Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Contact’s opening scene

Contact’s opening scene
Now, this is how you open a movie.  It also gives you a preview of the focus of radio signals in the story.  I love hearing the different radio signals, especially the jumbled sounds at the beginning of the pan away from Earth.  I’m guessing we didn’t know that we were pretty much broadcasting ourselves into outer space until the beginning of space travel. 
It is also stunning seeing the scene pull away from Earth to the outer reaches of the cosmos.  It reveals how little we are in the galactic scheme of things. 
There is a great post about how far human radio broadcasts have reached in outer space. It even shows the position. Basically, our first broadcasts have reached somewhere around 100 light years now. Our race will probably be gone by the time some other alien race picks up the signals, but it is interesting to think someone or something will hear them. What will they think when they start getting more and more transmissions?
Now, there is hope that something is detecting them because they have pass through other systems. From, ((This means that at 110 light-years away from earth — the edge of a radio ‘sphere’ which contains many star systems — our very first radio broadcasts are beginning to arrive. At 74 light-years away, television signals are being introduced. Star systems at a distance of 50 light-years are now entering the ‘Twilight Zone’. ))

I know that Contact has it the other way around, but this opening scene is just great.  
-Spice Girls “Wanna be my lover”:  Did you hear that one?
-“Obviously, a major malfunction.”:  Listen carefully.  That line is from the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster.  It happened right after the explosion.  I was in grade school when that happened.  I am showing my age. 
-“These broken wings will never fly again”
-Dallas theme song
-Sometimes you feel like a nut
-There is a nice touch with signal being chopped up when it runs through the asteroid field. 
-Nixon is not a crook…
-The other nice touch is the degraded signal as it pulls further and further away until nothing.  Listen for the Morse code signal just as the sound drops out. 

Whistle While You Twurk

Whistle While You Twurk
Twerking, only if we knew how much this form of dancing would take over popular culture. Damn you, Ying Yang Twins, I want to hate you. But, this song is so stupid that I actually like it. But, it is one of the strangest songs out there for a couple reasons...
1 The song is about strippers dancing and queefing: When I go to the strip club, I don't need the added bonus of the girls farting from the lower regions. That's not something I paid for, but if you want that, have at it.

2 Snow White's “Whistle while you work”: Yes, they sampled that part from Snow White's famous song. Now, every time I hear Whistle While You Work”, I think of strippers queefing. Thanks a lot, YY Twins. BTW, they got into some legal trouble with Disney and they had to change the song for the music video.
Anyway, this is a very dumb song, but damn it is catchy.    

Monday, July 29, 2013

Don Lemon: He has a point…

Don Lemon:  He has a point…
Being a black man that’s been called white because I talk properly, I can see his side of things.  And, I hate say this, but Bill O’Reilly is right about this issue.  I think Lemon is taking a lot of heat because he used O’Reilly as a springboard, and it gives people a reason to attack him.  In some ways, it takes away from what Lemon has to say. 
But he is correct…
I’ve noticed that studying isn’t really placed in a positive light in our community and it saddens me.  Talking correctly is mocked.  We’re more worried about swag and how much our “paper” we have on us in the here and now.  Swagger is more important than intelligence. 
5 Pull up your pants:  Every time I see a young teen or older man sagging their pants showing their underwear, I actually make that statement.  I love wearing loose shorts and shirts, but I am not foolish enough to walk around showing my underwear.  I use a belt.  I HATE when I see black people doing this, and I get even angrier when white people sag.  Please can we stop doing this? It makes us look like clowns.  
4 The n-word:  I don’t use it to describe other black folks.  I understand what rappers and comedians are saying about taking it back.  However, other minorities don’t use these harsh words like we do and throw it out there all the time.  It just makes you look stupid when you keep using it over and over again.  Please stop. 
3 Respect where you live:  I ride around Louisville a great deal and see some rundown hoods.  You get more broken bottles and trash in lower income neighborhoods, not just black areas.  People say they respect their hoods, but don’t show it.  Cut the yards and water the plants.  Because it is your street, you have to take more pride in it.  Only you can give a shit about your hood.  Side Note: What’s up with all the drive-thru liquor stores in poor neighborhoods? 
2 finish school:  Yes, this one bothers me the most.  I was a C student in high school, but that was more of me not wanting to be a part of the school community and social class.  But, I did pass and graduate high school.  It was only after leaving high school when I realized studying hard can get you somewhere and better grades.  We need more nerds and less “boyz”. 
Lo and behold, black people are already calling Lemon an Uncle Tom for his remarks. It seems this is the only time when black people work attacking one of their own for stating what is painful but true. It is the same routine that Billy Cosby had to deal with after his remarks. When I point out the problems in our community, I am called a sellout and I act too white to understand.
Yes, there are social and racial problems that hold us back coming from the outside world. However, we can't fight them if we keep destroying ourselves from the inside.  Right now, crime and foolishness is destroying our communities.  These inside problems have to be fixed before we take on other issues. We need an educated group of black people that can fight against the outside forces, but we have more young black people attacking each other than going to school.  Look at Chicago.  We can't even be bothered solving our own problems and blame it squarely on the government and white people.
You can't blame it on racism when a black man shoots another black man to rob him.
Falling off my soapbox now...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cop vs. Crazy Lady

