Saturday, April 30, 2011

Patrick Stewart vs. James Corden: Picard is pissed

Wow, that was awkward.  Who pooped in Picard’s tea?  Stewart was supposed to present an award to Zoe Saldana, but decided to take the time to attack Corden.  Nothing Stewart said was funny or amusing.  (Jonas Brothers?)
I have to say that Zoe Saldana was the one that came out of the incident looking good (she always looks good).  I liked her belly remark to Corden.  I also liked Corden remark say, “One old man is going home”.
Stewart explained why he behaved in such a dickish manner.  From Trek Today, ((Stewart regrets the incident now, saying that he was “out of control.” “My part of the evening came late,” he said, “and it was alcohol [that prompted the remark], I’m afraid. I went too far, I was somewhat out of control. I have nothing but admiration for Mr. Corden. I still blush in remembrance of it.”))
I personally like Sir Stewart, but damn he was being a total jerk during the video.  If he’s remarks were funny, I think I would have liked his actions. 
Maybe those creatures from the episode “Conspiracy” were controlling his mind. 

Fresh Hell Episode 3 and 4

Fresh Hell Episode 3 and 4
I am loving these short episodes.   
Brent Spiner confronts a heckler.  I’m sure he had a few encounters with hardcore trekkers that want him to act like Data.  I love the fact Brent is cool enough to take parody himself. 
Brent deals with an agent…
Penis cam?
I like that episodes never reveals what happened to put him on the Hollywood blacklist like Mel Gibson.  I hope some of his TNG buddies make some cameos in the series too.   


Immortals trailer (300 much?)

Immortals trailer (300 much?)
Well, it looks like a supped up version of Clash of the Titans. 
Okay, portions of this trailer are pretty cool.  I liked the concept of a magical bow that shoots cool arrows.  And, I like the CGI armies in the trailer, but some of the cheesy slow motion is a bit too much for me to handle.  I know that it is the same producers from 300, but did they need to bring over the slow motion as well? 
Henry Cavill plays the main star Theseus.  He will be playing Superman in the upcoming film.  There are some big names in the movie too.  Mickey Rourke, John Hurt and Stephen Dorff are also in the movie as well. 
I do like that this seems to be set in the mystical world, so the mystical aspects seem to fit, unlike 300 which had real history behind it.   

The Morning After…

The Morning After…
Yeah, I’ve probably hoped for this in a few fantasies.  I love the ending with a certain band that everyone claims they hate except a few people.  To me, I might not talk to a female fan of Nickelback and Creed. 
When I was watching the video, I kept thinking, “Where have I seen this girl before?”  At first I thought she was Barbie Cummings, you know the girl that had an encounter with a state trooper, but it wasn’t her.  It was Jenna Marbles, the girl that made the makeup video.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chris Rock Bit

Here's that Chris Rock bit I talked about in my review below.
I actually do this bit from time to time. “Five Dollars, GD that's a lot of money.”
Why do I get sense of his character from New Jack City?

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
This parody of the blaxploitation movies doesn’t hold up today as it did when I was a little kid.  I remember fondly liking this movie.  Like most Keenen Ivory Wayans-based comedies, it doesn’t hold up on recent viewings.  While there are some good things about the movie, most of the stuff focusing on Wayans just doesn’t seem that funny. 
The scenes that directly relate to and parody the blaxploitation aspects of those older movies are still funny.  Those scenes are the stronger portions of the film.  It is fun to see Jim Brown, Bernie Casey, Isaac Hayes and Antonio Fargas playing up many of the characters they played during that time period. 
Even some of the Breaking Fourth Wall jokes are funny.  But some of Wayans bits are just downright stupid and unfunny.  Black Dynamite would certainly do it better by actually going all the way with the spoof.  Here in this movie it seems Wayans’ ego sort of gets in the way of making this a complete spoof. 
Grade:  C+
 -Chris Rock has a small part in the movie as his “Cheap Guy” character he’s played over the years.  I actually laughed a lot at the scene. 
-Did you know there was a spinoff TV shot based on the movie?  It was called Hammer, Slammer, & Slade.  I remember seeing promos for the pilot, but I am sure there wasn’t a full season of the show. 
-Kung Fu Joe is a funny character, and should have been used more. 
 This guy is always great in movies.
Isaac Hayes: "Chris Rock, did you know there are alien spirits inside you right now.  I got a book and program that can help you get them out." 
Chris Rock:  "How about I just use some ex-lax to get them out of me?" 
Isaac Hayes:  "Shut your mouth." 
Chris Rock:  "I'm just talking about Xenu." 

