Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dwayne McDuffie 1962-2011

Dwayne McDuffie 1962-2011
Mr. McDuffie was a writer I looked up to because he was a black comic book and animation writer.  McDuffie was one of the people responsible for the minority-based comic book line called Milestone with a few other writers.  McDuffie was also very important to the DCAU with his strong involvement with Static Stock and Justice League Unlimited.  He was one of the people that were responsible for deep continuity storylines based on comic book stories. 
For me, I fondly remember working in retail and spending hours on my breaks and lunch breaks in book area reading Milestone Comics and DC Comics.  I still have my Superman/Milestone crossover comic book series and pull them out to read from time to time.  Plus, you can actually see some of his Milestone influences with the main DC universe now, because most of the Milestone characters are in the DC universe now. 
He also wrote for Marvel too. 
I think McDuffie was important to all minority writers out there, because he was responsible for making stronger black comic book characters.  And, before the 90s, there weren’t that many good superhero role models out there. 
He died on February 21, 2011 from complications from heart surgery. 

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