I made up the last part. The movie actually is a recent film too and one of the highest grossing Indian movies to date.
It should be noted that there are some dance numbers too. I love em too
But, like the Terminator franchise, it too has had some legal controversies too. At least two Indian Sci-fi writers have claimed plagiarisms from their respective works.    

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