Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Gallagher: Remember Him?

Gallagher (Leo) is an angry man
If you are too young don’t remember, Gallagher was (is) a comedian that went on stage and smashed fruit with his Sledge-O-Matic and told bad jokes (kind of like what I do on this blog). Most people remembered all the goofy fruit smashing, but he had a normal standup routine too, but it wasn't really funny. Being a black guy, I didn't really get his humor. He admits he doesn't have too many black people at his shows.
During an Adam Carolla interview, podcaster Marc Maron mentioned his interviewer with Gallagher. It is funny hearing Adam and Maron bashing the guy for 30 minutes straight.
In Marc Maron's own podcast, Gallagher got pissed off and walked out of the interview. You have to listen to the podcast to hear Gallagher get more and more pissed off. For a prop comedian, Gallagher comes off as more bitter than anything else. I guess the years haven't kind to him, which I found amazing because Gallagher was one of biggest comedians from the 80s and early 90s. I never understood the appeal of Gallagher's act.
In the Maron interview, I was sort of on his side until he started pulling the right wing stuff out of his butt. And, the fact he thinks certain types of comedians suck today. However, he should be mad at Carrot Top. Mr. Top is the one that aped his style the most out of everyone else.
The interview with Maron went off the rails when he started talking about certain interviews that didn't put Gallagher in a good light. Oregonian Interview and the AV Club interview seem to really piss off Gallagher.
Gallagher seems to be the counter to the more wisecracking smart humor that's on TV and in clubs today, and he just doesn't get that comedy has changed over the years. And, the guy is bitter that he doesn't have a TV show and that young people don't recongize him. But, I think they remember him from Dave Chappelle's Black Gallagher bit. And, Dave's bit was funnier than anything Gallagher has ever done.   

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