Friday, May 31, 2013

Nicki Minaj vs. Rosenberg

Nicki Minaj vs. Rosenberg
I am kind of upset that Rosenberg didn't stand his ground a bit more, but he still didn't let up. If you didn't know, Rosenberg dissed the song during a concert he was MC-ing. I agreed that Minaj took the easy way out with the shitty pop songs that sounded like a Euro-dance song, and people need to call her out for that.
I find it frustrating that she decided to take a pop route when she has proven that she can do a good hip-hop song like Beez in the Trap. After taking the pop song route, she start dressing goofy and making some really bad songs.
From, ((The Queens-native rapper finally agreed to join the Hot 97 morning show with Rosenberg to release the steam and let go off the negativity between the two. After Rosenberg expressed his hate of Nicki’s hit single “Starships” right before the annual Summer Jam Fest in which Nicki was supposed to perform in, she pulled out of the show completely. ))
Either she pulled out of the show or someone else told her to pull out. I think the cheering from the crowd, from Rosenberg's remark, kind of upset her.  However, the hip-hop thing to do is go out there and prove them wrong, not to run away.  
She seems to slowly fall into the same 'trap' as Lady Gaga; Making an act out of yourself instead of making good music. 
-Part of the problem is Minaj throws out the popularity of a song to counter the criticism. Just because it was popular doesn't make Starships a good song.
-She says she doesn't care, but I can see that she is still upset with the attack by Rosenburg.
-I do think they did a good job bringing their side of the argument, but they kissed her ass a bit too much. 
Hey, I may have gone too far in attacking people as well.  But, that's for another story. 

Stupid people at McDonald's

Stupid people at McDonald's
This prolonged fight was brought to you by Mc-Wraps. This is just a fight by a bunch of stupid people.
You would think these people would leave knowing that the police were coming.
Why were the mothers, who seem very young, keeping their babies around this fight?
What was up with the fat dude in the white T-shirt? Was he sneaking bites of people's food?
How did the black guy lose his shirt? And the black guy of course gets arrested.
The camera guy is a complete douche. “I'll cuff him.”
I didn't see a gun anywhere. By mentioning the gun, the cops are going to come onto the scene more aggressive and someone could have been hurt
“This is a family restaurant.” The manger kept saying it. No shit lady.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wedding Group Falls into water

Wedding Group Falls into water
Well, it is the day you will remember for your whole life right? It almost looks fake, but it looks like it was real.
I guess you don't put 29 people on a cheap dock. That's a lot of wedding cake weight. I believe a Kraken pulled down the dock.  Frank and Tricia Fearon, this is actually a good omen. When a Kraken shows up and brings down the dock, that is considered good luck.

This reminds me of an older video...

Cougar Life ad

Cougar Life ad
I actually laughed at this ad when I saw it on TV. I love that we have all these dating services everywhere, like Zoosk and Christian Mingle. I also got a kick out of the fact they got away with putting a Milf Pornstar in their TV spot.  Hey, at least it is better than those lame Christian Mingle or Zoosk ads.  
Since when did older start using the term Cougar to describe themselves? Cougar used to be a sort of derogatory term for an older lady pouncing on a younger man.  So, at some point the Milf Federation embraced the term.  
And, I am all for older women getting their freak on. I'd loved to have an older woman paying for my dinner or buying my movie ticket. I just thought this ad was a bit strange.
From Merriam-Webster, ((: 1  a large powerful tawny-brown cat (Felis concolor) formerly widespread in the Americas but now reduced in number or extinct in many areas —called also catamount, mountain lion, panther, puma
slang : a middle-aged woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man))
Maybe I am missing something with the relation between term one and two. Does a older woman turn into a mountain cat that eats livestock? Are we, the men, livestock? Do older women want to be connected to an animal that reigns down death?

Wait, I am not seeing the connection here.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pappa John’s Pizza: better ingredients better racists?

