Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mass Effect 2: The Best Renegade interrupt?

Mass Effect 2: The Best Renegade interrupt?
I love the Krogan race, but even they have blowhards in their ranks. While the interrupt is a bit mean, it does help you out when you kill this speaker. You won’t have to a powerful enemy to fight in the battle . I also like that he calls out to his men to avenge him for being roasted in a fire. He speaks as the flames engulf his body and he is dying. Damn, the Krogan are tough.
If you look closely, one Krogan starts to back up away from the Clan Speaker. That is a nice touch.

How many people press this renegade interrupt?

Bike Lock Attacker

Bike Lock Attacker
It looks like 4 and 8 Chan found the a-hole that hit the Trump supporter with that bike lock. Get this; this guy is a Professor. Allegedly! He was identified using eye matches and backpack straps. Even the boots gave him away. This amazes and scares me at the same time. 4Chan has being using everything in the universe to match track things down. Remember the Shia thing?
I also like that he is an ethics professor. They even looked at his damn OK Cupid profile. Damn you, internet. I know I have tons of dirt floating the internet so I hope I don’t hit someone with a bike lock. BTW, those U-Lock locks are built to be super strong. To hit someone over the head with a lock like this is intending to do some major harm. I own one of those locks. (BTW, please use those locks to lock up your bikes.)

Should he lose his job? Nope. We need more discussion on debate and protest and hurting people that don't agree with us.
Should he be charged? If there is clear evidence. I just don't think the police are interested in arrested anyone at this time.
There has been very little news on this story, which I find interesting. There is a report that the school he worked for has “distanced” itself from him despite any clear evidence.
From DVC Inquirer ((According to an email sent out from DVC interim​ president Ted Wieden, “The adjunct faculty member that has been alleged to have committed this crime is NOT currently teaching at DVC.” ))
Someone probably told him, “Yeah, we'll have someone else teach your classes this summer. Take a break or something.”
Side Note: Never attack anyone with a pink shirt. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
-Short Story will be locked by the end of Sunday Night: I will be locking my short story at the end of the weekend. I have a lot on my plate this weekend because there is the Thunder Over Louisville, but I also have to put the final touches on my short story. Then I have to start looking for a place to submit my story. I know I will get rejected, but I want to try to get some rejection letters and feedback. But, I also want to work on a full fictional story as well as a few non-fiction ones too.

-The Rock & Statham working on a Fast and Furious spin-off: Look, I love The Rock and I do like a lot of Statham's work. I could see a fighting/racing style spin-off working. People will flock to the theater of both of them. Despite being rivals, the characters work well together. I really think The Rock's character helped the F&F franchise. I still haven't seen the F&F movie yet. I know I am behind, but I am busy.
-Watching movies at home: Speaking of that, I've been more into watching movies at home than in the theaters. I used to see everything in the theaters. I know I look strange going on Friday nights by myself when everyone else is out on date night, but I generally go everywhere alone from dinning to movie watching. When I did go on dates to the theater, I was more into the movie than that date. That probably explains why I am still single.
However, I haven't been flocking to the theater as much lately. I've found more satisfaction watching movies at home. I've even enjoyed the movies more than on the big screen.  I find my enjoyment at home than the theater. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Rick and Morty: And, that Mulan Szechuan sauce

