Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Random Things

Random Things
~I still haven't gone to the movies this summer/spring movie season. I know there are a lot of major movies being released currently, but I can't bring myself to go out and watch the movies. At this point, I am so not into being around a large group of people that a thought of it sickens me. I simply have withdrawn from people completely lately that it has effected my love of watching movies. I need to get out of this mood. Maybe, it is the sleeping in too much or the depression. Not sure.
~Billy Bush talks about the “grab them by the”: Yes,Bush lost his job from a tape from ten plus years ago. Trump to the media have dumped on him. I don't like the the bro style of Billy Bush, but I almost feel sorry for this guy. It was dude talk and I have heard it up close. Heck, I've heard WOMEN talk the same exact way too. It is something people say as tasteless as it is. Bush lost his job, but Trump got hired. I loved how twisted that turns out to be. BTW, he is part of the Bush family.

~About that Manchester Bomber: There have been some things coming up about this guy. It still doesn't answer the question as to the reasons behind attacking a bunch of teenagers at a concert. Look, he was a coward and a fool, but I'd like to know the facts behind his radicalization. And the fact his brother might have been radicalized as well. It smells like the Boston bombing all over again. This attack is sickening and it further supports why I picked up atheism and agnostic views instead of religion. This act does make me want to believe in a hell just to see this attacker burning for all time.  
~Want to see a Flat Earther up close? Here you go. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fake Homeless woman caught

Fake Homeless woman caught
Look, I generally hate being asked for money by homeless people, but even I can't stand people scamming people by pretending to be homeless. This takes the cake. 
She goes around holding a sign asking for money and then drives a new 2014 (actually it is a 2016) car. I love that she thinks the McDonald's employees truly give two shits about the issue. Lady, they don't care. And, I love that she doesn't think the whole thing through, because she really shouldn't get the cops involved.

The best part is the woman has been arrested. She was throwing things at the people that exposed her.  

Monday, May 22, 2017

Do you want cringe?

Do you want cringe?
He even threatens a lawsuit with the girl despite the fact she was just doing her job. It almost seems like a parody of a beta male, but this guy is real.
Rule 1. Don't give a stripper flowers unless she is your girlfriend. She prefers single bills, bro.

Rule 2: Follow Number 1.     

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Man Sues Woman for bad movie date.

Date from hell?
Yeah, she drove the car to the theater and he paid for the 3D ticket for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. As the movie progressed, the woman kept checking and texting on her damn phone. That does bother me. He told her to stop and she quietly dipped out and never returned. Thus, he was left at the theater without a ride.
From the Telegraph UK, ((Mr Vezmar asked Ms Cruz to stop but she refused. He suggested she step outside to use her phone, after which she left the cinema and never came back. ))
Suing for 17.31? Come on, dude. Chalk this up to “L” in your ever growing losing streak. This goes back to that pretentious man-child thing that bothers me about the younger generations. Men and women dip out on dates all the time. It is what people do. Get over it. Given what little I know about you, I am sure you've had many women dip out on you. You come across as an art-house a-hole. Probably the only way to keep a woman around is to hook up a ball and chain to her leg at this point.
The only thing that would make this better is if this guy wore a fedora to the date. I am certain he owns at least three fedoras and nothing but skinny jeans.
Anyway, he later dropped the lawsuit once the media got involved. He actually got his 17 bucks back thanks to a meet up between him and his former date due to Inside Edition. (Yes, Inside Edition is still around.)
I think these two scholars were meant for each other. I am lucky I stopped dating and going out on dates a long time ago. I really can't say I have used one of these modern dating sites. However, I have taken a date to a movie theater and been more into the movie than the date, which explains why I am still single. However, I can't stand cell phones and people texting. Actually, certain people will straight up answer their phones in the theater. I hate that a lot, but if she was texting. Just call it bad date and don't see her again. But to sue?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Random Things

