Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blade: The Opening Fight scene (another look back)

Blade: The Opening Fight scene
That scene is probably one of the best ways to introduce a badass character. One, you show his skill. Two, you show his sheer hatred for vampires. But there are some things to note when watching this scene.
-The human dude is the actor that plays Lemon-head on the show The Shield.
-Yes, that's Traci Lords, a former pornstar turned actor that drives him to the Vampire Club. In the commentary, someone says that the bouncer at the door was her boyfriend.
-At the :56 mark, you can clearly see workers wheeling people (humans) in bags away from the guy. He even notices them and says, “What the F' is that?”. If you look closely, you can see the bodies swaying as they roll them through. This was all that was left of an entire subplot involving Frost and his people stocking living humans and draining their blood. That was their way of getting around the world becoming full of vampires. They brought back the harvesting of humans for the third Blade film.
-I love that some of these vampires just came in to just have a good time and Blade just strolls in and slaughters them. Getting killed by a guy dressed all in black at rave just doesn't sound like my idea of a good time.
-They brought the human in there just as a play-thing, before they planned on killing him.
-The blood coming out of the ceiling and the lighting effects make for a scene. I don't think we've ever seen anything like it. I remember seeing that in the theaters and saying “What in the hell?”.
-Blade's introduction is handled well with the camera panning up. I like how many of the vampires fear him. It almost has a I Am Legend vibe to it. He is basically a monster to them because of the amount of vampires he's killed.
-Blade kills the DJ. That in my book is great. When you've had enough of the hipster techno...
-Best line “Put him out,” said from a cop. He merely looks at the blood and the burning body and doesn't have a big reaction.  

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