Thursday, July 04, 2013

Star Trek TNG Pre-Launch promotional

Star Trek TNG Pre-Launch promotional
-Gulf and Western: You don't hear that connected with Paramount.
-Cue Cards: I love that the Paramount president can help with his reading cue cards.
-This is for all the stations that bought permission to show TNG on their channels.
-I guess they didn't mention all the backstage horror stories with Gene and the production.
-Cheerios Promotional: I actually remember those cross promotions. I got some of the TNG stickers from back in the day during the launch. I still have a few of those stickers too! Here's the ad to the Cheerios contest. I remember wanting to be this guy walking around the bridge.
-World of the Worlds TV show: In a kind of package deal, there was also a syndicated sister show based on the World of the Worlds franchise. I am surprised it wasn't mentioned here. It lasted two seasons.
-Promotion promotion Promotion...

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