Kung Fu Fighting song gets someone arrested...

Kung Fu Fighting song gets someone arrested...
Uh, yeah, this has probably gone too far. From Post Chronicle: ((Ledger, 34, and his band were performing "Kung Fu Fighting" at the Driftwood Beach Bar in Sandown, England. During his performance, he noticed a Chinese man and his mother gesturing toward him and taking cellphone photos. This reportedly prompted them to call the police on Ledger. ))
Yep, a guy named Simon Ledger found himself arrested over singing the song “Fung Fu Fighting”. Basically, a Chinese man in the UK overheard the song being sung by Simon Ledger. The Chinese guy made a gesture to the singer and walked on.
Later on, the police found him and arrested him. That's right, he got arrested for a stupid pop song. You can watch the full interview with Ledger in this video.
I'm all against hateful speech, but this is taking it a bit too far.
The producers of Kung Fu Panda remade the song for the movie.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zorro Reborn: In the future...

Zorro Reborn: In the future...
From Movie Line, ((Unlike many of the previous Zorros (real name: Don Diego de la Vega) brandishing whips and swords, the hero of the new installment will live in the future — specifically a desolate and post-apocalyptic one, according to a person familiar with the film who asked not to be identified. A Fox spokeswoman declined to comment.
In this version, Zorro will be less a caped crusader for justice than a one-man vigilante force bent on revenge, in a western story that has echoes of both Sergio Leone and No Country for Old Men.))
Uh, I think someone in Hollywood has really lost his mind.  Someone wants the restart the Zorro story…in the future. 
Really, you're going to go the Post-apocalyptic route? Why not give Zorro a new coat of paint by setting him in the time period the other movies were in. Heck, they could tie the new movie into the recent ones with the new Zorro being the son of the recent movie of Zorro.  (Sherlock Holmes) 
But to go with a future Zorro set in a dead land just seems wrong to me. Sure, you could do it in a comic book, but not a movie. I just don't think people will want to see it. Okay, the second Zorro movie wasn't that good, but do we really need to distance the new one from the last movie? 
I just don't like it.

The problem with Gaga...

The problem with Gaga...
I was going to write a post about the story that blew up about Lady Gaga and Weird Al, but Electronic Cerebrectomy did a great job conveying the same feelings I had on the subject. It seems Madonna II (Gaga) didn't like songs that made fun of her and her music, so she disapproved Weird Al's cover of the Madonna “cover” “Born This Way”.
I guess after the negative heat she was feeling for rejecting the song, she turned “face” and blamed it on her manager. That's right, she blamed the people that work for her in order to make it look like she was uninformed. I'm calling it BS, wholesale. Now, she claims she really likes the song and approves it.
Even her “retarded” remark seems staged to me. She now receives more press for apologizing for her “retarded” remark. I'm starting to hope her staunch fanbase realizes that she is such a phoney. It does seem some inside her fanbase is starting to see this.
I just get the feeling she heard this parody and didn't like what it had to say about her.
The problem is that Gaga probably never really meant to insult handicap people, but to get a rise out of people and get people talking. Sure her music sounds very Madonna-like, but she knows how the play the media game. I think the whole Weird Al thing kind of backfired and she had to do some damage control.
But, hey look on the bright side; her twitter account was hacked for about ten minutes. That is a plus.   

