Wednesday, May 31, 2006

John Ottman

A John Ottman interview about scoring Superman Returns

and here is the review to his score…

all this was taken from here

This could have been me...

This is going to be strange, but I currently know a killer, a murderer. Here’s how…

((A 23-year-old Louisville man was fatally shot outside a McDonald’s restaurant on La Grange Road near the Snyder Freeway Saturday night, and a co-worker has been charged with his death.))

((Larry Johnson, 23, of 3108 Church Way, near Hikes Point, died at University Hospital at 11:29 p.m. Saturday, said R.D. Jones, a Jefferson County deputy coroner. He had been shot once.

The shooting occurred about 10:30 p.m. Saturday after Johnson got into a fight with Raymal L. Rivers, 26, of Louisville in the parking lot, said Alicia Smiley, a spokeswoman for Louisville Metro Police.))

You see this guy named Raymal Rivers (Ray) used to work in the same work area as me at UPS. He was a creepy guy that started to get paranoid with everyone, thinking they were talking about him. He would wait out in the parking lot for people and shout out threatens to them. He would creep women out; he would follow them to their car and ask them out.

At one point, he came to me and told me to meet him out in the parking lot, so we could “settle the score”. I knew he wanted to attack me, but I didn’t know why. I also knew that he was very unstable and could’ve been capable of anything.

After he threatened me, I went to management and told them to do something with this guy. They transferred him out of my area, and everyone thanked me, because he was so crazy.

((Police believe Rivers went to his car, got a gun, came back and shot Johnson, Smiley said.

The men, who worked at a Kroger distribution center, had argued during a work break earlier, she said. She didn't know the reason for the conflict. ))

He of course, got fired from UPS some time later, for fighting and stuff. He must have gotten a job at the Distribution Center at Kroger. Notice that she said that they argued over their work break, well that was the way he acted. He would glare at people and threaten them when they were on break.

((About 3 a.m. yesterday, police charged Rivers with murder and tampering with physical evidence, Smiley said. He had left the restaurant, but he called police from his home, Smiley said.

Rivers also was charged with 12 counts of first-degree wanton endangerment because there were other people in the immediate area of the shooting, although none were injured, Smiley said. ))

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pat Robertson/Strong Mad

Pat Robertson doing Leg presses

Comment Watch as Pat does leg presses. For some reason, this has something to do with his crappy health shakes that he’s selling.

Why is he selling super shakes? I couldn’t tell you. Isn’t taking money from old Middle-Americans enough for him?

Bathroom blues

Bathroom blues

Saturday night, I went to see X-men 3, before we went into the theater I went into the restroom and took a pee. Now, this was one of those new bathrooms that have sensors on everything. It will flush the toilet and wipe your ass for you (I made the second part up, but it will happen someday.).

I noticed the lights were dimmed to a warm brown that gave the restroom a strange vibe. (What were they going for here? A Romantic mood while taking a pee?) There was strange 80s music that was piped in from an unseen speaker. I guess they wanted you to feel at ease when you took a dump in a public bathroom. I certainly didn’t feel that way…er, I didn’t take a dump in there.

I went to the sinks, and they were sensor activated as well. I filled my hands up with the liquid soap and placed my hands under the sink.

Nothing happened. No water.

Now, I started getting pissed. (Uh, I just took a piss.) I thumped the little black sensor with my soapy hands and still nothing. Damn it…

I looked over and there was a cop washing his hands under the other sink with no problems. I got more pissed. Then, I removed my hands and the water came on and quickly shut off again and again.

Next to me, still washing his hands, the cop laughed. “It looks like you’re having a problem there.”

No sh*t, TJ Hooker, it is a true mystery why you haven’t become a detective yet. I nodded and then finally the water came on. In the end, I managed to wash my hands. Free at last…

Damn your new age restrooms

Bad News

I have a friend who is in the Army National Guard that I work with at UPS. He told me last week that he’s going to Iraq. Given my distain of President Bush, I wasn’t too happy about this news at all. I just hope he comes back in a year in one piece, because too many young people are dying in a stupid war. I’d hate to lose him.

BTW, he will be a front line medic, so he’s going to see some serious sh*t over there. God, I hate this war.

See ya in a year , Mr. F (his first name starts with an F)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Box Office Jam, yo

Box Office Report

1.X-Men: The Last Stand: This movie has broke records and had made 120 million, so it doesn’t matter what critics say. This means they’ll start making the two spin off movies, Wolverine and Magneto. I’m looking forward to the Wolverine movie.