 Cop vs. Crazy Lady
I found this great gem on Reddit and it will entertain.
This woman has range. She goes from 10-100 in 5 minutes. She probably ended up in jail, but she will get out because of her “condition”. Clearly, there is something wrong with her.  Once you get that crazy ball rolling, it doesn't stop.  
-Nice 101 Dalmatians shirt you have there, lady.  (Yes, I noticed) 
-She's ready to explode: Well, she DID warn them that she was ready to explode. And, she breaks people's arms, or so she claims. Why brag about that in front of a cop?
-Cop is having fun: Clearly, this cop is having a bit of fun with the situation. “Don't break arms right now. I got to get this written up. Okay?” If you look closely, the cop has a bit of smirk toward the middle of the video.
-She threatens the guy and then tells the cop it is a threat!: Brilliant. Criminal now admit to crimes before they happen!  "I am going to rob a bank tomorrow, Officer." 
-YouTube and the Internet: I love that she hates the Internet and YouTube. It is the mention of YouTube that sets her completely off. She doesn't like to be on the Internet at all. How would she know if the video was posted then?
-When all else fails, threaten to sue the cop and the guy. Is she taking notes from the Space Church?
-“I don't believe in the Internet!”: Well, it believes in you.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nice Software, Stephanie

Nice Software, Stephanie
Yes, even male robots are horny little devils. Number Five, I have to agree with you. Stephanie is very cute. I remember having a young crush on Ally Sheedy and she was looking very nice in the bath scene. I also love that Number Five takes a peek at her “upgrades” so to speak. 
 “Nice Software.” Actually, it would be hardware because software would be on the inside, unless he's looking at her guts. But, I'll let that one pass. 
 Ally, while cute, isn't very good in the movie and the robot out acts her at every turn. But, she also acting against two of the leads of the Police Academy movies!
And, I also like to note that Ally Sheedy has aged well.  
 Hey, I still use older software too, because it doesn't have the bugs the newer versions have. 

Mean Girls: Lindsay Lohan

 Mean Girls: Lindsay Lohan
Mean Girls is currently on Showtime. I've never seen the movie before, but the movie is pretty good. This is like a remake of Clueless. To my surprise, Lindsay is very cute in this movie. I looked at the wiki page and noted that the movie came out in 2004. This was way before all the threeways, drugs and booze. I can't believe how healthy she looked compared to the burnt out appearance she has now.  

Time has not been your friend.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Stuff

 Random Stuff
~About that train accident in Spain: Yes, the conductor was going too fast around that corner. The video of the crash is very intense. Going around corners on trains can be very bad, and that was a sharp curve. Keep in mind that the train that jump the tracks and exploded in Canada also hit a curve. Those cars were loose and hit that curve at a high rate of speed.
~Roman Polanski's victim writes a book: I find it interesting that she uses the very picture that started it all. Roman started taking pictures of this 13 year old girl and that's when things started to go crazy. Some people are upset over the photo, but it raises eyebrows and not in a truly offensive way like many of things. It doesn't matter what people think, she was 13 he was 43. That is creepy as hell. Roman is a real bastard especially when he left the country after setting up a plea deal.
~Dog Sitting for two weeks: This has made my day taking care of a dog again. Having him sit nearby as I write this blog. I still can't see myself owning a dog again because I took my dog's death really hard. However, it is nice to have little friend sleeping nearby.
~Bruce Willis being a dick? : Really? Shocking. Willis has been known to be a total dick when he wants to be. From what I've read, these press interviews are really draining, but this goes beyond the d-bag levels. Bruce is pissed off and doesn't want to be there at all. I guess we can chalk this up to old age. And, keep in mind Kevin Smith has told some stories about his interactions with Bruce as well and they're shocking, but funny.   

