Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tommy Lee Jones is the face of Canned Coffee? (Boss Ads)

 Tommy Lee Jones is the face of Canned Coffee?
I don't remember these ads being listed on his IMDB page?
While digging through Reddit , I came across this little gem. It appears Tommy Lee Jones was in a series of commercials involving him playing an alien dressed as a human as he investigates the planet. I guess this alien Tommy Lee Jones is hooked on canned coffee too. The commercials seems to have a straight forward story. Plus, it is a twist on the Men in Black series.
You can chalk this appearance up to another big name actor finding it perfectly okay to do ads for Japan, but not for the North American audience. Could you imagine the units they would sell if they showed these ads here in NA?
From TV-Tropes, this is called Japandering. From Tropes, ((Deep down, what successful actors recognise or pay their agents to recognise is that doing something embarrassing or "beneath" their standard for some short term bucks can harm their long term prospects and marketability. So they will refuse crass or embarrassing uses of their time. The one exception: if it is done very far away where no one will see it. And by "no one" we mean "no one who speaks English" and by "very far away", we usually mean "Japan". ))
If you get a chance, make sure to watch the entire series of ads behind the Alien Tommy Lee Jones stuff.
For more info on Japandering, go here.
Yes, having the guy from US Marshals on you billboard is a really good idea.  And, I am not being sarcastic either.  I just wished they used the Two-Face makeup.  

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