Rick and Morty: And, that Mulan Szechuan sauce

Yep, I watched the first episode of R&M and I loved the remarks to the McDonald's Mulan special with the nuggets. The show is known for these sort of things thanks to Dan Harmon.
The sauce was a promotional tie-in with the Mulan movie that came out almost 20 years ago from Disney. I was a huge fan of the movie back in the day, but knew nothing about the tie-in nuggets and sauce. Damn, 98 is such a long time ago.
They should bring back these kids all grown up and angry just for the lulz.
Now, it seems pop culture and reality have cross paths. People are demanding that McDonald's bring back the sauce due to the pop culture rise of it being mentioned in R&M. How funny is that? From reference to meme to reality.
From Chicago Times, ((Rick and Morty” fans are petitioning for the sauce to be brought back, watching tutorials about how to make it and tweeting at McDonald’s to consider adding the dip back to the menu — a move that might be well-timed with a live-action “Mulan” coming to theaters in 2018. ))
McDonald's had mentioned they're looking into it. I just hope they bring it out much, much earlier than 2018 when the live movie comes out.
Not everybody is pleased with this news though. There are certain people that are calling this whole thing Problematic ™ . Here's the thing Disney went out of their way to cast an Asian cast in most of the roles for the movie. And, it has a strong female character to boot. Yet,there is still an issue. Whatever. Okay, shut up and sit in a corner please. We want our Mulan sauce.
I only go to McDonald's for the breakfast stuff, but I'd be willing to buy some nuggets with some Mulan sauce.
Can't wait for McDonald's to make it for you? Make it yourself.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence

With its bland and weak premise, ID4:R is not a fun movie to sit through. Despite being filmed recently, it looks and sounds like a movie from the 90s than a natural progression to the 90s action movie style. The script is clearly pieced together from of different ID4 sequel scripts over the years with some meddling from the studio to make the movie an even more of a shit show. The movie feels uneven and unfocused unlike the first movie.
Almost nothing works in favor of this movie. Nothing emotionally compares to the sight of our cities getting flattened by those giant ships. Instead, we get one giant ship looming over the entire planet. It doesn't have that same feeling. Where is the build up like the first half of the the original movie?
Let's go bigger, but forget about the character moments from the first movie. The movie amounts to nothing but putting some fresh faces in front of us.
-Director Roland Emmerich has gotten worst: He is the left-leaning Michael Bay of disaster movies. Somehow, he went from being a fairly good action/sci-fi director into a hacked director that makes poorly made disaster movies. This movie has more in common with Bay's lazy Transformers movies than Roland's older works like Stargate and ID4.
-The Kids in a subplot is the worst: Someone decided to add a group of annoying kids on a bus into the plot of this already bloated movie. Why? Judd Hirsch is also part of this plot. And, he is even more annoying and useless than his part in the first movie. None of this is important to the movie at all. Then, they shoehorned in the bus of kids into the final act of the movie for no other purpose but to put the kids in jeopardy. They had nothing else to put Hirsch in but having to drive kids across the country? What was the point?
-Let's make sure to shove aside all the older characters: Yeah, let us then focus in on the far less interesting cast of younger characters. This focus to the young cast reveals the bigger problem with the movie. The young actors playing the new character are boring. Sure, they look good, but they are only a step above a CW cast. Who are these people?
-Cheaper than the first one: Despite the upgrades in CGI technology, the movie looks fairly bad from a CGI level. The first movie looked a lot of better. The space battles don't have the same frantic feel and look as the first movie and that's a shame.
-Will Smith is missed: Smith, at his prime, was a charming type of leading man. He brought a lot of coolness and charm to the role. And, I would have loved to have seen a seasoned Will Smith Character leading the armed forces. However, they couldn't afford Smith's price tag and I don't think he was that interested in showing up in the sequel.
-Dr. Brakish Okun : Brent Spiner returns? Yep. Okay, he died in the first movie, but this sequel retconned his death into a coma. He was asleep for 20 years. Whatever, movie. He wakes up when the aliens returning to Earth. I really like Brent Spiner in his greatly expanded role and he is the best thing about this crazy mess. He is having a lot of fun with the role.
-Vivica A. Fox blink and you'll miss her: Why not have a bigger part for her? She is starring in Cool Cat videos, so she has some time on her hands to show up fully in the movie. Her character is a stripper turned doctor thus giving all strippers hope. Spoiler Alert: She dies within the second act after only having minutes on screen. Her death seems cheap.
-Retconned the Alien motive: The reason they came to Earth was to tap our core. What? Aren't there other planets without living creatures that could fight back with cores? That was an issue in the first movie that they tried to patch up that plot hole with this new reveal. It is a cheap reason for the aliens to attack our planet.
For a movie that has a bunch of action scenes, the movie is very boring. It has a boring collection of actors and characters while the more interesting ones are pushed aside. The special effects are that well constructed and the pacing is painful to get through. Just skip this movie and watch the first ID4 movie.