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whatever Happened to Dude Dell guy? Can we bring him back

Whatever Happened to Dude Dell guy?
I liked this dude. He did these Dell ads from 2000-2003. He was the face of Dell from those days, and it's been ten years since we've seen this stoner. Steve, the character's name, boosted Dell's sales a great deal during his run.
The actor playing him found himself in jail for having weed and Dell pretty much didn't sign him up for another year. I remember they brought in a different team of people for their new ad campaign.
Note: I love the high prices of these computers in the ad above, because right now you can get an okay desktop for under 300 bucks.
Anyway, Ben Curtis (Dell Guy) popped up last year when discussions about Dell's money woes started to pop up. He claimed he could help Dell by being the pitchman again and he was willing to return as the Dell Guy. From via Bloomberg, ((I think they’re making a huge mistake and simply need to bring back the Dell Dude! That’s it.That’s all they need to do. If they brought me back, their sales, stock and media presence would skyrocket. That is by FAR the smartest move they could make.))
I'd be up for that. Given the positive reaction people have to “out of the box” ads these days, I think the Dell Guy could work as the pitchman again. Besides, Dell really needs a boost.
This is what he looks like today. 

Amanda Bynes: It is time for her to seek some help and stop giving her attention.

Amanda Bynes: It is time for her to seek some help and stop giving her attention.
From MTV, ((After setting a fire on a stranger's driveway
 in Thousand Oaks, California on Monday night, the actress was taken in under a 5150 hold, a California code that allows doctors or law enforcement officials to detain a person involuntarily for 72 hours if they are deemed a danger to themselves or others or display a grave disability that renders them unable to provide for their own food, clothing and shelter. ))
After her latest incident, we can all agree that she is now officially crazy and it isn't an act. Having dealt with someone just like this in my family, I was on the fence about Amanda. She showed all the signs of losing her mind, but she was appeared to be doing this for attention. All the stupid twitter posts and stunts in wigs seemed to be “put on”.
I mean what are you doing, Amanda? She took clothing to a random house and burned them in the driveway. And, for my part, I didn't really write many posts about Amanda Bynes, if not any. But, this one was a bit over the edge. She nearly burnt herself and her dog. What a crazy woman.
Now, it is not funny anymore, and it is just depressing. As I stated before, I have to deal with someone just like this in my family. He's let the alcohol take over his entire life and has pretty much destroyed his body and mind. He doesn't want anyone to help him. There is hope for Amanda because her family is trying to get a temporary conservatorship.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
 ~Jenny McCarthy joins The View: I would have taken the other girl over this one. I hate McCarthy. I don't think she has much talent. If she had talent, she'd be working all these years. Playboy and the media forced her down our throats telling us she was the “it” girl. I never found her attractive or funny. She also believes vaccines can cause autism and has a public stance against them. Now, The View has given her loopy cause a platform and that's dangerous. The View has just gotten dumber.  
Side Note:  I also find it amusing that she was considered the poor-female version of Jim Carrey with all her unfunny expression and wacky stunts.  Then, she started dating him. 
  ~Geraldo Rivera is pretty fit for a old fart: I hate Rivera, but I'll give him props for his body. And, not in a gay sort of way, but a “dude” sort of way. None of this is coming out right, crap. Anyway, Rivera decided to do a selfie with an almost completely nude photo. The man is 70 years old and looks pretty good. Plus, he's 70 years old and doing “selfies” come on, Rivera. Next, you will be doing duck faces. Please stop.
~Sacha Baron Cohen leaves the Freddie Mercury movie: I remember reading about his casting a long time ago and said, “Yeah that works.” But, I guess the living members of Queen have been sticking their fingers in a little bit too much for Cohen's taste. He got pissed and left. Or, maybe he knew the movie was going to be shit and bolted.
~Chick gets pulled over and her nude iPhone photos and videos get sent to a police officer: Supposedly, a cop, while pulling her over, took her cell phone and forwarded nude photos and videos to his cell phone while she wasn't looking. One has to wonder how many times has he done this? While it falls under being a man, it is more than a little creepy that a cop would do this while on duty.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Watch

