Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman trial (Facebook comments)

One more thing about the Zimmerman trial (Facebook comments)
Someone I don't usually agree with all the time politically did agree with me that the verdict was wrong. Well, she posted her dissatisfaction on her Facebook page. One of her friends left some very borderline racist and ignorant comments on her post.
Here there they are with the name removed with my color commentary.
((Teen not child lurking around late at night in the dark. Not completly innocent if you ask me. Zimmerman was a dumbass but still not a murderer ))
I am sorry, but it has been proven that the kid went to the store to buy some things and nothing else. I find the term “lurking” a little offensive especially the way this guy is using it. Do black kids lurk when traveling from the store to their father's place? He was merely walking from one place to another and not lurking. It just bothers me to read that first line.
I guess I am going to “lurk” to the bathroom to take a piss.
((He wasnt even in the neighborhood he was suppose to be in and was outside a window. Go look at the facts. ))
Whoa, what does that mean? This is probably his most stupid comment yet. He was supposed to be in that neighborhood because his father lived there. Trayvon was there spending time with his father and had every right to be there. As I stated before, this is very borderline racist, and I am not the one to pull out the race card usually. I am getting a very “get in where you fit in” vibe. The “facts” are that Zimmerman claimed he looked strange and followed him. Let's hear Trayvon's version. Wait, we can't hear Trayvon's side of the story.
These are just stupid comments, but I guess that's what to expect when reading Facebook. 


dvRant said...

How in heck is "lurking" borderline racist??!? You politically correct idiots are laughable and dangerous at the same time. Geez. Racism sure ain't what it used to be.

Semaj said...

Uh, okay. Thank you for calling me an idiot, because I was trying to find the word that describes me.

You did it! thank you, DV Rant!

My life is complete.

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