Pappa John’s Pizza:  better ingredients better racists? 
Damn, even when we do tip we still get dissed.  Yeah, the guy gets really racist toward the end of the message.  I thought he’d just say the “n-word” once, but he kept going and made a song out of it.  It was as if the N-word gave him an X-Potion every time he used it. 
By the way, I believe the song he’s parodying is the theme for Swat. 
I don’t think the composer had the version from the video above in mind when he made the song.  Though I could be wrong. 
If you’re going to include racist with every pizza, can I have a discount?  I mean put it in writing when I get some extra racist topped on that pizza.
Because this video instantly went viral, even the Papa John's CEO had to come out and denounce the racist rant/song. He felt the heat and it wasn't coming from his pizza oven. 
From, ((Papa John's Chairman and CEO John Schnatter apologized to a customer in Sanford, Fla., for a racist rant a Papa John's delivery man inadvertently left on the customer's voicemail. ))
Bascially, delivery guy “butt” dialed the customer back. I wonder if I'd ever dial someone when I talking about poop or making a lame joke, but this is just crazy. There might be something to this Karma thing. Anyway, Papa John's fired two employees.
"I love it when you call me Big Papa." 

Here's Big Papa's Apology from his Facebook page. ((Friends, I am extremely concerned to learn about the reprehensible language used by two former employees in one of our restaurants. Their thinking and actions defy both my personal and the company's values, and everything for which this company stands. The employees responsible for this absolutely unacceptable behavior were immediately terminated. 
My heartfelt apology goes out to the customer involved, his family, and our community at large. I am very sorry that anyone would be exposed to these hurtful and painful words by any person involved in any way with our company.

Thank you for your important comments. I have personally reached out to our customer to share my own thoughts and offer my deepest apology.


John Schnatter
Chairman and CEO
Papa John’s

Monday, May 27, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (Spoilers) (Part 1 of 2)

Star Trek Into Darkness (Spoilers) (Part 1 of 2)
While the 2009 movie is better paced, this sequel feels more like a Star Trek movie. Into Darkness is a better Trek movie with a compelling villain. In many ways, this is a retelling of Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, but with different outcomes. After the opening, the movie does tend to drag in some places, before revving up again for the third act. And, most of the third act is very entertaining and action packed.
Abrams does give this world a nice bright and colorful look. I actually like the bright lights and the Apple Computer look of the Enterprise. It is complete contrast to the darker sets of the original sets of the TOS movies. Abrams keeps the camera moving and the scenes quick without the near confuse like Michael Bay. Actually, Bay could learn a few things from Abrams. In some way, his approach to the Trek movies is similar to approach that Nicholas Mayer did with his two Trek movies. He based the franchise more on characters and action than morals and messages. Mayer and Abrams were not Trek fans, but they respected the material enough to bring something new without destroying it.
I have to say this movie rings true to the Trek ideas more so than the first Abrams movie though. They actually get into the “do the ends justify the means?” type of storytelling. And, there is a heavy mention of my favorite organization Section 31. And, the Section 31 mention put a huge smile on my face. Finally, a shout out to DS9.
The script is pretty tight, but there are enough sharp pieces of dialogue that will entertain the hardcore Trek fans like myself. The way they handle Spock and Kirk's relationship should be noted as being well written. You truly get a sense of almost a brother/friend vibe from the two, given both of them worked under Admiral Pike. And, Pike of sort of a father figure for both of them. When Pike dies, there is an emotional impact to his passing between Spock and Kirk.
I also like the way the wrote Dr. McCoy this time around too. Scotty has some great moments as well that he never really had on the TOS episodes. Simon Pegg does a great job as the Engineer and he really takes a stand on a certain issue as well that I liked. He has a one moment that I laughed a lot.
As I wrote before, the villain is more defined than Nero from the first movie. Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan in this version. And Cumberbatch is amazing as the main bad guy. I love the way he speaks to other people as if they are beneath him. There is a certain chilling coolness about this Khan. One of my favorite scenes involves Khan taking out a bunch of Klingons by himself.
I have to give credit to the writers on how they updated the character, while still providing a notable rival for Kirk. He knows the political atmosphere of the current Trek timeline and knows how the technology works.
Cumberbatch rules as the main villain and he is clearly having a lot of fun with the part. After playing the good guy in the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, it is interesting to see him play such a badass bad guy in this movie. I've liked him since his stint in the Holmes series.
I guess I should mention Peter Weller doing a great as Admiral Marcus. He's the wolf in sheep's clothing so to speak. He's basically the other villain in the movie. While he's channeling his character from Star Trek Enterprise, he still pretty good as the corrupt Admiral. I like his approach to the character, even if the reveal is a bit rushed. Weller has one of the best “Well...shit” moments too.
-John Cho as Sulu: He has a great moment that foreshadows his future plans of being a starship Captain. I liked seeing him in command.
-Red Shirt joke: There is a moment where Kirk orders Chekov to put on a red shirt. There is a hesitation but it really plays out as an inside joke.

