Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking back at “Double Cheeseburger? I'd hit that.”

And, you're a sick F'. 
Looking back at “Double Cheeseburger? I'd hit that.”
Given how stupid ads are still today, I still laugh at this one the most. The implications are clear; You want to have sex with that cheeseburger! (double cheeseburger)
The best part, with McDonald's marketing team, they didn't know what the phrase “I'd hit that” meant. I guess some old fat heard that phrase and said, “Yeah, that's the ticket.” They didn't realized that there is a whole sexual universe of people having sex with food, and other things involving food. And yes some of it is Japanese. Remember Rule 34.
So, what does that phrase mean?
From the Urban Dictionary, ((A phrase you say when you see a girl really attractive, and that you would have intercourse with her if the opportunity presented itself. ))
Yeah, it is more of a sexual act than actual physical abuse. And, I used to say this phrase too.
Somewhat cute girl comes into store....
Would ya?”
He nods and says, “Yeah, I'd hit it, bro.”
However, we might have to change to another phrase.
Anyway, I made my own "Hit That" Meme photo.  

Here are some other ones from around the web.  
 We all know that an Inverse Tachyon Beam might reset the time line and that would mean you never "hit that".  
 Sometimes, love hurts. 
 I want to know the full history behind this photo.  Why is she dressed like a reject from Buck Rogers?
Can we hook her up with that Band Nerd?  
 She's let you hit it and get back with you in a couple of years.  
Yes, that was a low blow (double pun intended). 
 I' m sure he's thinking, "Open the blast doors, open the blast doors." 
"Stay on Target." 

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