Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Miguel Kicks fans (or butt punches them)

Miguel Kicks fans
Maybe I am too old for this shit, but what kind of dance was that? I have no idea who this Miguel is really. But I love his style. Kick fan in face and he continues to perform. I love how he takes out not one but TWO women with his running jump kick. The WWE might have to hire this guy.
Also note that one woman is holding her neck and head. She is quickly swallowed up by the crowd. Kicking and landing on fans might be the next new thing.
What were you doing stage jumping anyway? You're not a superhero.  But, I'll give points for being able to take out two people and still sing (horribly).  Anyway, I've seen this move before.  I believe Captain Kirk has used this move.  

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