Bottle Top: (AKA Can Top): Dumb Product?

Bottle Top: (AKA Can Top)
This has to be almost as bad as the E-Cracker and Tiddy-Bear.  Who needs to preserve a can of coke of beer?  The whole point of having a can is to have a quick drink and toss the can away. 
I always like when they turn the screen to black and white for the bad portion of  “not having the product”.  Basically, you screw on this top and it turns the can into a bottle, except now it is has a can bottom.  Brilliant!
~Who puts a half-filled can in the door of a refrigerator?  
~Boy, I love that “cola” brand drinks.  You can’t even make up a fake cool brand there? 
~Why is there a random woman pouring out a can of soda in the grass? 
~I love the part where they show ants walk into a can of cola in one clip. The words “Gross” flash on screen, that’s just brilliant. 
YouTube Poop versions

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fight at Denny’s…again?

Fight at Denny’s…again?
I have no idea how this girl rumble started.  But it gets out of hand pretty quickly. It has to be something they put in the food to make people want to fight all the time.  Denny's and Ihop seem to be the havens for stupid ghetto folks and rednecks.
-Were they arguing over the meals? 
-Who throws a saltshaker, really?
-Why is the white woman dressed as a stripper?  She has an arm on her. 
-Someone give these woman folding-chairs like the WWE?   
-These are all the nicest cops ever. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Erik Estrada WTF?

Erik Estrada (The King of Crap)
I have no idea why this video is happening, or why, but this is just strange. 
He seems to be selling land or towns when he’s not busy driving with female elephants.  I’ll give Estrada credit for riding the Chips thing out to the fullest.  He’s never run away from his Poncherello character.  (Today, Ponch means something completely different)
Speaking of Chips, I remember reading about the feud between Larry Wilcox and Estrada.  They hated each other with Wilcox not being happy with the attention Estrada was getting by everyone. 
Wilcox even made it public that he didn’t invite Erik to his wedding.  From People Archive, (("I gave it a lot of thought and decided not to invite him," says Wilcox of the feud that has made the CHiPs set at times more drama-laden than the program. "There's no point going around telling people Erik is my best chum," he confides, "because he's not and never will be.))
Wilcox hated the fact the simply hired a “pretty guy” as his sidekick instead of an actor.  Wilcox seemed to taking acting seriously, while Erik took it as having fun.  They seemed to have patch things up around their time on Loaded Weapon 1.

Poor Paul Reiser: The Paul Reiser Show is lowered (Canceled)

Mad about cancel

Poor Paul Reiser:  The Paul Reiser Show is lowered (Canceled)
I guess his best years are behind him.  NBC canceled the show after two episode. 
I’ve watched a few clips from the show, and I can see why the show was canned.  The Pilot clips I saw were brutal to watch.  It looks like a watered down version of those Hollywood based comedies on HBO and Showtime, but without the cussing and boobies.  Heck, even Larry David showed up in the Pilot
He had this to say about the show before it got the boot.  From Reuters, (("The ability for people to weigh in and talk about and Twitter has changed," he told THR. "But the actual act of making a show hasn't changed. You've got to get great people and great scripts and you have to see it through. So I kind of like to shut everything else out and just work on the show."))
I guess he’ll have to focus on the something else.  He’s had a successfully career with Mad About You and those annoying phone ads.  He pretty is a character actor playing greasy business men or crowdedly guys.  But, he disappeared after Mad About You ended…
Here is a rundown of his career. 
Beverly Hills Cop: He was in both parts 1 and 2.  He played the wormy friend to Eddie Murphy. 
AliensHe played the wormy businessman that gets killed by an alien. 
I only really remembered him being the AT&T guy. Man, those ads were annoying.  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Best Interview ever

Best Interview ever
Why does this interview remind me of a pre-match interview on WWE or WCW?  These guys are the Epic Meal Time guys.  I’ve watch a few of their videos too, and they’re way too extreme for me.  