Grade: D-

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mad Catz RIP

Mad Catz RIP
I really loved their products. I had a few of their PlayStation controllers. But, yeah, Mad Catz is done. I guess the Band 4 thing blew up in their face. And, I guess their products were lacking in recent years.
I still have some of their PS1 and PS2 controllers somewhere buried in boxes.

I'm guessing someone might buy the name and reboot the products under a different owner. However, it is another gaming company that was part of the gaming culture over and done with.   

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chris Chan today...

Chris Chan today...
Oh, boy. Yes, he/she has completely lost his mind. Yes, he considers himself a woman with a receding hairline and a 5'o clock shadow. He needs to be mental help and fast before his mother dies. When his father died, I think he lost any sense he had left.
-I love that he still kind of hates men and gay men too. The interviewer does mention the racism Mr. Chan had earlier in his life.
-He does mention his famous brother and his anger toward his brother.
-He doesn't know anything about Black Lives Matter: Thus, he lives in his own fictional world.
-Oppressed: Doesn't know what that means.
-He regrets the Sonic Boom protest: Yeah, it put him in jail.   

Commander Shepard Calls Gun Shops

Commander Shepard Calls Gun Shops
I love that Shepard encounters a few ME fans in his prank calls. I guess gun shop workers like the ME series.
BTW, I listen to IcenJam's channel from time to time, because he uses VG characters to do his prank calls. Check out the rest of the videos.

Random Things

Random Things
~Not giving a shit: I love that I can now go into work and not give two shits about the quality of my work. I've mentally checked out of work completely and head for the door when its time. They've pissed me off for the last time and I've given up on that company completely. I only have ill will toward it.
~Working on a short story: I've been working on a short story that I will be submitting in the coming weeks when I put on the final touches. I know it will not get published, but at least I tried to something else. It is a personal story and it has some heart to it. It is a good non-fiction story overall and looking forward to writing more given that I am more reflective on my life that I have had a lot of things happen.
~Marvel and that Islamic extremist artist: This is a full shit show.
For once, Marvel Comics handled it fairly well by firing his ass. Marvel Comics has been going through some major changes, but this is another thorn on its side. I want the comic branch of Marvel to do better. This is coming from a DC fan too. However, DC is really doing some amazing things with their blending of the old universe and the New 52. Plus, the Watchmen may be involved too.
Marvel was the company that constantly beat DC in sales. While I didn't like their “artist first, writer second” belief system, it worked for them for years. It might be time for them to shift back to that. Let DC do the “writers first, art second”.

-Iron Fist: I haven't finished the show yet. It doesn't seem to be my coup of tea. However, I don't care about the race issue that certain reviewers are bring up about the show. I think it works that he was a rich white guy that turned his life around and became a kung-fu master after he returns from his disappearance.  

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Congrats, Marvel. You made me want to see this movie even more now. It looks really fun and funny. Thor seems to be really loving the fighting pit. DC needs to take note.
-The 80s-70s style logo and font: Damn, this feels like the opening to Transformers: The Movie with the strange echo color effect. That was the part I love the most about the trailer. Here's hoping they keep this style in the movie with the font. (Flash Gordon anyone?)
-Ragnarok Rising: This was hinted at in the second Avengers movie. And, actually the evil woman in the trailer was hinted at in an alt-scene in a deleted scene sort of. I am guessing she is the cause of the destruction of Thor's home planet.
-Planet Hulk?: I love that Hulk is the warrior in the fighting pit. Well, he couldn't be in the Civil War, but I can see him hopping around the universe. Somehow, he got caught.
-Dr. Stephen Strange is listed in this movie?: It seems he will show up in the movie.
-The hammer is destroyed: I actually that his hammer is destroyed. It gives him another element danger.
-Jeff Goldblum is in the movie!: Sweet.
-Loki evil?: How does he fit into this movie?  Will he be an evil character or side with his brother? 

