Thursday, July 18, 2013

Apple vs. D-bag

Apple vs. D-bag: The Porn War
Uh, Apple isn't the gatekeeper of porn. And, to be fair, Apple has gone out of their way to avoid porn and to be connected with porn. And Jobs has made statements to this effect too. This lawsuit is useless. You couldn't have picked a worst company to sue over porn for. 
From,  ((Apples’ rejection of the app, which was based on its inclusion of graphic sexual pictures, is part of a principled stance against pornography, for which Jobs has become famous. The former CEO set himself apart from competitors by keeping his company’s products porn-free by rejecting any and all pornographic apps. ))
And, tale it from me, a porn scholar, it is very easy to stumble upon porn. You have to have self control. There are days when I say, “Today want to watch some porn,” but decided against it because I had work to do.
 Look away, turn away. 
From Huffington Post, ((Per the complaint, Sevier's problem began after he tried to visit "," but -- accidentally, he says -- typed "F**," an adult site that "appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male and led to an unwanted addiction with adverse consequences." ))
Really, you're mad that you made a mistake and ended up at a porn site. I hope Apple is laughing at you at this time.
Heck when I search most things, I get a babe in a bikini or a half naked babe because I turn off my filters. It just happens. 
Plus, this gives me an excuse to post pictures of pornstars.  
It's a trap


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