Random Things

-Anthony Weiner, really?: His sexting has finally caught up with him. I watched that special about him and his campaign. He came across as arroangt prick that refuse to deal with the problem that destroyed his campaign. It was cringe-worthy. Then, there was that whole fallout with the Clinton campaign that happened recently. He truly has a problem with sexting and wanting to show his naked body. With all the women in the world, he decided to sexted a minor. Now, that has caught up to him and he is pleading guilty to the charge. Is his issues what the raincoat guys were back in the day, but with technology? What he did was wrong and he should have know better. Plus, you're married to a pretty and smart lady. Why? I still find it amusing that his name is Weiner and he wanted nothing more than to show it to everyone online. Weiner always looked like a walking and talking cock to me anyway.
-Joe Biden makes He pretty sums up the problem with the Hillary Clinton campaign. They wanted to dip their toes in the identity politics and not work on their DNC base which was the working class. Bill Clinton and Obama knew how to work on that working class, yet Clinton barely spoke to them. I hate Trump, but that is what he did right. (now he is screwing over the working class). Looking back on the race, I think Barry Sanders should have won, and I think Sanders is too left for me. Yet, he would have looked out for the working class. I hope the DNC learns for this, but it looks like they're not considering that the RNC isn't much better and falling down too. It would be nice to see the rise of a third party. 
-This happened in Louisville. I came across it on Reddit and LOL-ed. WTF? Why was she holding onto the car? Talk about high maintenance.

-Clock Boy lawsuit thrown out: I always found the clock boy story a bit shady. It seemed the parents wanted to make a quick buck other than to fight civil rights. His father had some interesting things about his past that me uneasy. Maybe the kid can become the newest Clock King or at least his underling like I wrote before. BTW, this happened way back in 2015. Damn, that feels like a long time ago in Internet terms. Perhaps Clock Boy and Balloon Boy can team up and become a super villain team.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Powers Booth RIP

Powers Booth RIP

From NBC News, ((Powers Boothe, the Emmy-winning character actor admired as one of Hollywood's most reliable villains, died Sunday in Los Angeles, his publicist told NBC News. He was 68.
Boothe died in his sleep of natural causes at his home, said Karen Samfilippo of Image Management Public Relations.))
He was "that guy" in movies and TV. He usually played very evil characters. He really got into the roles as a real bastard. I just finished re-watching Deadwood and I fondly remember his character on that show. He played Cy Tolliver on Deadwood. The character was a really bad person on a show with a lot of bad people.
He was on Agents of Shield playing the same character he played in the first Avengers movie. It was a nice little tip of the hat to the TV shows connecting to the movies in the Marvel universe. Like I said, I really liked Powers Booth. He was in the GOOD Wyatt Earp movie Tombstone as one of the bad guys. He played a really bad guy in the Sin City movies very similar to his Deadwood role. He's done a lot of VO work too in Video Games and DC animated things...even playing Lex Luther and Gorilla Grodd .
He will be missed.
Check out this chilling scene.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I know I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much. I've been dealing with serious bouts of depression and anger issues surrounding certain aspects of my life. So, I've been sleeping a lot, yet I have a few posts saved on my tablet to be transferred to my cloud account. I have a review and a RIP post coning up soon. I just need to get off my depression stage and get to it. BTW, I am also working on my second “story” to submit to a magazine of collection.   
Just to cheer me up, here are some pictures of Riley Reid.  

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Can I say that I love this woman?

Can I say that I love this woman?