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Rideshare Geico ad

Rideshare Geico ad
Okay that was pretty funny. I am sure people DO use rideshare apps to do illegal things. Let's just say I am almost certain of it.
At some point insurance companies made their ads pretty amusing and funny. Back in the 80s, they were boring ads.

Follow up on that woman that freaked out

Remember that woman that freaked out over a couple making out in a restaurant? Well, allegedly she is far more than any of us even knew about. Some avid porn watcher (female btw) made some connections between her viral video and a couple of self made videos.
Allegedly, the woman that had an epic meltdown about public making out is an amateur pornstar/cam girl. WTF? She came across as both a triggered woman to a right leaning Alt-Right that I couldn't put a handle on her. Now, it has become much clearer if not more confusing.
Maybe this video is fake. However, mental illness can produce things like this too. I am a guy that is one or two steps away from having a breakdown too.
Even the most hypocritical person would call her the god of hypocrites. How do you call someone a hooker when you’re a cam girl? That's like the gun calling the knife a killer. I am okay with sex workers cam girls and pornstars, but don’t call another woman slut when you have a few skeletons in your closet. And, the Internet will dig up your bones.
I won’t post her name, but she even posted her phone number out there on the web to get some sex. WTF? She also looked very different back in the day almost like a Sansa Stark look-a-like, but turned into this mean crazy woman that makes racial remarks and attacks couples in places. She now looks like that angry lunch lady at your child's lunch room...with a cartoon-ish oversize boob job. I am not making this up. 
If you dig a little deeper, there are some really dark things below the surface. She even had a video posted about her talking to herself at another restaurant. Damn.
So, yes, she needs help and she needs it fast.
The biggest issue I have with her though is she seems to be a huge Justin Bieber fan. That I cannot forgive...or forget.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Pepsi, just stop. Please.

Pepsi, just stop. Please.
-Where are the bearded fat hipsters in their 40s in the protest? Why are all the protesters look like extras off the CW shows? Real protest has people with strange haircuts and bad tight shirts and masked people wanting to wreck shit.  This is the cartoon version of a protest. 
-Was this protest sponsored by Pepsi? It makes no sense. So, the protesters decided to have iced down Pepsi products ready for consumption, but no other drinks. That's a lot of people to keep happy with drinks. Did Pepsi fit the bill?
-The cool-bro nod: I love the half-assed nod from the guy telling Kendall to join the revolution.
-Changing clothes: We see Kendall leave the photo-shoot with a dress on, yet she is in a different outfit in the last few moments of the ad. That means, she joined the protest, went home, changed into a different outfit and came back to protest. She had to get into her protester outfit I guess.
I know a lot of people having been making fun of this ad. It popped up in my feed this afternoon and watched the 30 second one and laughed my ass off. I said, “Oh, no...please.”
Well, everyone from the left and the right have bashed this pretentious piece of work for what it is...crap. I love that EVERYONE has ripped into this thing from SJWs to Alt-Rights. Yes, there is a lot of strife in the country, but a can of Pepsi can make it all better...sure. I laughed out loud when Kendall hand the Pespi to the police officer. Yes, try that in real life and see what happens.
I would have loved if the police officer said, “No, I'm a Coke drinker. Now, get back in line!”

