Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
 ~Allergy Pills: Because of a major cold I am getting over, the Doc told me to take these Allergy pills. I got the store brand version, but man these things are strong. Everything is much clearer now. The huge problem with the pills though are the problems with sleeping. Because everything is clear and clean in my head, I can oversleep with no problems now. I can sleep probably 15-20 hours. That's not good. Given that it usually took me 2-3 hours to get to sleep, this can become a problem. Zyrtec sounds like an alien's name. 
 ~The Matrix Reloaded Score: Listening to this score, I have to say it gets overlooked. It should receive more credit than it got when it was released back in the day. I love Don Davis' composing and remixing with Juno Reactor. It may have been ahead of its time and due to the lukewarm reviews the film received, no one talks about it. Davis' distorted horns work well with the otherwise annoying dance tracks. I would never have listened to anything Juno had to offer if it wasn't for Davis. While there isn't much mixing going on for Matrix Revolutions, there are a few good tracks in that movie as well. 

~Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving The View for Fox & Friends: So, she is going from annoying to annoyingly stupid. I am surprised she lasted this long on the show. And, it is no shock that she's going to Fox: the safe haven for narrow conservatives. I never found her clever or hot, but to each their own. Oh, and she had that plump lip syndrome with too work to her face, ugh. 
 ~George Lucas says that SW stood on the shoulders of Trek: I agree with him, but all this does is fuel the flame wars between Star Wars fans and Trek fans. The truth is Trek and Wars needed each other to survive and wouldn't be the franchises they are today. After Trek was canceled in the 60s, it sat around without much thought to bringing it back. After the success of Star Wars, Paramount switched their struggling relaunch to the big screen in order to make some cash like Fox and Lucas did with SW. Trek uses ILM 80% of the time. ILM tries a lot of things out on Trek before bringing it over to SW. (Praxis explosion) It is very nice to Lucas give credit to ST though.

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