The Watch

The whole logo bit is actually one of the more funnier bits in the movie.  
Even after all the Trayvon Martin stuff, I found this movie very funny in some places.   I thought the movie has some problems, but the cast is very good and some of the “off the cuff” moments are funny. 
It is true there is a dark cloud formed above this movie due to the Trayvon shooting, but the movie goes off on such a different path that it is not even relevant to the shooting. They even changed the name and focus on the sci-fi elements of the plot for the marketing. 
And, it should be noted that there a lot of similarities to Attack the Block, too many for some people.  I didn’t have a problem with it.  Could the premise and the script use some polishing?  Yes, but the cast does a good job bringing out the funny bits.  I mean even the minor characters are funny.  I loved Will Forte (with his partner).  He is funny and I loved seeing them butt heads with the Neighborhood Watch. 
The story isn’t that funny by itself.  There are moments here and there that stand out, but it needed a little bit of punching up before becoming a shooting script.  The premise is sound, but not fully explored.  I think the movie should have clashed with its two storylines, the nerdy neighborhood watch and the alien plot. 
One scene has the Watch on a stakeout and some of them open up beer cans in the car.  They pretend not to have an open container, when the cops roll up.  And, the entire scene is very funny, and ends on a funny bit. 
- Jonah Hill’s character is very funny.  He plays an edgier character than what he usually plays.  And, this is one of Hill’s skinnier roles.  Hill is great. 
-Look for a small role by R. Lee Ermey:  He’s great as the asshole old man with a gun. 
-The aliens are a little on the weaker side.  I was a little disappointed with them overall, especially their weakness.  They could have done a better job.
-R-rated:  Despite the fact it feels like a PG-13 movie, there is some nudity and some gore.  The nudity happens all in one scene…an orgy scene.  I am all for nudity, but it seems odd that a studio would let this movie be an R rating. The orgy scene seems to be the only reason it is R-rated. 
-Speaking of orgy: Look for the Lonely Island people in a cameo in that scene. 
As I wrote before, the script has some weak aliens, if not undefined, and some unfunny scripted moments.  But, I still liked the movie more than the general public or the critics.  The cast is great and there are some funny moments.
Grade: C+

Kirstie Alley, You mad sis?

Kirstie Alley
Kirstie Alley, I loved you in Star Trek II and you were great in Cheers.  However, I have to say something about the way you’re reacting makes me hate you even more.  How can someone be so bitter and vindictive?  Why are you do worried about someone leaving the church?
It pissed me off when she started throwing out tweets that seemed to be directed at Remini.
From Kirstie's Twitter, ((When faced w malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend... Then I say fuck em..:) #RISE ))
Hmm, I wonder who you were talking about? It seems strange this tweet came out during Remini's departure from the Church. It comes across as being bitter and foreboding. Then again, that's the way I see Alley nowadays. She's no longer that charming, hard-working cute actress, but a bitter woman.  
((the sweetest poison is often served with a smile...beware syrup ))
Yeah, now it is starting to sound like a fortune cookie.
However, what got me was that there were reports that Alley and a few others set up a meeting to deal with Remini's departure...allegedly. She set up this tweet.
((I'm at my friends gorgeous house @minmin1008 love hangin here))
That Twitter account is Melinda Brownstone and she has some history with Remini. Remini was friends with Brownstone, but had a major falling out. Now, why would Kirstiemention this on twitter only after Remini's public departure?
Then, Kirstie fired back that she meant nothing by the tweets and attacked the news media outlets for “lying”. I don't buy it, Kirstie.