I love the way she handles the word C-sucker like a pro. I am sure she is a delight at home.   
Every cuss word makes this guy cry. 
Can you hear me now, B%$#?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pie in the face, yo (Qantus style)

Pie in the face, yo (Qantus style)
Well, it is better than a bike lock on the head.
Yes, I laughed when I watched the CEO of Qantas Airlines get pied. It is a comedy milestone. I would have finished the speech with the pie remains just for the hell of it and would have gotten kudos points. He handled it as well as he could, but I love the laughter from the crowd. BTW, the pie in the face was far better than whatever speech he had planned.
Here's where it gets a bit strange. The pie thrower (throw-ie) did it because the “spread of gay marriage” and this guy's support. I am not making this shit up. Anyone knows me knows that I support gay marriage because I think going against it is wrong and a waste of time. I honestly don't care who marries whom. The pie thrower is almost in his 70s, and the Qantas CEO will press charges.
From , ((Mr Overheu, 67, is a devout Christian and senior member of the Church of Christ and Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.
He left a room of 500 people aghast when he strolled up to Mr Joyce and shoved a $25.95 lemon meringue pie in his face during a speech at a business breakfast at Perth's exclusive Hyatt Regency hotel.))

Give this a-hole a fine and send him on his way. But, he shouldn't in jail or prison though. He's a dick, but a pie in the face isn't assault.

Fake Netflix E-Mail

Fake Netflix E-Mail
I get a lot of spam via e-mail. It might be because my e-mail is connected to my blog, so a lot of bots just mass send to my address due to my profile. Between the boner pills and the camgirl fake messages, I got an e-mail from someone claiming to be from Netflix. It said there was suspicious activity on my account and I needed to update it in order to keep watching movies. Uh, my account still works on my tablets, sorry scammer. Do not fall for this. It is a major scam. I hate these a-holes.
I wish I could find the actual fake e-mail I received for the lulz, but I can't.

They also tend to use fake Facebook e-mails too. BTW, I still receive fake security companies telling me my computer has a breach. Really, Scammers?  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Death of Wild Bill Hickok

The Death of Wild Bill Hickok
I've been watching Deadwood again over a few weeks. During the first season, they covered the arrival and death of Hickok. Wild Bill was a living legend of his time and people still saw him as a hero. It was like hanging out with Batman in your hometown. Just like in life, his death was a legend of sorts.
The show does a great job showing what happened just like the real accounts of the incident.
From Wiki, ((Jack McCall sat down to play. McCall lost heavily. Hickok encouraged McCall to quit the game until he could cover his losses and offered to give him money for breakfast.  ))
The kicker is that Jack McCall was from “Louisville”. In reality, he was from Jefferson County. At the time, Louisville and JC were different governments. More or less if you were from JC you were from Louisville. So, a coward that shot a living legend in the back was from Louisville...swell. I find it amusing that someone from Louisville is part of this legend.
McCall was freed by a court in Deadwood and later recaptured and put to death for the murder. (Was McCall a U of L or U of K fan?)
Anyway, the other part of this legend comes from the “dead man's hand”. From the wiki page, (( Currently, the dead man's hand is described as a two-pairpoker hand consisting of the black aces and black eights. Along with an unknown "hole" card, these were the cards reportedly held by "Old Westfolk hero, lawman and gunfighterWild Bill Hickok when he was murdered. ))
Now, there was a guy that picked up the alleged cards from the incident and kept them. (Neil Christy ) Christy's family passed down the legend until it became a pop cultural thing known as the Dead Man's Hand. It was tied into the tale of Wild Bill's murder.

The Deadwood show makes a case that the DMH was made up by a guy at the table. So, the whole card thing was a legend.  

Monday, May 08, 2017

DSP Tries to lies

DSP Tries to lies

Well, over the three or four days, DSP wanted to gt a partnership with a brand new MCN.
Here's the the issue. DSP signed with the new MCN and one of his detractor groups discovered that the new MCN is a bit shaky. Listen to to the SOK podcast because is it epic. Two of the former MCN workers come onto the SOK podcast and bash the MCN. It is very funny.
Then, all hell broke lose and a day later DSP quietly disconnected from Laveria Media. He then lied and claimed he was never connected to any MCN. Except he discussed it in TWO videos and talked about it on Twitter. Yet, there is proof he was linked to the new MCN, but he denied it.  
And, here's the best part, SOK is going to have the “CEO” of Laveria Media on tonight.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

It gets even better

Every time I think I am done with Moldylocks more things seems to rise to the surface. It came out recently that her father is a rather famous gamer. It is hard to tell because old Moldy has three or four names. I am not going to out him here. Before E-Sports, he was the one that led the “US” video game team. He was Team Captain of the U.S. National Video Game Team.