Mars vs. Gladiator

I wrote a few years back that Hans Zimmer got into a little trouble with the family of Gustav Holst.  The Holst estate claimed that Zimmer ripped off the “Mars” track on The Planet soundtrack. Since I found this video, I figured I had more to talk about on the subject.
Yes, there are movements taken straight from “Mars”, but like I’ve stated before; every composer has sampled or used portions of Holst's The Planets for years. Pretty much modern film scores are deeply connected to Holst's masterpiece.
John Williams' score for “Star Wars: A New Hope” has so much of Holst's music in it, that I am surprised they didn't go after him. Then, Director Nicholas Meyer wanted to use actual music from Holst music from The Planets, but realized he'd have to pay a lot of money to the Holst Foundation and decided to come up with a score that sounded closely related The Planets with Cliff Eidelman.
Because Gladiator is set during the time of the Romans, I can see why he used the Greek-based music from The Planets.  Heck, unlike Gaga, Zimmer has stated in the past that he was influenced by The Planets. 
As some people stated on my older post, the Holst family and Zimmer settled the lawsuit.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blond Girl wants to fight everyone at McDonald's

Blond Girl wants to fight everyone at McDonald's 
This girl wants to fight everyone in the damn restaurant.  I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t throw those fries at someone, because those are McDonald fries. 
How would you like to date her? 

Four Lions

Four Lions
What do you have when you cross terrorists with comedic situations?  You get a rather funny movie with some dark humor. 
Four Lions is about a group of Islamic terrorists that’s seem to not get anything right in their plans to strike terror in England.  Every attempt to be badass terrorists, they screw up every attempt. 
The movie is set in the real world with the bumbling terrorist being nearly slapstick.  It is an interesting take on the serious subject of terrorism.  I like the way the movie handles the serious stuff with the comedic stuff.  It is balanced between a drama and comedy. 
The 2/3 of the movie is clearly a darker take on The Three Stooges and some of the more modern British comedies.  There is clearly a lot of riffing and off the cuff moments throughout the film.  Yet, there is a central theme of these terrorists trying to
One of the more serious aspects of the film has to do with leader of the Four Lions.  He has a wife and child and they are both well aware of his need to be a terrorist and support him.  His wife is very supportive of his actions.  It gives the movie a very serious spin.  I did think they should have explored this subplot a bit more.
The movie takes a turn for the serious toward the third act when the group decides take out a Marathon.  The acting goes from being silly to some down right intense moments with some nice drama.  Pretty much all the main actors and actresses are wonderful.
The movie will turn some people off with the serious subject matter mixed with some goofy moments.  However, I really enjoyed the movie and the way it handled the terrorist issues.  The movie never tries to hit you over the head with a message, there is one, but wraps the message in a story and funny moments. 
Grade:  B

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dan Hartman “I Can Dream About You”

Dan Hartman “I Can Dream About You”
Yes, I still sing this corny song. The late Dan Hartman sung this song back in the 80s.
Hartman’s hair has a life of its own. I half expected his half-mullet to sing a verse.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Real Life Paul Blart?: Security Guard vs Skaters

Real Life Paul Blart?
Maybe this security guard wanted to lose some weight by using a skateboard?  I got to give this guy credit for really being dedicated to his stupid job.  The best part is he crashes his little buggy thingy.  Don’t mess with a rent a cop’s buggy or flashlight. 
Does anyone have any information on this guy?  Did he lose his job?  Did he get another donut? 