-Alice Eve as Carol Marcus: I was fine with her role, but the bra and panties scene troubles me. Not because it is sexist, but I feel it was rather awkward. Why was she getting undress nearly in front of Kirk? It didn't make sense. I'm not complaining about the underwear, but it just didn't work that well in the story. Eve is a good actress and she seems convincing as Carol Marcus. And, there was a scene explaining why she has a British accent, but they deleted it.  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Melissa Joan Hart: Fails at Kickstarter

Melissa Joan Hart: Fails at Kickstarter
It hasn't been a good time for MJH.  First she picked Romney in the race and now this. 
At this point, I am getting a little tired of all the Kickstarters popping up. Everyone has one. Heck, I don't even like the Kickstarter energy drinks at this point. I think Kickstarter got on my nerves when Angelina Pivarnick, the reject from Jersey Shore, started up a Kickstarter for her reality show. You're hitting the bottom when you have her asking for money, you know the one that got kicked off the dumbest show ever...twice. 
Well, Melissa Joan Hart, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, decided to start up her own Kickstarter. It didn't meet its goal and was canceled early. I partly feel bad for her, but the other part of me doesn't because she thought she could jump on this Kickstarter bandwagon. Plus, it didn't help her ego or the KS when it only met with 2%.
Melissa has her own reasons as to why it failed. From LA Times, (("I think we started out wrong, we didn't launch it correctly. What we failed to do was let the fans know exactly what the project was. If we were to go back, what I would do is either shoot five minutes of the movie or have a full cast. We thought we could do it based on 'Hey, here's Melissa. You've liked what she's done, check out what she's going to do next.'" ))
What was the title and story behind this failed project? Darci's Walk of Shame. Here's what the project was about. ((An impulsive act has Darci face enormous hurdles to get back to her sister's wedding & avoid her family witness her first walk of shame ))
The Daily Dot does bring up an interesting point. It did seem like this was less of a passion project and more of a way to get her back in the spotlight. To be honest, the pitch seems more like a romantic comedy with a paint-by-numbers approach and not something stands out like some of the other Kickstarter projects. I think this type of movie would have easily been green-lit in the studio.
Plus, most people only remember her from that goofy witch show.

For me, I still can't get over her attitude during that Kimmel interview. That just made her unlikable.  And, she talked to a freaking talking cat.  Sadly, I think people would be more interested in a Sabrina kickstarter than this Rom Com.  
I've showed this clip many times, but it needs repeating.

Topblogstories (spam?)

Topblogstories (spam?)
While checking my built in blogger stats page, a strange number of referral links seem to appear. I know that many of the comment spam is just another way to boost ranking, but also to drive traffic to their site, I am not sure why this Top Blog is linking back to my blog.
I looked through Google and found some discussions on this strange thing. Some people get a porn site, while I keep getting a strange weight loss site with voice over. I haven't run into any viruses from clicking on the thing, but it just seems odd to me that they would referral sites and blogs.
Now, I do get some strange references, I still have no idea which link Reddit linked to a few months ago, but most seem to be legit. ESPN seems to link back to me for some reason, but I know they're legit, so is Reddit.
When you see “Top Blog Stories” in your reference links, don't bother clicking them.
Side Note: It appears this company in Mumbai is behind these referral spam.  And, Google "" with the image filter off and you'll see some interesting things NSFW.  And, you'll get a lot of alcoholic drinks in the image search.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (re-watch)

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (re-watch)
Man, this movie has turned out to be far worst than I remembered it and more lame than I reviewed it.  While the movie isn’t on the level of Grown Ups bad, it was the start of the Kevin James and Adam Sandler team ups, which have hurt both of them. 
Sandler puts this movie in the same formula machine as the rest of his movies since Little Nicky, and it is starting to look really stale here.  It is really sad that Sandler has turned into an one trick pony.  Instead of trying to act out of his man-child roles, he seems to embrace them. 
-Script?:  Given how Grown Ups turned out, I wonder if this movie even had a script.
-Playing it safe for gay and straight:  The movie ties to straddle the fence what is considered offensive to gay people, but still try to play to Sandler guy crowd.  He’s made fun of gay people in his other movies, but here he’s trying to hard to play both sides of the grouping, but they’re so different that they’ll never play well together. 
-In & Out does this Gay/Straight thing better:  That movie had better writing, and seemed to be an all around better movie.  