By the way, check out the very revealing story over on Tony Ortega's blog about Leah and her sister's involvement with the church.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Two guys go to a rally with offensive shirts at a Trayvon Martin rally

Two guys go to a rally with offensive shirts at a Trayvon Martin rally
Hat tip to Bryon Crawford. This video really pisses me off. These two blimps clearly had a loaded agenda. They were going to come to this Trayvon rally and try to get people to attack them. They in turn would show this to racists and promote that black people don't have restrain. It is race baiting at its finest. It is like when that girl carved that B on her cheek.  
Look at the camera the guy is holding. While I get the smaller fat guy is wearing the n-word shirt, but the other one doesn't make much sense. “I will not fix your F'ing computer.” What does that mean in the context of racist stuff?
The crowd didn't attack these guys and left them without an incident, which is what they wanted. Plus, the rally people called the cops instead.
Honestly, what were the two blimps expecting to happen when they came onto the scene? They would gotten their asses kicked and, a lot of people would end up in jail or killed. None of this happened. This goes back to what I wrote before about not confronting people that are baiting you or are unstable. You turn the other cheek or get someone with authority to calm the situation.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Apple vs. D-bag

Apple vs. D-bag: The Porn War
Uh, Apple isn't the gatekeeper of porn. And, to be fair, Apple has gone out of their way to avoid porn and to be connected with porn. And Jobs has made statements to this effect too. This lawsuit is useless. You couldn't have picked a worst company to sue over porn for. 
From,  ((Apples’ rejection of the app, which was based on its inclusion of graphic sexual pictures, is part of a principled stance against pornography, for which Jobs has become famous. The former CEO set himself apart from competitors by keeping his company’s products porn-free by rejecting any and all pornographic apps. ))
And, tale it from me, a porn scholar, it is very easy to stumble upon porn. You have to have self control. There are days when I say, “Today want to watch some porn,” but decided against it because I had work to do.
 Look away, turn away. 
From Huffington Post, ((Per the complaint, Sevier's problem began after he tried to visit "," but -- accidentally, he says -- typed "F**," an adult site that "appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male and led to an unwanted addiction with adverse consequences." ))
Really, you're mad that you made a mistake and ended up at a porn site. I hope Apple is laughing at you at this time.
Heck when I search most things, I get a babe in a bikini or a half naked babe because I turn off my filters. It just happens. 
Plus, this gives me an excuse to post pictures of pornstars.  

Leah Remini: Let Smear Campaign begin?

Leah Remini: Let Smear Campaign begin? 
It looks like the Space Church is gearing up for an attack on their former member. NY Post and Radar Online are reporting that someone registered the site It sounds like someone is starting up and attack site against Remini. And, it shows how sad and silly the Church has become. They still believe in Fair Game.  Just let her go.  
I'll have more on this story later with one of their kooky members.

Side Note: Remember that Scientology School that Will Smith and Jada funded back in the day? It closed its door last month. I guess not even Big Willie can keep it open. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That car looks familiar

That car looks familiar
I was riding my back from the Louisville Zoo back to the River Front Park. I passed through a rather seedy area, and I sat at the red light on Broadway. I looked to the left of me and saw a parking structure encased in a tall fenced-in area. In that fenced area there were at least ten cars in there. It looked like it was place where someone left the collection of car they owned.
I looked closer and noticed a white Volkswagen Beetle, but not just a normal VW Beetle. There were racing stripes going down the middle of the Beetle. On the side, there were two numbers inside a white circle. I looked closer it was the number 53.
It was Herbie the Lovebug. 
 I believe that was the 1969 version, but I could be wrong, but I am certain it was the “Goes Bananas” version. Someone turned a Beetle into Herbie from the movies and TV show. Minus Lindsay Lohan, thankfully.
That made my day. 

What happens when a serial killer goes on vacation?

WTF?  What happens when a serial killer goes on vacation?
There are some amazing looking chicks in the video, but I am certain a few of them are probably working in the adult industry. 
How about that crazy girl destroying that guy’s SUV?  (In a bikini and high-hills)
What just happened in that shower scene?  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reason Number 200 never to work at Wal-Mart

Reason Number 200 never to work at Wal-Mart
Game Over, Yeah!!!
This is the reason I will never work at Wal-Mart.  I hate to say this, but this manger deserves it.  The veteran has a Tekken style side hook and a lot of power behind that punch.  I wouldn't want to fight him.  And, if you look closely, it looks like the manger was going to take a swing at him.  But, this guy will probably end up in jail for knocking out his boss.  They usually frown on that sort of thing. 
People that work at Wal-Mart have to understand that Wal-Mart doesn’t give a shit. 
Do you think he was dreaming of that stupid happy face logo when he was knocked the f’ out? 