Looking back at these old school days is interesting, because I had no idea there was a “team” of gamers back in the 80s. I thought E-Sports started with the 90s, but this isn't the case. I kind of miss these old days of gaming. Make sure to read the Kotaku page for more lulz. I love the fact his name is Donn instead of Don. (And, Donn is a correct spelling, just a little strange.)
Check out the video...
Looking at his IMDB page, he is still a major part of the VG community and appears to have worked on a lot of WWE games. (some WCW too) He even showed up in an episode of Jimmy Fallon.
It just seems odd that he was a part of those old school VG memes, and his daughter is part of the new memes. I'm starting to notice a trend with successful parents having f'ed up kids like Moldylocks.
Make sure to check out the Team's uniform.  Spiffy right?  
Here's a longer video of the team. 

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Oh, no.

Do you want cringe? This gang-stalking collection is very cringe. Now, I am not saying there isn't such a thing, but clearly this person is paranoid (In my opinion). She goes out and believes everyone is out to get her, so she films them. Plus, she confronts them. I saw a post on reddit about one video and decided to watch a few of her videos. Damn, they are creepy.
I know I shouldn't be giving her channel more views due to the fact she bothers people, but it needs to be seen. Then, you will go through a whole gang-stalking rabbit hole on YT.
So, what is gang-stalking? From Urban Dictionary, ((Gang stalking is a form of community mobbing and organised stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised as legitimate, this is the community form. 
Gang stalking is organised harassment at it's best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quite, etc. 
It's a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators."  ))
Actually, this is actually a real thing, except not in the case of the vlogger above. Gang-stalking is used by the Church of Scientology all the time. Whenever, they have a high profile departure from the church, they use hidden members to watch and spy on the former members. They will mess with them. That is real gang-stalking, but a group of teens changing tires isn't.

My top three John Carpenter movies

So, I was listening to the Film Sack guys and they were talking aboutJohn Carpenter and his career. Given I have seen many of his movies, what were my favorite films from his long career? So, I compiled them and gave my reasons why below. Here's the kicker, he hasn't done as many films as we were led to believer. However, here are my top three.

3 Halloween: The movie has some pacing issues, but overall the first movie is still very scary. I would be scared to death of the first two movies when I was a kid. The first one still holds up. And the directing is fairly solid. Watch this movie when you don't want to think about those remakes from Rob Zombie.  Using a William Shatner mask as the Killer mask was funny and cool at the same time. 

2 The Thing  : This was a creepy movie back in the day but has held up even better now. I think every show does a “sealed off and trapped” episode where some isn't who they say they are. This grew in popularity here in this movie. I still get scared when that Thing eats that doctors hands and he bleeds out. What about that dog scene in the cage? Kurt Russell plays the main character fairly straight and he doesn't ham it up like most of his JC team-ups. I don't think even JC kept up who was the thing and who wasn't in certain scenes. Overall, just a great little “Never Trust Anyone” movie. I know realized that the Hateful Eight is similar in this fashion.

1 Big Trouble in Little China  : Minus the hairstyles, this movie feels more like a mid-90s movie than a mid-80s movie. I have seen this movie so many times that I have probably lost count. I love this movie so much. It has a lot of snark and silly lines that it seems everyone was in on the joke. I love that Jack Burton thinks he is the hero, but it is other guy that is the tough shit. Burton is the silly sidekick, but doesn't know it. There are a few issues here and there. (The prologue was an afterthought literally and serves nothing in the movie. Kim Cattrall wasn't that good) However, I loved every minute they're under the warehouse. I think this movie influenced everything from Mortal Kombat to Tekken while just being a fun kung-fu movie. I also love how easy the main villain dies. What about that floating head?