2.The Da Vinci Code: I guess all the stupid protesting didn’t hurt this so-so movie at all. Remember, IT IS ONLY FICTION. If you looked hard enough, you’d find out most people thought the movie was okay, but all the protesting has made the box Office bigger with 146 Million. I’m going to protest protesters.

3.Over the Hedge: I haven’t seen this one, but I love the SUV joke in the previews, so I gave it a heads up. 84 million.

4.Mission: Impossible III: This movie is excellent, but I think Tom’s craziness hurt the box office. Coming in at 116 million.

5.Poseidon: Why is this turd still floating in the box office with 46 million. When the trailers look this bad, stay away.

Yes, burn the books that you buy…so you can burn them. So, that means that the book makes money. If I ever become a writer, please burn my book in the thousands. I’ll have two versions the burning version with no words in it and it automatically has lighter fluid soaked into the pages so it goes off faster. Then, the normal version with words…


“Look, they’re making Over The Hedge 2 already.”

Sunday, May 28, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand (review)

X-Men 3

Well, it wasn’t a total drag. Unlike the first two X-men movies, a completely different creative team did X3. Bryan Singer and his team left for greener pastures, Superman Returns. This left a creative void with the now troubled project. With another director dropping out besides Singer, FOX brought in Brett Ratner. Ratner’s name sent waves of anger through the X-men fanboy message boards. (He was one of their early choices for X1, BTW)

There are many problems with the movie and not all of them came from Ratner. I believe FOX had a hand in making this one not as good as X2. While the movie wasn’t a total disaster, there are some things that rubbed me the wrong way. For one, the dialogue, in many places, was terrible. The music was down right dreadful, the only theme worth anything was the Grey/Dark Phoenix theme, which was a natural progression from John Ottman’s masterful Jean Grey theme in X2. The story felt rushed in many places and needed to be fleshed out more. I’m sorry, but the short running time hurt this film significantly. I also felt that the Dark Phoenix saga got short changed here, and got tied up too neatly.

What worked…

All the various relationships that were started in the first movie worked in the film. The Wolverine/Rogue arc came to a head and had a nice bookend toward the middle of the film. It was a father and daughter relationship without it being too corny. Ian McKellen ruled his part and nearly took over the film with his character. Patrick Stewart, Kelsey Grammer, and Hugh Jackman all get thumbs up for making the so-so script better than what it really was. The action scenes also worked.

Could have been much better, but not a total turd burger.

Grade: C+

Even though she would have killed me, I still would have “hit that”.
If I stand here like this, people will think I’m cool. I’m sure of it. Boy, my nose itches; I wonder if I should scratch it? I wonder what my wife is doing…I should get back to my job; wait a minute I have no job. I should just stand here and think…
If I stand here like this, people will think I’m cool. I’m sure of it. Boy, my nose itches; I wonder if I should scratch it? I wonder what my wife is doing…I should get back to my job; wait a minute I have no job. I should just stand here and think…
“Anyone got a light?”
“I will not see Catwoman again!”

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Chronicles of K-Fed

Well, it looks like K-Fed’s ticket to the big bucks is about to end.

((A confidant of the 24-year-old singer confirmed that Spears wasn't exactly happy with her married life. “Britney is clearly in emotional turmoil over her life with Kevin,” the friend said, adding that Spears wanted the two to be together at least till the second child was delivered in October. But the hubby has increasingly been staying away from home, spending the last three nights with his friends in Sherman Oaks in California.

Though Spears' publicist refused to confirm or deny she was considering a divorce, the couple seems headed for one. Spears, who is estimated to be worth over £65 million, might have to split the Malibu home with Federline and shell out £190,000 according to the prenuptial agreement they signed when they married. “Things have suddenly turned very sour. It looks bad,” a friend said.


Kevin Federline is a major a**, just watch

Comment: You have to love those people that think they’re cool, but they’re not. Kevin sits in a crappy studio bopping his head to his crappy music. What a douche bag!


I looked at his page and this is what I found.

You Got Served

Yeah, K-Fed got served. He had a part in that terrible movie.


Kevin also has a Myspace page, imagine that…

Uh, here’s a warning, he actually has one of his songs playing in his Space. Be afraid. It is so bad, that you will turn it off. Look at his friend’s list, all douche bags as well.

Will Someone please tell him to put his damn hat on straight?


K-Fed, you’re not black. Just stop. Just stop now.