From CBS News, ((The ad was posted on Pepsi Global's YouTube channel on Monday but has since been removed from the site. A description below the video described the commercial as "a short film about the moments when we decide to let go, choose to act, follow our passion and nothing holds us back." ))
Yes, Pepsi felt the burn and removed the video, which I find more amusing than anything else in the story.
I actually am more pissed off that Pepsi had to include Kendall Jenner in the ad. The ad has creative people from all walks of life joining together and you get Kendall Jenner to represent them? This is the one family that has little to no talent and she has to be the one to hand a Pepsi can to the police officer. Really? Who in the ad company thought that Kendall Jenner should be the face and voice of the protest generation? That was really dumb, Pepsi.   

Random Things

Random Things
~Working on a short story and looking into submitting it somewhere: It is actually a non-fictional story. I think I can keep a short story under most word limits if it is non-fiction. Given my negative view of everything, I KNOW I will get a lot of rejection letters, but I will be printing them out and hanging them on my wall.  I probably won't get published, but I have to do something.  I have been writing for nearly 16 + years and I can't have my current job be my legacy.  

Avoid dating anyone that always looks like they're going to eat you...actually.  
~Scary Spice is in the news for some reason: I guess she has lived up to her name. Ever since leaving the Spice Girls, she has had some interesting behind the scenes stories about her personal life. I am guessing she has left her allegedly abusive hubby. I actually remember that strange story about her and Eddie Murphy having a child together. Murphy tried his best to distance himself from the news and claim it wasn't his child. He would later pay about 7 million to Scary Spice for the child. Note to self: Never date anyone with “Scary” in their name.

~Shia made about 8 bucks on a movie in the UK: They show his war-time movie in one place in the UK and only one person came to see his damn movie. (Actually, it is now 3 tickets sold) Wow, I told you to get back to acting, but I guess I am wrong. Maybe, you should just retire and chill somewhere warm. At least his HWNDU got more views.  

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Woman freaks out over couple making out in restaurant...

Woman freaks out over couple making out in restaurant...
The Double Toasted guys mentioned this video and I had to watch the entire thing. This made me smile. It went from 10 to 20 at the end of the video.
This is a lonely woman that I guarantee has at least four cats at home and a couple of slash-fiction profiles on websites. Look, I am not a fan of people making out in public places, but it doesn't bother me that much. It just reminds me that I am single. Here, something has really crawled up her ass and stayed there the entire video. I am guessing no woman or man wants to date her because she is so batshit insane.
And, why call the guy's woman a hooker?
She turns on the employee and attacks him when he is clearly high and not giving a shit.

People have been trying to pin down her views on the world. Is she a SWJ or an Alt-Right supporter? She has traits of both. The entitlement and triggering is SWJ, but the racial stuff is Alt-Right. Maybe she is god-like being that combines everything annoying about the human race into one unhappy mess.      

Mya Today

Mya Today
I watched this video because it popped up in my suggestion feed. Mya was a popular R&B singer. She was extremely pretty and had some catchy songs. I remember her music videos being catchy and bouncy. I'm into the little light skinned girls that can sing, so I had a HUGE crush on her back in the day. Yet, she disappears from the lime light years later almost without a peep.

I remember thinking about how I haven't seen or heard about her for years. Then, this video popped up in my feed. She looks really good today. Damn, she has held up. Keep in mind she is in her late 30s and looks amazing. Damn, girl. (She's 37)
She was red hot at the time and her music was hugely successful. She was clearly going to be what Rih is today. She basically walked away from the music system and became a more independent artist.
BTW, she talks about the strip club thing, where she took a lot of flack from women and men. I really don't have a problem with it, because it is not like she got naked. Even if she did, I am down with that. She just did a song in a skimpy outfit and people claimed she was slumming it with singing in this booty club. Look, I have zero problem with her showing up in strip clubs.
I've been checking out her instagram damn.  

Friday, March 31, 2017

HWNDU: IV (How they did it)

HWNDU: IV (How they did it)
Really, 4 Chan? This video shows us how much effort was put into the Liverpool He Will Not Divide Us capture. What is funny is knowing that Shia and company watched 4 Chan to see if they would take the flag. I reported that they captured the flag, but they didn't. They left and the stream was cut off way before then.