“It's all in the reflexes.” 

Monday, May 01, 2017

Fyre Festival: A flaming turd

Fyre Festival: A flaming turd
This sounded more like an episode of Lost than an event for some rich pricks.  Where was the Smoke Monster?  
I love f'' ups and this one is one of the best f' ups I've seen. Even the name “Fyre” is annoying. So, things didn't turn out the way the promotional video portrayed it. The Internet was on “fire” over this shitty event. I love when things turn out so bad that it turns into an instant meme.
The shitty food and the FEMA tents were a nice touch. Part of me enjoys that these rich assholes got screwed over in this shit-show.
-Local Government has locked down the island!: Yep, they didn't go through the proper channels and the Bahamas are pissed. From ABC News, ((The site in the Bahamas where the now-postponed Fyre Festival was to happen is on "lockdown" by the island country's government.
Private security guards were seen Saturday protecting the main site where people had been slated to sleep in luxury tents.))
-Ja-Rule: Where did they dig up this artifact of the early 2000s? I had hope we were done with this froggy-voice rapper. I remember when he was the hot shit, note the word shit, and now he's on twitter apologizing for the mess up that was the Fyre Fest. It would make since he would be involved in this mess doesn't it?
To pour salt in Ja's wound is that 50-cent made fun of his old nemesis with a Trump meme. Damn, 50-Cent.
The Food Meme was not true...kind of: TMZ is reporting that famous picture of that bread and cheese thing wasn't what they gave the guests, but it was for the employees of the event. That was a pretty shitty lunch for the staff still.
50-Cent is pretty successful and Ja-Rule is connected to this massive turd.  

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Finished and Done: Finally did my final edit to my short story. I made some minor corrections and made the story flow a bit smoother. I just now need to double space it and send it out into the world. I am at the beginning stages of my second story, which isn't a story but more of a personal piece about things that have happened. I tend to be more reflective in my older age. I'm hoping to build up some rejection letters as time starts to go on with my first story. Since the story is rather short, which makes it a cheaper story, I hope someone bites in the long run. I will be submitting it tomorrow.
~Moldylocks: Man, this story keeps getting better. It seems there was a video of her protesting topless in a video that happened earlier this year. Despite her attraction to being hairy and her dreadlocks, she has a pretty good looking body on her. BTW, she has “tape” on her boobs. The interview is pure meaningless gold. Looking at the interview, she reminds me of those slightly confusing chicks in the Highlands in Louisville with the dreadlocks and old smelly army jackets. Anyway, after seeing her boyfriend, I get the feeling he was the one that convinced her to make up that bogus Go Fund Me claim. He just seems like that type.
Makes me laugh every time.
~Watching old HBO shows: I've been re-watching everything from Rome, Oz to Deadwood. All these shows had great characters and good storytelling events. I re-watched the Wire a few years back too and loved it. Deadwood has three seasons and Rome has two. Oz is a bit more silly and stupid, but still goofy fun when you watch it today. Deadwood is really sticking out as being such a good show. It ended on a sour note though.
Wu is my favorite character by far.

Smugglypuff Update?

Smugglypuff Update?
Remember that little girl, uh person, that stole that woman's phone and smashed it? She got arrested and charged along with another protester. I haven't heard that much about her. So, I looked her up. Theo, she goes by that name, showed up to court and things got rather amusing. Smugg came into court with a cup of coffee and got booted by the judge! I guess courts work differently in Canada when it comes to photos. There are no photos. In Kentucky, you are allowed to film in courts as long as they're not federal or kid cases. You just can't be disruptive. Actually, in Louisville, judges have to operate the speaker system in the courtroom and turn it off when they meet and shut it down when their done. I am not making this up.
I can't find anything else about her/his update on the court appearance.
Here's the thing, her friend that is shown in the video, should not be charged with anything. No one was really hurt and we got a meme out of it. He/she got angry and overreacted nothing more. Look, I don't like Lauren Southern either. Yet, Smuggly stealing a phone and destroying it is a more serious offense.