If I stand here like this, people will think I’m cool. I’m sure of it. Boy, my nose itches; I wonder if I should scratch it? I wonder what my wife is doing…I should get back to my job; wait a minute I have no job. I should just stand here and think…

If I stand here like this, people will think I’m cool. I’m sure of it. Boy, my nose itches; I wonder if I should scratch it? I wonder what my wife is doing…I should get back to my job; wait a minute I have no job. I should just stand here and think…

If I stand here like this, people will think I’m cool. I’m sure of it. Boy, my nose itches; I wonder if I should scratch it? I wonder what my wife is doing…I should get back to my job; wait a minute I have no job. I should just stand here and think…

If I stand here like this, people will think I’m cool. I’m sure of it. Boy, my nose itches; I wonder if I should scratch it? I wonder what my wife is doing…I should get back to my job; wait a minute I have no job. I should just stand here and think…

Semaj: I love paradoxes

Superman Returns X3 Trailer (seen in some places)

Here is a completely different Superman trailer from the one earlier. I like the Teaser and the other Trailer better than this one. But, this one does give us a bit of insight into the plot, maybe too much for me. I just want to be teased and not given a run down of the plot.
I noticed that the trailer was part of the X3 movie.
Does this mean that Singer and FOX made up?

Friday, May 26, 2006

FF7 on Robot Chicken

FF7 on Robot Chicken

it's not that great, but enjoy

Imperial March

One of the best themes ever!
Calling all nerds

Just because, here’s a little boy singing the Imperial March. I’ll give you a little insight into me, I still sing this song now.
Here's more info

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~Fat Dude update: The extremely overweight dude that works in my area had some heart problems. He said he had pains in his chest and had to be taken away for tests. Here’s the kicker, he doesn’t do anything, but sit and wait for his boxes to come to him. He can’t stand up for too long, so he’s allowed to sit. How can he have chest pains, if he doesn’t do anything?

~Well, everything is going well, besides the crap at work.

~Glitch posted a short review of X-Men 3 in his blog,

~I’m really enjoying Kingdom Hearts 2, what a great story!

Christopher Lee just kicks butt in this game with his commanding voice

I can hear the intro theme with the scenes all day.

~For some reason, I rented the musical The Producers that is a Remake of the 70s film, so this makes it a remake of a remake, sort of.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II (Hollow Bastion)

Kingdom Hearts II (Hollow Bastion)

~Now, this area was very important to KH1 and it is actually the Home-world of most of the Final Fantasy Characters, (I stress most, not all).

~Cid, Yuffie Kisaragi, Squall Leonhart (Leon), Aerith Gainsborough, show up on this world. It’s their home.

~I encountered Cloud at this point in the game, and he has the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children design this time around, so he looks more realistic. There are hints of FFVII: AC in this game, because he mentions that he’s like his enemy Sephiroth. Aerith shows up to talk to Cloud too.

~I also encountered YRP, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. They’re like fairies, and it was strange. Plus, the same actresses from FFX2 reprise their roles for the three characters.

~Tifa Lockhart shows up looking for Cloud. This is the Advent Children version of Tifa. So, she has smaller boobs and wears black. This also gives her a more realistic look, than the Fanboy dream version of her.

I didn’t really care for Aerith Gainsborough’s voice in this game, too wooden.
I'm still waiting to see Squall and Cloud team up.
Cute, with smaller boobs

Shatner sings again, again

William Shatner sings again. Somehow, Paramount agreed to give this guy the Directing chair in Star Trek V. Got to love the Toupee

Take a hit

Newswoman gets Pwned really bad

Wow, this is pretty harsh. Always look up when in a studio, because falling lights will get you.

I liked how the light simply takes over for the broadcast, when she disappears.

dumb move

Fake move

A baseball player fakes a hit on his arm and gets ejected for pointing a bat at an official. What a fart-knocker

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

interesting clips

I haven’t been watching the new episodes of LOST because I don’t like watching too much Prime Time TV, but these two clips are a shocker. Walt’s father kills two women in a cold blood and there seems to be a boat coming the island in the second clip.
BTW, I haven't watched much of 24 either, but I like both shows, got to wait for the DVD sets, I guess.

X-men tag

A message to all X-men Fans.

((We don't want to spoil anything for you, but we want you to know that the scene that follows isn't your typical post-credits tack-on. It's a coda for one of the main characters. The scene is maybe 30 seconds in length, but it's enough. And it will surely be one of the more talked moments in the fan community.))

4 Fast 4 Furious 4 her own good.

Blue Crush Actress can’t seem to keep out of jail.

Michelle Rodriguez is cute, but she just can’t stay out of jail. Too bad her character was killed off on LOST, eh? There’s always Blue Crush 2 or 4 Fast 4 Furious.