Shia does have some good news though. Those assault charges were dropped.   

RIP Richard Hatch

I grew up watching the old Battlestar Galactica episodes on Saturdays and loving every minute. His Apollo character was always the straight hero type. Make no mistake he was the hero of the show more or less. I was a little miffed they wrote (or forgotten) about his character in Galactica 1980. Though it is kind of implied that he was killed off between the two series.
Hatch was in everything in the TV realm during the 70s and 80s. (CHiPs Fantasy Island Murder, She Wrote ) He was in an episode of T.J. Hooker which co-starred William Shatner. Heck, he was in Baywatch.
I know most of the younger people remember him from the newer BSG show. I was never a huge fan of that show, but I liked what I saw of his character. He also wrote a lot of BSG stories based on the old continuity. He kept the franchise alive for many years. He even tried to continue the series with his own proposal series before the Ron Moore series took root (there was another series planned with Bryan Singer).
He was also one of the main stars of the upcoming major fan film Star Trek: Anxar. He plays an important Klingon. I liked his role in the prelude episode. I am guessing he finished the fan movie before his death.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Random Things

Random Things

~Getting Back to basics: I am moving away from my current job. I am going to shift away from a job a had for nearly 20 years to finding something more creative to do in the next coming years. At this point I am sick and tired of this f’ing job and will be switching gears into doing things I like to do more and transiting away from working at this shit job. I will be going back to school to finish my degree. My plan is to have a degree within the next two years with me shifting to less time with my old job. If I don’t make this change, I’ll probably have a nervous breakdown. Besides, I am a better person outside this company than in it. I've had people tell me that I am a very entertaining person.

~Mass Effect 4: I know that the game has been getting some major ripping lately. I’ve been watching a few “Let’s Play” of the game and I am really digging the story. It feels like a more Star Trek story with its pro-science stance. I love that these people are willing to leave their home galaxy and go out to the unknown. They are willing to leave their homes and family to jump ahead 600 plus years in a different place. Things don’t turn out the way they wanted to. I know the animation and eye movements are an issue and I can see those problems. However, the Dark Energy story line was picked up from the second game from a dropped story arc.

~To open a Patreon?: I have been thinking about opening a Patreon account for shits and giggles to see if someone would even bother giving me some cash. I thought about doing something low as 20 bucks for the hell of it to see if I could reach that goal. Would Patreon let me do that? If an asshole like DSP or the train wreck Chris Chan can have their own, could I get a 20 dollar one? This could help me get more of these post done and drive me to write more. I'll look into it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 20 years later “crew” reunites...

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 20 years later “crew” reunites...

You will notice that Daphne Reid is in the picture and NOT Janet Hubert. She is not on good terms with Will Smith and has attacked him on a few occasions. They had a major falling out and she's still hurt by the way they handled her on the show. Post Scientology, I am not a big fan of Will Smith anymore, but I think I side with him on this issue.
From Mirror UK, (("There will never be a reunion ... as I will never do anything with an a**hole like Will Smith," Janet, 61, said back in 2011, after previous rumours of a reunion surfaced. ))
I do like there is no mention of Janet Hubert on Smith's tweet. Let's just forget that she was on 74 episodes on the show. Ouch, smooth burn.  

Let off some steam, Bennett

Let off some steam, Bennett

Last night I discovered that my favorite arch-nemesis for a movie hero was filming something in the Louisville area. I didn't know his real name at first, but the person described him as the guy from that Mad Max movie. I didn't know who he was talking about. Then the person said, “He was Bennett in Commando.”
As if on cue, I said, “Let off some steam, Bennett.”
Remember, he was the guy with the tight chain-mail suit that had a strange relationship with Arnold's character. His character comes to a cool (steamy) end with a giant pipe through the chest and an Arnold quip. Yeah, he doesn't like that meme and statement too much. I guess I'd get tired of hearing it too.
I won't get into where he was filming and why he was filming, but to say the project sounds interesting. I will say this; the guy has a LOT of movies coming out over the next few years, damn.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Mountain Bikers encounter bees...