Slow driver gets owned by cop car

Slow driver gets owned by cop car
I hate when there is a slow driver hogging the road and slowing everyone else down.  This kind of driver simply doesn’t give a crap about the rest of the driver and just drives 40-50 in a 65 mph highway. 
This cop deserves a medal for what he does here.  He tricks the car into thinking that he’s pulling them over and then leaves.  The cop was in a hurry, but he could have given her a ticket for that.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Lantern movie (Extra footage)

Green Lantern (Extra footage)
Okay, this footage is much better than most of the trailer footage that was released earlier.  The movie really seems to dig very deep into the roots of GL history.  I have to say I am really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. 
However, it should be noted that the Tron Legacy footage was impressive too and a lot of people felt let down with the movie. 
The footage from above is an edited down version of footage released at WonderCon in San Francisco.  WB was so impressed with the reaction that they released this version online. 
~I love the scene with Hal trying to figure out how to used the recharging lamp.  And, that the ring gets into the brain. 
~The alien CGI is pretty neat.
~The CGI suit looks much better here.   I still think people are going to have a problem with the suit if it doesn’t look convincing enough. 
~Michael Clarke Duncan: He’s playing Kilowog (voice).  That really fits.  Dennis Haysbert played him on the Justice League cartoon shows.  They are both good voice actors for the part. 
~Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller:  Hmm, could this be a backdoor connection to the other DC movies with this character?  Waller is important to the DC universe because she is usually one of the mistrusting government people that keep a watchful eye on superheroes.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime

The Return of Optimus Prime

I remember watching these two episodes at the conclusion of Season 3 of the TF show.  I remember being very happy with notion of them returning one of my favorite characters.  They promoted the heck out of his return to the show. 
While this two-part episode picks up directly where Dark Awakening left off, there are some problems with the timeline and the fact in that episode we saw Prime die again.  Half his face was blown off. 
The reason they brought Optimus back is because the outcry from kids everywhere.  Plus, Rodimus/Hot Rod was such an emo robot after he got the matrix.  The entire season he wines about not being as good as Optimus Prime.  I’m glad he became Hot Rod again.
It seems the creators of the show wanted to take the show in a different direction after the end of season and into season 4 with Optimus Prime as the new/old leader. 
The animation for this episode is much better than most of the cheap stuff we saw in most of the third season.  It certainly reminds me of the first two seasons of show.  However, there are still numerous mistakes in the animation that plagued the entire third season.  
I think it was interesting that they repaired the injured Jessica Morgan using cybernetic attachments.  I think Jessica is a well-rounded character in a 80s cartoon.  I also like the focus on the human characters. 
Yes, Stan Bush’s song “The Touch” is reprised in the episode. 
~Bumble Bee changes into Goldbug after this episode:  I think I owned the Goldbug toy too.
~The Hate Plague seems to act differently on different people and robots.  Some robots seem to work together while others merely are mad.
~ Optimus Prime and Galvatron:  I love the fact these two enemies have to work together. 
~Galvatron shakes Prime’s hand at the end.  He shows that he respects Prime for saving the entire galaxy.  I wish the show had ended on this scene and with Prime rolling out with the Autobots.  But we get a very short 4th season. 
~Vince DeCola’s score from the movie seems to make some appearances in this episode too. 
~It is the year 2007:  I believe this is set during 2007.  The movie is 2005 and the third season being 2006.  I don’t remember humans having large space ships and exploring the galaxy back in 2007.  Actually, the writers for the show threw the movie and third season ahead 20 years because they thought it would be enough time to distance it from the first two seasons, which were set during the 80s. 
While I loved the changes the third season took with its darker tone and over-arcing storylines, but some of the charm from the first season characters was lacking in the season.  This is because most of them were killed off during the movie.  However, bringing Prime back at the end of the season was pretty neat at the time.  And, it still holds up.  I also like the corny massage about hate and teaming up with your enemies to fight a bigger enemy. 
I can’t recommend this episode enough.
Grade: B+

 Look at the animation.  Reminds me of first two seasons. 