((Rodriguez was arrested in Honolulu last December on the drink-driving charge and pleaded guilty to it last month.

This violated the three-year probation term she had been given after pleading no contest to charges of hit-and-run, driving while suspended and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Her probation on those offences has now been extended until 2009. ))

Kingdom Hearts II (The Mulan world)

Kingdom Hearts II (The Mulan world)

~I really enjoyed seeing this world a lot, mainly because I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was well made and had a kickass score by the late Jerry Goldsmith. (Goldsmith’s Score is not used in KH2, though.)

~One of the funniest things in the stage is the fact that Goofy is the only one that knows that Mulan is a girl acting like a guy. He blurts it out and the rest of them are shocked, yes Goofy.

~Harvey Fierstein reprises his role, yet it’s smaller here. Sadly, this was Pat Morita’s last role before he died; he reprised his role as the Emperor. Ming-Na is Mulan once again. Jerry Tondo and Gedde Watanabe also reprise their roles. This was very impressive.

However, Mushu is voiced by a guy that almost sounds like Eddie Murphy, Mark Moseley. He does roles that Murphy turns down, such as the Shirk 2 videogame. I personally would have liked Charley Murphy to fill in the role, because he does a dead on impression of his brother.

~I was a little disappointed that only the Leader of the Huns is in this game, and his army is basically Heartless creatures.

~When Mulan joins your party, she’s basically useless. During battle, she will fall over a lot and will not make too many hits. Remember, she’s in a man’s armor, and she can’t take the weight. When she dresses in a normal outfit (after she’s discovered), she will be one of your best fighters. She’s quick and powerful.

Yes, the same scene that's in the movie, but slightly different.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II (First Impressions)

Kingdom Hearts II (First Impressions)

~There is an interesting shocker about the game: You don’t play as Sora for almost 3 hrs. The game opens up with a new kid named Roxas. He has his own friends and his own adventures.

~Once you get Sora back, the game gets into full swing. It is interesting to see Pete, Mickey Mouse’s enemy in the game. Note: He’s also an enemy in Ducktales and a friend, sort of, in Goof Troop. Sora has a deeper voice now. Same actor, though.

~Another interesting thing is that most of the cast of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children reprises their FFVI I roles in this game. George Newbern also plays Superman on the Justice League show.

~Here’s the entire story to Kingdom Hearts game on GBA

Chapter 1 is toward the bottom

Next up: my thoughts on the Mulan Stage

Sunday, May 21, 2006

CW line up

Captain Will Decker leaning, uh, I mean Commander Decker.

Here’s the new Schedule of the combined CW (UPN/WB) network. As expected, it basically sucks, but surprisingly, not as much as the reality heavy FOX schedule.

You will notice that 7th Heaven is back on the schedule. We can’t kill that stupid show. (Yes, I tried watching this show, but I had to turn it after ten minutes.)

Why is Smackdown still on?

Early X3 review

Someone at Ain’t it Cool News actually likes X3

Despite Harry already making up his mind about the movie, his friend has a completely different view of the film. It’s actually positive.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Booth Babes of E3

You know I always found the whole concept of Booth Babes interesting. Someone in marketing thought, Let’s combine half naked chicks with smelly overweight fanboys.

In a lot of ways, Booth Babes have to do the same act as strippers: Act like they’re interested in you.

You have to give these girls credit, because they have to deal with hundreds of Geeks that they obviously don’t find attractive. Taking picture after picture with Fanboys, plus they have to wear goofy outfits that even the women on Star Trek wouldn’t wear.


Highlights of the video

~There’s a very nice-looking Amazon chick with a Call of Duty uniform on that is funny, because she lies through her teeth. She says she enjoys being at E3 to meet all the good looking guys.

~Like any videogame convention, you have to have an Asian booth babe with blue hair. It’s like a law or something.

~Toward the end of the vid, there’s a very nice looking babe that tells a creepy story about her Father locking her in a closet, because she erased a Legend of Zelda save. No wonder she’s half naked and discussing it on the web, so everyone can hear.

I like Booth Babes

This or that

This or that

Back in 1994, Black Sheep was a rap group that came out with a cool song called The Choice is Yours. Man, this brings back memories.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

Oh, no

Random Thoughts

~I hopped into my car today and pulled out. That was when I noticed a noise. And, a shake. I had a flat tire. I pulled my car back in and went to work on my tire, bringing out a Jack and Spare tire. It only took me like 10 minutes to Get-R-Done.

