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Melissa Joan Hart: Fails at Kickstarter

Melissa Joan Hart: Fails at Kickstarter
It hasn't been a good time for MJH.  First she picked Romney in the race and now this. 
At this point, I am getting a little tired of all the Kickstarters popping up. Everyone has one. Heck, I don't even like the Kickstarter energy drinks at this point. I think Kickstarter got on my nerves when Angelina Pivarnick, the reject from Jersey Shore, started up a Kickstarter for her reality show. You're hitting the bottom when you have her asking for money, you know the one that got kicked off the dumbest show ever...twice. 
Well, Melissa Joan Hart, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, decided to start up her own Kickstarter. It didn't meet its goal and was canceled early. I partly feel bad for her, but the other part of me doesn't because she thought she could jump on this Kickstarter bandwagon. Plus, it didn't help her ego or the KS when it only met with 2%.
Melissa has her own reasons as to why it failed. From LA Times, (("I think we started out wrong, we didn't launch it correctly. What we failed to do was let the fans know exactly what the project was. If we were to go back, what I would do is either shoot five minutes of the movie or have a full cast. We thought we could do it based on 'Hey, here's Melissa. You've liked what she's done, check out what she's going to do next.'" ))
What was the title and story behind this failed project? Darci's Walk of Shame. Here's what the project was about. ((An impulsive act has Darci face enormous hurdles to get back to her sister's wedding & avoid her family witness her first walk of shame ))
The Daily Dot does bring up an interesting point. It did seem like this was less of a passion project and more of a way to get her back in the spotlight. To be honest, the pitch seems more like a romantic comedy with a paint-by-numbers approach and not something stands out like some of the other Kickstarter projects. I think this type of movie would have easily been green-lit in the studio.
Plus, most people only remember her from that goofy witch show.

For me, I still can't get over her attitude during that Kimmel interview. That just made her unlikable.  And, she talked to a freaking talking cat.  Sadly, I think people would be more interested in a Sabrina kickstarter than this Rom Com.  
I've showed this clip many times, but it needs repeating.

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