So, what happened to her/him? Was she fined? Did she go to jail? Was she kicked out of school?  Was she put on that Klingon prison planet Rura Penthe

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Oh, Comedy Central, you shouldn't have.

Oh, Comedy Central, you shouldn't have.
As you know, I've talked about cultural apportion and this new trending word “Trans-racial”. I have written about this in years. I've even been called a sellout by “street” white people to boot. So, I sort of agree with this song, but it is so poorly written. And, I love 3rd Base, and hate that he has to be a part of this song because he is a good rapper.  MC Serch, why are you here?
Get the same message across, but with better writing. You don't hit them over the head with an hammer, but slide it in with smarter writing. (That sounded more nasty than I intended.)
As Chris Ray Gunn said, they seem to be biting the style of Epic Rap Battles, but without the talent or good writing. Maybe this is a poor man's tribute to ERB?

Moldylocks and the seven hipsters.

This all happened at that Berkeley attack/battle. This is where a bunch of assholes on both sides battled it out to see who was going to be the bigger asshole.
God bless the Internet. They come up with the most meme-able names. They called the dreadlocks white girl that got punched Moldylocks. Brilliant. Given the way she dresses, in vintage clothes and a head full of dreadlocks, she probably smells like your grandmother's basement where she keeps all her old things. She smells moldy and dusty clothes from the 70s.
I think the guy that punched her was a major d-bag. And, he showed his true nature by running away. Dude, she is a tiny lady. Plus, I have seen interviews with the guy and I really can't say I like him. I would never have a dinner with this bloke that's for sure. Enough white knighting.
She isn't a hero either. There are unconfirmed reports of her throwing bottles into the crowds before the punch. Snopes goes through the incident fairly well.
Somehow, she manage to set up a funding page despite the fact she comes from a wealthy family. She first asked for 80k for medical bills and then lowered it considerably. She then lowered it to 45K, which is still way too much. I find that “getting rich off your own movement” to be very low. Besides, she's probably make more money from her “real” job.
Like that other people on the Internet, Moldylock has a past...a porn past. She showed up in some fetish porn sites based on hairy women. I am not making this up. I don't recommend you watch those videos either. I am warning you. I am all for porn and all, but it seems like EVERYONE is a former porn star except for me. Perhaps, I need to start my own porn past.

This is supposedly what she looked like years ago before her "backslide".  What happened? 

Geth VI: We are NOT Legion

Geth VI: We are NOT Legion
I was discussing the fact that ME3 has branch-off points where substitute characters take the place of the main characters if they died in the last part of ME2. These substitute characters are generally more distance to your crew in ME3. The best example is Geth VI. He is a direct replacement for Legion if he died in ME2. Yet, he is different and he doesn't like to be called Legion.
What I found interesting is Geth VI is very distance to Shep. He almost hates the fact that they keep calling him Legion.  He seems to hold a grudge against Shep for letting Legion die.  
If Legion died amd Geth VI is there, there will be no option for peace between the  Quarians  and the Geth. It is fairly depressing. Legion has a softer side to him than Geth VI in ME3.
Side Note: Here is the renegade “peace” between the Geth and Quarians .

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mass Effect 2: The Best Renegade interrupt?

Mass Effect 2: The Best Renegade interrupt?
I love the Krogan race, but even they have blowhards in their ranks. While the interrupt is a bit mean, it does help you out when you kill this speaker. You won’t have to a powerful enemy to fight in the battle . I also like that he calls out to his men to avenge him for being roasted in a fire. He speaks as the flames engulf his body and he is dying. Damn, the Krogan are tough.
If you look closely, one Krogan starts to back up away from the Clan Speaker. That is a nice touch.