~I stuck my head out of disconnection-ville and noticed we had a new guy on our belt at work. This guy is at least 450 pounds. I don’t want to sound rude, but this guy is huge, like small planet huge. He has like his own orbit and a couple of moons. This guy really looks just like Harry Knowles for real. For some reason, he’s decided to work in one of the most physical jobs in part time, UPS. Did I mention he can barely walk and has to sit down after a few minutes? He wears glasses and has scruffy chin-hair.

And the smell, oh, boy. The guy stinks like a gym locker room. I mean the guy smells really bad. I don’t know exactly why. I could never figure that out either. I’m hoping he quits before summertime comes along, because the smell is going to be a lot worst.

~I’m currently listening to the Superman movie score from my computer.

~Got to get back to writing the book, take care.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dirty Yellow page ad

When Ads go wrong…

This is one of those ads where you flip it and it shows a dirty picture. I want to know why someone was reading the Yellow Pages upside down?
Go to the page to see what it really means.

Star Trek Lyrics

One of the things people don’t know about Star Trek: TOS is that the Main Theme has lyrics. Gene Roddenberry wrote lyrics to Courage’s theme without his permission. Alexander Courage was pissed that he even wrote letters complaining about the underhanded move by Gene. Gene used to do this all the time to writers too during the TOS days.

Here's more info

((Once the Star Trek pilot was sold to NBC , Courage was in an enviable position: he would receive royalties every time an episode of Star Trek was run (or re-run), and even more royalties if the show lasted long enough to be sold into syndication after its network run was finished. Courage's windfall lasted only a year, until Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry suddenly laid claim to half the royalties. How? Pressured by Roddenberry, Courage had made a "handshake deal" a couple of years earlier that gave Roddenberry the option of composing lyrics for Courage's Star Trek music (and Courage signed a contract — unknowingly, he later claimed — to that effect). Roddenberry exercised that option, writing lyrics for the main theme and then asserting his right to half the performance royalties as a co-composer. It made no difference that the lyrics were not intended to be used in the show itself and had not been recorded or released. As the lyricist, Roddenberry was entitled to an equal share of the royalties, whether or not the lyrics were ever used.))

Here are the lyrics

The rim of the star-light
My love
Is wand'ring in star-flight
I know
He'll find in star-clustered reaches
Strange love a star woman teaches.
I know
His journey ends never
His star trek
Will go on forever.
But tell him
While he wanders his starry sea
Remember, remember me.


Trust me, they don’t go with the song, because Gene wasn’t a songwriter and he just wanted the money.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert kicks butt

Comment: If you’re a fan of Pres Bush, don’t watch it.

Love the remark “The No Fact Zone.”

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Superman Returns Poster

Behold, the Superman Returns Poster

While, I’m not too impressed with it, it does have a classic 80s superman feel to it.

Below are some covers that could have been better for the poster.
Yes, I really have a thing for the new Supergirl. She’s cute.
Yo, the Joker all pimped out and Sh*t
This would have been a better poster, I think.
Yes, another picture of the new Supergirl. I can’t help it

CGI Optimus Prime

Here’s a fan made version of a CGI Optimus Prime

Someone made this up, and this is not an ILM version. They’re not even close having it look like this.

It is very impressive though.

have a look

Making the best Chick Flick. Part 2 (My Best Friend's Stupid Fat Geek Wedding)

“Are you sure you don’t want to borrow it?”

((Step Three: Don't Forget the Best Friend))

Yeah, this best friend is usually a little wacky and usually doesn’t have a date of her own. She lives her life through Megan Chambers’ life. She can be any race. Megan has to reveal things to her best friend whenever possible.

Want to make the friend funnier? Have her always mention her vibrator(s). Funny stuff…

The best friend has to say this, “If you don’t get him in bed, I will. He’s so fine.” (Don’t forget to throw in a vibrator joke.)

When Megan has her doubts about life, this annoying chick will cheer her up. “You’ll make it. You’re poetry is too good not to be read. Oh, by the way, want to borrow my vibrator?”


What a crazy woman...

Yet, there’s more Britney Spears baby news.

Comment: ((May 17, 2006 — In the latest Britney Spears brouhaha, her 8-month-old son, Sean Preston, was spotted in the back of her convertible.

The problem: The car seat was facing front and, although she was apparently in compliance with California law, federal safety guidelines say that small babies should be placed in seats that face rear. Now new allegations of bad parenting are again haunting the pop diva. ))

She won’t be satisfied until she kills this baby. Where’s that other baby, K’Fed?

She must be stopped
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