Mountain Bikers encounter bees...
I would probably poop myself a little if I had encountered a swarm of angry bees. And, they seemed to have zeroed in on them after they passed through. From what I read, a boar attacked a nest and the bees were upset and went after everyone.
Every time I see the title with the word bees in it, I think about Nic Cage and the Wicker Man. Not the bees.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dropping a deuce on donuts

Have you heard this one before? Girl goes to gas station store. Girl has to go to the restroom. Girl opens the doughnut display and shits all over the freshly prepared donuts.
I've been in a hyper depressed mood these past two days, so this video actually made me laugh a lot. Look, I have seen a lot of things on the Internet, but even I was shocked by this incident.
By the way, I love the reaction from the other people. I really love the one woman confronting the poop woman after the dump. “What is wrong with you?”
When someone feels the need to poop in a doughnut display, it is way beyond time to ask that question.
From Fox 4, ((told FOX 4 Friday the store discarded all the merchandise around the woman and thoroughly disinfected the area where she exposed herself. Thornbrugh said the woman did not actually use the doughnut case as a restroom even though the video seems to show otherwise. ))
So, yeah that that is nice to know that cleaned the area. People don't want extra chocholot on their donuts.
Oh, and the story gets even better. The reason this woman took a poop in some tasty donuts is because her daughter “dared” her to do it. Look,I won't encourage my mother to go into Subway and poop on their 5 (6?) dollar foot-longs.

From Fox 4, (( He says the incident apparently involved a dare between a mother and daughter (the mother was the one who took the dare). Thornbrugh said there was no urine or feces to clean up. ))

He Will Not Divide Us Gone again

He Will Not Divide Us Gone again

I actually just watched a Mundane Matt video on the new “He will not divide us” flag. Shia moved the flag out of the United States, which defeats the purpose of the American people standing together against Trump. He took the flag to Liverpool, UK instead, which totally loses the purpose of the protest now.
From The Verge, ((The original live stream was supposed to last the full four years of Trump’s presidency, partly as a source of comfort and show of unity in the face of divisive cultural forces. In a statement to FACT, the artists said, “Events have shown that America is simply not safe enough for this artwork to exist.” ))
So, the stream was back up and the flag was back boringly floating above on top some building.
Well, it took only one day for someone to steal the flag and the stream to be shutdown again! Yep, someone made it to the roof and stole the flag again. They planned this heist like Ocean's 11.
Right on schedule, the stream was shutdown again. From Heatstreet, ((Police have been spotted at the scene of the FACT center. They were called when FACT spotted the trespassers. The police advised the art center to remove the flag and shut off the stream. ))

It doesn't matter where you go, because trolls are everywhere.  Shia, just end it and get back to making movies.  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Netflix Switching to Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

Netflix Switching to Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down
A lot of people are saying that it is because of the Amy Schumer controversy. I actually think ditching the star rating helps everyone out. I disagree with people making the connection to the Schumer thing.
Netflix has decided to ditch its star-rating. I think the timing happens to fall into place by accident.
From Variety, ((., that the company had tested the new thumbs up and down ratings with hundred of thousands of members in 2016. “We are addicted to the methodology of A/B testing,” Yellin said. The result was that thumbs got 200% more ratings than the traditional star-rating feature. ))
It gives you a clear cut look at something by weighing the ups and downs to movies and series in the same manner as YouTube. I think the Thump Up/Down system works really well.
Let's just say this, I work with a company that has star ratings. Users don't know that giving a “worker” a four star rating means failure in the company's eyes. They think a four star review is positive. It isn't. Plus, users also get ratings and some of them are uncharacteristically low...for no reason. I think the company would work out better if they switched to a thumps up and down system.
It works for YouTube, when the poster doesn't turn off the votes.
I'll have to get into the Amy Schumer thing in another post...maybe.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Maybe, it is because I am single and it is a Saturday night...