How many people press this renegade interrupt?

Bike Lock Attacker

Bike Lock Attacker
It looks like 4 and 8 Chan found the a-hole that hit the Trump supporter with that bike lock. Get this; this guy is a Professor. Allegedly! He was identified using eye matches and backpack straps. Even the boots gave him away. This amazes and scares me at the same time. 4Chan has being using everything in the universe to match track things down. Remember the Shia thing?
I also like that he is an ethics professor. They even looked at his damn OK Cupid profile. Damn you, internet. I know I have tons of dirt floating the internet so I hope I don’t hit someone with a bike lock. BTW, those U-Lock locks are built to be super strong. To hit someone over the head with a lock like this is intending to do some major harm. I own one of those locks. (BTW, please use those locks to lock up your bikes.)

Should he lose his job? Nope. We need more discussion on debate and protest and hurting people that don't agree with us.
Should he be charged? If there is clear evidence. I just don't think the police are interested in arrested anyone at this time.
There has been very little news on this story, which I find interesting. There is a report that the school he worked for has “distanced” itself from him despite any clear evidence.
From DVC Inquirer ((According to an email sent out from DVC interim​ president Ted Wieden, “The adjunct faculty member that has been alleged to have committed this crime is NOT currently teaching at DVC.” ))
Someone probably told him, “Yeah, we'll have someone else teach your classes this summer. Take a break or something.”
Side Note: Never attack anyone with a pink shirt. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
-Short Story will be locked by the end of Sunday Night: I will be locking my short story at the end of the weekend. I have a lot on my plate this weekend because there is the Thunder Over Louisville, but I also have to put the final touches on my short story. Then I have to start looking for a place to submit my story. I know I will get rejected, but I want to try to get some rejection letters and feedback. But, I also want to work on a full fictional story as well as a few non-fiction ones too.

-The Rock & Statham working on a Fast and Furious spin-off: Look, I love The Rock and I do like a lot of Statham's work. I could see a fighting/racing style spin-off working. People will flock to the theater of both of them. Despite being rivals, the characters work well together. I really think The Rock's character helped the F&F franchise. I still haven't seen the F&F movie yet. I know I am behind, but I am busy.
-Watching movies at home: Speaking of that, I've been more into watching movies at home than in the theaters. I used to see everything in the theaters. I know I look strange going on Friday nights by myself when everyone else is out on date night, but I generally go everywhere alone from dinning to movie watching. When I did go on dates to the theater, I was more into the movie than that date. That probably explains why I am still single.
However, I haven't been flocking to the theater as much lately. I've found more satisfaction watching movies at home. I've even enjoyed the movies more than on the big screen.  I find my enjoyment at home than the theater. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Rick and Morty: And, that Mulan Szechuan sauce

Rick and Morty: And, that Mulan Szechuan sauce

Yep, I watched the first episode of R&M and I loved the remarks to the McDonald's Mulan special with the nuggets. The show is known for these sort of things thanks to Dan Harmon.
The sauce was a promotional tie-in with the Mulan movie that came out almost 20 years ago from Disney. I was a huge fan of the movie back in the day, but knew nothing about the tie-in nuggets and sauce. Damn, 98 is such a long time ago.
They should bring back these kids all grown up and angry just for the lulz.
Now, it seems pop culture and reality have cross paths. People are demanding that McDonald's bring back the sauce due to the pop culture rise of it being mentioned in R&M. How funny is that? From reference to meme to reality.
From Chicago Times, ((Rick and Morty” fans are petitioning for the sauce to be brought back, watching tutorials about how to make it and tweeting at McDonald’s to consider adding the dip back to the menu — a move that might be well-timed with a live-action “Mulan” coming to theaters in 2018. ))
McDonald's had mentioned they're looking into it. I just hope they bring it out much, much earlier than 2018 when the live movie comes out.
Not everybody is pleased with this news though. There are certain people that are calling this whole thing Problematic ™ . Here's the thing Disney went out of their way to cast an Asian cast in most of the roles for the movie. And, it has a strong female character to boot. Yet,there is still an issue. Whatever. Okay, shut up and sit in a corner please. We want our Mulan sauce.
I only go to McDonald's for the breakfast stuff, but I'd be willing to buy some nuggets with some Mulan sauce.
Can't wait for McDonald's to make it for you? Make it yourself.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence

With its bland and weak premise, ID4:R is not a fun movie to sit through. Despite being filmed recently, it looks and sounds like a movie from the 90s than a natural progression to the 90s action movie style. The script is clearly pieced together from of different ID4 sequel scripts over the years with some meddling from the studio to make the movie an even more of a shit show. The movie feels uneven and unfocused unlike the first movie.
Almost nothing works in favor of this movie. Nothing emotionally compares to the sight of our cities getting flattened by those giant ships. Instead, we get one giant ship looming over the entire planet. It doesn't have that same feeling. Where is the build up like the first half of the the original movie?
Let's go bigger, but forget about the character moments from the first movie. The movie amounts to nothing but putting some fresh faces in front of us.
-Director Roland Emmerich has gotten worst: He is the left-leaning Michael Bay of disaster movies. Somehow, he went from being a fairly good action/sci-fi director into a hacked director that makes poorly made disaster movies. This movie has more in common with Bay's lazy Transformers movies than Roland's older works like Stargate and ID4.
-The Kids in a subplot is the worst: Someone decided to add a group of annoying kids on a bus into the plot of this already bloated movie. Why? Judd Hirsch is also part of this plot. And, he is even more annoying and useless than his part in the first movie. None of this is important to the movie at all. Then, they shoehorned in the bus of kids into the final act of the movie for no other purpose but to put the kids in jeopardy. They had nothing else to put Hirsch in but having to drive kids across the country? What was the point?
-Let's make sure to shove aside all the older characters: Yeah, let us then focus in on the far less interesting cast of younger characters. This focus to the young cast reveals the bigger problem with the movie. The young actors playing the new character are boring. Sure, they look good, but they are only a step above a CW cast. Who are these people?
-Cheaper than the first one: Despite the upgrades in CGI technology, the movie looks fairly bad from a CGI level. The first movie looked a lot of better. The space battles don't have the same frantic feel and look as the first movie and that's a shame.
-Will Smith is missed: Smith, at his prime, was a charming type of leading man. He brought a lot of coolness and charm to the role. And, I would have loved to have seen a seasoned Will Smith Character leading the armed forces. However, they couldn't afford Smith's price tag and I don't think he was that interested in showing up in the sequel.
-Dr. Brakish Okun : Brent Spiner returns? Yep. Okay, he died in the first movie, but this sequel retconned his death into a coma. He was asleep for 20 years. Whatever, movie. He wakes up when the aliens returning to Earth. I really like Brent Spiner in his greatly expanded role and he is the best thing about this crazy mess. He is having a lot of fun with the role.
-Vivica A. Fox blink and you'll miss her: Why not have a bigger part for her? She is starring in Cool Cat videos, so she has some time on her hands to show up fully in the movie. Her character is a stripper turned doctor thus giving all strippers hope. Spoiler Alert: She dies within the second act after only having minutes on screen. Her death seems cheap.
-Retconned the Alien motive: The reason they came to Earth was to tap our core. What? Aren't there other planets without living creatures that could fight back with cores? That was an issue in the first movie that they tried to patch up that plot hole with this new reveal. It is a cheap reason for the aliens to attack our planet.
For a movie that has a bunch of action scenes, the movie is very boring. It has a boring collection of actors and characters while the more interesting ones are pushed aside. The special effects are that well constructed and the pacing is painful to get through. Just skip this movie and watch the first ID4 movie.

Grade: D-

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