Exodus International app gets an exodus from Apple

There's an app for that? 
Exodus International app gets an exodus from Apple
The Are You Serious podcast guys discussed the notion of an Anti-Gay app for smart phones. Basically, a group calling themselves Exodus International.
I have never understood the feverish nature that many religions have for going after the gay community.  (I’m looking at you too, Scientology too.)  Now, the minds behind Exodus International created an app that shows them that their “Gay Ways” are wrong.  Why would anyone want to download this app?  Why does this sound like those goofy E-Meters? 
Now, I’ve attacked the gay community for attacking the wrong causes and groups, but they got their focus right this time.    It seems the community did just that and went after Apple for having the app in their store.  Apple responded and removed the app. 
But, there is another side to this story. 
(("The folks behind Exodus are perfectly aware of the controversy this app would bring... Exodus wants pressure from gay and lesbian organizations to pull the app so it can prove its point about those mean intolerant gays shutting down anybody who gets in their way." Looks like they got their wish. ))
Yeah, this whole thing does in fact give them a spotlight.  They probably were aware of that too. 
Anyway, after doing some digging on Exodus International, it seems this anti-group has had some problems with its members over the years. EI is supposed to help “cure” the gay lifestyle in gay people. Well, not even their founding members could follow their mandate. The founders (not from DS9) Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper left the Church and became outspoken members against the ex-gay movement.
Using legal threats and bashing its ex-members, why does this Exodus International sound more and more like a certain Scientology Church?

Verizon Guy is no more…with a twist (Can you hear me now? Nope)

Verizon Guy is no more…with a twist (Can you hear me now?  Nope)
I’ve always kind of hated this guy, but he was like the Energizer Bunny, because he kept going and going.  Paul Marcarelli played the character for about 9 years.  Maybe it was his Weezer glasses and his goofy phrase that annoyed me.   I remember each phone company had their own human mascot.  I loved me some Catherine Zeta Jones T-Mobile ads.  As long as Jones comes with the phone, I’m hooked. 
Now, that his contract with Verizon is up and the annoying character dumped, we can’t shut this guy up.  Because he wasn’t allowed to be public about himself during his run as the V-Guy, he couldn’t say that he was gay.  Would he have kept his job if he "came out" during his time with the company? 
He was interviewed for a story in The Atlantic, and this rather amusing story came out (pun not intended) about his so-called unwanted fame. ((A few months ago, he attended his grandmother’s funeral. As her body was being lowered into the ground, he heard the hushed voice of a family friend: “Can you hear me now?” ))
Yes, that was morbid, but it was funny.  I know he was kind of sick of the job, but I’m sure he got paid a lot of money.
For me, I remember watching one of the more recent “Can you hear me now?” ads and commenting that he looked a little puffy. “What happened to the Verizon Guy? Did he eat a bunch of his own phones?” I have no room to talk, but it was noticeable.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aim For the Bushes (The Other Guys)

Aim For the Bushes (The Other Guys)
This is probably the funniest scene in the movie, in my option. I just love the sheer goofiness of the scene and wished the rest of the movie had this type of humor.  It is a direct parody of all those extreme cops from the mid 80s and 90s.  They could jump off of roofs and find a way to survive.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody

Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody
Well, you knew this was going to happen...
Okay, this one seems very interesting, because there seems to be a plot to it.  I actually liked the original ST version too.  (But that probably had to do with Aurora Snow being in it)  They’ve even gotten the Bajoran makeup right on the woman. 
-Can I say I like this version of Troi?  She’s pretty, but a bit too skinny. 
-It seems this movie is loosely based on “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Redemption II”.   Yar seems to be the central character. 
-Why is there a version of Dr. Leah Brahms in this parody?  I guess they had to increase the number of females in the cast for…certain reasons. 
-I know this is a low blow (pun intended), but they could have probably gotten Denise Crosby to at least show up for a nude scene, about 15 years back.  She had no problems taking her clothes off on a few shows and movies. 
-It would be strange to have Wesley Crusher in this movie right?
-Does this mean we will get a crossover with the TOS cast and the TNG cast?  What about a DS9 or B5 version?
I can to say I am impressed with the FX and the stars matching the actors from the show.  I can’t believe there has come a day when I’d be praising both the original Porn ST and the TNG Porn.  It should also be noted that the director of this parody was a fan of TNG too, so that’s probably the reason the movie seems to tie close to actual show. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brent Spiner’s “Fresh Hell”

