Saturday, July 13, 2013

Justin Bieber vs. Mop Bucket

Justin Bieber is a tool and we all should hate him...
If you didn't his douche attitude or his speeding around town, this one might send you over to the negative side. This asshole pees in a freaking mop bucket. It's been all over TMZ for a few days now, but I finally can add my two cents in the story.
The man pissed into some guy's mop bucket, and some schmoe has to discover that his working equipment smells like piss...Bieber piss. It's the worst kind. I just don't like the attitude that Bieber has while peeing into someone's work equipment. I piss in some strange places, because I am in the middle of nowhere sometimes, but even I draw the line on pissing in a mop bucket inside a building. I am also bothered by the “acting street black” attitude he's displaying in the video. It sickens me to hear a rich white dude act that way. Why are you talking street, Justin? You're not street.
And, I hate the fact people are up in arms over his diss toward Bill Clinton. Who cares what he thinks about Clinton. It is a free country, you can say bad shit about a former President. I also think Bieber's people want the outrage focused on the Clinton stuff and not the fact he pissed in some guy's mop bucket. How about having the good mind to piss outside in an alley than inside a mop bucket?
Anyway, I hope your career ends soon, Justin. Thank you for showing that you are a real tool. And, stop walking around with your shirt off as if you're tough shit.

F' you.   

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