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R2 and 3P0 hated each other: In real life...(The Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker feud)

R2 and 3P0 hated each other: In real life...
Did you know that Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker hated each other? They have been in everything from a stupid cereal ad to the dreadful SW holiday special.  I read years ago that Baker really hated Anthony Daniels.  Baker and Daniels never made up before Baker's death in 2016.  So, there was bitterness to the end with even Daniels making a small dig at Baker during the press interviews of Force Awakens.  
Due to the remote-controlled elements of R2 not working in the original trilogy, they hired a little person to perform many of the scenes of R2-D2. Kenny Baker did a lot of the head runs and hops and wobbles under the dome. (R2 moves around a lot more in A New Hope than the other movies.)
I mean not since William Shatner vs. the entire TOS has there been a more bitter feud between long-standing co-stars. Baker really came to really dislike Daniels' standoff-ish nature and made it a point to tell the press about it.
I've heard stories that Daniels isn't exactly a nice person, and I get that because some say I am an asshole. However, I'd at least be nice to my longtime work partner.
From telegraph ((“Anthony doesn’t mix at all – he keeps himself to himself,” Baker told, when asked about his relationship with his droid co-star in 2005. ”He never wants to have a drink with any of us. Once when I said hello to him he just turned his back on me and said, ‘Can’t you see I’m having a conversation?’ I was blazing with rage.” ))
From Jost Gill Blog, ((“I just don’t like him and have never understood what his problem is. Other than Daniels thinks he was the greatest gift to George Lucas and I was merely a nobody who operated a robot’s controls and didn’t contribute anything from an acting perspective.” ))
Make sure to read the rest of the history between Baker and Daniels. It really comes across as really bitter. Whereas the three human actors got along rather well, Baker and Daniels hated each other. Every time I watch the SW movies, this feud comes to mind in the same with Shatner and the rest of the Trek cast.

There is that Prowse/Lucas feud

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