-And, it is 14% on RT.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fried Chicken/Tiger Woods joke…again

Fried Chicken/Tiger Woods joke…again
Sergio, tell us how you really feel. 
Sergio Garcia makes a lame fried chicken joke after the Fuzzy Zoeller joke back in the 90s. I love the fact history repeats itself. It happened before and now some other dumb ass did the same thing.
I don't really find it that offensive because it has been done before with Zoeller. I can see why some might be pissed off by the comment. Keep in ming Zoeller never fully recovered from the comment.
From NY Daily News, ((Woods never publicly forgave Zoeller. He wasn’t about to excuse Garcia Wednesday morning when he tweeted his reaction to Garcia’s initial apology for what the Spaniard called a “silly” remark to a playful question on stage.

Read more:
If you’re going to make a joke, make it funny.  You could have hit him with a low blow with his taste for pornstars and slutty women.  Instead, you went with a lame fried chicken joke that was already stated back in the day.  There are so many sex jokes you could have made about him instead.  What about those stories of his wife attacking him? 

Yes, there is something wrong with a guy (Tiger) that cheats on his wife with women not even close in hotness as his wife.  Plus, you’re feud seems a bit one-sided.   Why all the hate, bro?
This is a prefect time for KFC to grab Sergio up as sponsor.  And, if you’re going to go all racists with your jokes, bring out the grape drink (not soda) joke too.  That always goes over well. Sergio. 

Fake Quote:  “Hey, If he comes over to my house for dinner, I'll make sure to have a couple of Pornstars waiting for him.” See, it writes itself.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Enjoy your Xbox One (Angry Joe rant)

Enjoy your Xbox One (Angry Joe rant)
I totally agree with Joe on this, and clearly Xbox knew the “Always Online” was going to be a huge backlash, so they back peddled. I love the fact that it is the PS4 is going to be a game system more than a TV console.
I don't think Xbox One will be a failure because they have hardcore fans they will eat up anything. 

Railroad Bridge Collapses

Railroad Bridge Collapses
It is a good thing there wasn't a train on that bridge. As you watch the bridge collapse, please note the rails are still intact as they fall. Interestingly enough, no one knows who owns the bridge, which is strange because most RR bridges are owned by some company RR company or by the state or city.
In Louisville, the city currently owns the Big Four RR bridge.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Miguel Kicks fans (or butt punches them)

Miguel Kicks fans
Maybe I am too old for this shit, but what kind of dance was that? I have no idea who this Miguel is really. But I love his style. Kick fan in face and he continues to perform. I love how he takes out not one but TWO women with his running jump kick. The WWE might have to hire this guy.
Also note that one woman is holding her neck and head. She is quickly swallowed up by the crowd. Kicking and landing on fans might be the next new thing.
What were you doing stage jumping anyway? You're not a superhero.  But, I'll give points for being able to take out two people and still sing (horribly).  Anyway, I've seen this move before.  I believe Captain Kirk has used this move.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Scientology and Adam and Dr. Drew

Scientology and Adam and Dr. Drew
I was listening to a newer podcast between the two, and they talked about the Scientology Incident involving their Loveline show and Scientology. It seems the Space Church sent a letter to the producers of Loveline and sent them a script to read. Someone at the Church got a little upset over Dr. Drew calling them a “cult” and sent them a script to apologize. Drew has been attacked by the church a numerous times over.
It takes great balls to send a script to Adam and Drew and think they would take it seriously. Drew and Adam talked about it recently on their new show, and it had me laughing. How many other shows have they sent this type of letter to?
I agree with Adam that people weren't really attacking them back in the 90s. However, I agree with Drew that they were suing people left and right for bad mouthing them back in the day. It was only when South Park attacked their group and the reaction afterward that people started to openly attack them. Someday, the South Park guys are really going to have to come clean about incident. We knew something happened.
Is this 1780s Guy real?

Scientology Pulls a Photoshop mishap “boner”

Scientology Pulls a Photoshop mishap “boner”
First, using trees as a way to block protesters is a freaking funny. Then using Photoshop to fake more people is even funnier. Then again, this is the same group that believes in DC8 spaceships dumping aliens into lava. You can't make 400 (actual number?) to 2,000 without better skills. It is like they're living in a different reality from the rest of us, by trying to control their image too closely.
 Heck, I shocked they even got 400 for this event anyway.
Maybe, if they photoshopped more people for the audience of Battlefield Earth, they could have made the movie a hit.

Now, there is another story about Scientology...