Always low prices and high punches…
I'd love to see a picture of the manger with a "Continue? yes or no" hovering over him

Monday, July 15, 2013

Corrections on the fake names KTVU story...

Corrections on the fake names KTVU story...
It seems it was a NTSB intern that wired the names to the news station. And, the intern is now fired. That actually makes the whole thing even worst. That means someone professional at the station took the call, wrote the names, and gave it to director and producers. That means the names were filtered through even more people than before that should have knew better.
By the way, NTSB stand for National Transportation Safety Board. Speaking of the NTSB, does that mean the intern made the racist and tasteless names up as a joke or did someone send him the fake names? Something is missing here.
From Huffington Post, ((A spokeswoman for the agency said that the intern was a student who was supposed to answer phones and pass media inquiries along to the appropriate people, and had "acted outside the scope of his authority." ))
However, that doesn't seem to answer the question. It just adds more questions. “Acted outside the scope of his authority” seems to imply two things. He made the names up, or someone sent them to him. Both make his look stupid.

KTVU-TV, you got some explaining to do...Fake names for the flight crew

KTVU-TV, you got some explaining to do...Fake names for the flight crew
 Wait, that doesn't look or sound right. 
Remember that flight that crash landed? These aren't the flight crews names.
Yes, you heard that right. It's not only racist, but tasteless as well. You can also hear the newscaster realize that names are bogus as she reads them.
Captain Sum Ting Wong: Something Wrong
Wi Tu Lo: We too low
Ho Lee Fuk: Holy Fuck
Bang Ding Ow!
Are you kidding me? I can't believe they screwed up by showing the visual, but made it worst by reading the names out loud. It takes a lot of stupidity to screw up this bad and KTVU-TV was able to do it. I can't believe no one said, “Stop the presses! Hey, we can't send this out. There is something wrong with the names! Look!”
Now, Asiana Airlines intends on suing the news station. And, I can see their point, but I wouldn't sue the station though. Give the station a ear full and move on, you got other problems to deal with.  And, it is in poor taste to make jokes when someone dies, a racial one at that. I honestly believe the airline company doesn't have a chance of winning the lawsuit. There are rules in place that protect media companies that make mistakes during active and fast moving stories. (That Media Law class really has helped me)  But, there is a chance they could win, but I am guessing there will be a settlement outside of court.
So, where did they get these racist names from? What was their source? Did they just pull the names out of their collective asses? Right now they're blaming a summer intern for the “mistake”. When all else fails, you always blame the guy or girl that isn't on the payroll. This probably happened the way they described, but someone should have looked over the names.
From The LA Times, (("The names were presented by the station, to the intern for confirmation," NTSB spokeswoman Kelly Nantel told the network. "The intern did not make up the names and provide them to the station."
Somerville said the station didn't properly verify who at the NTSB was confirming the names.))

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman trial (Facebook comments)

One more thing about the Zimmerman trial (Facebook comments)
Someone I don't usually agree with all the time politically did agree with me that the verdict was wrong. Well, she posted her dissatisfaction on her Facebook page. One of her friends left some very borderline racist and ignorant comments on her post.
Here there they are with the name removed with my color commentary.
((Teen not child lurking around late at night in the dark. Not completly innocent if you ask me. Zimmerman was a dumbass but still not a murderer ))
I am sorry, but it has been proven that the kid went to the store to buy some things and nothing else. I find the term “lurking” a little offensive especially the way this guy is using it. Do black kids lurk when traveling from the store to their father's place? He was merely walking from one place to another and not lurking. It just bothers me to read that first line.
I guess I am going to “lurk” to the bathroom to take a piss.
((He wasnt even in the neighborhood he was suppose to be in and was outside a window. Go look at the facts. ))
Whoa, what does that mean? This is probably his most stupid comment yet. He was supposed to be in that neighborhood because his father lived there. Trayvon was there spending time with his father and had every right to be there. As I stated before, this is very borderline racist, and I am not the one to pull out the race card usually. I am getting a very “get in where you fit in” vibe. The “facts” are that Zimmerman claimed he looked strange and followed him. Let's hear Trayvon's version. Wait, we can't hear Trayvon's side of the story.
These are just stupid comments, but I guess that's what to expect when reading Facebook. 