Brent Spiner’s “Fresh Hell”
Brent Spiner is brilliant as he reads a porn script.  I love that the female performer doesn’t recognize him.  I wouldn’t have kicked her out, because she was really cute. 
I had no idea he was doing an online series. 
People have to remember Spiner was more of a comedic actor.  Remember him from Night Court?

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Other Guys

The Other Guys
The Other Guys is probably one of the most uneven Will Ferrell films I’ve seen in a while.  I found myself rewriting the movie as it went along.  Now, there are some really funny moments, but most of it just seems like the writers were throwing things at the wall and seeing what would stick. 
Two desk cops stumble into an important crime that is taking place under the noses of the city and attempt to discover the truth about what is going on behind the scenes. 
I’ll come out and say this; Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson are the best things about the movie, and I wished the entire movie were about them instead of Marky-Mark and Ferrell.  Jackson and Johnson’s characters are complete parodies of the action stars from the 90s and 2000s, and every scene they’re in, if brief, is funny. 
“Aim for the bushes.” 
The scene where they exit the movie is probably one of the best scenes ever created.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.   It is a shame to see these two leave the movie so quickly though, but damn that was funny.
Mark Wahlberg is completely out of his league in the movie, and it feels like he’s trying to play catch up with the rest of the cast.  Mark spends most of the movie shouting and wining.  It gets to the point that he just comes across annoying and not even funny.  He doesn’t really play a good straight man to Will Ferrell. 
Wahlberg had no reason to be in the movie and actually weakens an already weak movie. 
Ferrell fares better.  He’s basically playing the same character he’s played in every movie for the past ten years, and that’s fine.  I just wished he had better script than the one he received.  He’s trying his best to be funny, but it just seems to be just that “trying”.
Speaking of the script, the story has numerous problems that needed to be ironed out with a few more re-writes.  I liked the script better than the other cop comedy Cop Out, but the movie has some of the same problems as Cop Out.  However, there are more funny moments in this movie than the Kevin Smith film. 
In the end, The Other Guys needed a bit more polish.  The movie already had an uphill battle with it starring Marky-Mark, but a better script could have elevated the movie.  There are scenes that are totally laugh out funny and you will remember them for a long time, but they are just scenes.  Movie on a whole isn’t great, but acceptable.   
Grade: C

Best things about the movie.  "Aim for the bushes"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Charlie Sheen back to his crappy sitcom?: I kind of have put a cap on the Sheen talk on my blog, but I figured I add this bit about him. He claims that he is in talks with CBS to get back on his “Two and Half Men” show. I guess his stupid little tour and Internet venture isn't turning out the way he planned. This pleases me to no end, that he has come crawling back to the sitcom he has called names for the last few months. I also like that CBS can't get away from canceling this show and is afraid of losing it.
~To fat to sit in front of the camera in American Idol?  A 19-year-old Ashley Kauffman claims that she went to taping of AI and was told she couldn’t sit with her friends in the front row.  The reason she claims she was too fat for the camera.  AI claims this isn’t the case.  I’m probably going to side with AI on this one, as much as I hate to.  Looking at Ashley Kauffman, she is not close to being fat.  This is probably a case of someone looking for a bit of fame. 
~Yoko Ono gives us a reason she doesn't date: Does anyone really want to date you, Ono? You're not exactly looking peachy at the moment. If I was at the age of 80 like her, I'd just be happy I'm still around.  

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