Random Things

Random Things
~Ankle Brace: You know you're getting older when you have to buy a brace for a part of your body. I had to buy one for my ankle because an old injury is starting to give me discomfort. The brace does work well when I sleep or when I ride my bicycle.

~I watched Star Trek Into Darkness. I haven't gotten around to a review yet, but I really liked it. I'm not sure if I like it better than the first movie. I watched it in 3D and I kind of regret that a bit. I will have a review sometime this week. I am not sure when.
Yes, Farrah, that's where babies come from.
~Farrah Abraham: This is what fame has come to? Doing sex tapes on purpose and then “pretending” to leak them is perfectly okay now? Usually people go from being in a sex tape to a reality show. But, not this girl. She did the tape after being on TV. And, the funny thing is she's not even that hot, yet she's getting all this press for being a sex symbol. Hasn't she learned from Montana Fishburne? Where is her career now? Nowhere. This Farrah is not a good person, given all the interviews I've seen her in.
~Speaking of Montana Fishburne, you can read her “insightful” tweets on her twitter page. Brilliant commentary, Montana.

~Justin Bieber Booed: It looks like elements of the crowd at the Billboard Music Awards Show booed Bieber. Just because you're 19 years old doesn't mean anything, Justin. No one is going to take you seriously because you're supposed to be a flash in the pan. You're music is shit, but it is held up by teenage girls. The racing around town and spitting on people doesn't help. The stupid tattoos and taking your shirt off constantly isn't helping either. Why is this guy still winning awards? This guy is a prick.

Fellowship of Clowns
~Dennis Rodman, please shut the f' up. Rodman, please stop. Somehow, a washed-up basketball player is taking credit for talks in North Korea. The sad thing is this; Rodman will probably get that American out of North Korea just so they can make Obama look bad. I do love that he takes credit for NK putting missiles back into storage. Dude, just take credit for Double Team and Simon Sez.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking back at “Double Cheeseburger? I'd hit that.”

And, you're a sick F'. 
Looking back at “Double Cheeseburger? I'd hit that.”
Given how stupid ads are still today, I still laugh at this one the most. The implications are clear; You want to have sex with that cheeseburger! (double cheeseburger)
The best part, with McDonald's marketing team, they didn't know what the phrase “I'd hit that” meant. I guess some old fat heard that phrase and said, “Yeah, that's the ticket.” They didn't realized that there is a whole sexual universe of people having sex with food, and other things involving food. And yes some of it is Japanese. Remember Rule 34.
So, what does that phrase mean?
From the Urban Dictionary, ((A phrase you say when you see a girl really attractive, and that you would have intercourse with her if the opportunity presented itself. ))
Yeah, it is more of a sexual act than actual physical abuse. And, I used to say this phrase too.
Somewhat cute girl comes into store....
Would ya?”
He nods and says, “Yeah, I'd hit it, bro.”
However, we might have to change to another phrase.
Anyway, I made my own "Hit That" Meme photo.  

Here are some other ones from around the web.  

New Old Spice Ads

Old Spice Ads
Man, I love these things. Here are a couple of the newer ads being released on the OS channel.
WTF? The mouse and the waffle iron talk. Then, there is that baby. Did Terry just create a baby out of thin air? Does he have that power?
I am not sure where Terry came from or that bottle.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Amazing Atheist p'wns “The Thaw”

The Amazing Atheist p'wns “The Thaw”
Pretty much everything AA says owns this Thaw video. If this what High School has to offer, we are in trouble.
You can watch this rather funny video (unintended) here.
It should be noted someone cut off the comments to the video. (Why are you not letting people post comments?) Also, you can't rate this video either.
When I first read the title, I thought they were talking about the Voyager episode by the same name, which it is a good episode too.
-The shitty music
-The strange edits
-The stilted speech patterns
Why hasn't anyone made a YouTube Poop video?

Marvel's Agents of Shield

Marvel's Agents of Shield
Why is this and (24) the only shows I am looking forward next season? I love the fact that this tied directly into the Marvel movie universe. Could this show give Network TV a shot in the arm? Probably, but I still think these Networks are doomed.
As long as they have strong plots and good character development, I will watch this show. If they decide to take the CSI or L&O style, I'm not going to even bother.
-He lives: I was a little confused about seeing Agent Coulson show up as a series regular given that he died in The Avengers. We can chalk this up to Super Hero logic. How many characters have died only to come back later? I always liked his character in the movies because he felt like a every man guy.
-Luke Cage ?: Well at least it isn't Nic Cage. Right? I am not sure if this is Luke Cage or not. He's the guy jumping from the building.
-Heroes II?: After watching that trailer, I am getting the vibe of Heroes (first season) with this show. I kind of hope so. Here's hoping that they can keep the show on track unlike Heroes during the second season.