Maybe, it is because I am single and it is a Saturday night...
Damn, that's all I can say.

Stuck in an elevator with a crazy man...brilliant

Stuck in an elevator with a crazy man...brilliant
I love the crazy guy. You have to love that he scares the security guard away. And, he starts to sing songs from the 90s. If I am stuck in an elevator with someone, I want it to be this crazy fart-knocker.
The best part is that he threatens to calm down the woman on the phone! Has calming down someone ever been a threat of violence before? I love it. I can't stand people like this guy in normal conditions, but can you imagine being around him in an elevator? And, the guy is a Fedora wearing dude, so that makes it worst,

Friday, March 17, 2017

Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Think of this movie as a twisted version of Toy Story and Wreck it Raph. When I say twisted, it is really twisted. Sausage Party is a funny movie that has a lot of interesting things to say under all its racy movie. Despite some flaws, it's rude and crude, but there is a lot to like about it. I found myself truly enjoying the movie on a different level. I went into the movie thinking I would see just a raunchy movie, but came out with a movie with a deeper meaning. Well done, Seth Rogen Evan Goldberg and Jonah Hill.
The voice cast is outstanding. Pretty much most of the Rogen/Judd Apatow crew shows up as various food characters. ( Michael Cera James Franco Jonah Hill Danny McBride Craig Robinson Paul Rudd )
In this world, food products are actually alive, but the human world doesn't isn't aware of that fact. These products live in a supermarket where they hope to go to “Heaven” after they're chosen by the gods (humans). One Sausage (Seth Rogen) discovers that their world isn't what they were led to believe.
Does the movie promote stereotypes? Yes, the movie plays with a lot of racial stereotypes, but it handles them extremely well. You see the movie is in a world where all the types of food products take on the cultural and racial stereotypes of that area they're made in...sometimes (Teresa del Taco,). In other examples, they food products take on the characteristics of the brand mascot such as Chief Firewater.
For a movie that has dick and poop jokes, it also handles the Middle Eastern issues masterfully written between a Lavash and a Bagel. These two are stand-ins for Arab and Jewish people and the overall subplot with them parodying the Middle East political relations. They're relationship takes a different turn in the last few minutes of the movie I'd say.
The religious undertones are there and it clearly has a an atheist slant to it. I am not sure the Rogen stoner fans are going to catch all the religious things in the movie. And, I like how the movie doesn't shove it down our throats. It wraps it in a silly movie about talking food that want to f' each others brains out. I love how their world comes crashing down when the truth about their gods comes to light.
Part of the food product's religious beliefs is the entire store sings a song about their gods. However, the song has changed over the years because each product added their own beliefs into the song...just like in real religions. (By the way, this song was written by a Disney composer!)
There are three major issues with the movie...
1 The animation is that great: However, this isn't Dreamworks or Pixar. It is worth noting that the animation designs are that great and I've seen better animated characters on both PS4 and XBOX One. It does hurt the movie a bit, but they had to keep the cost down given it is an R-Rated movie.
2 Do we need Seth Rogen throwing in weed jokes in every movie? I am not a weed smoker, so weed humor. Bath Salts play a huge role in the movie, so why include weed stuff too?
3 The pacing is a bit off: Toward the middle act, it does fall appart. It gets back on track in the third act.
Sausage Party is crude and crazy, but there are some funny and clever things going on behind the gore and sex. This is a smart yet twisted love letter to Pixar from Seth Rogen and company. For the most part, this movie is entertaining and fun with a smart script. This is not for kids. I can't believe I like this twisted little movie.

Grade: B+

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