Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Enjoy your Xbox One (Angry Joe rant)

Enjoy your Xbox One (Angry Joe rant)
I totally agree with Joe on this, and clearly Xbox knew the “Always Online” was going to be a huge backlash, so they back peddled. I love the fact that it is the PS4 is going to be a game system more than a TV console.
I don't think Xbox One will be a failure because they have hardcore fans they will eat up anything. 


MC said...

This is like the Conan O'Brien/Tonight Show story for me, in that I've been looking at it from so many angles it isn't even funny.

And the thing is, most of the press coverage and comments I've seen have been very negative, even from Xbox fans.

Have you seen this story about one of the patents that Microsoft took out for the Kinect in the new system.

And have you seen the Jimquisition from right after that press event:

Semaj said...

Holy, Crap. People back in the day painted Sony as being the bad guy, but this is far beyond anything Sony has tried. I am glad they took it out, but the (one gameplay for one person is a bit too much)

I am shocked MS is abandoning their core gamers with this system.

Semaj said...

Just watched the video. Why would MS team up with TV people when they're the ones that have helped bring network TV to its knees?
VGs are one of the reasons TV is in such a sad state that it is in, because more people are playing videogames and not watching TV. Yet, this new system seems to be kneeling down to the TV people. Why?

MC said...


And the funny thing in all this is when the used game thing comes up, people bring up Steam and talk about how PC gamers can't trade in their games, so that makes what Microsoft is proposing ok.

If I totally upgrade my computer, all those games I bought on Steam will still be there (while the games people bought digitally for their 360's cannot be played on the new hardware it seems) and because there are other digital distributors, even for games that use Steamworks, there are always avenues to get most of the games on the service for a really really good price.

Semaj said...

Now it looks like they're sticking it to Gamestop and other Pre owned sellers too, in order to stop the PR problems with the gamers.

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