David Hayter: Reprising his role for Metal Gear Solid V? Maybe or Maybe not

David Hayter: Reprising his role for Metal Gear Solid V?  Maybe or Maybe not
I love the way Kojima has been playing us with false viral marketing and other things. First he dropped the main title from The Phantom Pain and re-cut the trailer in a completely different manner. It looked like a horror type game in the same style as Silent Hill.  Of course,  people already figured it out it was a MGS game.
Then news came out, on April 1 , that David Hayter wasn't going to return for MGS V. The whole gaming world paused for a moment and got angry. Hayter is Snake. He's been the character since MGS 1. I can't see anyone else playing the role. Strangely enough, the video above was posted from a guy named Onigawara V.
Check out the video below. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

24 the series is returning to Fox

24 the series is returning to Fox
Do you remember all those false starts with talk of a 24 movie after the series ended? Well, I guess it is better to keep the network afloat instead. Despite losing interest in the show after around 3-4 seasons, I am actually looking forward to this (restart). We know that this is just another attempt to get people back to watching network TV, but I am down with a shorter version of the show.
I've changed my mind on the movie subject though.  I still think a movie could work as a compressed 2 hour event.  Jack has to save someone in 2 real time.  It could work.  
From Huffington, ((Sutherland is set to reprise his starring role as Jack Bauer, which he played for eight seasons from 2001-2010. Fox just canceled Sutherland's drama "Touch," which ran for two seasons, making way for a "24" return. ))
It was pretty nice of Fox to give him another show after “firing” him. 
From Huffington Post, ((Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed the "24" return on a press call Monday morning. "'24' compressed over twelve weeks. Jack is back," Reilly said. ))
I guess we can call the show 12 instead of 24. I am fine seeing a miniseries, but eight seasons of full episodes were enough for that series. I guess we'll see strange plot twists that don't make sense and a lot of Jack yelling, “Put the gun down!” and “Damn it!”
I loved the show, but some of the twists were a little silly. However, seeing him kill a bunch of bad guys will be cool again.
And, please keep his daughter out of the show.

Random Things

Random Things
~I've been reading the spoilers from Star Trek Into Darkness: I've been impressed with some of the lore they've incorporated into the reboot/alt-time line. I really like the DS9 connection. I am someone that has no problem reading or hearing spoilers. I really don't see why people get upset with being spoiled. Maybe it is because I am sort of detached due to being a writer.
~Wolverine done in 70s style: It is looking like X-Men: Days of Future Past is shaping up to be a nice movie. I guess Wolverine will show up in this movie plus his own movie. I am really looking forward to these two movies in the X-Men universe.
~About that Brave Princess makeover: I can see why people are a little upset over the makeover. Hollywood has been skinny-ing up women for a long time. Didn't they slim-down J-Lo's butt for a poster in one of her movies? I didn't bother watching Brave. I also didn't know that one director was fired before bringing in a new one. You can actually see a bit of Brenda Chapman in the design of Merida. The kicker is Chapman left Pixar and went to Lucasfilms and now that has come under the Disney banner too. Crap.
~Crazy or dumb? Woman gets arrested on a plane for singing badly. You have to give her credit for singing after getting handcuffed.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Maxim's Hot List (2013)

Okay, she may be stupid for getting back with Sir Beats A Lot, but she is very hot. IMO
Miley Cyrus is their number one. 
What in Thor's hammer made them pick her? There is nothing attractive about this woman. She beat the likes of Olivia Wilde, Johansson, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens, Upton, JLH, Jennifer Lawrence and Gomez. All of these women are way hotter than Cyrus. Heck, Cyrus shouldn't even be on the list. Did her people force her to be number one at knife-point? Does anyone even find her sexy or hot?
Below are a few others worth noting...

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tainted Love: Bioshock Infinite Cover

Tainted Love: Bioshock Infinite Cover
I love Bioshock Infinite, and this cover is sweet. They play this into storyline by bringing modern songs into that setting through time distortions. People think it is a cover of Soft Cell's version, but it sounds like this version is a cover of Gloria Jones' version of the song. If you listen to lyrics, it clearly connects to the story of Bioshock.
Soft Cell version
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