George Zimmerman found not guilty and my thoughts (rant)

George Zimmerman found not guilty
Now that he's free, he can go on eating burgers and pork skins. Enjoy your freedom, asshole. 
Once the prosecution brought out Trayvon Martin's “girlfriend”, I knew the case was lost. The defense could make this kid out to be ghetto and evoke fear in the jury. This really pisses me off, because I have lived the moments that Trayvon Martin encountered that night.  While I didn’t have a gun pulled out on me, I’ve had people literally follow me around parking lots and around stores because of my skin color.  I’ve had police stop me while biking around the city because I fit a description of a car theft. 
The Martin vs Zimmerman thing went too far.  There was a fight and Martin was killed.  It was terrible that not even the police bothered to investigate the shooting, and refuse to charge Zimmerman.  That’s because no one in that seems to care that another black kid was killed.  This was a child in high school, a weed smoker, but not involved in gang activity.  What would have happened if Martin were the one that shot Zimmerman instead and had the right to carry a gun?  Martin would have been shot by the police officers or arrested for murder bet on it. 
Then there is this from, ((The panel of six women deliberated more than 16 hours over two days until nearly 10 p.m. on Saturday (0200 GMT Sunday) before delivering the verdict, which drew immediate condemnation from some civil rights groups.))
Six people on a jury and all of them white. Martin didn't have a chance.
I'm a guy that strongly believes people should defend themselves and have a right to carry a gun. I've had property stolen from me, and I think everyone has the right to defend themselves and keep the stuff they've bought. But, killing a kid that only went to a store to pick up some stuff is taking it too far. The biggest problem I have with this incident has to with Zimmerman's actions before the fight.
First, he followed this kid around. Second, the 911 guy straight up told Zimmerman NOT to follow the kid around after he made the call. Zimmerman followed him anyway. No one is making a bigger case about this fact. And, it shows that Zimmerman was not going to let this guy get away despite the fact that Martin only had an ice tea and a box of candy.
Trayvon should have walked away and ignored this loser. Zimmerman had no authority to keep him there. When you see someone like this following, you don't stop to confront. You never know what a person like has up their sleeves, as Trayvon found out. We, as black men, have to learn that s backing down can lead to better end results. We need to start teaching our children to back away from heated encounters, because crazy and fearful people are arming themselves to the teeth. Every time I've been stopped or confronted by concerned citizens or cops, I've kept my cool.

However, Martin didn't deserve to die no matter what happened that night. And, the fact that Zimmerman got away with it sickens me. Let's not forget a young boy died with only an ice tea in hand.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leah Remini leaves Scientology finally

Leah Remini leaves Scientology finally
I remembered hearing people talk about her connection Scientology. She was that girl on King of Queens that played the hot wife. I would look at her and say, “What a waste.” And, I felt bad for Kevin James because he had to go through discussions about Scientology from 1998-2007.  That a long time to hear how great L Ron was and how well-written Battlefield Earth was.
  Allegedly, she got into trouble with the Church when she started questioning where David Miscavige’s wife was for a couple of weeks. David didn't like that and allegedly had the church investigative her. 
From the New York Post, ((When you ask a question, like, ‘Where is Shelly?,’ you are immediately hauled in, interrogated and asked, ‘Why are you asking, who are you connected to, are you going on the Internet?’ ” said a source. ))
I am glad she was able to get away from the church. It seems to be easier getting rid of the church than getting rid of Norton Anti-virus programs.
She did release a statement about leaving the church, in code so to speak, to People Magazine. From People Magazine, (("I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and from fans around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support," she says in a statement to PEOPLE.  ))
That is a nice statement, but I hope she knows what she's in for. They will try to attack her and let's not forget that Freeloader's Bill they'll evoke. Anyway, I am happy people are supporting her in this departure from the church. Being in that church for 30 years couldn't have made that departure easy.

Now, if we can get Will Smith away from the church.  Big Willie style 
Xenu is pissed

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